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Puffy Mattress Review – Original Worth Buying in 2021?

Are you thinking about buying a Puffy mattress?

Then you might be wondering if the Puffy Original is right for you or not.

In which case you should check out my Puffy mattress review below where I explain who I think will benefit the most from this mattress and who is less likely to be happy with it.

And I’ve also included a short comparison section that helps you decide if you should upgrade to the Puffy Lux, the Puffy Royal, or just stick with the Original.

I’ve spent many hours looking at customer reviews, independent tests, and combining their findings and feedback with my own extensive experience reviewing these types of all-foam mattresses to provide you with what I think is the most in-depth Puffy mattress review that you’ll find anywhere online.

But if you have a question that’s not answered below, then please do leave a comment at the end of the article and I’ll do my best to help you. 🙂

Ok, let’s jump right in.

Puffy Mattress Review Infographic

Puffy Mattress Review – Ideal For Most Sleepers

So first of all, are Puffy mattresses any good?

Overall, I would say that Puffy offers some very high-quality all-foam mattresses that are made exclusively in the USA using CertiPUR-US® foams that are low in VOCs and are made without toxic substances like formaldehyde [1].

But what about the Puffy Original mattress specifically?

To summarise this detailed review quickly:

The Puffy Original mattress is well suited to side, front, and back sleepers under 230 lbs who are looking for a mattress with deep adaptive spinal support and soothing pressure relief on their hips and shoulders – with a lighter and softer feel when compared to regular memory foam mattresses.

And if you have allergies related to dust mites or sensitive skin then the hypoallergenic cover could be of great help.

I would say that heavier stomach sleepers need to take the most care due to the deeper compression (the Puffy Royal is a good alternative if you need more support).

The Puffy mattress fully set up with bedding.
The Puffy mattress fully set up with bedding. Credit:

Furthermore, you can expect a mattress that provides excellent pressure relief, is easy to maintain thanks to the removable cover, is very quiet, has minimal off-gassing, and is great for couples because the foam soaks up motion transfer really well so that you can both sleep undisturbed.

The Puffy Original is also compatible with most frames and you can even use it with an adjustable base (I recommend buying the compatible adjustable frame on the Puffy site).

And if you order your mattress directly from using the button below then you can also benefit from a lifetime warranty, the 101-night sleep trial to make sure that the mattress is right for you, and pay for your mattress in smaller installments to increase affordability.

Click the button below to check the price now and to see if any discounts are running.

Recommended For:

  • Side sleepers under 230 lbs who want more comfort on their hips and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers under 230 lbs.
  • Front sleepers under 230 lbs.
  • Couples who need a quiet mattress and want to avoid waking each other up as they move.
  • Sleepers with a slighter frame who want exceptional pressure relief on the more prominent areas of their body for greater comfort.
  • Parents and pet owners who need a cover that’s removable, stain-resistant, and machine washable for easier cleaning and maintenance.


  • Front sleepers over 230 lbs may prefer the Puffy Royal for greater support around the hips.

Puffy Mattress Review


Puffy Logo.
Pressure Relief
Overall Support
Edge Support
Moving Around
Motion Isolation
Allergy Control
Off Gassing
Sagging Risk
Indentation Risk
Value For Money
Sleep Trial


The Puffy Original mattress is well made, provides excellent pressure relief, has good contoured support, is very quiet, allows couples to sleep undisturbed, doesn’t smell strongly, has a lifetime warranty, comes with a 101-night sleep trial, and is well suited to front, back, and side sleepers under 230 lbs.


Design Analysis – Deeper Compression For a Snug Feel

The Puffy Original mattress is a one-sided, non-flippable, 3-layered, all-foam mattress with a 10-inch profile that’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty plus a 101-night sleep trial when you order directly through the Puffy website.

On Puffy’s website, the Original is listed as having a medium-firm level of firmness.

However, I personally think that the mattress feels a bit softer.

This is likely because the upper polyfoam layers are made from lower-density foams that collectively account for 40% of the total mattress depth and compress much more easily than the remaining 60% of the mattress that’s made from higher density polyfoam.

(Although the mattress can accommodate up to 350 lbs per mattress side in the double-sleeper sizes).

I’ll talk more about how this propensity for sinkage impacts various sleeping positions and body weights in the upcoming comfort analysis section.

But to summarise quickly here, I’d say that the ‘sleeping on a cloud’ tag line is actually quite accurate because the greater sinkage in the lower-density upper foam layers causes you to sleep more ‘in’ the materials than ‘on’ them – resulting in a snug feel.

See below for a detailed breakdown of each layer of the Puffy Original mattress and what it means for you.

DesignAll-foam: memory foam + polyfoam
No. of Layers3
FirmnessMedium-firm – but feels softer
Thickness10 inches
Max Weight Capacity350 lbs per side
CoverPolyester + lycra
Comfort Layer2″ gel memory foam (2.5 PCF)
Transition Layer2″ polyfoam (temperature-regulating)
Support Core6″ HD polyfoam (1.5 PCF)
Edge SupportNot reinforced
Manufactured InUSA
Sleep Trial101 nights
The 3 foam layers of the Puffy Original 10 inch mattress.

1: Cover – Machine Washable

The cover is made mostly from polyester with a touch of lycra and is quite thin – which means that you can expect a light and breathable cover that encourages airflow.

And in addition to having stain resistant qualities, the cover can also be unzipped, removed, and cleaned using your washing machine.

This is fantastic news because it makes maintenance SO much easier and is a welcomed rarity when compared to the rest of the industry in my experience.

Because most mattress brands choose to have integrated covers that soak up moisture rapidly, stain easily, cannot be removed, and need to be spot cleaned.

However, I would still buy a decent fitted sheet for even better protection, but having the option to take the cover off and bung it in the machine without messing around with dry cleaners gives me peace of mind.

2: Comfort Layer – Softer and Cooler Than Memory Foam

The top layer of the mattress is made from 2 inches of Puffy’s ‘Cooling Could Foam™’.

This is a proprietary layer made from visco-polyurethane memory foam that conforms closely to your body shape much like regular memory foam but feels much cooler in my opinion due to the infusion of cooling gel.

In terms of comfort, the bottom line is that the top layer of the Puffy mattress tends to pull you more into the materials but doesn’t sleep as hot as higher density memory foam.

3: Transition Layer – Deeper Pressure Relief and Better Support

Beneath the uppermost comfort layer, you’ll find 2 inches of Climate Comfort Foam™ – another proprietary layer.

This is a polyfoam layer that works with the upper comfort layer to provide deeper pressure relief and regulate your temperature even more effectively.

The net outcome here is that the top 40% of the mattress profile is able to provide an enveloping feel that helps to relieve the pressure on the more angular areas of your body without causing you to overheat when compared to denser foams that tend to trap body heat more readily.

This transition layer helps to increase the durability of the mattress, guard against sagging, further absorb movement on the mattress surface, and support more weight.

4: Support Core – Contoured Spinal Support

The final layer of the mattress consists of 6-inches of polyfoam with a 1.5 PCF density value that acts as the support core.

And although this number appears lower than the 2.5 PCF value of the upper comfort layer, the support foam is actually denser since the material is different and is therefore quantified using a different PCF range.

This higher density means that the remaining 60% of the mattress contributes greater durability, greater motion isolation, and reduced noise potential to the final qualities of the mattress.

It also adds much-needed support to offset the lower density foams in the comfort and transition layers so that the mattress can adequately support your spine and joints.

And thanks to the all-foam design, you’ll typically find that the support is more contoured to your exact body shape – contrasting with traditional spring mattresses that don’t use individually wrapped coils and therefore are less likely to give you the customised support that your joints can benefit from.

Comfort Analysis – Slightly Softer Than Advertised

Custom infographic showing the firmness rating for the 10 Inch Puffy Original mattress.

Although the Puffy Original mattress is advertised as having a medium-firm level of firmness, I personally think that most people will find that the Puffy has more of a medium-soft firmness.

However, the final feel of the Puffy mattress will largely depend on your body weight, body type, and dominant sleeping position.

This is probably the most important part of this Puffy mattress review because it’s going to help you estimate how comfortable the mattress is likely to feel based on your unique qualities.

Under 130 lbs130 – 230 lbsOver 230 lbs
ComboGood mobilityAverage mobilityFair mobility

1: Front Sleeping – Caution For Heavier Weights

If you sleep on your front – either at an angle or directly on your stomach – then you need to be careful if you weigh more than 230 lbs because the greater compression may cause your back to arch a little; although many sleepers may not feel any discomfort.

In which case the Puffy Royal might be better for you.

2: Back Sleeping – Ideal for Most Weights

If you’re a back sleeper then you’ll probably enjoy the feel of the Puffy up to 230 lbs and beyond.

3: Side Sleeping – The Ideal Position

The Puffy is ideal if you’re a side sleeper.

Because the greater capacity for compression allows for enhanced pressure relief around your hips and shoulders – the two areas that are typically exposed to the greatest amount of discomfort in this sleeping position.

4: Combo Sleeping – Fair Mobility

If you’re a combination sleeper that likes to switch positions often during the night then I think that you should be able to move around in the Puffy quite well if you’re under 230 lbs.

5: Edge Sleeping – Fair For Most Weights

With this being an all-foam mattress, you should expect a bit more sinkage towards the edge of the mattress, but sleepers under 230 lbs should find the support sufficient.

Great Pressure Relief For Slighter Builds

If you have a slight build with prominent bones and joints then you’ll likely enjoy how well the lower density foams relieve pressure in those areas – especially in the side sleeping position.

However, even with the lower conforming abilities of the foam, softer body types will likely feel much more snug in the mattress due to the materials wrapping around your body more closely – the same goes for heavier weighted sleepers across the board due to the greater downward force being projected onto the surface of the mattress.

Average and athletic body types will most likely feel a nice amount of pressure relief – especially at lighter weights.

Slight BuildAverage BuildSoft BuildAthletic Build
Excellent pressure relief.Good pressure relief overall.Hugs the body closely.Good pressure relief overall.


Understanding how your body weight, body type, and dominant sleeping position interact with the qualities of the mattress are the most important elements in deciding if a mattress is right for you or not.

However, there are several of what I call ‘secondary dimensions’ that can also influence overall satisfaction – such as temperature neutrality, motion isolation, noise, surface mobility, base compatibility, off-gassing, and more.

I’ve quantified these in the context of ‘benefits’ and ‘considerations’ for the Puffy mattress as described below.

1: Soothing Pressure Relief

One of the biggest benefits of the Puffy mattress is its ability to remove pressure from the more prominent areas of your body that come into contact with the materials.

More specifically, the lower density foam in the top comfort layer and the relatively denser polyfoam in the transition layer combine to create a sleeping surface that initially compresses rapidly before slowing down to cradle your body and provide soothing pressure relief.

This unique feel is great news if you’re a side sleeper.

Because under lighter and average weights, you can expect your shoulders and hips to sink quickly into the materials before the pressure is dissipated as the foam adjusts to your exact body shape.

And pressure mapping tests from several independent review sites revealed that the Puffy provides excellent pressure relief for all sleeping positions in users under the 230 lbs mark.

2: Contoured Spinal Support

For a mattress that’s so soft on top, the Puffy actually has surprisingly good spinal support.

Because as Rebecca says in her video review below, when you first sit on the mattress you will feel yourself sink deeply into the materials but when you lie flat, your weight will be distributed more evenly and the mattress will feel more supportive – whilst providing pressure relief in ‘all the right places’.

As such, I would say that the Puffy provides ‘contoured support’ because once you’ve sunk into the mattress, you’ll feel the denser support core start to adapt to your body weight and shape to cradle your spine and joints.

If you’ve only ever slept on a spring mattress before then by comparison, you should expect a deeper, softer and more enveloping feel – rather than the bouncy and responsive support that you’re currently used to.

Puffy Mattress Review | Best Mattress for Back Pain? Credit: Rebecca Reviews

3: Sleeps Fairly Cool

I would say that the Puffy mainly sleeps temperature neutral with a slight cooling bias.

This is because whilst polyfoam can trap heat, the lower density foams in the comfort and transition layers allow for better airflow when compared to the denser memory foam used in other all-foam mattresses.

And the gel-infusion helps to cool the surface of the mattress to combat body heat retention.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that the Puffy is the best temperature regulating all-foam mattress that I’ve ever seen, but if you’re a temperate or moderately warmer sleeper then I think you should be ok – especially if you use a cooling bed sheet set too.

4: Easy to Maintain

As I said earlier, you can remove the Puffy cover and machine wash it – plus it’s stain-resistant too.

If you’ve ever spilt something on a mattress with a non-removable cover then you’ll know just how frustrating it is to try and spot clean your mattress without damaging it.

So if you like to enjoy breakfast in bed, have pets or children that like to play in your bed then the removable Puffy cover could save you a lot of hassle.

5: Very Quiet

Under slight, moderate, and even more vigorous movement – the Puffy is almost silent.

This is because of the all-foam design which means that there are no springs that might creak or groan and the foam naturally dampens motion too.

However, it’s important that you use a well-assembled and compatible frame with your Puffy mattress because a dodgy frame is typically the main cause of a noisy bed.

6: Excellent Motion Isolation For Couples

If you sleep as a couple and are sick of waking each other up during the night as you move around then the Puffy is an excellent choice.

Because the all-foam design and inclusion of memory foam means that the Puffy absorbs both vertical and cross-motion transfer very well.

This means that you’re less likely to feel your partner turning over or sitting on the edge of the mattress as they climb in an out of bed during the night – a common complaint from couples who sleep on a spring mattress.

And as Mona and Greg report in the video below, they were able to sleep undisturbed on the Puffy.

Puffy Mattress Review ~ Best Mattress Ever! Credit: CraftKlatch

8: Low Toxicity and Minimal Off-Gassing

One of the biggest worries with mattresses made from polyfoam is their toxicity – namely due to the potential inclusion of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

However, the foam used by Puffy is CertiPUR-US® certified [2].

This means that the foam is made WITHOUT harmful substances like formaldehyde and is very low in VOCs (less than 0.5 parts per million) [3].

Remember how Rebecca said that the mattress hardly smelt of chemicals at all after opening it?

That’s because of the low VOC count.

This contrasts with cheap memory foam mattresses with higher VOC counts that often smell harshly of chemicals for days or even weeks afterwards.

9: Compatible With Adjustable Bases

The Puffy mattress is compatible with adjustable frames.

But I recommend buying the official Puffy Adjustable Base on the Puffy website to ensure that there will be no compatibility issues.

You can also use your Puffy mattress with box springs, slatted frames with slats no more than 4 inches apart, solid platform bases, and even the floor.

However, from personal experience, I would say that placing a 10 inch, all-foam mattress like the Puffy on the floor will almost certainly increase the firmness of the mattress.

10: Lifetime Warranty

The Puffy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty.

You should read through the terms of the warranty on the Puffy website before ordering just to make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered.

But to summarise the main points, the warranty covers visible sagging and indentations greater than 1.5 inches, manufacturing flaws with the zipper and the cover – as long as the damage was not caused by improper use such as using an incompatible or damaged frame.

There are several items not covered by the warranty, including: normal wear and tear, stains/tears/burns, issues with the firmness, allergies, damage caused by animals or children, and issues with a Puffy mattress bought from an non-authorized distributor.

You should contact Puffy directly through the contact form on their website to file a warranty claim.

11: 101 Night Sleep Trial

All Puffy mattresses come with a 101 night sleep trial when bought directly through the website.

This means that if you’ve slept on the mattress for a minimum of 14 nights you can return your mattress within 101 nights for a full refund if you’re unhappy with the feel, firmness, or something else.

However, it can take up to 30 days for a memory foam mattress like the Puffy to ‘break-in’ and adjust to your body weight and shape – so it’s worth sticking with it for at least a month in my opinion.

Shipping costs for returns aren’t covered if you live in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

I personally think that an extended sleep trial like Puffy’s is the best way to make sure that you’re happy with your mattress because it gives you a decent amount of time to get used to it and be absolutely certain that the mattress isn’t right for you before returning it.

This contrasts with in-store testing that only gives you a few minutes to lie on the bed and see if you like it – which simply isn’t long enough to get an accurate representation of the final feel in my view.

12: Bed in a Box

Aside from saving money and benefiting from extended sleep trials, one of the other benefits of ordering a ‘bed in a box’ mattress like the Puffy is that it will arrive in a compressed package.

This makes it easier to actually get the box into your room without having to force a full-sized mattress around your door frames and up the stairs.

And whilst I’d recommend having someone help you pick the box up and move it (see the FAQ section for exact mattress weights for the Puffy) unpacking the mattress is simple and doesn’t require white glove delivery.

13: Made in the USA

All of the components and processes used to make Puffy’s mattresses are made and conducted in the USA – including the cover, the foam, the design, the sewing, and the assembly.

This is important because I’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses that are made from cheap quality foams – sourced from places like China – where people have reported that the chemical off-gassing is much worse and the durability of the mattress is impaired.

14: Financing

If you buy the Puffy mattress directly from using the button below then you can select the option to pay by financing to make buying your new mattress much more affordable.

Final Ratings

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this Puffy mattress review so I’ve summarised my ratings for the key performance areas to make it easier to see how the Puffy stacks up.

And be sure to check out the next section to see how this mattress compares to Puffy’s other options.

Pressure ReliefVery good
Overall SupportGood
Edge SupportFair
Moving AroundFair
Motion IsolationVery good
NoiseAlmost silent
Allergy ControlGood
Pain ReliefGood
Sagging RiskLow
Indentation RiskLow
Price v ValueGood value for money
Price (queen)$1150 (discounts often available)
Best Sleeping PositionSide: under 230 lbs
Worst Sleeping PositionStomach: over 230 lbs


Puffy also make two other higher end mattresses – the Puffy Lux and the Puffy Royal.

Here’s how they compare to the Puffy Original at a glance.

Puffy v Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux is very similar to the Puffy Original except that it’s 2 inches thicker with an extra layer that helps to give the Lux arguably better support and more contoured pressure relief.

I would go for the Lux if you are a heavier sleeper and would like more mattress depth.

Puffy v Puffy Royal

The Puffy Royal offers the ultimate sleeping experience from Puffy.

The Royal is 14 inches thick, has cooling gel beads infused into the top layer for cooler sleep, uses corrugated foam for better airflow, and leverages zoned support foam that can provide more targeted support for your hips and spine.

I would go for the Royal if you’re a warmer sleeper looking to stay cool.

Stomach sleepers should do better in the Royal due to the more supportive foam that can help to guard against your back over-arching.


Hopefully, you’ve now got a better understanding of whether the Puffy mattress is right for you or not and how it stacks up against the other Puffy mattresses.

But I’d just like to close this review out by answering a few common questions related to Puffy, their services, and their mattresses.

1: How Much Does a Puffy Mattress Weigh?

Your Puffy mattress will arrive at your doorstep in a compressed box.

The smaller dimensions mean that the mattress is easier to move around door frames and the like, but you need to be warned that the box is still quite heavy.

More specifically, you can see how much your Puffy mattress will weigh based on the size that you have ordered using the table below:

Puffy Original Mattress SizePuffy Original Mattress Weight
Twin41 lbs
Twin XL45 lbs
Full58 lbs
Queen69 lbs
King87 lbs
California King87 lbs

2: How Do You Set Up the Puffy Mattress?

Once you have transported your boxed Puffy mattress to your sleeping area, you can set up your puffy mattress by following the 4 steps below:

Step 1: Unbox your mattress.

Step 2: Cut away the outer plastic packaging and unroll the mattress on to your bed frame.

Step 3: Cut away the airtight seal and allow the mattress to expand.

Step 4: Wait for up to 24-48 hours for your Puffy mattress to fully expand before sleeping on it.

Check out the Puffy mattress unboxing video below to see how to remove your Puffy mattress from the box and set it up.

We Got A Mattress In A Box! Best Mattress Ever?!!? |Puffy Mattress Review|. Credit: nicolelise

2: How Long Does it Take the Puffy Mattress to Expand?

Your Puffy mattress should expand fully within 24-48 hours but near-maximum decompression is typically achieved in just a few hours.

You should unbox your Puffy mattress as soon as possible to avoid any potential decompression issues.

3: Where Do Puffy Ship To?

Puffy ship to the US and Canada within 2-5 business days when you order from

Shipping to the UK is available when you order from

4: Can You Trust Puffy?

Puffy is a very reputable company in my view – which is in part down to the A+ rating on the BBB site at the time of writing which means that they have shown a good track record of interacting with their customers [4] – plus the fact that they are using CertiPUR-US® foams.

5: Where’s the Best Place to Buy the Puffy Mattress?

If you live in the US or Canada then the best place to buy your Puffy mattress is directly from Puffy’s website using the button below.

Because this will allow you to qualify for the 101 night sleep trial, the lifetime warranty, and give you the option to pay by monthly installments to make your mattress more affordable.

Click the button below to check the price now.

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[1], [3] CertiPUR-US® – Certified Foam Description. Accessed 19/5/20.

[2] CertiPUR-US® – Companies Selling Products Containing Certified Foam. Accessed 19/5/20.

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Image Attribution and Licencing

All images provided by under the terms of a private affiliate agreement.

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