Editorial and Research Policy

Bedroom Style Reviews is committed to providing you with the best bedroom furniture, mattress, and decor tips, buying guides, and product reviews on the web.

Our Editorial and Research Policies form the principles upon which we create and publish content in order to reach the highest standards that we can.

Here’s an overview of how our Editorial and Research Policies work.

Our Editorial Policy

Before publishing our content, it must adhere to the following 9 principles as far as is practically possible:

1: Accurate – we strive to present information that’s true and reliable.

2: Actionable – we aim to create content that has practical value.

3: Comprehensive – we try to cover all of the points relevant to the topic.

4: Concise – we omit fluff and get to the point in as few words as possible.

5: Fair – we aim to represent products, companies, and information without bias.

6: Original – we contact industry experts to source primary information and raw data.

7: User focused – we prioritize user intent and requirements over self-interest.

8: Unique – we do not plagiarize or spin content.

9: Verifiable – we cite credible sources to back our claims.


If you feel that a piece of content doesn’t adhere to these principles then you can express your concerns here and we will take the steps required to rectify the issue as far as is practically possible.

Our Research Policy

In order to meet our editorial principles, we apply the following research process:

1: Identify an Underserved Query

Rather than churning out the same content as every other website, we actively seek out search queries that do not have complete, comprehensive, or accurate answers in order to add value to the web.

2: Create the Best Content on the Web

We identify the intent of the user’s search query and then perform in-depth research to provide the best possible answer that you’ll find online at the time of publishing.

We do this by purchasing products with our own money and testing them, contacting industry experts for primary information and data, drawing upon personal experience, citing scientific studies, and expanding upon the points already publicly available.

3: Satisfy User Intent

We create the final piece of content in a way that’s easy to understand, satisfies the intent of the user, and meets our Editorial Policy before being published.

An Example

An example of our effective research process is our article on the best mattresses without fiberglass.

Where we discovered that there was very little reliable information available on this topic, so we specifically contacted numerous mattress companies to find out if they had fiberglass hidden in their mattresses, before searching through countless user reviews, customer experiences, and referencing independent health and safety regulations/labels to see if these claims were likely to be true.

The result is that numerous people have now successfully bought a mattress that’s free from fiberglass.

Research Policy: Mattresses

Mattresses are one of our most reviewed products and appear on the site in the form of individual reviews and ‘best of’ round-up lists since they are typically a costly and tricky purchase.

Because buying a mattress doesn’t follow an exact science due to the variation in sleeping preferences and amalgamation of subjective factors such as body weight, body shape, and your dominant sleeping position that all combine to create different levels of comfort on different mattress designs.

To help make the buying process easier for you, we create our mattress reviews and round-up lists using as many of the following techniques as possible:

1: Physical Testing

Wherever possible, we endeavor to purchase the mattress ourselves, sleep on it, and provide our personal feedback.

However, due to the high cost of these items and geographical shipping restrictions, buying the mattress isn’t always possible.

In which case we use the two strategies listed below.

2: Extrapolating Features, Benefits, and Limitations

Based on our extensive knowledge of how mattresses tend to perform based on their features and qualities, we are often able to make educated generalizations that can give you a reasonable estimation of how a mattress is likely to perform relative to different bodyweight ranges, sleeping positions, and preferences.

Whilst this may not provide the qualitative insight that first-hand testing can, it does allow us to provide you with more insight than what’s typically available on the product’s sales page.

These generalizations can also help to factor out biases and anomalies that may be apparent when relying on individual reviews posted by other users, customers, or reviewers.

3: Customer Feedback

Whilst singular reviews can present a subjective bias, we aim to overcome this by aggregating the opinions and feedback of customers, consumer experiences, and product reviewers by looking through forums, discussion boards, customer reviews left on retail sites, and some trusted independent review sites.

Such an approach can highlight recurring trends that may indicate a significant set of benefits or limitations that may be useful to consider before you make your purchase.

We are aware of some ‘shill’ mattress review websites that seem to offer independent recommendations but are actually owned by certain mattress companies so they can push their own brands and we avoid citing these as credible sources or relying upon them for honest product recommendations.

Specific Mattress Review Criteria

We use the research resources outlined above to provide information on the following elements:

  • Allergy control – is the mattress hypoallergenic to reduce the chance of causing an allergic reaction related to conditions like eczema, sensitive skin, asthma, and dust mite sensitivities?
  • Body weight suitability – body weights are categorized as ‘light’ (<130 lbs), ‘average’ (130 – 230 lbs’) and ‘heavy’ (>230 lbs). We estimate how comfortable a mattress is likely to be for these body weight categories.
  • Body type suitability – body types are categorized as being ‘skinny’ (low body fat), ‘average’ (normal amount of body fat), ‘soft’ (higher amount of body fat). We estimate how comfortable a mattress is likely to be for these body type categories.
  • Certifications – does the mattress carry relevant industry certifications such as OEKO-TEX®, CertiPUR-US®, or MADE SAFE® labels to ensure that the mattress is safe and free from toxic chemicals?
  • Comfort – how comfortable is the mattress likely to be based on its qualities relative to the different sleeping styles and preferences?
  • Construction – how is the mattress constructed; is it a spring, memory foam, latex foam, polyfoam, or hybrid mattress?
  • Country of manufacture – where is the mattress manufactured and what kind of quality can you expect?
  • Couple compatibility – is the mattress suitable for couples (such as being quiet, isolating movement well, and able to accommodate different sleeping preferences – such as the need for a split level of firmness)?
  • Design – how well is the mattress designed relative to the support, transition, and comfort layers?
  • Discounts – where possible, we provide links and codes that could save you $100’s or even $1,000’s on your mattress and bed purchases.
  • Durability – how durable and long-lasting are the materials used?
  • Ease of cleaning – how easy is it to clean the mattress; is there a zip-off cover that’s machine washable?
  • Edge support – does the support extend up to the edge of the mattress and is it reinforced along the perimeter to guard against sagging and roll-off?
  • Firmness – how firm is the mattress (extra-soft, soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, firm, or extra firm)?
  • Frame compatibility – which frame-types is the mattress compatible with and can it be used on the floor?
  • Life expectancy – how long is the mattress expected to last in years with the proper care?
  • Materials used – which materials are used and what are the relevant variables such as foam density and spring gauge?
  • Medical conditions – whilst we are reluctant to say that a mattress can ‘cure’ a medical condition, we consult with qualified medical professionals to find out if a mattress might be able to help with a condition like back pain if your own doctor or medical professional is agreeable.
  • Motion isolation – how well does the mattress dampen cross-motion and vertical movements to help couples sleep more soundly?
  • Noise – how quiet is the mattress under variable movements?
  • Off-gassing potential – does the mattress smell of chemicals after it’s opened up and for any length of time afterward?
  • Sagging risk – how likely is the mattress to sag prematurely?
  • Shipping details – which locations does the mattress ship to?
  • Sizes – which sizes can you buy the mattress in (twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, Cal. king, split king)?
  • Sleeping positions – how comfortable is the mattress likely to feel for side, front, back, and combination sleepers?
  • Sleep trial – is there a sleep trial and if so, how long does it last, what’s the minimum trial period, and what are the limitations of the terms?
  • Support – how well does the mattress keep your spine aligned and in good posture relative to the different sleeping positions, body weights, and body types?
  • Temperature regulation – how well does the mattress dissipate heat and offer cooling capabilities to help regulate your temperature?
  • Thickness – how thick is the mattress in inches and what does this mean for different body weights and body types?
  • Value v price – does the mattress sit above, below, or in line with the average price point relative to the mattress market on the whole?
  • Warranty – how long does the warranty last and does it offer prorated or non-prorated coverage (or a mixture of the two)?
  • Where to buy – where’s the best place to buy the mattress; online or in store?
  • Weight capacity – how much weight can the mattress hold?

What Makes Us Unique?

Bedroom Style Reviews is unique because we specifically seek out underserved search queries and provide the best possible answers to help users find what they are looking for and make the web better – rather than polluting it with inferior and duplicate content.


Whilst we continue to strive for excellence and create the best content possible, there are some limitations – which include the following points.

  • Honest mistakes are possible – we are real people doing real research and spend many long hours typing, recording videos, and making images; which means that we may make mistakes in our reporting and/or content creation. The Editorial Policy has been put in place to combat such mistakes as far as is practically possible.
  • Content can become outdated – products that we have reviewed may no longer be available or undergo changes with time. We aim to correct mistakes and update our content as soon as we are aware of any inaccuracies, as well as conducting an annual review of all our content to make sure it’s up to date.
  • Not all products will suit everyone – products like mattresses are likely to feel and perform very differently for different body weights, body types, and sleeping positions. Therefore you should keep in mind that whilst our recommendations are made with the best intentions, you may find that a certain product doesn’t turn out to be suitable for you. Please consult with as many relevant and credible sources as possible before making a purchasing decision – you should also check the return policy for all products on the merchant’s website for recourse if required.

Affiliate Disclosure

We partner with high-quality merchants through their affiliate programs to help us connect you with the right products and so we can generate revenue and remain online – the presence of affiliate links doesn’t influence the products that we feature; quality and user suitability are paramount.

See full affiliate disclosure here.

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