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How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom


How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

Those angled walls and sloped ceilings might leave you clueless while executing any interior decoration ideas. It takes thoughtful efforts and useful ideas to give it a sleek appearance. A slanted wall in any room makes it look smaller. You cannot pick tall furniture to prevent it from hitting the wall or ceiling. You can’t either go for wall décor or low-hanging pendant lights. 

These could be the reasons why you have been overlooking the rooms with slanted walls. These slanted spaces—for sure—are difficult to design especially when it’s a bedroom. However, you got to embrace those sloped ceilings to enjoy the uniqueness of its architecture. 

Here you go with smart solutions to decorate a slanted wall bedroom—like a pro!

Add a Touch of Drama and Delight

How about turning the ceiling into the showstopper of your bedroom? Now that you’ve decided to embrace those angled walls—it’s time to give an altogether renewed feel. Your bedroom may have vaulted ceilings covering most of the space of your bedroom or a small attic room that you may be planning to use as a bedroom. 

It’s time to play off of the already prevailing proportions instead of striving to design a new layout. You can add a fascinating wallpaper to one of your walls and half the ceiling to make your bedroom more unique. Check out these amazing slanted wall bedrooms where the ceiling design is running the show by adding a touch of drama to it. 

Accent walls uplift the interior design of any room by adding visual texture to them. You can choose the sloped wall of your bedroom to make it the accent wall. Just like the way this interior designer has done it— will make you fall in love with your slanted wall bedroom—I bet!

You can also use vertical strips to modify the look of your slanted wall bedroom like this one!


You can also add wooden touch to your ceiling to make your bedroom with slanted walls even more alluring. Check out!


You can also use contrast colors to create a visual harmony within your bedroom with a sloped ceiling. Just like this bedroom designer has use contrast colors to uplift the décor of this bedroom. Check out!

Add Décor to your Wall with Paneling!

Wall paneling works well in any interior design by adding luxury to it. You can install wall paneling to your bedroom with a sloped ceiling to make it more appealing. If your bed is placed parallel to the slanted wall— paneling behind it will do wonders. It will add charm to your bedroom without any extravagance. All you need to do is to use a different color for your wall paneling than the color of the rest of the bedroom. Check out this bedroom will wall paneling; you can do this to your bedroom with a sloped wall. 

Opt for Fitted Furniture and Slanted Doors!

Fitted furniture goes well with a bedroom with slanted or sloped ceilings such as spaces under stairs, lofts, or attics. The closet doors come with a facility to slide along the bottom or top tracks depending on your requirements about the degree of the slant or the configuration of the opening. If the bedroom is under stairs, you may install fitted closets under the staircase like done in this soothing bedroom design.

You can also create harmony in the interior design of your bedroom with the slanted wall by including a slanted door. It also saves up space while adding another angled element to your bedroom design. 

Go for a Bed with No Headboard!

The interior design of a bedroom with a sloped wall requires you to go an extra mile. You may have no layout designing options while installing your bedroom. You can keep your bed below the sloped wall if you choose the bed according to the need of this bedroom. A bed with no headboard works best in a room with sloped walls. It offers you a bedroom layout that makes the room appear bigger and equally appealing. You can see this bedroom layout with the slanted wall where this cozy bed is sorting all the hurdles on the way to making it more interesting!

Install a Window Between the Slanted Walls!

If two of your bedroom walls are sloped, the right place to install the window is—between both the slanted walls. It will create a focal point within your bedroom. It also makes the bedroom appear bigger by offering you the visibility to see through the wall. For the attic rooms too, you may follow this design idea. Moreover, you may include appealing curtains to bring more luxe to the walls—ultimately adding décor to the bedroom.

See this amazing bedroom design and the placement of windows to get the concept.

Place Dresser or Study Table Beneath the Slope!

If your bedroom is built under the staircase—smartly designing the layout is a must. As the area of your bedroom is already reduced by the staircase—you must not let any space go underutilized. See how smart IKEA has designed this slanted wall bedroom. It has a cozy bed, seating option, and reading space with an armchair and coffee tables.  The hanging pendant lamp is adding the finishing touch to the décor of this low-ceiling bedroom. You can simply mimic this design to magnify the look of your slanted wall bedroom. Check out!


Include Skylights to Make It More Interesting! 

Imagine watching stars before you fall asleep? A bedroom with a slanted ceiling comes with several perks too. You can make it unique with skylights and additional windows. It addresses the concern of ventilation due to low ceilings and also allows more sunlight in. Skylights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. You may pick the most modern skylights for your bedroom to add more charm to it. The skylights take the sun rays into your bedroom to wake you up for a brand new day. You can view the changing shades of the sky through your ceiling.


Plan a Perfect Lighting Design!

The intensity and color temperature of lighting play a visible role in beautifying the interior lighting design of a slanted wall bedroom. You can add a layer of warm lighting to your bedroom to get that cozy bedroom feel. But during the day, it must be bright enough to look spacious. Usually, a slanted bedroom is low in space—requiring you to keep some of your ambient lightings in cool color temperature. You must also brighten up the corner to make your slanted bedroom wider. A combination of floor lamps, pendant lamps, and task lights with ceiling lights offers you a perfect lighting design for your slanted bedroom.

Final thoughts 

Styling a slanted wall bedroom was never this easy. You can pick any of these interior design choices that suit well with the area of your bedroom. Just implements these ideas and make your slanted wall bedroom more beautiful than ever before.