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Bedroom Style Reviews is the ultimate resource for helping you to build a more comfortable and cozy sleeping space.

We do this by providing in-depth research-driven reviews, comparisons, and top lists to help you select the right products for creating your ideal bedroom with ease.

We can help you find the best mattresses, bed frames, headboards, pillows, bed sheets, and much more.

We also answer key questions, provide detailed buyer’s guides, and show you how to do things like choosing the right mattress firmness.

Here’s more specific information on how we can help.

The Perfect Mattress Selection

Finding the right mattress is probably the biggest and most daunting task that we can help you overcome.

Because if you get this wrong, you could end up paying over the odds for something that’s little more than an expensive torture device.

That’s why a huge percentage of our content is devoted to mattress reviews.

Because relying on short, biased, and often inaccurate reviews left on some retail and affiliate sites won’t give you the full picture of how a mattress is likely to feel and perform.

To help you overcome this, we first look at the qualities of the mattress and consider how it’s likely to feel and behave relative to different sleeping positions, body types, and body weights.

We then spend hours and hours looking at real customer feedback to identify clear trends, and then cross-reference these findings against both the manufacturer’s claims and our own expectations of how we think the mattress will behave.

And wherever possible, if we can test a mattress for ourselves – we will – in order to add primary research to our final reviews.

The final outcome is a review, comparison, or list that helps you make a more informed buying decision.

Our goal is to help you get an accurate idea of how the mattress that you’re considering buying is going to feel without even seeing or touching it.

Because shockingly, lying on a mattress in the store is NOT the best way to find out if a mattress will be suited to you in our opinion – since it can take days or even weeks for the mattress to adjust to your body type.

You’ll probably find it more convenient and cost-effective if you order a mattress online that has a generous sleep trial so that you can test it for a few weeks or months to make sure that you’re 100% happy with it – with the option to return it if required.

That’s why we pour so much time and effort into finding out how a mattress will feel for a RANGE of sleeping styles over time – so that your chances of finding the right mattress increases even more.

Who Can We Help?

We can help you find out if a mattress is suitable for:

  • Front sleepers that need hip support to avoid back pain.
  • Back sleepers looking for the perfect spinal support.
  • Side sleepers looking for pressure relief on their shoulders and hips.
  • Edge sleepers who like to hug the edge of the bed.
  • Lighter weighted sleepers under 130 lbs looking for pressure relief.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs looking for better support.
  • Hot and sweaty sleepers who need to stay cool and dry.
  • Couples that need to sleep undisturbed.
  • Combination sleepers that shuffle around.
  • Allergy suffers looking to combat hayfever, dust mites, and sensitive skin.
  • Athletes, joggers, and gym-goers that need quick and deep recovery.

We also delve deeper to find out how good the warranty is, if there’s a sleep trial available, which frames are compatible, how likely the mattress is to sag, the durability, if financing options are available, how the mattress compares to similar models, and much more.

Considering Your Overall Bedroom Experience

Mattresses are just the start.

Did you know that your choice of bedding can dramatically affect the quality of your sleep beyond the type of mattress that you purchase?

For example, if you’re a hot sleeper then you can often find relief when you buy a set of cooling bed sheets to help regulate your temperature.

And the type of bed frame that you buy to go with your mattress can not only influence the final feel but may also affect the warranty.

Then you’ve got the headboard and the pillows to consider – not to mention how it will complement or clash with your existing decor.

We aim to take the stress out of helping you build your ideal bedroom – one product at a time!

Meet the Team: Dan – Founder and Head Content Creator

Dan from Bedroom Style Reviews.

Hey, my name’s Dan and I’ve been working as a professional online product reviewer since 2015.

I have a wealth of experience in creating niche blogs and authority sites in several different markets – of which product reviews have been central.

My strongest areas are product research and debunking misleading marketing claims.

I even have a website that’s dedicated to exposing online money making scams so I’m pretty good at getting to the bottom of things and revealing the truth.

So why have I decided to set up a website that reviews bedroom products?

Well, a few years ago my then partner bought a memory foam mattress.

At first, I thought that it was nice and soft but as the hours went by, I found myself becoming very uncomfortable.

And at about 6 am I’d totally given up on getting a wink of sleep because my lower back was in severe pain and I couldn’t understand why.

My partner woke up and gleefully informed me that she’d had the best night’s sleep of her life!

So I began my research.

And I discovered that the memory foam mattress was way too soft for my body weight and my favourite sleeping position.

(I was a stomach sleeper at the time but now I tend to favour sleeping on my back).

So I set up Bedroom Style Reviews to help others avoid buying a mattress that wasn’t right for them.

And as time has progressed, I’ve started reviewing associated products like headboards, bed sheets, bed frames, and so on.

My goal is now to make Bedroom Style Reviews the ultimate resource for helping you to build your ideal bedroom. 🙂

If you need a hand with anything you can always contact me personally here and I’ll do my very best to help you out.

Dan’s Professional Qualifications

I hold several university-level qualifications (BSc from the Open University) in health sciences, psychology, mathematics, and digital media (see proof here).

I’m also a qualified NVQ Level 2 Gym Instructor with 6 years’ of hands-on experience helping my clients improve their health and wellbeing through proper exercise, nutrition, and sleep hygiene (see the photo below for proof of my qualifications).

This all means that I can provide informative articles on several health-related topics including sleep and recovery – whilst referencing credible scientific resources to make my articles more robust.

My analytical skills and experience in scientific research allow me to better deliver in-depth reviews and articles.

Dan Cartwright NVQ Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification Proof