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12 Park Mattress Reviews – A Good Brand to Buy or Not?

Are you wondering if 12 Park is a good mattress brand to buy?

12 Park is a reputable mattress brand because they have been making sleep-related items since 1971 in the North East of the USA using American sourced foams and offer a range of mattresses that are collectively suitable for all sleeping positions.

The rest of this article reviews the 12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress in more detail and compares it against some of 12 Park’s other models to help you find out which mattress is right for you.

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12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The 12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress from Different Angles.
The 12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Image source: used with permission from

This is a very in-depth and detailed review.

So if you’re in a bit of a rush here then let me summarise my findings for you.

Basically, it’s my personal opinion that the 12 Park 11 inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam mattress is best for side sleepers under 230 lbs.

Especially if you’re of a ‘bony’ body type because the memory foam takes away the pressure on the more angular areas of your body.

However, I think that this mattress will also suit average, athletic, and softer body types in the front and back sleeping positions too.

Really, I would only express caution if you’re a heavier weighted sleeper over 230 lbs or a front sleeper over 200 lbs.

But beyond this, I think this mattress does a good job at regulating your temperature if you’re a warmer sleeper.

Whilst the hypoallergenic cover may help to guard against dust mite allergies and hay fever.

If you’ve never heard of 12 Park before I wouldn’t let this stop you from buying this mattress because there’s a lot on offer here.

If you like the sound of this then scroll down and click the button to check the price of this mattress and to buy it now in Mattress Firm(financing options are available).

If not, then check out my other top rated mattresses for some alternatives.

Or continue reading my 12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam mattress review below for more details.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers under 230 lbs will enjoy the pressure relief on their shoulders and hips.
  • Back sleepers under 230 lbs should have enough comfort and support.
  • Front sleepers under 200 lbs should have enough hip and spinal support.
  • Sleepers with a ‘bony’ frame will enjoy the pressure relieving comfort.
  • Warmer sleepers can stay cool with the infused gel and breathable foams.
  • Those with hay fever and dust mite allergies may experience relief via the hypoallergenic cover.
  • Similarly weighted couples can sleep undisturbed in this quiet mattress that limits the feeling of you both moving around.

Not Recommended For

  • Sleepers over 230 lbs may find this mattress too soft.

How is This 12 Park Mattress Constructed?

The first part of gauging how this mattress is going to feel for you is by looking at the design and how the layers are put together.

Below is a picture of the profile of the 11 inch version of the Deluxe Gel Memory Foam mattress by 12 Park to help you visualise exactly what you’ll be lying on without having to rip away the cover!

12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress Construction
The 3 foam layers of the 12 Park 11 Inch Deluxe Gel Memory Foam mattress. Image used with permission from

So What Does this Mean for You?

Well, at 11 inches in depth, this slightly thicker than average profile complements the all-foam design to provide a fair balance between contoured comfort and adaptive support for a range of sleeping styles.

This mattress is topped by a stretchy knitted poly quilted cover that’s soft and breathable to help you stay cool and comfortable.

Beneath this you’ll find 3 layers of foam that make up the comfort and support layers that combine to create a mattress with a medium level of firmness so that it can accommodate the most amount of sleeping positions (more on this soon).

See below for a full analysis of each layer and how it can benefit you.

Thickness11 inches
CoverStretch knit poly quilted
Comfort Layer2″ open cell gel memory foam
Transition Layer2″ latex alternative foam
Support Core7″ high density foam

Comfort and Transition Layers – Responsive Whilst Relieving Pressure

The comfort and transition layers for this mattress consist of 2 inches of open cell gel memory foam and 2 inches of a latex alternative foam respectively.

This means that when you initially lie down on the mattress, you’ll feel it adapt to your unique body shape to take away the pressure on the more angular regions of your body like your hips and shoulders.

However, unlike many memory foam mattresses, you’ll not feel bogged down in the materials because the latex alternative foam adds ‘bounce’ so that you can switch between sleeping positions smoothly without having to wait for the memory foam to catch up.

So if you’re wary of traditional memory foam mattresses due to their deep hugging effect I think that you’ll find that this 12 Park mattress feels much lighter and less enveloping.

I like the fact that the comfort and transition layers are 4 inches in total whilst following this progressive increase in foam density because it gives enough depth so that if you’re closer to 230 lbs you’re not going to crash straight into the support core below.

Support Core – Cradles Your Spine and Joints

The support core for this mattress consists of a single 7 inch block of high density support foam that will stop you from sinking too far into the mattress whilst also adapting to your body shape and weight to ensure that your spine and joints are properly supported.

This kind of adaptive support is critical in helping you to avoid pain and discomfort.

However, the final feel of the mattress will depend on how your individual body shape, bodyweight, and dominant sleeping position interact with the mattress materials.

More on this in the upcoming sections.

A closer look at the 12 Park Deluxe 11″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Video credit: The Shop @ 12 PARK.

How Do the Key Features Stack Up?

Below I’ve provided my own personal thoughts on the key features of this 12 Park mattress and what they mean for you.

If you’re in a rush, simply scan the table below – before moving on to the upcoming comfort analysis section to find out if this mattress is going to be suitable for you or not in terms of your exact body weight and dominant sleeping position.

Pressure ReliefGood
Overall SupportGood
Sagging RiskModerate
Edge SupportAverage
Moving AroundGood
NoiseVery quiet
Maximum WeightUnknown
Allergy ControlGood
Temperature ControlGood
Value v PriceGood

Medium Firmness For Wide Appeal

This mattress has a ‘medium’ level of firmness.

Which means that if you’re in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range, when you lie on this mattress you’ll sink in just enough to feel the pressure dissipate on the more angular regions of your body – but you won’t sink in so far that you’ll feel like you’re being smothered.

This medium level of firmness makes it a ‘Goldilocks’ mattress that will feel ‘just right’ for the vast majority of people who sleep in it.

Excellent Pressure Relief and Mobility For Custom Comfort

I personally think that the best thing about this mattress is its ability to adapt very closely to your individual body shape to relieve pressure and increase comfort.

This is possible because the top layer is made from memory foam – which is able to take your body heat and use it to reconfigure the molecules of the foam so that it can mould to your figure.

If you’ve never slept on a memory foam mattress before then you’ll probably be quite surprised as to how much more closely you’ll feel the surface of the bed wrapping around you when compared to the upholstered layers of a traditional spring mattress.

Now I have to be honest here when I say that I actually didn’t like the feel of memory foam the first time I slept on it but I did get used to the ‘sand like’ feeling.

However, 12 Park have opted to use memory foam with a 4 lbs density which is classified as a ‘medium’ density.

This means that it’s going to feel LESS like you’re sinking too far into the materials – and this buoyancy is further enhanced by the more responsive Endura Flex Foam.

Which works to give the mattress more bounce – meaning that it’s going to be pretty easy to move around in this mattress without feeling like you’re sleeping in a bed of treacle.

Slight Bias to Comfort Over Support

The 7 inch high density support core takes up 64% of the total mattress depth – with the industry average being around 60% – 75%.

This means that this mattress provides a reasonable balance between comfort and support with a slight bias towards the comfort layers.

For you, this means that this mattress is going to be better for average weighted sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range that require pressure relief.

However, the higher density support core should help to keep your spine and joints well aligned by adapting to your body shape.

Reasonable Edge Support

This mattress doesn’t appear to have any specific edge support so I would expect some amount of give near the edges – more so than a spring or hybrid mattress.

As such, this may limit your ability to sleep closer to the edge of the bed and the overall area that you can make use of – which could be an issue if you like to spread out.

The solution here would be to order the full over the twin, or the king over the queen if you’d like to increase the lateral space of your mattress.

However, I would recommend that you avoid sitting on the edge of this mattress for long periods of time such as when playing video games or doing your hair/makeup because this may cause indenting.

Pretty Easy to Move Around In

All-foam, memory foam mattresses have a reputation for being difficult to move around in due to their slower response time and capacity for sinkage.

However, I don’t think that this is going to be much of an issue with this 12 Park mattress if you’re under 230 lbs because of the Endura Flex foam layer that behaves like latex to increase the responsiveness of the materials whilst the denser support layer should help to guard against sinkage to a degree.

Be Careful With the Weight

I can’t find any specifications that clearly explain the weight limits for each mattress size.

So I can only assume that industry conventions apply here with 250 lbs being the weight limit for the single sleeper sizes and 500 lbs for the queen and up.

However, even though I think that the support is pretty good, all-foam mattresses aren’t really good candidates for being pushed to the limit in terms of weight because they lack the more robust support core of spring and even hybrid mattresses.

All-Foam Design Makes This a Quiet Mattress

One massive advantage of this deluxe gel mattress’ all-foam design is that it is very quiet because it doesn’t have any springs.

If you do experience noise however, this will probably be coming from your bed frame – which may need tightening up or repairing.

Couples Can Sleep Undisturbed

If you sleep as a couple then the all-foam construction of this mattress works in your favour because in addition to being quiet, it can also absorb the feelings of movement better than spring mattresses can.

And the slightly above average 11 inch profile of this mattress means that it will be able to absorb shock waves better than a thinner mattress might.

This all means that you’ll be able to shuffle around without waking each other up during the night.

And users of this mattress have reported that even larger movements are not felt by their bed partner who is a very light sleeper.

May Help With Respiratory Allergies

If you have allergies that are triggered by particles like pollen or dust mites then this could be a good mattress for you.

Because 12 Park have fitted the 11 inch version of this deluxe gel memory foam mattress with a hypoallergenic cover.

This means that it’s better prepared to block trigger allergens and inhibit mould growth that might otherwise set your allergies off when you lie down.

I have sensitivities to both pollen and dust myself – so I know just how infuriating it is when you lie down to go to sleep and your nose starts running like a tap.

Sleeps Cool

Traditional memory foam mattresses have a bad reputation for overheating due to the way in which the foam retains your body heat in order to reconfigure the molecules of the foam so that it can adjust to your body shape.

But this is not likely to be a huge issue with this mattress because the memory foam upper layer is infused with cooling gel to combat this.

And I actually think that if you’re a temperate or slightly warm sleeper then this mattress isn’t a bad choice for you because the memory foam is open celled to increase breathability.

Furthermore, testers of this mattress have reported that this 12 Park mattress is even able to remain cool with 3 dogs in the bed.

But if you’re still in doubt, I’d recommend buying a cooling bed sheet set to go with this mattress.

Doesn’t Smell Too Much

One of the common complaints of mattresses like this that arrive in a compressed box is that they smell harshly of chemicals.

This is often due to high VOC counts in the materials.

But this shouldn’t be much of an issue with this mattress because I did some deeper research and found out that 12 Park are listed on the CertiPUR-US® website as using foams that are specifically designed to have a low VOC count [1].

But if you do notice a slight odour after unboxing then open your windows and this should go away after a few hours or days.

May Help Alleviate Muscular Discomfort

If you suffer from muscular soreness then the comfort foams may be able to help take away the pressure on the more angular areas of your body better than a firmer innerspring mattress might be able to.

Users of this mattress have reported a lessening of their back pain after extended use (9 -10 months) – saying that they can feel how each foam layer adapts to their body to support their back.

But I would always check with your doctor before buying a mattress specifically for your medical needs.

Good Value For the Price

This isn’t a budget mattress – but it’s not going to break the bank either in my view if you buy this mattress through Mattress Firm’s financing plan.

And I personally think that the price point for this mattress is pretty fair for the quality and features that you’re getting.

Plus, if you order this 12 Park mattress through Mattress Firm then you will be protected by their 120 night sleep trial.

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How Comfortable is This 12 Park Mattress?

How comfortable this 12 Park gel memory foam mattress is going to feel for you is mainly dependent upon how your body weight, body type, and dominant sleeping position combine to interact with the design of the mattress.

Overall, I’d say that the all-foam design and 11 inch profile means that if you’re over 230 lbs then this mattress will probably feel a bit too soft for you in the single sleeper sizes and the resulting closer proximity to the support core may increase pressure points on your body.

However, the excellent pressure relieving qualities of the foam make this mattress a decent choice if you’re of an average or lighter weight and have a more ‘bony’ body type.

See below for more details.

Under 130 lbs130 – 230 lbsOver 230 lbs
FrontFirm – idealIdeal – softToo soft
BackFirm – idealIdealToo soft
SideFirm – idealIdealSoft
ComboReasonableSoftToo soft
EdgeSoftSoft – too softToo soft

Front Sleepers – Good But Some Caution Advised

If you’re under 200 lbs then you should find that this mattress provides enough support and comfort.

However, once you get into that iffy 200 lbs – 230 lbs range then you really need to watch your lower back if you’re a stomach sleeper because you may find that your hips start to sink in a little which could lead to discomfort.

One way around this might be to get a larger size and sleep more towards the centre of the bed where the support is probably going to be better when compared to the edges.

But if you’ve over 230 lbs then I’d express even more caution because the all-foam design and medium firmness will probably lead to a fair amount of sinkage.

Back Sleepers – Good

I think that this is a great mattress overall if you’re a back sleeper because you can get away with a bit more weight on the bed in this position without sinking too far into the materials and compromising your back.

But I think 230 lbs and above is still the danger zone in my opinion.

Side Sleepers – Very Good

I think that if you’re a side sleeper under 230 lbs then this is a great mattress for you because the materials are soft enough to adjust to your body shape and weight to take away the pressure on your shoulders and hips.

You might even be able to get away with straying beyond the 230 lbs mark but again, I caution against this due to the all-foam design.

Combo Sleepers – Ok

For lighter and average weighted combination sleepers under 230 lbs then the responsive Endura Flex Foam layer should be enough to provide the mobility that you need to make switching between positions fairly smooth.

Edge Sleepers – Caution Advised

If you’re the type of sleeper that likes to hug the edge of the bed then I would express caution if you’re above 130 lbs because you may find that the edges have too much give to them.

Body Types – Excellent For Slighter Builds

I think that pretty much all body types are going to be fine in this mattress.

But I think that if you have a ‘bony’ body type or prominent joints then you’re really going to love this mattress because of the excellent pressure relief that you’re going to experience – especially in the side sleeping position.

Couples – Caution Against Disproportionate Weight

As I said earlier, I think that this is a great mattress for couples because the medium level of firmness means that couples with differing sleeping positions can sleep together comfortably.

But I would express caution if one of you is very heavy and the other very light.

Because this weight imbalance might not be the best for the structure of the bed.

Therefore I would recommend rotating this mattress regularly to avoid valleys and peaks forming.

12 Park 11 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress FAQs

With the bulk of this review done, I’d like to just take a moment to address some of the common questions regarding this mattress model.

Is This a Mattress in a Box?


This mattress will arrive at your door in a compressed box for easier mobility.

However, the box might require a few people to pick up and move because they can be quite heavy depending on the size that you ordered.

When you remove the mattress from the box, make sure that there are no pets or children around because I know that these mattresses can sometimes spring out quite forcefully.

Then place the mattress on your bed frame and cut away the packaging.

Your mattress should then begin to expand to its full size within a few hours – although up to 72 hours may be required.

12 Park say that you should not keep the mattress rolled up for more than 60 days from the point of receipt.

But I would personally advise getting your mattress out of the box ASAP to avoid any possible issues with decompression.

What Are The Compatible Frames?

You can use this mattress with a solid foundation, platform base, adjustable frame, or wooden slatted foundation.

The spaces between the slats must be no more than 3 inches apart and you’ll need a strong centre support for the king and queen sizes.

Can You Flip This Mattress?


This is one of those one sided memory foam mattresses that should not be flipped because it will damage it and you’ll end up sleeping on the denser support core which won’t feel good.

Flipping will probably void the warranty too.

Will This Mattress Sag?

I don’t think that this mattress is in danger of premature sagging as long as you don’t put too much weight on it or expose it to uneven loads for a long time.

However, with this being a memory foam topped mattress, I would recommend rotating it every 3 – 6 months to distribute the cumulative load that it’s exposed to more evenly to help guard against indentations.

How Durable is This Mattress?

For an all-foam, memory foam mattress it’s quite durable because of the medium 4 lb density foam used in the top layer.

I would expect at least 5-7 years of solid use from this type of mattress with good care.

Will This Mattress Need Breaking In?

You may find that it takes a few days to get used to this mattress.

This is normal with most mattresses, but with this being a memory foam mattress, moving around in the bed can actually help to soften it up quicker.

I recommend rolling – standing on it may put too much pressure on the materials.

Is There a Warranty?


This mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty and you can read the details of it before you buy on the Mattress Firm website.

Is There a Sleep Trial?


When you buy through Mattress Firm, you’re protected by a 120 night sleep trial that allows you to shop with confidence.

Details are explained in the video below.

Mattress Firm’s 120-Night Sleep Trial. Video credit: Mattress Firm.


  • Good for most sleeping positions under 230 lbs.
  • Great for side sleepers.
  • Excellent pressure relief for increased comfort.
  • Contoured support for your spine and joints.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Responsive foam makes it easier to move around.
  • Durable foam.
  • Very quiet.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Great for couples.
  • May help to control dust mite allergies and hay fever.


  • Edge support could be better.
  • Not the best mattress for heavy individuals.

12 Park Mattress Comparisons

12 Park sell some similar models on the Mattress Firm site.

I’ll do some in depth reviews later on but for now, here’s a quick summary of how these alternative models compare to this 11 inch selection.

14″ Ultra Deluxe AirCool Memory Foam Mattress

This is a very similar mattress except that it’s 3 inches thicker and uses more breathable foam plus graphite infusion to help keep you cool and wick away moisture.

Go for this model if you have night sweats and are on the heavier side because the extra thickness means more support.

13″ Ultra Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Exactly the same as the 14 inch except that it doesn’t have the Endura Flex layer or the Air Cool foam and instead uses gel memory foam.

This means that the responsiveness and cooling probably won’t be as good – so go for the 14 inch over the 13 inch if you’re a combo sleeper and/or sleep hot.

12″ Deluxe AirCool Memory Foam Mattress

This is the same as the 14 inch except that the support layer is 2 inches thinner.

I think that this model is slightly superior to the 11 inch deluxe if you need extra cooling properties.

9″ Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This is the most basic option and is better for lighter weighted sleepers due to the simple base foam and gel upper foam design.

I would personally choose the 11 inch deluxe over this model because it’s pretty much superior in terms of support, pressure relief, and cooling capabilities.

Where Can You Buy 12 Park Mattresses?

The best place to buy 12 Park mattresses that I’ve personally come across so far is through Mattress Firm.

Because they have a 120-night sleep trial, a low price guarantee, and financing to help you afford your ideal mattress.

If you click the button below you can buy the 12 Park 11 inch deluxe memory foam mattress now – or pick from the alternative models.

Sources and References

[1] CertiPUR-US® – Companies Selling Products Containing Certified Foam. Accessed 25/4/20.

Image Attribution and Licencing

All images used with permission under the terms of a private affiliate agreement.