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How to Decorate a Bedroom with Blue Carpet

How to Decorate a Bedroom with Blue Carpet? 

Ready to add that coastal-like appeal to your bedroom with a palest dusky blue carpet?

When it comes to the interior design of a bedroom—blue always tops the list! Blue takes you closer to nature due to its bond with the sky and the sea. It allows you to contrast and complement other shades while creating a calming effect. Studies showed that the blue color leaves a good impact on your sleep—making it a preferred choice for bedrooms. It adds a tranquilizing touch to your bedroom to help you fall asleep sooner than you think. It is a choice of people of all genders and ages. From navy blue to robin’s egg blue—every shade of blue has the ability to add a distinctive appeal to your bedroom design. This is the reason why the blue color is loved by interior designers and home décor devotees who wish to include it in their spaces.  

We have some valuable tips on how to decorate a bedroom with a blue carpet. Let’s find out!

Add Thrill to Your Bedroom with Blue Accents 

Blue décor can either be soothing or energizing—depending on the shade and how to style with it. A bedroom with a blue carpet or area rug brings you an opportunity to create any theme you want. It has a variety of shades to create a vibe that everyone falls in love with. You must only go for higher and more vibrant tones of blue if you can handle it well as the darker hues are too intense for a bedroom. However, the interior designing experts recommend using less vibrant shades of blue, for the bedrooms. Obviously, the selection of blue shade depends on the type of room you’re decorating.

For your love of adding a pop of color to your bedroom—go for analogous colors. Just see this amazing bedroom design where blue color is used in a fantastic area rug, decorative accessories, cushions, and window treatments. Walls with bright-colored paint is reflecting the light better and make the bedroom appear wider. Those dark brown side tables— paired up with a blue area rug— are creating a richer vibe in this bedroom design.

Go for A Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral colors allow you to create an appealing color scheme for your bedroom with blue carpet. Light to pale blue shades works best for their ability to make a bedroom design soothing and comforting—as it should be. You can combine pale blues with cream, gray, white, or beige for the walls to enhance the elegance of the blue carpet. 

While you’re using a light shade of blue for the carpet—keep the furniture and other décor accents complementary to it. Just like this bedroom design—a neutral color scheme is creating a perfectly balanced look with its creamy white and blue accents.

Try a Monochromatic Color Palette 

A monochromatic color scheme lets you create luxury with the tints, tones, and shades of the same color. You can create interest by using monotonous colors in the furnishing, wall art, bedding, curtains, interior lighting fixtures, and other décor accessories. You can also include textures and patterns to make your bedroom decor more refreshing and interesting. 

Just check out this amazing bedroom design with a monochromatic color palette. This blue bedroom interior has a completely cohesive look. You can see the shades, tint, and tones of blue in the carpet, bedding, window treatments, furniture, decorative accessories, and pendant interior lighting fixtures. The use of pattern is creating this bedroom more aesthetically appealing. The golden color of the frame in the chair and wall-mounted lamps is adding a pop of accent color.

Blue Bed with Blue Carpeting—How?

You can still use the blue color in the flooring— if you’re already using it in the bed design. This can be done by adding a plain or textured vertical area rug similar to the shade of your bedding. Make sure that the color of the tiles or wood used on the floor is lighter to enhance the décor of your bedroom with blue aesthesis. You can also include the hints of blue in some extra cushions, tufted chairs, wall art, and décor accessories. Check the following designs using this idea in the blue-carpeted bedrooms.

Break the Monotony by Creating a Contrast

While you’re planning on how to decorate a bedroom with blue carpet, you must also focus on the color scheme for the walls. The best wall colors to complement blue are white, beige, and gray. The walls with any of these colors truly separate the blue-carpeted flooring from the other areas of the room. It’s not a good idea to match the shade of the carpet with that of the wall paint—especially when the area of the room is small.

You can see how this blue-carpeted bedroom with blue walls is making the design appear monotonous and overwhelming. Designing like this may start looking outdated in some months as you’ll get bored of it. It also makes the room look darker and the interior design seems to be overdone.

Therefore, it is recommended to use white, gray, or beige colors for the walls of your blue-carpeted bedroom. You can also go for contrast colors and brighter shades like yellow, tangerine, red, sulfur spring, or terra cotta. Check out this perfect bedroom design to compare the ideas. You can see how the wooden accents are used to contrast with the blue carpet. While the color of the bedding, backdrop, and ceiling are forming harmony in this bedroom design.

Coastal Bedroom with Hues of Blue

How about evoking the sea in your blue-carpeted bedroom with coral accents?  You can revive your holiday memories by following the coastal theme— while designing your blue-carpeted bedroom. Including a bed with beige linen tufted headboard will take you closer to getting the look. Just like the pale blue carpet and the medium-toned wooden ceiling is reflecting those beach-side rich natural textures. You can include a sea-shore-themed wallpaper to blackout your windows and add more perfection to your coastal-style bedroom.


Blue color—for sure—creates a strong statement while making the bedroom atmosphere relaxing. There is a wide range of undertones of blue with hundreds of design concepts to pick from— for your blue-carpeted bedroom. Just utilize these ideas about how to decorate a bedroom with a blue carpet and design the coziest and most aesthetically appealing bedroom like a PRO!