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GranRest Mattress Review – Is The 13 Inch Hybrid Any Good?

If you’re interested in buying a GranRest mattress then you might be struggling to find out much about this little known brand and figure out what you can expect from their mattresses.

The GranRest 13-inch hybrid mattress in the medium-firm version is best for front, back, and combination sleepers in 130 – 230 lbs range, whilst the plusher firmness option is better for side sleepers and lighter weighted sleepers due to the superior pressure relief.

The rest of this article reviews the GranRest 13-inch hybrid mattress in more detail so that you can decide if this mattress is right for you or not.

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GranRest Mattress Review

So the main thing that I noticed when checking out one retail site is that the king and queen versions of this GranRest mattress are medium-firm – whilst the full sized version is listed as being ‘plush’.

Now, assuming that this is NOT a mistake in the product listing – it changes the suitability of the two firmness options.

And to quickly summarise, aside from the king and queen being suitable for couples – whilst the full is too narrow – the medium-firm feel means that it’s best for front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range and should be avoided by side sleepers.

But if you are a single side sleeper in the 100 lbs – 230 lbs range then the full version will be better for you because the plusher feel allows your shoulders to sink further into the mattress for better comfort.

However, if it IS a listing mistake, then all sizes would suitable for front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range but best avoided by side sleepers.

See below for my full GranRest reviews of the different sizes – or have a look at the best mattresses that you can buy online if you need some alternative options.

GranRest Design Analysis

This is a 13 inch hybrid mattress that consists of a multi-foam comfort layer and a spring support core.

Hybrid beds are known for providing a nice balance of comfort and support that’s typically superior to innerspring mattresses whilst also guarding against the worries of excessive sinkage that come with all-foam mattresses.

And overall, I would say that this GranRest mattress is well designed.

However, with this being a budget mattress, I’d expect the materials to be of lower quality when compared to higher and mid-end range mattresses like the Casper hybrid – which are likely going to be superior when it comes to long term durability.

Here’s a layer-by-layer breakdown of this GranRest mattress and what it means for you.

1) Cover

The polyester jacquard cover is non-removable but is infused with bamboo charcoal which helps to wick away moisture to keep you dry, whilst combating mold growth and bacteria to make for a more hygienic mattress that can also help minimise dust mite allergies.

2) Comfort Layer

This is a euro top mattress.

Which means that there’s an extra layer of material that’s sewn into the top of the mattress to give it a more cushioned feel whilst retaining a level of firmness that’s greater than a pillow top.

The comfort layers of a mattress are responsible for the amount of pressure relief that you feel when you initially lie down on the mattress and in the case of this GranRest mattress – the pressure relief is very good thanks to the two layers of Dura HD Foam and Dura I-Gel Foam.

This means that when you lie down on the mattress you’ll be very comfortable because the foam takes away pressure from the more angular areas of your body like your shoulders, hips, and elbows.

3) Support Core

The support core of a mattress stops you from sinking too far into the mattress and helps to keep your spine and joints naturally aligned.

I personally think that this GranRest mattress has a good support core because it is made up of another high density Dura HD Foam transition layer that tops the Dura Spring support core – which collectively provides stability and adaptive support for your spine and joints.

GranRest Performance Analysis

To summarise, the king and queen versions of this GranRest mattress combine a firmer feel with dynamic support that will appeal to front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range whilst helping to regulate your temperature.

The full sized mattress is listed as having a softer feel on one retail site, which means that it will be better for side sleepers in the 100 lbs – 230 lbs range.

More details below.

1) Firmness

The queen and king sized versions of this mattress are listed as being medium-firm.

This means that when you lie down on the mattress, you’ll feel some pressure relief as the euro top and foam top layers adjust to your body shape – before the firmer feel kicks in to provide some surface tension that will stop you from sinking too far into the materials.

On one retail site that I looked at, the full sized version is listed as having a a ‘plush’ level of firmness.

Assuming this isn’t a listing mistake, this is quite a significant difference when compared to the king and queen sizes – meaning that you’ll sink more into the materials.

This means that generally speaking, the full sized version is going to be better for you if you’re a side sleeper – whilst the king and queen are better suited to front and back sleepers.

However, the final feel will depend on your body weight and dominant sleeping position – more on this in the upcoming comfort analysis section.

2) Pressure Relief

This GranRest mattress doesn’t have the deep contouring effect that many memory foam mattresses have because of the firmer euro top padding combining with the more buoyant HD foam top layer.

This means that whilst you will feel a nice amount of pressure relief on your body, it won’t have that traditional spongy memory foam feel – making it a good choice if you like to be able to move around in your mattress freely.

3) Support

One of the best things about this GranRest mattress is that the spring support coils adjust individually to your body shape to provide a level of contoured support for your spine that’s typically unachievable when compared to a regular innerspring mattress that uses a fused core.

4) Moving Around

This mattress should be easy to move around and sit up in thanks to the spring support core and the responsive upper foam layers that won’t suck you into the mattress like a deep profile memory foam mattress might.

However, if you go for the full sized version of the mattress – and the plush listing is indeed correct – then you’ll probably find it harder to move around in if you’re more than 200 lbs because of the greater propensity for sinkage.

5) Noise

Although this mattress contains springs, it should still outperform a normal spring mattress in terms of keeping quiet because the coils are individually wrapped and work well with the upper foam layers to absorb movement.

6) Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity for this GranRest mattress isn’t clear.

But with the hybrid design, I’d expect the double sleeper king and queen sizes to be able to hold at least 400 – 500 lbs – this is likely to be lower for the smaller full sized version.

7) Couples

I think that the larger king and queen sizes are a fair choice if you sleep as a couple because the foam and segmented springs should do a reasonable job of absorbing your movements so that you don’t wake each other up during the night as you move around.

8) Edge Support

I don’t think that this mattress comes with any extra edge support, but the spring core and higher density foams help to give it a fair amount of edge support.

This means that you should be able to make use of most of the mattress area without experiencing excessive sinkage or roll-off.

9) Allergies

If you have hay fever or a dust mite allergy then the cover should help to minimise the penetration of pollen and microbes that might otherwise cause a flare up when you lie down.

10) Temperature Regulation

If you tend to sleep hot then this mattress is a pretty good choice in my opinion because the coil core helps to increase air flow whilst the I-gel layer has been specifically included to help regulate your temperature.

11) Keeping You Dry

The cover contains charcoal that helps to pull moisture away from your body to help keep you dry and comfortable.

12) Odour

This mattress has a low VOC count and the cover is designed to combat mold growth and the harbouring of bacteria to help minimise smells.

13) Pain Management

The firmer feel and dynamic support provided by the coils in the king and queen sizes makes this GranRest mattress a fair choice for managing back pain when sleeping on your front or back in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs weight range in my opinion.

However, if the full sized version does indeed have a plusher feel then this makes it better for relieving muscular discomfort in the side sleeping position due to the better pressure relief.

14) Cleaning and Maintenance

As far as I know, the cover cannot be removed and the mattress should only be spot cleaned.

15) Value vs Price

This is a budget mattress so you’re paying significantly less when compared to the mid and higher range mattresses.

This means that you’re still getting good value in the short term but the long term durability of this GranRest mattress might be lower due to the possible use of comparatively lower quality materials.

GranRest Comfort Analysis

To sum it up, the firmer feel of the king and queen sizes make it the best choice if you’re a front or back sleeper in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range.

If the full sized variation is indeed of the plusher level of firmness, then this makes it the best choice for single side sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range (the full size is likely too small for most couples).

1) Front Sleepers

The coiled support and firmer feel of the king and queen sizes make this mattress a good choice for front sleepers in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range in my view because your spine will be held in the correct position to guard against back pain.

If the full sized mattress has a plusher feel then this is a worse choice for front sleepers over 130 lbs because you’re more likely to sink into the materials which will probably throw your hips out of alignment which can lead to back pain.

2) Back Sleepers

The same applies if you’re a back sleeper – go for the king or queen if you’re in the 130 lbs to 230 lbs range.

And if you’re between 100 lbs and 130 lbs then if the full is indeed a plusher firmness, then the extra pressure relief may make it the better choice.

3) Side Sleepers

The king and queen sizes may feel too firm for side sleepers.

However, the potentially plusher feel of the full make this a better option for side sleepers in the 100 lbs – 230 lbs range due to the greater sinkage and pressure relief on your shoulders.

4) Combo Sleepers

The firmness of the king and queen sizes make this a good mattress choice if you tend to switch between positions and you weigh between 130 lbs and 230 lbs and don’t spend too much time on your side because the increased firmness combines with the responsive foam to stop you from sinking too far into the materials.

However, the plusher feel of the full may make it a better choice if you’re on the lighter side and tend to favour the side sleeping position.

5) Edge Sleepers

If you’re an edge sleeper in the 130 lbs – 230 lbs range then you might do ok with the GranRest because whilst the edge support isn’t exceptional – excessive sinkage doesn’t appear to be an issue either.

Is The GranRest Durable?

I’d expect this budget mattress to be fairly durable, but less so than the mid and upper range mattress due to the likelihood of cheaper foams being used that are typically less durable than better quality foams.

I’d estimate at least 5 years’ of good use out of this GranRest mattress is possible if you look after it.

Will The GranRest Sag?

Overall, I’d say that this GranRest mattress shouldn’t sag prematurely if you don’t exceed the maximum weight limits or expose it to uneven loads (very heavy person on one side and a very light person on the other).

However, given the higher probability of cheaper quality foams being used, indentations are a possibility.

So I’d recommend rotating your mattress every three months to even the load out a bit.

Similarly, sitting in the same position in the mattress – say to do your hair on a morning – might not be the best idea either due to the more concentrated force that comes from sitting when compared to lying which could increase the risk of indenting.

What Are the Compatible Frames?

The frame is NOT included when you order this GranRest mattress.

But you can use it with a separately purchased steel bed frame, wood bed frame, platform bed, or box spring.

You can also use the floor – although this will probably increase the firmness of the mattress somewhat in light of the 13 inch profile.

Can You Flip This Mattress Over?


You’re only supposed to sleep directly on the upper foam layers and not the coil core that would be exposed if you turned your GranRest mattress over.

Is There a Sleep Trial?


But you’ll be protected by the return policy of the retail site that you order from – which should be somewhere in the region of 30 – 90 days at least.

Is There a Warranty?


This GranRest mattress is covered by a 10 year warranty.


  • Cover helps to wick away moisture and block allergens like pollen to help you avoid allergic reactions.
  • Great pressure relief from the upper foam layers to help you feel comfortable.
  • The foam layers are responsive to allow you to move around in the mattress more easily.
  • The support core uses springs that adapt to your body shape to help to dynamically support your spine.
  • Can help to absorb movements so you don’t wake your bed partner up when moving around.
  • Can help you to sleep cool through use of cooling foams and air flow.


  • Budget mattress means that the chance that lower quality foams have been used increases – potentially affecting long term durability.

Final Ratings

Here are my final ratings out of 5 for this GranRest mattress.

My Score
Temperature Regulation3.5
Allergy Control3.5
Edge Support2.5
Weight Capacity3.5
Sleeping Positions3
Off Gassing3
Value vs Price3
Brand Reputation3
Sleep Trial1
Overall Score:3.1

Who Should Buy the GranRest Hybrid Mattress?

  • Single or coupled front sleepers – 130 lbs – 230 lbs (firmer king + queen size).
  • Single or coupled back sleepers – 130 lbs – 230 lbs (firmer king + queen size).
  • Single or coupled front + back dominant combo sleepers – 130 lbs – 230 lbs (firmer king + queen size).
  • Single side sleepers – 100 lbs – 230 lbs (softer full sized version).

Who Should Avoid the GranRest Hybrid Mattress?

  • The firmer king and queen sized versions are likely to be too firm for side sleepers – the full size may be better due to its plush feel.

What Are the Alternatives?

I hope that my GranRest mattress reviews of the king, queen, and full sized versions of this hybrid bed have helped you to decide if this is the right choice for you or not.

And if you do need some more options, click the button below to see some alternatives.

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