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Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid Mattress Review (July 2022 Discounts)

The Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid mattress was created as the ultimately mattresses for “adaptability”. Bedroom Style Reviews got its hands on one of these mattresses to test out their claims and determine the best ‘sleep-types’ for this specific mattress.

What does it mean to ComfortAdapt?

1) Relieves aches and pains: Emma claims the progressive support of this hybrid mattress activates the right firmness fit based on your specific body profile. This ensures that it provides the right amount of support at all pressure points. This is one of the most important things to look for in a mattress as it will contribute to whether you wake up still feeling tired or if you are well-rested and ready to take on the day.

2) Keeps you cool: The ComfortAdapt Hybrid mattress uses trademarked “ParticleCool” technology. Here at Bedroom Style Reviews, we agree that a mattress that traps in heat can ruin a good night sleep. Luckily, this technology provides a targeted approach to cooling so the specific areas causing heat are also the specific areas that provide the mattress targets to instead keep you cool. This is achieved through enhanced memory foam that has 7x better airflow than traditional memory foam.

3) Keeps sleep undisturbed: Here is a feature important for couples. Emma claims the ComfortAdapt provides an adaptive feel that contours to your body and bounce. This is essential for allowing you to move without shaking the whole bed.

But what does it actually feel like to sleep on the Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid mattress?

When you first lay down on the ComfortAdapt Hybrid, you will quickly notice it provides a top layer that is a bit squishy, but you will also find you are instantly supported. Emma states the mattress lets your spine stay straight while also offering support and comfort — which I definitely agreed with when sleeping on this mattress.

Technically, Emma offers two versions of the ComfortAdapt mattress line. There is a Hybrid and an all-foam version. The Hybrid is what we tested and provides extra support for those who experience back pain and sore muscles from a bad night’s sleep. The all-foam version is better for those who need pressure-relief or experience joint pains, as well as those who would rather an even more pillow-top feel.

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In-Depth Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid Mattress Review

Unboxing: If you have ever purchased a mattress online before, you will recognize the shipping method. This mattress arrived in a compact box, vacuum sealed down to only a fraction of its expanded size.

Once you carefully rip or cut open the plastic covering, it quickly expands to a full size mattress (based on the size you order, of course!)

After a few minutes, we felt the mattress had expanded to its full size and was ready to get put on the bed frame!

Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid is Recommended For All Sleepers

  • Back sleepers – Since a firmer feel is generally better for back sleepers, you will love the 5-Zoned Spring Layer that provides enhanced support.
  • Stomach sleepers – This is what I was most interested in testing as I am a lifelong stomach sleeper. I was pleasantly surprised with the support it provided and could definitely notice a difference when compared to our previously tested Tuft & Needle mattress.
  • Couples – This mattress is great for couples because it adapts to all body types and has the body contouring to prevent waking a partner when moving.
  • Warmer sleepers – The ParticleCool technology helps with heat dissipation and targeted cooling.
  • Sleepers with lower back pain – The Hybrid mattress works well for those who suffer from lower back pain. You might prefer the all-foam if you have overall joint pain.
  • Sleepers that want support without compromising comfort – Since the top layer provides a little more squish, but the 5-Zoned Spring Layer provides enhanced support, the Hybrid is perfect for those looking for comfort and support.

Not Recommended For

  • Very Firm Types – If you prefer a very firm feel with your mattress, this might not be the one for you. While it does provide great support, you might not like the softness experienced on the top layer.


  • Adaptive Tech – As discussed above, I wanted to reiterate that this mattress is ideal for a wide variety of body types with its enhanced support without being too firm.
  • Cooling – I don’t like overheating at night, so I love the ParticleCool heat dissipation with targeted cooling.
  • Motion Isolation – I am a deep sleeper, but my partner is a light sleeper. I was able to move around as needed without waking her (or my dog!)


  • Edge support could be better – The only real con I found with the ComfortAdapt Hybrid mattress was the edge support. Edge support is a feature of this mattress, but I felt it could be stronger. I wouldn’t let this keep you from considering it, though.


Below, you’ll find a summary of the key specifications for the Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid mattress.

MaterialsParticleCool™ Foam (Graphite-Infused)    Energex™ Foam (Memory Foam & Latex)
8” Caliber Edge 5-Zone Spring Support
Thickness12 inches
FirmnessMedium Firm
Max weight capacity800 lbs
Contains fiberglass?No
Comfort layerEnergex™ (Memory Foam & Latex)  ParticleCool™ Foam (Graphite-Infused)   
Support core8” Caliber Edge 5-Zone Spring Support
AvailabilityModel available in U.S. only but worldwide brand presence
Warranty10 Years
Sleep trial365 Nights


Here’s a table summary of how I personally feel the Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid performs in the key areas.

Overall supportVery good
Edge supportFair
Pressure reliefGood
Moving aroundEasy
Motion isolationVery good
Couples suitabilityVery good
Temperature controlVery good
Allergy controlGood
Pain reliefVery Good
Off gassingMinimal
Indentation/sagging riskLow
DurabilityVery Good
Value for moneyGood
Best sleeping positionsAll positions except edge
Worst sleeping positionsEdge sleeping
Position/WeightUnder 130 lbs130 – 230 lbsOver 230 lbs
FrontModerately FirmModerately FirmMinimal Firmness
BackModerately FirmModerately FirmMinimal Firmness
SideModerately FirmModerately FirmMinimal Firmness
EdgeGood SupportFair SupportReduced support

Body Type Suitability

Body TypeFeel
Slight buildModerately Firm
Average buildModerately Firm
Soft buildMinimal Firmness
Athletic buildModerately Firm

Overall Reasons to Consider

1: Great Overall Support

2: Great Pressure Relief

3: Easy to Switch Positions

4: Great Motion Isolation

5: Perfect for Couples

6: Doesn’t Cause Overheating

7: Back Pain Relief

Summary: High quality with just the right amount of firmness

In my personal opinion, the Emma ComfortAdapt Hybrid mattress is an outstanding mattress for a wide-variety of body types. This makes it a perfect mattress for couples who feel they have different mattress preferences.

The mattress provides a great amount of support and you can truly feel the body-contouring properties that provide what is necessary to get a great night of quality sleep.

I will continue testing this mattress so I can provide a long-term update, but I would not hesitate to give this a try.

If you are interested, Emma provides a 365 night risk free trial with free delivery. They also have a sale going on right now providing discounts up to 38%.

If you end up purchasing this mattress, we would love to hear your feedback!