How to Make Your Bedroom Door Look Cool (19 Design Ideas)

Re-designing your bedroom door is an effective way to improve the ambiance of your bedroom with relatively little effort.

But what’s the best way to make your bedroom door look cool and stylish?

The most effective ways to make your bedroom door look cool include adding wall stickers, a curtain, textiles, mirrors, wall art, contrasting paint colors, wallpaper textures, HPL material, custom moldings, decorative nails, stenciled patterns, wreaths, and photo collages.

The rest of this article explains in more detail how to make your bedroom door look more stylish using 19 different techniques.

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19 Inspirational Bedroom Door Design Ideas

Below are 19 creative ways to make your bedroom door look cool and stylish to give you some inspiration and design ideas:

1: Wall Stickers and Decals – Cheap and Effective

Door Stickers.
Door Stickers Can Reflect Your Personality and Interests (Getty Images [1])

The easiest way to make your bedroom door look cool and more interesting without spending a lot of money is to apply a wall sticker or decal to it – allowing you to add extra patterns, colors, and even cover up slight imperfections such as dented paintwork or scratches in the wood.

Decorative wall stickers and decals/transfers can be bought online from stores like Etsy – just be sure to contact the seller before buying to confirm that the design will adhere to the material of your door if this information isn’t made clear in the product description.

Also, be sure to check that the height and width of the sticker will fit on your door – take into consideration the door handle and any changes in the relief of the surface that may otherwise impede or prevent the sticker from adhering to the door properly.

Finally, you should make sure that the surface of the door is clean before you apply the sticker – try to apply it correctly the first time so that you don’t have to risk damaging the transfer by having to peel it off and re-apply it.

How to Pick a Sticker Design for Your Bedroom Door

You should pick a wall sticker with a design that works well with your existing theme – either by blending in for a subtle and calming effect or standing out to create a striking focal point.

Furthermore, with the advent of customizable door stickers, you can order a print that reflects your personality and unique interests.

For example, a music lover can have a piano key design sticker on the door, or even a wall sticker with a three-dimensional effect that can add depth and movement to your sleeping space.

Stickers can also be a great way to spruce up the door of a children’s bedroom or your nursery.

Just be sure to pick a waterproof, vinyl sticker that can easily be removed and that won’t cause sensory overload if your child has autism.

(See the 5 best bedroom colors for autistic children here and the best beds to buy for autistic adults and children here).

2: Curtains – Conceal and Add a Feminine Feel

Curtain Over a Bedroom Door
Bedroom Door Curtains Can Be Tied Back to Aid Functionality (Getty Images [2])

If you have an unsightly bedroom door, then you can drape a curtain over it whilst also adding an elegant, feminine feel to your bedroom.

Curtains adorn bedroom doors beautifully; whether it’s a glass-paneled, full glass, or a full solid wooden door giving it a soft touch – a good option when there is limited space in the room to add a texture, pattern, or color.

Curtains over your bedroom door can provide much-needed privacy – even if the doors are kept open throughout.

How to Add Curtains to Your Bedroom Door

The main thing to consider when covering your bedroom door with a curtain from a practical standpoint is to consider the direction of the door swing and to either install the curtains on the opposite side of the swing, or to consider tacking the curtains to the door panel itself.

You should also be mindful of the installation height of the rod relative to the length of the curtains themselves – make sure the support rail is high enough and the curtains are short enough to avoid the material getting trapped in the door as you open and close it.

If you’re unable to install the curtains opposite to the swing trajectory, then you can try pushing the curtains along the rail so they are less than 50% of the way drawn to allow the door to open more freely – just be sure to warn others in your house that the door may not open fully!

If all else fails, you can simply use a curtain tie-back to allow the curtain to sit decoratively to one side of the door where it will be out of the way and allow the door to be used with nearly full functionality.

3: Textile Hangings – Create Subtle Interest

A beautiful tapestry or textile wall hanging can be hung on the bedroom door to make your door more interesting without being overpowering.

Try a beautiful Bohemian macramé wall hanging, crocheted wall art, knitted wool, or even a simple fabric patchwork with beads and mirrors for some simple yet effective designs.

A macramé wall hanging with some dangling tassels or a crocheted panel can give the look and feel of a knitted curtain.

In the case of a textile hanging, a burst of colours would be apt, but in a macramé or crochet, it can be a neutral single colour or a mixture of colors depending on the touch you require.

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4: Mirrors – Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

If you have a small bedroom, then hanging a mirror on the back of your bedroom door can make your bedroom feel bigger by reflecting light and creating the illusion of extra space.

Attaching a mirror to the back of your bedroom door may also be functional in a small bedroom if you have nowhere to install a dresser or a wardrobe with a mirror.

You can opt for a full-length mirror, or various other shapes – such as a circular mirror with a thin-edged frame – to create a more stylish effect.

How to Attach a Mirror to Your Bedroom Door

The most important thing to consider before attaching a mirror to the back of your bedroom door is ensuring that the door is strong enough to support the mirror – go for a lightweight mirror to avoid the risk of it falling off.

If you opt for a full mirror without a frame, then make sure the edges are smooth and beveled to avoid injury, and that the mirror is installed properly to avoid any falling or breakage.

If you want to create a mirror effect without the use of real mirrors, acrylic wall sheet mirrors made from PVC materials offer a smooth surface with high-gloss and reflection at a fraction of the cost.

5: Wall Art – Simple and Personal

Wall Art Quote on Bedroom Door
Wall Art Quote on Bedroom Door – Reflect Your Personality (Getty Images [3])

Hanging a piece of wall art on the back of your bedroom door is a simple way to make your door look cool whilst also reflecting your personal taste.

Choose from paintings, geometric art, quotes, and printed designs that reflect your personality – or try hanging a soft teddy, ragdoll, or cartoon picture on the back of your child’s door to make them feel at ease in their bedroom.

6: Paint Your Own Design – Add Your Personal Flair

If you are artistic then you can try painting your own mural or pattern on the back of your door if you fancy a more in-depth project that can be both satisfying during the process and rewarding upon completion.

Some custom door artwork design ideas include a detailed landscape design, geometric patterns, abstract arts, family portraits, monochrome patterns, or bursts of colors to suit your taste and match the ambiance of your bedroom.

7: Contrasting Color – Create a Bold Accent

A Bold Purple Bedroom Door
A Bold Purple Bedroom Door – Useful in Bedroom-Studies for More Energy (Getty Images [4])

If your bedroom is dull and boring, then you can paint your bedroom door a bold color to create a strong accent to add selective vibrancy – which can be especially useful if you also use your bedroom for studying because it can add an uptick of energy that won’t overstimulate your senses come bedtime.

You can either choose to paint the entire door for maximum impact, or just selective areas with patterns to add interest in line with your own personal taste.

In the image above, you can see how the bold purple door works with the strong wall décor to create a vibrant teenager’s bedroom.

How to Paint Your Bedroom Door

If you’re going to paint the whole door, then you should first remove the hinges and the door handle, lay the door flat, sandpaper if required, and then apply the paint.

It’s also advised that you paint your door and let it dry either outside or in a different (well-ventilated) room because sleeping in a room that’s been freshly painted isn’t safe.

8: Wallpaper – Easy Elegance

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of painting your door, then a much simpler way to make your bedroom door look elegant is to attach a section – or multiple sections – of wallpaper to it.

Look for wallpaper with self-adhesive strips for easy application and removal, or simply use thumbtacks to attach the wallpaper quickly with minimal damage.

You can select wallpaper with geometrical, continual, or floral patterns for easy elegance, or opt for 3D wallpapers to add depth to your bedroom.

9: HPL Sheets – Spacious Gloss

If you have a small bedroom but don’t want to attach a mirror to your bedroom door, then an alternative is to use a sheet of HPL (high-pressure laminate) material to decorate your door with a glossy look that can reflect light to make your bedroom look bigger.

The glossy look of HPL makes it fit in very well with sleek, modern, and minimalist style decors.

10: Custom Wood Moldings – 3 Dimensional Depth

If you want to give your wooden bedroom door a 3D look to create depth, then you can use strips of wood to create a custom mold.

If you have the DIY skills you can cut and apply the strips of wood yourself or hire a professional carpenter if you’d like to outsource the project and get the best possible final finish.

11: Paneled Door – Add Detail

Panel and Tufted Bedroom Door Design.
Panel and Tufted Bedroom Door Design (Getty Images [5])

If you have a standard flush bedroom door, then you can attach custom moldings to create a more detailed paneled door that’s more interesting to the eye.

If you have advanced DIY skills then you can add upholstered materials to create a button tufted look that can match your headboard (as pictured above).

12: Distressed – Rustic Appeal

If you want to give your bedroom door a more distressed and weathered look, then you can do this by painting it with chalkboard paint.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any chalkboard paint, then you should choose two paint colors – one to act as the base color and the other as the surface color.

Paint the base color on first, let it dry, and then apply the surface color.

Once the surface color has dried, you can selectively sandpaper the door lightly to reveal the base color and create your distressed bedroom door.

13: Decorative Nails – Luxurious Flair

A simple way to make your bedroom door look more luxurious and to give it artistic flair is by hammering nails into it so that just the nail heads are showing.

All you need is a bag of decorative nails, a hammer, and some painter’s tape.

Decorative nails come in different sizes and have different heads – including shiny, round, and rectangular – whilst also coming in a range of finishes like aluminium, stainless steel or chrome.

Make sure to choose nail heads that match the door handle for a cohesive look.

Before hammering the nails into the door, first ensure that the door is sturdy enough to take the nails, before creating a pattern with the painter’s tape to act as a guideline.

14: Stenciled Patterns – A Contemporary Touch

Door Stencil
Stencilled Doors Can Be Simple or Complex (Getty Images [6])

To liven up a boring bedroom door, you can use stencils with a range of patterns – like floral, geometric, or children’s patterns – to give your bedroom door a more contemporary and sophisticated touch.

For accurate stenciling, remove the door, keep it flat, stencil out your pattern, let it dry before you remove the stencil, and then install again.

Make sure to use the paint that is apt for the door material.

15: Floral Wreath – Natural Ambiance

To give your bedroom door a natural feel and play into the relaxed ambiance of your bedroom, you can hang a floral wreath or even an indoor plant on the back of your door.

And whilst wreaths are typically associated with Christmas and the holidays, there are plenty of wreaths with wicker frames, natural twigs, and even monogram letters that will look perfect in your bedroom all year round.

Make sure that the wreath is attached firmly to your bedroom door so that it doesn’t fall off when you open the door.

16: Engraved Patterns – Intricate Aesthetics

To make your bedroom door look more visually appealing, you can use carpenter’s tools to engrave a design of your choice into the door to give it some personality.

You could go for a simple quote, a pattern, or even your children’s names to make the door yours.

Engraving your bedroom door will require some skill, so you might want to hire a professional if you lack the ability.

17: Chalkboard – Practical and Fun

To make your child’s bedroom door more exciting, you can attach a chalkboard where you can draw pictures, write quotes, or even create a list of fun things to do.

Chalkboard paints come in a range of colors if you’d like to paint the board on directly rather than buying and attaching a chalkboard separately.

18: Change the Door Handle – Nuanced Style

Changing the door handle is a subtle way to change the style of your bedroom door.

Choose a door handle that suits your personality and style, or choose one that can add a classical, contemporary, modern, or minimalist touch.

19: Photo Collages – Build a Montage of Your Life

Photos on a Bedroom Door
Add Photos to Your Bedroom Door to Add Sentimental Value (Pexels [7])

One of the most personal, impactful, and emotionally significant ways to make your bedroom door look cool is to create a collage from your personal photographs that represent key parts in your life.

You can add anything you like that has sentimental value to you, such as photos of your friends, family, significant vacations, and key life events like your wedding or graduating from university.

Bedroom Door Designs Can Be Simple or Complex

Re-designing your bedroom door can be simple and cheap – stickers, decals, textile hangings, wall art, wreaths, and photos are some of the easiest and cost-effective ways to make your bedroom door look cool and interesting.

Whilst adding a curtain, a mirror, wallpaper, HPL sheets, nails, or your own paint design offer a more transformative route.

And if you want to tackle a more in-depth project, then you can try engraving your own patterns or adding your own custom wood moldings to your bedroom door.

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