9 Colors That Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture (Style Guide)

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This article was written by Lauren Copping – a professional interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

Furniture with dark tones can create a bold and elegant look in your bedroom.

However, because dark bedroom furniture can lend itself to contrasting themes – such as the minimalist and polarizing maximalist decors – it can often be difficult for home decor enthusiasts to choose the right color palette.

So what are the best colors that go with dark wood bedroom furniture?

The best colors that go with dark wood bedroom furniture are blues, off whites, and warm whites to create a calming feel; whilst greens can add an organic and natural ambiance; and charcoals and browns can stir up feelings of warmth and safety.

In the rest of this article, I have listed the exact names and hex values of 9 colors that will look amazing in your bedroom when paired with dark wood bedroom furniture.

I’ve personally made a mock up image that demonstrates how to use each color effectively and included a description of how you can pair it with other design elements in the room.

Be sure to check out the ‘how to’ section that details how you can replicate the decor and style yourself!

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9 Colors That Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

Below are 9 colors that go well with dark wood bedroom furniture – I’ve included the hex values so that you can copy and paste them into the Adobe Color Wheel to create your own palettes:

1: Smokey Blue – With Bronze and Off-White Bedding

Smokey Blue Bedroom Color.
Smokey Blue Bedroom Color

Smokey blue hex value: #AEBFC7

This cool and collected space provides a bright retreat with a little bit of comfort in the mid-tone walls.

Smokey blues recreate the experience of an overcast day or a hazy beach, making for a relaxed and meditative space.

The natural brown chair stays true to the natural color palette, and gray curtains keep the walls consistent in tone.

Plants placed with this color hint towards the blues and greens we find in nature, and the rug reinforces the calming blue on the walls.

I like to add slightly faded hues in my bedroom designs with a little contrast in the seating, which keeps the space feeling soft and safe, while having a bit of interest through contrast.

In color psychology, blues have been shown to reduce heart rate, suppress appetite, and improve focus.

Blues are very commonly used in commercial and healthcare spaces for their experiential function.

You might notice calming blues in spaces like yoga studios, healthcare buildings, or therapy offices.

Blues can also help calm you if you have autism and feel overstimulated by brighter colors.

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How to Copy This Design

For lighter blues, start with looking at the colors in your furniture.

Hold the blue tones up to the furniture and find a few options with undertones that match.

Paint a few sample swatches on your wall and take a step back to really analyze which fits your furniture best.

Since this is a softer color, you’ll want to pay extra attention to this!

Once you pick your perfect smokey blue that stands out against your dark furniture, you’ll have a grounded space with drama that still reflects the natural light throughout the room.

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2: Charcoal – With Soft Gray Curtains and Red Undertones

Charcoal Bedroom Color
Charcoal Bedroom Color

Charcoal hex value: #45464A

Bold choices like a charcoal tone can be intimidating, but when applied correctly, can have an incredible impact!

Deep dark tones provide a sense of security on a psychological level, tracing back to times when humans sheltered in caves!

In this space, we’ve held a bold approach by pairing the ashy wall color with off-white curtains and natural colored accents.

Geometric and organic artwork can be paired when they have similar color schemes, and natural materials such as the woven basket and leather chair bring elements of nature into the room.

Some of my favorite commercial spaces and hotel spaces have darker color schemes to further encourage a sense of security.

They also hold a unique elegance when dark tone wood furniture is incorporated.

The key words associated with this type of space are elegance and comfort.

Notice that many fine dining restaurants and high-end retail spaces often stick to brighter whites or darker grays for a unique experience.

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How to Copy This Design

To pair a deep ash tone with natural colors, you’ll want to choose a charcoal color with warm undertones.

Many people make the mistake of going too “cold” when selecting grays, so make sure to ask a paint specialist to show you a range of “warm” grays.

Find furniture with a dark frame and natural upholstery for chairs and cushions (in this room, I’ve chosen off-white and leather).

Choose lighting fixtures with dark color profiles and a little shine to the finish for elegance.

Accessories like pillows, baskets, or poufs should reference natural oranges or greens.

Think of a lush cave whilst furnishing your ashy-colored space!

3: Blush Off-White – With Gold Tones and Cool White Bedding

Blush Off White Bedroom Color
Blush Off White Bedroom Color

Blush off-white hex value: #EAE4E4

This minimal color palette creates a soft, serene, and classy space for relaxation.

White and blush rooms invoke senses of safety, cleanliness, and even femininity and romance.

The cool white curtains have a blue undertone against the blush white, and the even light tone of the walls make the dark bed and side tables stand out as the elegant centerpiece of the space. 

I like to pair these bright spaces with warm furnishings and bronze accents for an added sense of elegance.

In soft spaces like these, I will normally choose more organic or abstract artwork to keep the space soft and welcoming.

In this room, I’ve chosen botanical artwork with gold frames, and a gold-tone line drawing of a city street.

Both have curved lines and coordinating colors that reference warm tones in the dark furniture.

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How to Copy This Design

Choose your curtains and wall color at the same time.

Bring a sample of some cool white curtains to your local paint store to compare, and be sure they don’t contrast too heavily.

Pairing deep wood furniture with these colors will ground the space.

Include a light, neutral bedroom rug under the bed set, and find bronze-toned furniture, artwork, or lighting.

Think about adding a shiny pendant light instead of floor lamps, or use them in place of bedside table lamps for some added glamor.

Balance bronze accents with dark metals, and add some greenery to the space for some additional life.

In the end, you’ll have a bright, happy, and clean room that makes you feel a little like royalty.

4: Deep Forest Green – With Leather and Geometric Art

Deep Forest Green Bedroom Color
Deep Forest Green Bedroom Color

Deep forest green hex value: #627057

In recent years, green has been an increasingly popular color to add to spaces, especially when paired with dark-colored furniture.

Greens remind us primarily of nature, and the feeling of safety while standing under a canopy of trees.

Paired with warm tones, it further reminds us of this type of setting.

When modernized by clean, straight lines, a trendy flair is created in the room and is sure to add a factor of excitement when entering the room. 

I like to pair organic concepts and geometric lines when using greens.

It’s a bit of a contrasting idea to do so, however this is often what creates a “wow” factor.

Adding warmth through floor rugs and plush leather seating makes spaces more comfortable and welcoming.

Bright and light bedding and soft textiles cool the space down and keep it calming and clean.

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How to Copy This Design

Choose a forest green rather than a traditional, oversaturated green as colored walls can quickly become overbearing.

Look at the different shades within a color collection to find one less saturated and more palatable for an entire room.

Next, consider natural woven area rugs and cushions with geometric elements in black or dark gray.

If you have room for a reading nook in your bedroom, consider a leather or faux-leather chair or pouf and a contrasting white sheepskin rug for added warmth and comfort.

Make sure your lighting is a similar dark tone to your dark bedroom furniture to keep the space from becoming overwhelmed with different color tones.

5: Powder Blue – With Light Gray Curtains and Brown Accents

Powder Blue Bedroom Color
Powder Blue Bedroom Color

Powder blue hex value: #E4E9EE

Using a powder blue in a bedroom space will remind users of a spa experience, and promote relaxation and a sense of cleanliness.

Light gray curtains keep the wall tones similar, so the furniture takes center stage in the space, which keeps the focus on the function of the room.

Using darker natural tones in the furniture generates visual interest and can be added through art and accessory furniture.

When I use light colored walls in my designs with cooler undertones, I like to use warm tones in furniture pieces to contrast.

It’s important to add warmth to your sleeping space for comfort, so dark furniture is a must in spaces with similar wall colors.

I always add greenery for more life and warmth, and make sure that the lighting stands out in deep metal tones.

I avoid adding other bright colors to the room in order to keep peace throughout the space.

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How to Copy This Design

Choose a powder blue that pairs well with browns and neutral darks!

Again, it’s important to bring samples of light colors home to your space and compare them with your furniture.

Find artwork that is light, yet has a bold border or element to it, and hints at neutral tones that will get along with your other warm accents in the space.

To avoid too much heaviness in the room, look for dark wood furniture that isn’t too blocky or “platformed”.

The goal is to create a space that looks like it has a lot of breezy, relaxing airflow.

6: Deep Blue – With Yellow Accents and Natural Textures

Deep Blue Bedroom Color
Deep Blue Bedroom Color

Deep blue hex value: #344B53

Deep blues inspire a sense of calm, and often symbolize royalty.

Many dark wood tones have undertones of blues, making them a perfect pair when matched correctly!

This space includes contrasting yellow accents and contrasting light curtains for a bold, eclectic look.

Deep blues also go well with many different wood tones, which allows you to mix and match different pieces in the space.

I add contrasting colors to spaces in order to add a pop of energy.

I usually tell clients to make these decisions carefully, as using bold colors can be tricky!

In this space, I used yellows in the accent chair and wire art pieces to play off of each other.

I added neutral elements in the leather strapped accent pillow, woven geometric rug, and woven wall hanging.

Natural textures like this bring warmth to any space, and often connect viewers to the craft process when they see woven pieces or natural, grassy fibers.

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How to Copy This Design

When choosing a deep blue color, decide if you’re more bold, or more relaxed.

This will help you decide how saturated your blue color will be in the space.

Blues pair easily with contrasting yellows and oranges in a space like this, so have some fun finding the perfect accent pieces that stick out to you.

Find a sheepskin rug for warmth, and a neutral (or colored) pouf to put next to a wood or metal side table to complete your reading nook.

Find artwork that either displays blues (like the piece in this space behind the yellow chair) or pieces with natural textures and yellows.

If you’re looking for additional furniture pieces like a bench for the end of the bed, consider looking at a lighter, less-saturated wood-tone piece to create the mix-matched, eclectic look for your space.

7: Warm White – With Black Accents and Mid-Shade Curtains

Warm White Bedroom Color
Warm White Bedroom Color

Warm white hex value: #E2DCDB

Light walls create a blank canvas for a space.

In this specific combination, the warm pecan off-white provides a backdrop for warm wood tones and bold black accents in accessory pieces and furniture.

Adding patterns to a room makes for a more comfortable experience with interest and curiosity.

Artwork with respective hints of color work well to warm up the room as well. 

When designing with light walls, I like to add rich tones in furniture.

In this case, there are both light and dark woodtones, with the primary pieces being dark.

I use browns and blacks for darker contrast in the softer textures when viewed against light walls.

Rugs are often a tool to ground and center different spaces, and further show off dark contrasting wood furniture.

I like using geometric shapes and lines in cushions to keep the eye alert and attentive while observing a neutral palette.

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How to Copy This Design

Choose an off-white that has a bit of shade to it.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a white that is too “cold” and bright, or you will have a room almost too bright for open eyes!

Again, bring a paint chip next to the furniture to compare tones, and choose a softer off-white.

Ground your space with an area rug that has neutral or darker tones in its pattern, and accent your reading nook with our favorite sheepskin.

When choosing accent furniture, look for black or dark gray materials to create a statement piece for your room.

Artwork should be neutral in colors, yet feature softer lines and shapes.

Add lots of soft cushions and throw blankets for coziness and a relaxing appeal.

8: Olive – With Neutral Accents and Pops of Yellow

Olive Bedroom Color
Olive Bedroom Color

Olive hex value: #7F806E

One great way to ground a space with dark furniture is to add a feature wall that is several shades darker than the other walls in the room.

Doing this adds depth and interest, and provides a backdrop to the dark wood bed frame.

Colorful accents add more life to the space and allow the furniture with darker colors to hold the central focus.

When I add accent walls to spaces, I like to explore adding texture as well.

Recently I used beadboard paneling and an accent paint color for a single wall of the room, then a warm gray for the rest of the walls.

Adding either physical texture or texture through artwork always adds a unique warmth to the room.

Other ways to add texture are to add woven baskets, blankets, or rugs.

I also like to add artwork that has the same or coordinating colors to the feature wall.

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How to Copy This Design

When choosing an accent color, natural greens are a great option because of their ability to calm us and remind us of nature.

Pair a few greens with some off-whites or warm light grays.

Ground your bedroom furniture with a mid-shade area rug that doesn’t take away from the dark wood tone.

Primary accent furniture pieces like chairs or poufs should be subdued hues of greens, grays, yellows, or blue.

Then, choose the secondary pieces (art, baskets, pillows) to highlight the primary pieces.

In this room, I’ve chosen artwork with yellow hints to bring out the mustard accent chair.

9: Warm Mocha – With Unique Accent Furniture

Warm Mocha Bedroom Color
Warm Mocha Bedroom Color

Warm mocha hex value: #6F6A64

Warm grays and browns bring safety and security, especially when used on all four walls.

A combination of curved and straight black lines in furniture and accessories add a luxurious feel to the space, while the warm walls keep it homey.

The walls are a similar shade to the primary furniture, which creates cohesiveness through the core of the space.

I’m naturally drawn to adding deep warm grays to all spaces… bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, even outdoor seating areas, and especially bedrooms!

I am such a fan of the security, warmth, and romance it adds to a room.

Adding these dark tones in a home are often a pleasant surprise upon entering the space.

It transports you to a completely different experience than the bright light in the outside world.

To balance the dark tones in residential spaces and avoid having the space feel too small, I like to add warm white curtains to these spaces to frame the window and help accentuate the natural light coming through.

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How to Copy This Design

When choosing warm grays and cool browns, choose a color with a little less saturation.

Keep the color natural and subdued, so that your furniture will stand out against it.

For the secondary furniture in this space, look for a chair with a black frame and natural colored woven accents or upholstery.

For more warmth, define your reading nook with a sheepskin rug, a sleek and linear floor lamp, and some artwork with similar natural tones for a backdrop.

Make sure to dress your windows with long, warm white curtains, and of course, add a few plants to the room!

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