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The 10 Best Murphy Beds for 2020 Reviewed – How to Sleep Smarter

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OverallNantucketCheck Price Here
For Sofa IncludedUrbinoCheck Price Here
StorageBestarCheck Price Here

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Are you short on space in your bedroom?

Do you occasionally need to sleep guests – but don’t want to have a full sized bed taking up a whole bunch of space when it’s hardly ever in use?

Then a Murphy bed could be perfect for you.

Because unlike that ugly folding bed your grandma used to make you sleep on when you visited for the holidays, a Murphy bed can take the form of an unassuming – or even beautiful – piece of furniture during the day…

That can be easily transformed into a comfortable bed to sleep you – and even another person – at night.

But what is the best Murphy bed that you can buy?

Well, that’s going to depend on your requirements because they can come with a lot of bells and whistles.

That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate list of the best Murphy beds for 2020 that are designed for specific requirements – such as those with an in built sofa, desk, shelves, and more.

So if you’d like to learn how to sleep smarter and save space with a Murphy bed – be sure to read this guide in full.

Murphy Bed Reviews

Ok, so I’m just going to dive right into the top Murphy beds that you can buy for 2020.

But rather than just picking out a bunch of random products, I’ve compiled this list by doing research to find the best Murphy bed for a specific requirement – as specified by the titles below.

I think this is the most efficient way to help you find the Murphy bed that’s right for you. However, if you’d like to know more about Murphy beds in general – check out my buying guide at the end of this article.

Otherwise, click the ‘check price’ buttons to buy that bed.

Let’s dive in!

1: Atlantic Nantucket – Best Murphy Bed Overall

Atlantic Furniture specialise in making Murphy bed chests.

And I’ve picked their Nantucket model as the best Murphy bed overall.

The reason why the Nantucket is my number one pick is because it combines style, functionality, and comes with a memory foam mattress – making it the clear choice for anyone that just wants to buy a high quality Murphy bed at a very reasonable price with the minimum amount of fuss.


  • Comes with cooling gel memory foam mattress – very comfortable and stops overheating.
  • Memory foam mattress cover is machine washable – makes cleaning easier.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with safety latches for security.
  • Easily store your bedding in the front under-drawer.
  • Convenient loop handles make folding the mattress away simple.
  • 2 built in USB charging ports included.
  • Safety tested to 400lbs of static pressure by the manufacturer.
  • The sheets can be folded up along with the mattress for convenience.
  • Freestanding – can be moved around the room without being attached to the wall.


  • Mattress firmness unclear.


If you’re looking for a simple answer to the otherwise overwhelming task of buying a Murphy bed then the Nantucket is the clear choice in my opinion.

Because for me, I like the fact that the bed doesn’t have to be fixed to the wall, it isn’t massive in length, it comes with a mattress (less hassle of trying to find a compatible mattress separately) and I think it looks super neat and stylish when folded up into a cabinet.

As well as being my top choice overall, I think the Nantucket is also the best option if you’re looking for the best Murphy bed with a memory foam mattress too.

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2: Urbino – Best Murphy Bed With Sofa

The best Murphy bed with a sofa that you can get is the full sized Urbino in my opinion.

Because not only does it look super trendy with its crisp-white finish and grey sofa, the whole thing is super safe – since it uses an innovative Italian mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

Plus, it comes with a medium-firm mattress that’s made in the USA to CFR 1633 standards.

This mattress firmness will be best for you if you’re a front or back sleeper – because the extra support will help keep your hips in a good position to avoid the back pain that can come with sleeping in such positions on a mattress that’s too soft.


  • Comes with a medium-firm mattress – ideal for front and back sleepers.
  • Special mechanism that prevents accidental opening – for added safety.
  • Looks modern and neat.


  • Mattress may be too firm for side sleepers.


I personally think that if you’re a back or stomach sleeper that’s looking for a modern looking Murphy bed with a sofa – then this Urbino European Full Size Murphy Bed is for you.

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3: Ortis – Best Murphy Bed With Desk

Next I wanted to find out what the best Murphy bed with a desk is… and I think that award goes to the ‘Ortis Murphy Bed With Table’.

Now, it says ‘table’ but because the bed opens horizontally, the metal shelf that runs along the underside of the bed is actually long enough to operate as a desk.

It looks like the shelf doesn’t have a huge amount of depth to it, but I reckon you could get a laptop, a keyboard, some note pads, and a pretty big cup of coffee on there without too much hassle!

Plus, the top of the bed can act as another shelf that you can put a desk lamp, some books, and even a few ornaments on to make even better use of your space.

And whilst this bed does need to be mounted to the wall, it comes with a special mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

Again, you’ll be getting a medium-hard mattress when you buy this bed. So as long as you’re happy with this level of firmness, buying this bed will make your life a lot easier because you’ll not have to go hunting for a compatible mattress to go with the frame.


  • Comes with a medium-firm mattress – ideal for front and back sleepers.
  • Special mechanism that prevents accidental opening – for added safety.
  • Sturdy metal desk so that your bed can be used as a workstation.


  • Must be mounted to the wall.
  • Mattress may be too firm for side sleepers.


I think that if you’re looking for a Murphy bed with a desk or table – with a medium-firm mattress to boot – then this Ortis Murphy bed is going to be perfect for you.

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4: Nova – Best Twin Murphy Bed

Ok, so the best twin Murphy bed on this list in my opinion is actually the Nantucket.

But what if you’re not a fan of that one?

Well, I did a bit more research for you and I reckon that another top contender is this Nova Vertical Murphy bed.

Looks wise, this is completely different to the Nantucket because rather than folding up into a freestanding cabinet, the Nova looks like a clean, crisp, white wardrobe when stored away.

Now, this does mean that the bed needs to be directly attached to the wall but it comes with an assembly kit as standard. Plus, there’s an added safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening of the bed when in the upright position.

This model also comes with a medium-hard mattress made from polyurethane foam too.


  • Comes with a medium-firm mattress – ideal for front and back sleepers.
  • Special mechanism that prevents accidental opening – for added safety.
  • Looks super modern and crisp in white.


  • Needs to be mounted to the wall – no freestanding option available.
  • Mattress may be too firm for side sleepers.


If the Nantucket isn’t to your taste then the Nova is a viable alternative if you’d prefer a more traditional wall bed that folds up to resemble a wall-mounted wardrobe rather than a freestanding unit.

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5: Bestar – Best Murphy Bed With Storage

What if you REALLY need to make the most out of your space?

What’s the best Murphy bed with storage?

Well, you can certainly buy specific types of wall beds that focus more on drawer space over shelves for example, but I think that the best Murphy bed with storage in an all round sense is this Bestar Queen Wall Bed Kit.

Because you’ll be getting 2 fixed shelves, 3 adjustable shelves that can be installed at an angle, and 3 drawers per storage unit.

And each bed comes with 2 storage units – one on each side.

This bed doesn’t come with a mattress – this means that you’re free to use any queen sized mattress that’s 8-12 inches thick.

So this bed could be a great option if you’re not happy with the medium-firm mattresses that come with all of the other beds I’ve reviewed so far in this guide.

Now, one thing to keep in mind with this bed is that it will take 3 PEOPLE to assemble it, and the bed must be anchored to the wall.

However, once assembled, the dual piston system means that the bed can be folded up or down safely in a matter of seconds without the need for any heavy lifting. And you can actually fold the bed away with the bedding in place – all you have to do is remove the pillows and you’re good to go.

The maximum amount of weight that this bed can support is 1,000 lbs – including the mattress.


  • Fantastic storage capacity – 10 shelves and 6 drawers in total.
  • Pick your own queen sized mattress to use.
  • Can hold up to 1,000 lbs total weight (inc. mattress).


  • Requires 3 people for assembly.
  • Must be anchored to the wall.


This is a fantastic bed to get if you’d like to maximise the storage space in your room and split it through both drawers and shelves.

Plus, I also like that you have the freedom to choose your own queen sized mattress to use with this bed – giving you more options if you’re a side sleeper or require a softer mattress than the ones that come with the other beds listed above.

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6: Ortis – Best Murphy Bunk Bed With Table

If you’ve got the ceiling space – but not the floor space – in your room and need to sleep two people in separate beds then you’re going to require a Murphy bunk bed.

And the best Murphy bunk bed that I could find was from Ortis.

This model will need to be wall mounted, but it comes with the added double bonus of both a desk and a crafty storage cabinet at the top of the bed – which maximises your room space even more.

Again, you’ll be getting the safety mechanism that prevents accidental opening, along with a medium-firm mattress as standard.


  • Huge floor saving potential – sleeps two people separately and comes with storage.
  • Includes a desk so that you can work during the day.
  • Mechanism to prevent accidental opening.


  • Must be wall mounted.
  • Will require a lot of ceiling clearance.


When it comes to floor space-saving qualities, this bunk bed takes the number one spot if you need to sleep two people in separate beds.

Because you’re getting both a desk and storage to boot and the whole thing looks super sharp thanks to its clean white high-gloss finish.

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7: Night & Day – Best Murphy Cabinet Bed

If you’re after a freestanding bed that folds up into a cabinet then I’d still go ahead and recommend that you check out the Nantucket.

But if that’s not to your taste, then I think the alternative would be this ‘Murphy Cube’ from Night & Day.

Because it has a high level of comfort, great ease of assembly, and a very affordable price.

When stored away, this bed takes the form of a sleek looking cabinet made from rubber hardwood, that once unfolded, extends to reveal a gel-infused memory foam mattress.


  • Freestanding – no need for wall attachments.
  • Comes with a high quality gel memory foam mattress.


  • Firmness of the mattress not stated.


This is a great bed that could well have been number one on this list (and for some folks, this may indeed be the case) because it’s so simple yet effective, and well priced.

For me, the Nantucket still edges it because it has more features but if you’re not feeling it then click the button below to buy the Night & Day now.

8: Bestar – Best Full Murphy Bed

Alright, if you’re looking for a full Murphy bed then you may find that your options are somewhat restricted.

However, my detective work has turned up what I believe to be the best full Murphy bed from Bestar.

This bed is built from high-density laminated particle board and comes with a dual piston lifting mechanism that ensures you can move the bed around safely and with ease. All you need to do after pulling the bed down is flip the support legs down to make sure the bed is nice and secure.

The bed must be attached to the wall, but you’re free to choose your own standard full sized mattress to go with the frame – so you’re not forced to take a specific firmness.

Also, the frame can support 1,000 lbs of weight – including the mattress – which makes it a good option for heavier sleepers.

However, one thing to keep in mind with this bed is that it will require 3 PEOPLE to assemble it.


  • Doesn’t come with a mattress – so you’re free to select your own firmness.
  • Good weight capacity for heavier sleepers.
  • Easy to open and close.


  • Must attach to the wall.
  • 3 people needed for assembly.


If you’re in the market for a full sized Murphy bed then I reckon this could be well worth a look.

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9: Roger – Best Kids Murphy Bed Single

So far, I’ve only looked at adult sized beds.

But what if you’re after a child’s Murphy bed?

Then this single kids Murphy bed from Roger could be just what you’re looking for.

This bed is super simple and basic, but looks absolutely fantastic when folded away to provide shelf space in the form of a compact cabinet with a neat white matte and oak finish.

You can use this space for holding toys and decorative items whilst the minimalist design will leave plenty of space in your child’s room without overwhelming it.

The bed needs to be fixed to the wall but comes with a mechanism to prevent accidental opening by your child for added safety.

And the bed comes with a medium firm-mattress included as standard.


  • Minimalist design to save space.
  • Looks super neat when folded away.
  • Comes with a medium-firm mattress.
  • Safety mechanism to prevent your child opening the bed by accident.


  • Must be fixed to the wall.


I think this is a great looking single bed that will be perfect for your child’s room because it’s designed to take up as little space as possible yet also manages to provide some shelf space for storage in the day.

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10: Create-A-Bed – Best Murphy Bed Kit

Right, so that’s it for the best Murphy beds that come as either a complete package or minus the mattress.

But what if you want to really keep costs down and build your own Murphy bed?

Well, you’re going to need a Murphy bed kit to build the frame and then a separate mattress to go with it.

And the best kit that I’ve found for a reasonable price is this ‘Queen Size Deluxe Murphy Bed Kit’ from Create-a-Bed.

This frame comes with a lifetime warranty, and includes a step-by-step DVD, illustrated instruction booklets, cut sheets, and the bills of the materials and templates so that you can build your Murphy bed properly.

There’s also a toll free number that you can call if you need to get expert assistance with putting the frame together.

And rather than use the old-style springs that could slacken over time, this frame uses gas pistons to allow for smooth, counterbalanced opening and closing of the bed.


  • Cost effective.


  • DIY increases the risk of something going wrong.


Personally, I’m too much of a DIY dunce to risk building my Murphy bed from scratch using this kit.

The main reason is that safety is important to me and I’d rather have as much of the bed assembled for me as possible. And even then, I’d almost certainly pay extra (if required) to have someone come and put the bed up for me to ensure everything is done properly.

However, if you’re certain that you want to build your bed yourself to keep costs down, then I think this is the best Murphy bed kit that you’re going to find.

Click the button below to order your DIY kit now.

Murphy Bed Buying Guide

Ok, so hopefully, you’ll have now found your ideal Murphy bed from the list above.

However, I’d also like to take some time to answer the most common types of questions that get asked about this unique type of furniture.

This should arm you with the knowledge to make a better buying decision.

What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed – also known as a wall bed, vertical bed, hideaway bed, or pull-down bed – is hinged at one end so that it can either be folded up against a wall, into a closet, or even a freestanding cabinet.

The whole point of a Murphy bed is to save space.

This makes them an attractive purchase if you are struggling for space in a small room, an apartment, a dorm, a studio, a mobile home – or simply don’t want to have a guest bed hogging the floor if it’s not being used.

These types of beds can be grouped alongside other types of space saving furniture like bunk beds, trundle beds, loft beds, and futon beds.

But what I really like about Murphy beds is the various number of ingenious designs that allow these beds to resemble attractive pieces of furniture during the day – such as a wardrobe, cabinet, or even a bookcase.

But before I get into the specific designs, I want to explain the difference between a Murphy bed, a wall bed, and a folding panel bed.

Because how a Murphy bed and a panel bed fold out will dictate the amount of space that you’ll need in your room as a general rule.

What’s the Difference Between a Murphy Bed a Wall Bed and a Folding Panel Bed?

Generally speaking, the terms ‘Murphy bed’ and ‘wall bed’ are used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

But strictly speaking, a Murphy bed is a type of wall bed – as is a folding panel bed.

However, there’s a slight difference between Murphy beds and folding panel beds.

A Murphy bed extends ‘vertically’ – typically through a spring or gas piston mechanism – with a more ‘outwards’ trajectory to occupy a greater length when resting on the floor.

Conversely, a folding panel bed opens ‘downwards’ – to occupy more horizontal floor space.

However, some people may refer to a folding panel bed simply as a ‘horizontal’ Murphy bed.

The bottom line is that a vertical wall bed (extends length ways) will typically take up more space than a horizontal wall bed that folds more into its own space. Plus, with a vertical wall bed you’ll need a greater ceiling height.

So for the smallest rooms like attics, lofts, and basements – a wall bed that folds horizontally is going to have the greatest space-saving qualities.

Also, given that Murphy bunk beds typically open horizontally, they are best suited to taller rooms with limited floor space.

What are the Different Types of Murphy Beds?

Ok, now that you know that a horizontally folding Murphy bed typically takes up less space than the vertically folding variation – let’s take a closer look at some of the different types that you can buy.


A standard Murphy bed typically comes with just the frame – that will take a full or queen sized mattress that you may have to buy separately.

The frame is usually attached to the wall using a hinged mechanism so that you can fold the bed up during the day. The springs will be under tension when the bed is in use to help generate enough power to help you lift the bed back into place during the day. Other variations may include a gas piston lift – which is generally more economical when it comes to saving space.

If you are going the buy the mattress separately, be sure to check the maximum mattress depth that’s allowed – too thick and the bed won’t be able to close properly in the upright position.

Unless otherwise stated, you can expect a standard Murphy bed to fold up vertically – so be sure to check that your ceiling is high enough to allow for enough clearance.

The mattress is usually attached to the bed frame with some form of strapping to hold it in place when upright.

Most of the time you won’t need to use a box spring – as the frame comes with either a wire mesh or wood platform to prevent the mattress from sagging.

Foldable Mattress

Ok, so there’s little doubt about their space-saving qualities but is a Murphy bed just as comfortable as a regular bed?

They can be.

But ultimately, it will come down to the type of mattress that you use – the type of which is often up to you.

However, if you opt for a Murphy bed that comes with a mattress included there’s a good chance that this will be a memory foam mattress because of it’s foldable properties.

This can most definitely make your bed more comfortable to sleep in.


When dealing with memory foam – or even gel foam – it’s really important to know the impact of choosing a firmer mattress over a softer one.

You should check out my full guide to buying a memory foam mattress for the full details, but the upshot is that a firmer mattress is better for front sleepers, back sleepers, and if you have lower back pain – whilst a softer mattress is better if you sleep on your side or require more pressure relief on your joints.


The freestanding variation of a Murphy bed means that the bed doesn’t have to be attached directly to the wall.

This can be useful if you’re renting a room and the landlord doesn’t want you drilling holes into or otherwise messing about with the structure of the walls (which could result in you being fined or losing your deposit!).

When packed up, a freestanding Murphy bed will look like a cabinet or a wardrobe, and you’ll tend to find that they are sometimes of the horizontal variation – which is good news if you live in a tiny apartment and need to use the space as a study, office, or something else during the day.

Bunk Bed

If the standard space-saving qualities aren’t enough for you – then you can take things to the next level with a Murphy bunk bed.

Yes, you’ll need enough ceiling clearance, but because these sorts of bunk beds tend to open horizontally, the amount of floor space that you’ll save will be huge.



You can even get Murphy beds with sofas attached to them so that you can use your room for seating and relaxation in the day.

A couch attachment could be just the thing if you need to entertain guests in the same room too but don’t have enough space for separate chairs.

Extra Storage

As we’ve seen with many kids bunk beds, wall beds come with an array of storage options that can help you maximise floor real estate even more.

You can expect everything from side-drawers, under-drawers, shelves, desks, bookcases, and hanging space with some of the more luxurious models.

DIY Kits

I fully recommend that you have a professional install your bed for maximum safety.

But if you’re confident in your own abilities, then you might like to purchase your own DIY wall bed kit and assemble the frame yourself.

Of course, this means that more things can go wrong and you’ll also have to pick the right mattress yourself.

However, I personally would opt for a single bed that comes with a suitable mattress and is fitted by someone that knows what they’re doing.

Are Murphy Beds Safe?

Fold up beds have been the butt of many jokes in the comedy world and in films.

But modern Murphy beds are pretty safe these days – with hydraulic counterbalancing systems to ease the folding process and ensure the bed doesn’t close when it shouldn’t.

So there’s no need to fear the bed swallowing you up during the night like something out of a Charlie Chaplin sketch!

But one of my biggest worries about wall beds was them falling down – I didn’t want to be responsible for knocking out any of my guests due to the bed dropping down randomly during the day!

Thankfully however, the way the folding mechanisms are loaded means that the bed will only descend slowly when released. And there are also straps – and locking legs with some models – to ensure that the bed stays upright and doesn’t fall open when stored away.

However, it’s important to be aware of the ‘pinch points’ where the hinges attach the bed to the wall – keep your fingers out of there when folding it up.

And if you’re installing the bed yourself, you need to ensure that the bed touches the floor completely when locked out – otherwise you could end up putting too much strain on the joints and damage the wall and/or bed.

The bottom line is that if you follow the installation instructions properly, the bed is of good quality, and you don’t do anything crazy – a Murphy bed shouldn’t be dangerous.

What’s the Best Material to Choose?

Banish any thoughts of a Murphy bed being made from some ugly looking metal frame that resembles chicken wire from your mind.

Because wall beds these days come in a range of wood finishes that are not only strong and sturdy – but are also crafted with beautiful elegance to make your room look stylish when the bed is both folded away and in use.

If you’re looking for the strongest and most durable material, then you’ll want to pick a solid wood like oak or mahogany.

However, you can also opt for pine, or MDF – which is typically stronger than those made out of plywood.

But if cost is an issue, then particle board might be an option – but it’s unlikely to be as durable as the more expensive types of wood.

Do Murphy Beds Come With a Warranty?

Typically – yes.

Warranties can last for a few weeks to many years.

And you’ll always want to check the exact duration of the warranty, what it covers, and what could void it.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Murphy Bed?

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