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20+ Trending Bedroom Design Styles for 2022

20+ Trending Bedroom Design Styles for 2022

Looking for 2022’s top trends to design your bedroom on a budget?

A bedroom is the comfiest space of a home that offers us a peaceful night’s sleep. It is somewhere you start a brand new day—giving you many reasons to make it aesthetically appealing. While the interior design style trends change every year— warm accent lights, comfy bedding, and adequate storage are still the constants. We consulted the world’s top interior designers and trend experts to help you design your bedroom in the most contemporary way!

Check out what the trend experts brought to you this year!

Minimalist bedding is on surge this year!

Minimalism is all about simplicity and ease! A minimalist bedroom ensures luxury and functionality with ease and this is something most trending in bedding this year. The interior experts have endorsed picking casual and minimal bedding in 2022. You will find fewer details, frills, and bold allover patterns on sheets. There are more sheets with a washed-cotton look paired with solid-colored comforters or textured duvet covers. While you can— surely— add spark to your bedroom design with bold accent pillows! 

Let the Brass Elements Add Class to Your Bedroom!

The top interior designers are including brass in the interiors. You would also see the use of brass in bedroom décor too. A brass pendant light with a warm temperature has all the potential to take your bedroom design to the next level. You can also add brass in the form of antique pieces, corner floor lamps, or anything you wish. It is one of the most appealing bedroom design trends this year.

Let Your Bedroom Design Reflect You!

The idea of sticking to the style statements is losing its charm among the minimalist. Everyone wants to decorate their interior but also wants it to reflect themselves. This expression can be personalized enough and says a lot about you. Just like this bedroom design where a soft color palette is used to create a fairytale. The wall art is also adding a personalized touch to this bedroom design. The freedom of self-expression through interior design elements is one of the most loved bedroom design trends in 2022.

Include More Seating Options

Additional seating is always a need in every room. It is becoming a requirement in the bedroom too as people are spending relatively more time there. Seating can be increased as per the layout of the room or area of the bedroom. You can include a set of chairs may be wingback, Bergere, or slipper to your bedroom. Or create a sub-zone with a two-seater sectional sofa or simple two-seaters modern sofa. Check out this amazing bedroom design where seating options are enhanced to add more convenience.

Taking the Outdoors with Biophilic Design!

How about taking the outdoors in by including natural elements in your bedroom? It is another bedroom design trend in 2022 where you can include floral pillows, rattan furniture, décor items, and a dash of lush greens! You may include greens in the form of fresh indoor plants or simply decorative pieces like green ceramics or vases. A green-colored tufted chair— combined with leafy wallpaper— can also take you close to nature making your bedroom design even cozier.

Add Décor to the Walls!

Just put a glance at your bedroom and something that occupies a major proportion of your sight is the— wall! This brings you a chance to add décor to your bedroom and this year the trending wall décor designs also include wall paneling. You can boost the entire look of your bedroom with an appealing design of wall art. Just like the wall done behind the bed’s headboard adding details to the wall without making it look overdone. Create harmony within the bedroom design by designing an appealing color palette.

Let the Wood Add Sophistication to Your Bedroom!

You can create an elegant bedroom design with the dominance of neutral wooden tunes coupled with shades of white. Just check out this design where a wooden ceiling, door, and a mirror frame are simply adding class to the bedroom. This minimalist bedroom design adds sophistication to your home— that too on a budget. You can add spark to the room with textured duvets or pillows while keeping every other element of design simple.

Add Some Orange and Browns!

The use of browns and oranges is adding luxury to this bedroom design.  The entire design of the bedroom is simple while the floral wallpaper is running the show. The throw of warm accent light is adding aroma to the entire bedroom design— making it even more elegant.

Go for a Neutral Color Palette!

If you love neutral colors and muted ones— 2022’s bedroom design trends are for you! You can create a perfect color palette using neutral colors as done in this bedroom design. This cozy bedroom has all the design elements to make it loved by home décor devotees. Those wide windows allow you to enjoy the sunrise to step into a new day. The muted color tone of curtains and bedding is adding grace to this interior along with the theme of wall décor.

Add a Work Desk to Your Bedroom!

Today, we expect more from our bedrooms than just offering us a cozy sleep. Our spaces are to get more multifunctional as per the changing needs of the time. The trend of including a work desk in a bedroom is growing at a parallel pace— to that of work from home. This simple and sleek bedroom design adds a slim work desk with all the essentials to serve the purpose. You may add one to your bedroom but make sure you choose the place desk where there is an ample supply of natural or artificial light.

Take Floral Prints to the Walls!

In 2022, you won’t find floral bedding or area rugs. The floral prints now belong to the walls as per the new trends in bedroom design. See how this floral bedroom wall is dominating the entire décor of this bedroom!

Bottom Line

These bedroom design trends come with something for everyone. You can choose any of these trends to transform your bedroom into complete heaven. Just try these design trends for 2022 and make your bedroom even more soothing on a budget!