Inofia Hybrid Mattress Review

If you’re thinking about buying an Inofia mattress then you might be wondering if the 12-inch queen-sized version of this very popular hybrid foam and innerspring mattress is right for you or not.

The Inofia Hybrid mattress is ideal for front, back, side, combo, and edge sleepers with skinny, average, and softer body types in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range due to the adaptive foam top layers, coiled support core, and medium level of firmness.

The rest of this article reviews the Inofia Hybrid mattress in more detail to help you decide if this mattress really is the best choice for you.

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Inofia Hybrid Mattress Review

This mattress is also very well priced and offers great value for money considering that it has lots of great features that can help you stay cool and dry, and even ward off allergies in some cases.

Check out my full Inofia hybrid mattress review below for a full analysis.

Inofia Hybrid Design Analysis

This Inofia hybrid mattress is potentially available in both 12 and 10 inch profiles depending on the retail site that you order from.

I personally recommend going for the 12 inch thickness over the 10 inch if you’re over 200 lbs and/or sleep as a couple because the extra 2 inches can make all the difference when it comes to providing better comfort, support, and durability.

Here’s how the mattress is layered.

1) Cover

The cover is made from a dual-layer of soft knitted fabric which is breathable and able to wick away moisture to help you stay both cool and dry.

2) Comfort Layer

The comfort layer doesn’t appear to contain memory foam, but instead uses a simple layer of pressure relieving foam to allow the mattress to adjust to your body shape and take the pressure away from angular areas like your hips and shoulders.

3) Support Core

The support core combines a layer of individually encased coils that adjust one-by-one to your body shape to provide contoured support for your spine and joints with a sturdy non-slip base that keeps the mattress well supported.

Inofia Hybrid Performance Analysis

To summarise, I think that the Inofia hybrid is a very well priced mattress that provides good overall support, pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, and cooling capabilities for both single sleepers and couples in the 12 inch queen sized option.

More details below.

1) Firmness

This mattress has a medium level of firmness.

This means that if you’re a front, back, or side sleeper in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs weight range you should feel a nice balance of comfort and support when you lie down on the mattress.

This is due to the moderate level of surface tension that allows you to sink far enough into the materials to experience pressure relief on key areas – like your hips and shoulders – but not so far that you experience discomfort.

2) Support

I think that this mattress provides a good level of support for your spine and joints thanks to the spring support core and sturdy base.

I also like how the coils are individually wrapped to provide a level of customised adjustment that you’re not going to get from a regular innerspring mattress that uses a fused spring unit.

3) Pressure Relief

Although this mattress doesn’t leverage the contouring properties of traditional memory foam as far as I can tell, the comfort foam layer is still able to provide a decent level of pressure relief.

I would only express concern here if you’re a very light weighted sleeper under 130 lbs with a ‘bony’ body type – in which case a plusher mattress with a memory foam comfort layer and/or pillow top will probably provide better pressure relief for you.

So if you’re in the 100 lbs – 130 lbs weight range with a slighter body type then I recommend having a look at the Vibe 12 inch gel memory foam mattress instead.

4) Moving Around

I think that this is a very good mattress in terms of mobility and sitting up in if you’re in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs weight range.

Because the absence of memory foam means that the Inofia hybrid doesn’t tend to swallow you up as you put pressure on the surface.

Instead, the comfort foam, spring support core, and medium level of firmness combine to provide enough surface tension to make switching sleeping positions easier and less laborious.

5) Noise

This mattress should be fairly quiet due to the foam top layers which tend to absorb movement quite well combining with the individually wrapped coils that serve to limit cross-motion transfer better than a traditional innerspring mattress might.

6) Maximum Weight Capacity

I’m not exactly sure as to what the maximum weight limit is for the Inofia hybrid.

So I can only assume that for the single sleeper sizes you’re looking at a limit of around 250 lbs whilst the double sleeper queen size may be able to handle up to 500 lbs.

7) Couples

If you buy this mattress in the appropriate queen size and up then I think this will be a decent choice if you sleep as a couple.

Because first of all, the mattress should do a good job of limiting motion transfer to help stop you waking each other up as you move around.

Next, the better edge support of the queen means that you can make full use of the mattress area to maximise lateral space and stop you from both having to huddle together in the middle – which might otherwise lead to premature mattress sagging due to the concentration of weight in the centre of the bed.

And finally, the medium level of firmness, good pressure relieving qualities, and excellent support combine to make this mattress suitable for a wide range of sleepers – giving you both a better chance of being equally comfortable in this bed.

8) Edge Support

If you go for the queen sized version of this Inofia mattress then you’ll benefit from the specifically reinforced edges that will stop excessive sinkage when you’re sitting or lying near the edge of the bed.

9) Allergies

If you have respiratory allergies like hay fever or a sensitivity to dust then this could a be a decent mattress for you because the foam layers can help to inhibit the collection of pollen, dust mites, and other ambient allergens in the upper layers of the mattress that may otherwise trigger a reaction when you lie down and breathe them in.

Also, the hypoallergenic top layer may help to reduce the chance of irritation if you suffer from sensitive skin or eczema.

However, if you have really bad respiratory allergies then you might want to buy an all-foam hypoallergenic mattress to ensure that no particles can become lodged in the support layers either.

10) Temperature Regulation

If you tend to sleep hot or live in a warmer climate then I think that the Inofia hybrid is a good choice because it has been designed to help regulate your temperature.

For example, the highly breathable top cover combines with the lower air flow and dual-cool fiber layers to dissipate heat and keep you cool.

11) Keeping You Dry

If you suffer from night sweats then this is a good mattress choice for you because the cover is also designed to wick away moisture to help you stay dry.

And you can always take things to the next level by purchasing a cooling bamboo bed sheet set that will pull moisture away from your body from all angles.

12) Odour

The foams used in the Inofia hybrid are CertiPUR-US® certified [1] which means they are low in the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are typically responsible for that ‘new’ smell that appears after unboxing.

However, I still recommend keeping your room well ventilated to allow the effects of any ‘off gassing’ to quickly dissipate.

13) Pain Management

I think that this mattress has a reasonable capacity to help you manage muscular and joint discomfort due to the pressure relieving qualities of the foam and the very good support provided by the individually wrapped coils.

More important however, is how the qualities of this mattress interact with your dominant sleeping position, body weight, and body type to keep you comfortable – as discussed in the next section.

14) Cleaning and Maintenance

I’m not sure if the cover is removable and washable so I recommend using a mattress protector and a good quality bed sheet set to help make cleaning and maintenance easier.

15) Price v Value

I think that this is a very reasonably priced mattress for the benefits that it provides in terms of comfort, support, and temperature regulation.

I’ve reviewed mattresses that cost much more than the Inofia hybrid and do a similar job.

Inofia Hybrid Comfort Analysis

To summarise, the Inofia has a wide appeal – being able to comfortably accommodate front, back, side, combo, and edge sleepers with skinny, average, and softer body types in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range in my opinion.

More details below.

1) Front Sleepers

If you’re a front sleeper in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs weight range this mattress should provide enough support for you and should feel comfortable for slight, average, and more padded body types.

2) Back Sleepers

I think that it’s a very similar story for back sleepers – with support and comfort being great if you’re in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range.

3) Side Sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper then I think that if you’re of an average or ‘padded’ build then you’ll be comfortable if you’re in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range.

But if you’re very skinny and weigh under 130 lbs you may find this mattress to be a bit too firm on your shoulders, hips, and knees – in which case I recommend a plusher mattress so that you can sink further into the comfort layers to alleviate pressure.

4) Combo Sleepers

If you’re a combination sleeper in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range then I think you should be able to switch between positions easily due to the medium level of firmness and hybrid support coils that combine with the comfort foam to provide good upper surface tension.

5) Edge Sleepers

If you’re the type of sleeper that hugs the edge of the bed then the queen version of this mattress should be ideal for you because it comes with specifically reinforced edges so that you won’t fall out.

How Do You Set Up the Inofia Hybrid Mattress?

This mattress will arrive at your doorstep in a compressed box that weighs 90 lbs (for the queen) – making it a 1 or 2 person job to carry to your room.

Here, you should remove all pets and children from the room before you cut open the box to protect them from the mattress that may forcefully unroll once removed.

Place the mattress on top of your bed frame and cut away the packaging – allowing the mattress to expand to its full capacity.

I recommend that you do not keep your mattress inside the box for longer than is necessary in order to reduce the chance of the compression forces inhibiting the mattress’ ability to expand fully.

It may take up to 72 hours for your mattress to reach capacity but you should be able to begin sleeping on it in a few hours.

What Are the Compatible Frames?

You can use this mattress with platform, slatted, and box spring bases – the floor is also a viable option but I would go for the 12 inch thickness in such a case since thinner mattresses tend to feel even firmer when placed on solid ground.

How Durable is the Inofia Hybrid Mattress?

I think that the Inofia hybrid is a pretty durable mattress because of the robust hybrid support coils that typically help to increase the lifespan of a mattress when compared to all-foam mattresses.

You could possibly get up to 6-8 years’ of use out of this mattress with the proper care in my opinion.

Will This Mattress Sag?

I don’t think that this mattress is liable to sag prematurely as long as you’re under 250 lbs per sleeper due to the resilient support coils.

Rotating the mattress every 3 months is also a good way to help reduce the chance of indenting.

Can You Flip This Mattress?


Flipping the mattress is not advisable because you’d end up sleeping directly on the firmer support core which would be very uncomfortable.

Is There a Sleep Trial?


Depending on the retailer that you order from and your location, you may be able to avail of Inofia’s 100 night sleep trial.

Is There a Warranty?


Your Inofia hybrid mattress is covered by a 10 year warranty that covers manufacturing defects such as sagging, dips, waves, bumps, and decompression issues.


  • Great value relative to the qualities offered.
  • Suits a wide range of sleeping positions and body types in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range.
  • Breathable cover that’s also hypoallergenic to guard against skin irritation and allergies.
  • Comfortable foam layers take the pressure away from the angular areas of your body.
  • Strong support core that uses individually wrapped coils to adjust to your body shape.
  • Good for couples due to the minimisation of motion transfer and noise for a sounder night’s sleep.
  • Reinforced edges in the queen version to benefit edge sleepers and allow couples to make full use of the mattress area.
  • Can keep you cool and dry due to the mattress’ temperature regulating and moisture wicking qualities.


  • Likely too firm for sleepers under 130 lbs with a skinny body type.

Final Ratings

Here are my final ratings out of 5 for the Inofia hybrid mattress.

My Score
Temperature Regulation4
Edge Support4
Weight Capacity3.5
Sleeping Positions4.5
Off Gassing3
Value vs Price4
Brand Reputation4
Sleep Trial4
Overall Score3.9

Who Should Buy the Inofia Hybrid Mattress?

  • Back, front, side, combo, and edge sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs weight range who are of slight, medium, and soft body types.

Who Should Avoid the Inofia Hybrid Mattress?

  • Side sleepers of a slight build under the 130 lbs mark may find this mattress to be too firm.

What Are the Alternatives?

I hope that my Inofia mattress review has helped you decide if this hybrid bed-in-a-box is right for you or not.

If it isn’t, then click the button below to see some alternatives.

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[1] CertiPUR-US® – Companies Selling Products Containing Certified Foam. Accessed 4/4/20.