10 Colors That Go with Gray Bedroom Furniture (Pro Picks)

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This article was written and researched by Maria Shams – a professional architect and interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

Gray furniture can be tricky to work with in a bedroom because when paired with the wrong wall colors and decor, the room can feel bland and boring.

But when combined with the right colors, gray furniture can be accentuated or diffused to create a bedroom that’s ideal for your style.

So what are the best colors that go with gray bedroom furniture?

The best colors that go with gray bedroom furniture are forest green, mint blue, teal, tangerine, and bright yellow to create contrast; whilst burnt sienna, charcoal gray, soft white, ivory, midnight blue, marsala, and beige allow the gray furniture to blend in for a more subdued look.

The rest of this article gives 10 visual examples of the best colors that go with gray bedroom furniture to inspire you.

I’ve also included the hex values of each color so that you can create your own palette with a tool like the Adobe Color Wheel.

And I’ve also used my expert knowledge to provide you with the tips and information in the ‘how to copy this design’ subsections so that you can copy the look for yourself.

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10 Colors That Go with Gray Bedroom Furniture

Below are 10 wall colors that go with gray bedroom furniture:

1: Forest Green with Neutral Accents – Peace and Security

Forest Green Bedroom with Neutral Accents
Forest Green Bedroom with Neutral Accents

Forest green hex value: #228B22

A bright forest green can be a great accent color for your gray bedroom furniture.

It brings to mind images of dense, overgrown forests.

The brightness of the green is reminiscent of the ecosystems present in nature, and serves to bring a piece of the outdoors into your personal space – keeping you connected with nature.

Natural brown wicker furniture and light sandy curtains provide some neutrality to counteract the vibrance of the green.

Repetitions of the color can be included by placing some indoor plants around your room.

I like to add complementary wall art that accentuates the theme of the space, such as a minimal and monochrome print of bare tree branches.

To let the green of the walls stand out as the focal element, I’d keep the other colors in the space very neutral.

For the floor, you can consider a pattern in tones of beige and white.

Green is the perfect color to have in your bedroom, as color psychology associates it with feelings of peace and security.

Darker greens like the one we’re using here can depict stability and growth.

The color green is used in waiting rooms and transitional spaces so people can benefit from its calming presence.

How to Copy this Design:

You can get a few swatches of shades of green, and swatch them on your wall to see which shade best complements the color of your furniture.

In the sample image, I’ve limited the green to a single focal wall, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go for all four walls.

Keep your lighting fixtures in darker tones, as well, to avoid too many color tones in one space.

You can also place some indoor plants to add a hint of life and vitality to your room.

Make sure to allow plenty of light into your space, to see the color really shine!

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2: Mint Blue with Sheer White Curtains – Reduces Anxiety

Bedroom with Mint Blue with Sheer White Curtains
Bedroom with Mint Blue with Sheer White Curtains

Mint blue hex value: #80CCCC

Mint blue is a beautiful color that is a mixture of blue and green, and it can give a calming and soothing presence to your bedroom.

It is a color that promotes tranquility, and it’s much easier on the eyes than shades of white.

Color psychology suggests that mint blue helps ease anxiety.

This color is associated with summer and its connotations: the sea, the ocean, and poolside blues – it evokes freshness and tranquility.

I like to pair colors like this in ways that reinforce – rather than contrast – their calming properties.

Here, I’ve used a neutral monochrome color palette to add accents without overpowering the blue.

You can add a personal touch by using black and white prints, and photographs of people and places that are important to you.

For curtains and rugs, use shades of whites and pale grays – not only will they complement the blue of the walls, but they’ll also create a space reminiscent of the freshness of a summer day.

How to Copy this Design:

When choosing your color, make sure you select something that is more muted, and not too vibrant.

Pair with furniture that has darker frames and neutral upholstery.

Here I’ve chosen a dark wooden frame with gray upholstery to match the bed.

Try to include furniture that isn’t too bulky – which will otherwise weigh the space down.

Lightweight furniture will help create a breezy look.

Accessories like pillows, cushions, and poufs should also be kept neutral and muted to maintain the theme of the room.

Find frames of varying sizes in shades of blacks, whites, and grays.

If you don’t want to include personal photographs, you can always find prints and photographs to print for your photo wall.

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3: Burnt Sienna with White and Gold Accents – Warming

Bedroom With Burnt Sienna and White and Gold Accents
Bedroom With Burnt Sienna and White and Gold Accents

Burnt sienna hex value: #E97451

Burnt sienna is a reddish earth tone that creates feelings of warmth and stability in a space.

It combines the warm browns of the home and the hearth with the reds associated with passion and excitement.

You can add a hint of luxury by introducing accents of gold in the wall treatment and the furniture.

In this space, I’ve offset the color of the walls with some planes in a concrete finish, to ground the furniture and prevent the space from appearing oppressive.

I’ve added some very contemporary furniture in tones of gray and reddish-brown, with gold frames.

Wall art featuring some very minimalist line art in black and white stands out against the rich color of the feature wall.

Keep the curtains white, in a sheer fabric – allowing natural light to flood the space as much as possible.

For the floor, I’ve chosen a rug in a pinkish-gray hue.

This can complement the colors of the walls without detracting focus from them in any way.

How to Copy this Design:

For such a warm color, try to choose your accents in lighter colors, such as grays and whites.

I’ve kept everything from the curtains to the bedsheets to the rugs in very faint pink or gray tones.

You can add minimal lighting fixtures, such as table lamps and floor lamps, with either gold or bronze hints.

These metallic colors will complement the walls very well.

To further uplift this color, you can consider a paint that gives it some texture.

The application may take a little longer, but it will be well worth the effort!

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4: Teal with Yellow Accents – Calming Spiritual Balance

Teal Bedroom With Yellow Accents
Teal Bedroom With Yellow Accents

Teal hex value: #2A8A81

The color teal promotes restfulness and spiritual balance.

Adding teal to your bedroom interior will help you create a sense of calm – perfect for winding down and relaxing into slumber.

Teal is a very popular color for interiors lately.

A sophisticated choice, teal can be paired with any number of bright colors, whether contrasting or complementary.

A bright, eye-catching feature wall like this can be accented with a contrasting color.

Here, I’ve used a sunny yellow fabric to upholster the armchair.

The vibrance of both colors can help brighten the atmosphere in the room.

Since these two colors have been paired together, the rest of the interior elements can be kept neutral and simple.

The floor rug, for instance, can be in a monochrome palette.

I have kept the wall art fairly subtle as well; an abstract painting with strokes of beige and black helps to interrupt the block of solid color on the wall.

How to Copy this Design:

When selecting your shade of teal, try a few shades of the color in the form of swatches on your intended walls.

Take your time to see which color best catches the sunlight, and works with your furniture.

Once you’ve selected your preferred shade, you can look up some fabric swatches for your furniture upholstery.

I’ve used a bright, sunny yellow, but if that’s not your preference, you can go for shades of orange, deep maroon, or lime green.

Don’t shy away from experimentation!

In a space with a deep-colored wall, you won’t want to restrict natural sunlight.

When selecting curtains, go for light colors and thin, translucent fabrics.

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5: Charcoal Gray with Soft White Accents – Sophisticated

Charcoal Gray Bedroom With Soft White Accents
Charcoal Gray Bedroom With Soft White Accents

Charcoal gray hex value: #323232

Charcoal gray with soft white accents in curtains and bedding will give your bedroom a very modern look.

It is a sophisticated color, associated with mystery and strength.

While some might find charcoal gray too dark a choice for a bedroom, it can give your room a warm, sheltered feeling.

A perfect sanctuary for you to retire to at the end of your day!

Keep the look minimal by limiting the use of color to your wall art.

Here I’ve added some abstract pieces, with splashes of deep blue and gold line art.

I’ve added some elements of interest while keeping the theme of the room as minimalist and chic as possible.

The patterned cushion on the armchair and the textured fabric poufs add some depth to the design.

With such a dark, dramatic color, you can use lighting features to accentuate parts of the room.

For instance, here I’ve used a floor lamp with a black, metallic finish to highlight the armchair and accompanying stool.

How to Copy this Design:

Once you’ve opted for a charcoal gray interior, try to limit your use of darker colors to the walls alone.

Make sure the gray for your walls is darker than the gray of your furniture.

You may want to swatch a couple of shades to get your ideal charcoal gray.

Look for grays with warmer undertones to make your space appear more welcoming.

Cooler undertones run the risk of making a room look too sterile and inhospitable.

For the rug, bed sheets, curtains, and furniture upholstery pick either light grays or whites.

This will prevent the space from looking oppressive, and add some welcoming brightness.

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6: Ivory with Tangerine Curtains – Understated Elegance

Ivory Bedroom With Tangerine Curtains
Ivory Bedroom With Tangerine Curtains

Ivory hex value: #FFFFF0

Ivory is a classic color for interiors and one you can never go wrong with.

The slight yellow undertone gives the otherwise cool color a sense of warmth.

Ivory interiors have an understated elegance.

Color psychology tells us that ivory represents quiet and pleasantness, an ideal feeling for a bedroom.

Gray bedroom furniture will pair nicely with an ivory background.

Together, they will give you a base of neutrals that you can enliven with a bright accent color of your choice.

I’ve chosen bright, tangerine-colored curtains to give the space a pop of color.

The vibrance of the curtains makes them a focal point and draws attention to the window and the view outside.

You can repeat a focal color in other areas around the room.

For example, you can see some hints of tangerine in the wall art I’ve selected.

The rest of the elements, like the rugs and sheets, should maintain the neutrality of the walls.

Go for shades of white and pastel colors, with very minimal patterns.

How to Copy this Design:

Select bright-colored curtains in a sheer fabric, and choose wall art to complement it.

With such a bright color, don’t introduce any contrasting colors or they will end up competing for visual attention, and the space will seem too cluttered.

For some understated décor, I like to recommend that people add indoor plants to their spaces.

Choose a plant that can thrive in the amount of sunlight your window location permits.

An indoor plant will bring a hint of nature to your space and provide some air purification.

If there’s not enough sunlight to sustain a living plant you can always opt for succulents or artificial plants instead.

Select a rug with a minimal print and neutral colors to truly let the brighter colors shine.

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7: Bright Yellow with Monochrome Accents – Uplifting

Bright Yellow Bedroom With Monochrome Accents
Bright Yellow Bedroom With Monochrome Accents

Bright yellow hex value: #FAC802

Yellow is a very bright and vibrant color that can instantly uplift a space.

With such a bold color, you will likely want to limit it to one or two walls, and keep the ceiling and remaining walls in a cream color.

Interior spaces decked in yellow invoke feelings of warmth and comfort, and are most associated with joyousness.

Gray complements yellow and stands out against it – so your gray furniture will look wonderful in this space.

For secondary furniture, I’ve chosen wooden and cane elements.

The natural materials, upholstered with neutral tones of cream in soft fabrics, are a grounding presence for the focal wall.

I’ve included some wall art featuring black and white patterns.

The starkness of the monochrome art stands out against the yellow wall.

Similarly, I’ve repeated a linear pattern in the rug, albeit in a softer monochrome.

How to Copy this Design:

When you go shopping for paint, make sure to sample a few shades so you can get a yellow that goes perfectly with your furniture.

For other interior elements, choose lighter and more neutral colors, such as whites for the curtains and grays for the bedding.

You can add decorative cushions in shades of yellow or gray to add some interest.

Let your choice of art selection shine.

Monochromatic paintings and prints will pair well with the brightness of a yellow wall, and make it stand out in a dramatic way.

Keep your lighting fixtures and lamps minimal in black tones, to stand out against the walls.

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8: Midnight Blue with Botanical Elements – Refined Calmness

Midnight Blue Bedroom With Botanical Elements
Midnight Blue Bedroom With Botanical Elements

Midnight blue hex value: #152238

Midnight blue is a timeless color, conveying sophistication and elegance.

When used in interiors, it gives a room a refined feeling.

According to color psychology, darker shades of blue bring to mind feelings of serenity and calm.

A space enclosed in this color will project a sense of security.

I’ve chosen to go with a botanical theme for the interior accents of this room; wall art of pressed leaves against wooden frames, and a corner dedicated to an abundance of indoor plants.

In my opinion, the deep blues of the walls and the greens of the plants complement each other well, as both colors belong to the same family of cool colors.

The two elements in nature that they signify, the forest and the ocean, create a well-rounded mixture of symbols.

The gray furniture has been kept minimal and comfortable with a wooden-framed sofa upholstered in soft white leather.

The curtains have also been kept in light and bright white colors, to offset the deep tones of the walls.

How to Copy this Design:

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of painting all four walls midnight blue.

It will lend a regal appearance to your room.

Keep the ceiling in a bright white color to detract from the blue.

When selecting your color, choose a blue that is deeper than the gray of your furniture.

Since gray furniture sometimes has undertones of blue, it will go nicely with your blue walls.

Keep your bedding neutral, but not too light.

Go for a steel gray comforter over lighter colored sheets.

You can draw attention to your botanical corner by introducing some accent lighting.

Dark walls are great canvases to create highlights using lights.

Keep your curtains white and opaque to offset the blue of the walls.

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9: Marsala with Gray Accents – Warm and Classy

Marsala Bedroom With Gray Accents
Marsala Bedroom With Gray Accents

Marsala hex value: #B57170

Marsala is a blush-pink color with undertones of red and brown.

It denotes stability and sophistication.

When used in interiors, these reddish undertones provide warmth to the space, while the overall pinkish color gives the room a classy, modern appearance.

The brown undertones give the color its stability and timelessness – since colors rooted in the earth never go out of style.

Marsala and gray are both neutral tones that complement each other very well and give an interior a feeling of understated elegance.

I like to offset warm colors like this with lighter fabrics, so in the image above, I’ve chosen off-white textured fabric for the curtains.

I wanted a similar fabric texture in the secondary furniture, so instead of traditional furniture, I’ve selected a macramé swing suspended from the ceiling.

The decorative elements of macramé wall hangings and wicker frames give the whole space a modern, yet rustic look, so the space exudes comfort and hospitality.

How to Copy this Design:

When selecting a color for the paint, make sure you go for a muted tone that complements the gray of the furniture.

Brighter tones, beautiful in their own right, will not go as well with the neutrality of the gray.

Introduce a carpet or textured rug to match the gray of your bedroom furniture.

The gray rug on the floor will be offset by the white of the ceiling.

You can go for either a deeper taupe or violet, or even a combination of the two for the bedding.

Place an off-white ottoman at the end of the bed to offset those deeper tones.

Add an indoor plant in a terracotta pot to match the interior color scheme.

As demonstrated in the image, you don’t have to keep all your walls the same color.

You can do one wall in a pink-toned pale gray, as well.

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10: Beige with Neutral Accents – Calm and Dependable

Beige Bedroom With Neutral Accents
Beige Bedroom With Neutral Accents

Beige hex value: #E3DACA

Beige is a neutral and subtle shade of the palest brown.

As a universal neutral color, it provides a blank canvas to create the mood of an interior space.

The color beige is described as calm and dependable.

It is relaxing and easy on the eyes, softer in comparison to harsher whites.

In this interior sample, I’ve shown you how to create an entirely neutral space, with all accents in shades of browns and grays.

A neutral space allows your eyes to relax and removes excess stimulation to help you attain a state of calm.

In my opinion, a beige wall is the best canvas on which to display your favorite art.

Nothing is off-limits, because nothing will clash with the base.

You can dedicate an entire wall to the collection and display of your preferred art.

I’ve kept the furniture and lighting fixtures modern and minimal, in tones of gray and black.

The curtains, in shades of a pale, sandy brown, add some depth to the room.

You can introduce some color into the space by adding some small potted plants on your bedside tables.

The greens will be a welcome pop of natural color.

How to Copy this Design:

Select your wall color and curtain fabric at the same time, so you can ensure you get complementary colors, not ones that will stand out too harshly against each other.

You can introduce some texture by placing woven poufs in varying shades of whites and grays.

Choose bedding in shades of white and gunmetal gray, so that one color can contrast the other.

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