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Bedroom Style Reviews helps you to sleep in style by providing you with sleep advice, decor tips, and in-depth reviews of bedroom furniture and mattresses.

We do this by crafting the best answers to underserved web search queries and by performing hands-on reviews to help you get the information you need quickly.

Our reviews, ‘best of’ product lists, ‘how to’ guides, and answer targets are developed through extensive research, fact-checking, hands-on experience, and consulting with industry experts to provide you with the best bedroom-focused content that you’ll find anywhere online.

And where possible, we always buy and test the products that we are reviewing to give you unique insights that other websites can’t.

All of our writers are specially trained to write in a style that’s concise, to the point, and packed with relevant information to avoid wasting your time with ‘filler’ content.

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Meet Our Team of Home Decor, Interior Design, and Sleep Experts

Bedroom Style Reviews was founded by Dan Cartwright in 2019 with the goal of helping others find the right mattress for their needs after he slept on a memory foam mattress that hurt his back.

He now works with home decor, interior design, sleep, and medical experts to provide the ultimate online resource for homeowners looking to craft the perfect bedroom and get a more restful night’s sleep.

Dan – Founder, Head Content Creator, Editor, and Product Reviewer

Dan Profile Picture

I hold several college and university level qualifications in health sciences, psychology, mathematics, art and design, and digital media which – in conjunction with my 6 years of experience working in a gym as a qualified instructor – allows me to create detailed and well-researched articles related to sleep, health and wellbeing, and home decor.

I have been working as an online product reviewer since 2015 when I started building websites to help others make better purchasing decisions – with my current focus being on the mattress and sleep product market because of how challenging it can be to find the right mattress for your sleeping style (see my top mattress picks here).

Home Decor and Interior Design Experts

Designing and styling your bedroom can be intimidating and overwhelming for many people – especially if you’re having to do this whilst dealing with the added stress of moving house or redecorating.

That’s why we employ qualified interior designers and architects to create the best possible décor and design guides to help you create your perfectly styled bedroom with the least amount of fuss.

Our home décor/design writers and researchers are experts at meeting the needs of their clients in their own privately run businesses (with some having previously worked for high profile companies like the Hilton) and are keen to share their unique professional insights here on Bedroom Style Reviews.

Follow the external links below to view examples of their projects and portfolios.

Kay Chang (Professional Interior Designer) – Writer, Researcher, 3D Rendering and Visualization Expert

Kay Chang Profile Picture

Kay is a professional interior designer, who focuses on residential interior projects that take inspiration from natural wood and stone elements in application to his interior design concepts.

His past portfolio focuses on residential projects – ‘flipping’ for clients that want renovations to increase their property value for leasing or selling.

Kay loves pushing the boundaries of technology and interior design through the use of 3D modeling and video walkthroughs to show clients how a design will look before it’s built.

Having broad experience in construction gives him the ability to balance aesthetics and functionality in his design concepts no matter the budget range.

The video below shows an example of Kay’s 3D rendering skills to bring a project to life:
15 Small Bedroom Lighting Designs – Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Robyn Forte (Architectural Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Design Expert

Robyn Forte Profile Picture

Robyn is a newly qualified Junior Architect, who has recently completed her Honours in Architecture.

Working for a number of different architectural firms across South Africa as well as personal work, she has gained knowledge and insight into architectural and interior design.

She has recently been focusing on sustainable approaches to design and construction methods.

Some of the projects she has recently worked on include residential homes, hotels, large-scale accommodation typologies as well as lifestyle centers.

She believes that architecture and design should be a dynamic entity that constantly adapts to the client’s needs.

Robyn is a strong believer in the capability of architecture, combined with research, design-thinking, and sustainable approaches in strengthening and building our society.

She strives to maintain a client-based relationship that is centered around communication in order to fully grasp the design visions and intentions of her clients.

Robyn shares her knowledge here on Bedroom Style Reviews to help you design a better home.

Lauren Copping (Professional Interior Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Home Décor Expert

Lauren Copping Profile Picture

Lauren is both an interior designer and a travel enthusiast, gathering inspiration for her unique taste through world travels.

Her project portfolio expands across several countries as she has grown her remote business during travel.

Her portfolio also extends across commercial and residential markets.

She has designed luxury villas in Bali, Indonesia, as well as small home renovations for clients in the USA.

With a background in workplace and retail design, she also designs for co-working spaces, home offices, retail stores, and showroom spaces.

Lauren is constantly striving to find the little things that add warmth, modernity, and elegance to the spaces she works on.

She is not merely a professional in the industry of interior design, but rather someone who lives and breathes the finest of details inspired by her experiences.

Lauren combines her passion for interior design with her extensive professional experience to create truly unique content on Bedroom Style Reviews that will inspire you.

Lauren is the founder of Mont Design.

Miljana Drincic (Architectural Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Design Expert

Miljana Drincic Profile Picture

Miljana is an architectural designer in Novi Sad, Serbia.  

She is experienced in refurbishment and interior design, working closely with her clients to find the solution suiting their needs and wishes. 

Taking part in commercial and residential projects in different countries enabled her to learn about numerous design approaches. 

She has an extensive insight into lighting in architectural design, which she finds crucial for high-quality indoor spaces. 

With several on-site projects in her portfolio, she particularly enjoys working with natural materials.    

The variety of projects from Miljana’s professional background influences her interior design ideas on Bedroom Style Reviews in a comprehensive, hands-on manner.

Jovimon Koichiro (Professional Architect and Plumber) – Writer, Researcher, Design and Construction Expert

Jovimon Koichiro Profile Picture

Jovs is a licensed architect and plumber with over a decade of experience in the design, planning, and construction of various residential projects.

While he takes on interior retrofitting projects for commercial establishments, working on residential projects from inception to completion is his forte.

His extensive knowledge of building utilities ensures that every electrical or plumbing fixture is in its rightful place without much compromise on finishing techniques.

To show his clients what they can accomplish together, he prepares 3D models from scratch and develops them into rendered images and video walkthroughs easy enough to translate into construction.

Ana Maria Gvozdenovic (Professional Interior Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Interior Design Expert

Ana Maria Gvozdenovic is a residential interior designer.

Her premise is that every living space should be functional and tailored to the needs of the client.

She approaches every project with the same enthusiasm and focus.

She creates a conceptual solution, develops it in cooperation with the client, and then implements that design with the contractors in the field.

Ana excels in finding unique photographs for the topics she writes about on Bedroom Style Reviews – often taking them herself!

Maria Shams (Professional Architect and Interior Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Interior Design Expert

Maria Shams Profile Picture

Maria is a practicing architect at a studio in Islamabad, Pakistan.

She has a wide range of projects in her portfolio, ranging from commercial to residential to corporate interiors.

She enjoys working in collaboration with her clients to create spaces customized to their needs, down to the smallest design details.

Her favorite projects are the ones that call for bespoke elements, like furniture and wall murals.

Maria’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to create high-quality ‘design ideas’, ‘how to’, and detailed ‘answer’ posts to help inspire you and provide you with the knowledge you need to make your next interior design project a success.

Jennifer Nielsen (Professional Interior Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Home Décor Expert

Jennifer Nielsen.

Jennifer Nielsen is a hotel and residential interior designer with a focus on guest room and furniture design.

Previously, at a “Hospitality Giant” firm, she worked on large, branded hotels including the Marriott, Hilton, and IHG.

Most recently, she has also worked for a small design studio in the Bay Area, crafting bespoke interiors and furniture for Joie De Vivre hotels, various tech companies, and apartment complexes.

Now in her own studio, Jennifer works on architecture, interior design, and furniture design for small boutiques, inns, and vacation rental properties.

Her expertise is in large-scale design projects, working with teams of brand designers, engineers, and architects.

Jennifer brings her extensive and in-depth industry expertise to Bedroom Style Reviews to provide in-depth writing on various bedroom interior design and décor topics.

You can see her latest interior work on her website Jennifer Nielsen Design.

Andrei Vasilief (Professional Architect) – Writer, Researcher, and Interior Design Expert

Andrei Vasilief Profile Picture

Andrei is a certified architect from Bucharest, Romania, and has extensive experience in architecture and interior design.

Through collaboration with his clients, Andrei delivers quality design efficiently by defining the best solution tailored to their needs, designing the appropriate documentation, and assisting with implementation.

This level of professional experience means that Andrei is able to write content that provides insights into interior design, architecture, and home décor that’s unique to Bedroom Style Reviews that you won’t find anywhere else.

Joshua Lewis (Academic Writer and DIY Enthusiast) – Writer, Researcher, and Home Improvement Expert


Josh is an academic writer with expertise in biological science and biotechnology – who also has a keen interest in DIY projects, interior design, and home improvement.

Josh enjoys renovating and up-cycling old furniture – or building his own – instead of buying it from new in order to save money.

Josh has practical experience in renovating his family garage, as well as working on woodworking projects such as gift boxes and birdhouses, and has a good understanding of power tools.

Josh’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to combine his practical and academic skills to create high-quality ‘how to’ DIY and home improvement guides that are practical, detailed, and logically presented.

Carolyne Bor (Architectural Designer) – Writer, Researcher, and Design Expert

Carolyne Bor Profile Picture

Carolyne is an architectural designer in Nairobi, Kenya.

She majors in all aspects of interior and landscape architecture.

She enjoys craft-making interior décor – ranging from wall hangings to unique furniture for staging real estate apartments.

A lover of prints, she aims to incorporate such materials into her designs for personalization – especially on minimalist interiors.

Her expertise in interior design has equipped her with unique insights she shares on Bedroom Style Reviews.

Diana Morais (Interior Design Journalist) – Writer, Researcher, and Interior Design Expert

Diana Morais Profile Picture

Diana’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to create ultra high-quality articles about interior bedroom design with information, tips, and guidance that you won’t find anywhere else online.

Sleep, Health, and Medical Experts

When we review products like mattresses, pillows, and bed frames, we have to consider how they can impact the quality of your sleep.

To ensure that we are providing medically accurate and scientifically backed information, we draw upon the expert knowledge of multiple qualified doctors (M.D, MBBS), researchers (Ph.D.), and scientists (B.S, MSc) to write, research, and medically review our articles so that you can be completely confident that you are reading the best quality sleep and health-related content available online.

We independently verify each of our medical experts to ensure that they have the qualifications and professional experience required to create the best content possible – with many of our staff being cited in scientific journals and being featured in prominent news outlets like Fox News, as well as holding qualifications from highly respected establishments like the Johns Hopkins University.

Follow the links below to verify for yourself the credentials of our hand-picked sleep and health experts:

Dr. Dimitar Marinov (M.D, Ph.D, RDN) – Chief Medical Advisor and Fact-Checker

Dr. Dimitar Marinov Profile Picture Bedroom Style Reviews

Dr. Dimitar Marinov is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Health at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria (view department), and has been cited by Fox News, Insider, Healthline, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, MSN, and other high-profile media outlets.

He is a physician and a scientist with a passion for research and evidence-based medicine – specializing in the field of nutrition whilst currently pursuing his Ph.D.

Dr. Marinov’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to fact-check articles to make sure that the medical terminology is correct and true, whilst also providing unique answers to specific questions related to sleep, health, and sleep products (such as the best mattresses and adjustable beds for back pain) to add high-level value and real medical insight.

He has great research skills and a deep interest in preventive medicine – creating content on various medical topics and referencing every single statement with high-quality evidence.

You can view Dr. Marinov’s published research papers here on ResearchGate.

Dr. Calvin Young (PhD – Behavioral Neuroscience) – Sleep and Health Specialist: Writer and Researcher

Dr Calvin Young Profile Picture

Dr. Calvin Young has a Ph.D in behavioral neuroscience from the University of Calgary and has 15+ years of research experience.

His work focuses mainly on electrical brain activities and how they relate to behavior in health and disease (including sleep).

However, Dr. Young also has expertise in molecular biology and psychology – working and teaching across the globe in countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Norway, and Sweden – as well as carrying out peer reviews for top international journals and reading for Masters and Ph.D. theses.

Dr. Young’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to research and write articles related to sleep and health.

You can see Dr. Young’s publications on Research Gate here (20 publications and over 245 citations at the time of writing).

Dr. Sony Sherpa (MBBS) – Medical Doctor: Writer and Researcher

Dr. Sony Sherpa Profile Picture

Dr. Sony Sherpa is a medical doctor at the Shahid Hospital and Research Center.

With a medical degree completed at a young age, Sony Sherpa is a valued medical writer at Bedroom Style Reviews.

She writes medical articles with impeccable accuracy owing to her vast medical knowledge and thorough research for each article.

She completed her degree with multiple scholarships as an outstanding all-round student.

She is a board-certified Clinical Doctor and currently, she is working as a Medical Officer in the emergency department of a renowned hospital and helps many patients every day.

Dr. Albert Stezin (MBBS, Ph.D – Clinician and Neuroscientist) – Sleep and Health Specialist: Writer and Researcher

Dr. Albert Stezin profile picture.

Dr. Albert Stezin, MBBS, Ph.D is a physician-scientist specializing in neurology.

He has authored many scientific articles and is passionate about medical research and scientific communication – breaking down complex medical concepts into short, actionable insights is his specialty.

He is currently working as a clinical and research consultant of Neurology at ANU Institute of Neuro and Cardiac Sciences, India (see his doctor profile and qualifications here).

He has also published scientific articles in international journals of neurology, neuroscience, and psychiatry – including works pertaining directly to sleep and sleep disorders; such as: Overview of Sleep Disturbances and Their Management in Parkinson Plus Disorders.

Dr. Stezin’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to create high-quality articles about sleep, health, and medical subjects using his professional insights and knowledge so that you can be sure that you’re getting accurate and medically sound information.

View Dr. Stezin’s publications on PubMed here and on Research Gate here.

Dr. Babar Naeem (MBBS, MRCPCH) – Sleep and Heath Specialist: Writer and Researcher


Dr. Babar Naeem is a practicing medical doctor, technical writer, and medical researcher.

Dr. Naeem has holds several qualifications, including MBBS, MRCPCH from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, has multiple certifications from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan(CPSP), Scientific Writing in Health and Medicine (SWIHM), and is a research graduate.

He currently works as a pediatrician at the Jinnah Hospital.

Dr. Naeem’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to use his professional insights as a medical doctor to write the best articles on sleep and health that you will find online.

Ana Luiza (Sleep Scientist, Psychobiologist, Biotechnologist, Ph.D) – Sleep and Health Specialist: Writer and Researcher

Ana Luiza Profile Picture.

Ana Luiza is a biologist with a Ph.D. in psychobiology (sleep sciences) and is a specialist in biotechnology (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil).

Ana has worked with some of the biggest names in the online health, biotech, and medical publications space – with clients that include WebMD, Molecular Cloud, One Care Media, and Kantar Health.

Ana’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to write articles related to sleep, health, and well-being using her professional knowledge and the exceptional research skills that she has developed during her Ph.D and writing career.

Dr. Darshan Shingala (Public Health Researcher, MD, MPH) – Sleep and Health Specialist: Writer and Researcher

Darshan Shingala Profile Picture.

Dr. Shingala is a medical doctor and a public health researcher who has publications listed in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology (view here).

He earned his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Yerevan State Medical University and Master of Public Health (MPH) from the American University of Armenia in 2020. 

Dr. Shingala is interested in the use of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in the context of collaborative research in healthcare. 

He aims to strengthen the preventive medicine framework by contributing to the development of critical approaches and exercising a commitment to global health welfare.

Dr. Shingala’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to use his own professional knowledge and research skills to write high-quality articles about sleep and healthcare that are medically accurate.

Dr. Myra S (Medical Doctor, MBBS) – Medical Writer and Researcher

Dr Myra S Profile Picture

Dr. Myra S (MBBS) is currently working as a junior lecturer in a medical school in Pakistan where she is involved in providing regular teaching sessions to medical students.

As a medical student, she developed a keen interest in neurophysiology, sleep medicine, and mental health.

She also has a deep passion for writing and has published pieces in “The News International”, Pakistan’s leading weekly English magazine.

She aspires to pursue further specialty training in Internal Medicine and Neurology.

Myra is able to use her professional medical expertise and research skills to write accurately on topics relating to sleep and health on Bedroom Style Reviews.

Stephanie Abi Zeid (Embryologist, Andrologist, B.S, MSc) – Medical Writer and Researcher

Stephanie Abi Zeid.

Stephanie Abi Zeid is a reproductive scientist with a passion for research and writing.

She has worked as a science coordinator in software-based management systems used in OB-GYN departments, and as an embryologist in multiple hospitals – which led her to interact with patients and caregivers, and to write accurate medical reports.

Stephanie’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to perform in-depth research so that she can write exceptional content that meets the user intent – whilst using her own professional insights to accurately answer specific questions related to pregnancy, babies, sleep products, and health.

Stephanie also medically reviews and fact-checks our articles to make sure they are accurate and error-free.

Dr. Ahmed Zayed (M.D, MBBS, Surgeon) – Medical Writer and Researcher

Dr Ahmed Zayed

Dr. Ahmed Zayed has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

He has 9 years of experience in his field and obtained his MBBS after he graduated from the University of Alexandra in Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Zayed is a published author (Amazon bestseller), founder of ZayedMD, and has written medical content for high-profile media outlets like The Huffington Post.

Dr. Ahmed Zayed’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to write and research high-quality articles related to sleep and health.

Dr. Mehrsa Jalalizadeh (M.D, Medical Researcher, Data Scientist) – Medical Fact-Checker

Dr. Mehrsa Jalalizadeh profile picture.

Mehrsa Jalalizadeh, MD, is a results-oriented Doctor and Researcher who has co-authored lauded medical articles, has been successful in patient management and the supporting of various clinical trials.

She is currently working as an independent consultant and collaborating internationally on major publications in the area of cancer and women’s health.

Previously, Dr. Jalalizadeh completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the highly prestigious Johns Hopkins University (known for its focus on research and education) and has worked as a Research Scholar at the INOVA Fairfax Hospital, primarily focused on finding treatment related to the pelvic health of women and finding innovative methods for teaching physicians on the usage of advanced methods in 3D ultrasound of the pelvis.

Dr. Jalalizadeh has also served as a primary emergency room physician and has seen over 80,000 patients to date.

Dr. Jalalizadeh’s role at Bedroom Style Reviews is to medically review and fact-check our articles to ensure that they are accurate and free from medical errors, as well as advising on data gathering and analysis.

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