Softsea Mattress Reviews – Medium v Plush Compared

If you’re thinking about buying a Softsea mattress then you might be wondering if you should go for the 10-inch or 12-inch version of their cooling gel memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress.

The 10-inch Softsea mattress is best for lighter and average weighted front and back sleepers due to the medium level of firmness, whilst the plusher feel of the 12-inch makes it well suited to side sleepers due to the pressure relief it confers in the hip and shoulder regions.

The rest of this article reviews and compares the Softsea 10 and 12 inch models in more detail to help you decide which mattress is best for your needs.

Alternatively: if you don’t want to buy either model then check out my list of the best mattresses to buy here for some high-quality options.

Softsea Mattress Reviews

To sum it up?

I would say that the all-foam design makes both versions of this mattress better for lighter and average weighted sleepers under 200 lbs looking for a bed that sleeps cool and can help to control dust mite allergies and guard against hay fever.

More specifically, the plusher feel of the 12 inch version and exceptional contouring properties of the memory foam makes this model best suited to side sleepers in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range.

Whilst the medium firmness of the 10 inch version makes it better for front and back sleepers in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

But if you want to know more about each model then check out my full Softsea mattress review below.

Or have a look at my other top rated mattresses if the Softsea is unsuitable for your needs.

Softsea Design Analysis

Both versions of this Softsea memory foam mattress include an all-foam design that leverages the deep contouring capabilities of memory foam to provide superior pressure relief and comfort when compared to the typically less adaptive upper surfaces of a regular spring mattress.

Here’s a full layer-by-layer analysis of each model and what it means for you.

1) 10 Inch Medium Model

The 10 inch version of this Softsea memory foam mattress is topped by a premium three dimensional knit cover that’s easy to remove and wash, as well as being both breathable and hypoallergenic – to help you sleep cool whilst also guarding against dust mites to combat respiratory allergies.

The comfort layer begins with an inner airflow cover that works with the subsequent 3 inches of air flow memory foam that helps to regulate your body temperature whilst adjusting to your precise body shape to relieve pressure on the most prominent areas of your body like your hips and shoulders.

Beneath this there’s a transition layer that’s formulated from 2 inches of ‘liquid’ gel infused thermoregulation foam that further helps to dissipate heat whilst providing a combination of buoyant pressure relief and contoured support for your spine and joints.

And finally, the transition layer gives way to a 3.5 inch high density foam support core that will support your weight whilst also conforming to your unique shape to dynamically support your spine.

Overall, this is a fairly well constructed all-foam mattress that has significant cooling properties – although I personally would have liked the support core to take up a greater percentage of the overall mattress profile in order to guard against excessive sinkage.

2) 12 Inch Plush Model

The 12 inch plush version of this Softsea memory foam mattress is exactly the same as the 10 inch except for an additional 3.5 inch layer of breathable support foam that sits on top of the high density support base layer.

Although a seemingly minor adjustment to the casual bed buyer, this extra layer significantly enhances the appeal of the 12 inch version – making it much more supportive, durable, and comfortable in my view.

Softsea Performance Analysis

To sum it up, both models provide excellent pressure relief and pretty good support that’s better suited to lighter and average weighted sleepers under 200 lbs who are looking to guard against allergies and sleep cool.

More details below.

1) Firmness

The 10 inch model has a medium level of firmness.

This means that if you’re in the region of 100 lbs – 200 lbs you’ll feel the memory foam top layers soften in response to your body weight as you initially lie on it before the underlying firmness of the support foam and transition layers kick in and provide a level of surface tension that stops you from sinking too far into the mattress.

The 12 inch model has a plush level of firmness.

This means that you’ll feel yourself sink further into the top layer – which is great if you sleep on your side because your shoulders will experience greater pressure relief – before the deeper comfort layers dynamically adjust to your weight to cradle your spine and joints.

However, the exact degree of firmness that you’ll experience depends on your exact body weight, body shape, and dominant sleeping position – which I’ll help you to understand in the upcoming comfort analysis section below.

2) Pressure Relief

The pressure relief of a mattress refers to its ability to take away the discomfort that you feel when lying down on it.

Good pressure relief is important for all sleepers but especially so if you’re under 130 lbs and/or have a slighter body type with more prominent bones and joints because lighter people tend to ‘float’ more on the mattress surface which increases pressure – as does a more angular body type.

And both versions of this Softsea mattress are able to provide excellent pressure relief because other than the cover, the first thing that you’re going to come into contact with is the 3 inch memory foam comfort layer.

Memory foam is able to provide exceptional pressure relief because it takes your body heat and uses it to reconfigure the foam so that it hugs your body with a level of precision that results in superior comfort when compared to the upholstered top layer of a traditional innerspring mattress.

However, the plusher 12 inch model provides the maximum amount of pressure relief because it has a lower level of surface tension that allows you to sink further into the materials.

Generally speaking, these qualities mean that if you’re a side sleeper then you’ll probably prefer the additional sinkage of the 12 inch model – whilst the firmer feel of the 10 inch will suit front and back sleepers better because it will support your hips more so that you’re less likely to get back ache.

3) Support

One of the biggest concerns with all-foam mattresses like the Softsea is the propensity for excessive sinkage because they lack the support coils of a regular innerspring mattress or hybrid bed.

But overall, the high density support foam in both Softsea models helps to combat such worries because it doesn’t compress like the upper foam comfort layers do and instead provides contoured resistance that helps to keep your spine aligned.

However, I feel that the support core of the 10 inch version is a little on the shallow side – meaning that it probably won’t do as well under greater loads due to the relatively greater compression of the upper layers.

This may result in an overly spongy feel for heavier weighted sleepers.

The 12 inch version has an extra support layer that bumps up the support core ratio to guard against deeper sagging – whilst the plusher feel allows for just enough peripheral sinkage to remove the pressure on the more angular areas of your body.

4) Moving Around

Moving around in the 10 inch version of this mattress is likely going to feel smoother when compared to the 12 inch because the firmer feel creates more surface tension to keep you on top of the materials – where mobility is easier.

However, the memory foam top layer means that both versions of this mattress are going to have a slower response time when compared to latex-topped hybrid beds and upholstered innerspring mattresses.

This means that you may find that it takes the mattress longer to adjust to your body shape and feel comfortable as you switch positions.

5) Noise

Both versions of this Softsea mattress are going to be very quiet because they don’t contain any springs.

Although the 12 inch probably has the slight edge because the added thickness may help to better absorb movements that could otherwise transfer to your bed frame and create a noise.

6) Maximum Weight Capacity

It’s unclear as to what the maximum weight capacity for either model is.

So I would guess that you’re looking at around 200 lbs – 250 lbs for the single sleepers sizes and 400 lbs – 500 lbs for the queen and king.

Now, with this being an all-foam bed, this isn’t the sort of mattress that I think should be pushed to the limit when it comes to holding weight – due to the increased risk of greater sinkage.

As such, I think that both versions of this Softsea mattress are best suited to lighter and average weighted sleepers under 200 lbs – with the 12 inch version being the best option because of its extra thickness and added support layer.

7) Couples

I think that the queen and king sized versions of this Softsea memory foam mattress are a good choice for lighter and average weighted couples.

Because the all-foam design naturally inhibits cross motion transfer so that there’s less chance of you waking each other up as you turn over.

However, it’s important to make sure that you each have a sleeping style that fits the 10 inch medium firmness OR the 12 inch plush firmness – otherwise one of you will likely end up being uncomfortable.

The upcoming comfort analysis section will help you with this.

8) Edge Support

The edge support for both mattresses is lacking slightly in my view.

So if you’re looking for a mattress that allows you to hug the edge of the bed and make full use of the mattress area then you’ll probably be better off with a mattress that has specifically reinforced edges – the Vesgantti hybrid mattress being an excellent example.

9) Allergies

If you’re allergic to pollen or dust mites then both models are a fantastic choice because the cover is specifically designed to repel these allergens so that you don’t end up breathing them in when you lie down.

The hypoallergenic design also means that the absence of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde may work in your favour if you have sensitive skin.

10) Temperature Regulation

If you’re a warmer sleeper then even with the inclusion of memory foam – that has a reputation for retaining heat – I think that you’ll be ok with either model because of the multiple foam layers that contain cooling gel and encourage air flow.

But if you’re still worried then buy a cooling bed sheet set to help with heat dissipation and breathability even more.

11) Keeping You Dry

The cover has moisture wicking properties which means that if you’re a sweaty sleeper then it will help to keep you dry and comfortable.

12) Odour

The cover also helps to inhibit mold growth and the foams have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) count which contributes to a more hygienic mattress that won’t smell as much.

13) Pain Management

If you’re an average or lighter weighted sleeper, the 10 inch version is the better choice if you’re looking to guard against back pain because it will help to keep your hips aligned and support your spine.

Whilst the 12 inch version is preferable if you’re a side sleeper looking to manage muscular discomfort and shoulder joint pain because the deeper compression will allow for greater pressure relief.

However, if you’re on the heavier side, then I’d recommend going for a more supportive mattress with a coil core to guard against excessive sinkage whilst still providing pressure relief – the Casper Hybrid being a good example.

14) Cleaning and Maintenance

The cover for either model can be removed and washed to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Softsea Comfort Analysis

Overall, I’d say that you should go for the 10 inch version if you’re a front or back sleeper to help keep your hips and back supported.

Whilst the 12 inch version is better if you’re a side sleeper because the deeper pressure relief will stop your shoulders from hurting.

See below for a breakdown of the weight ranges for each sleeping position.

1) Front Sleepers

As a front sleeper, the main priority is keeping your hips aligned so that you don’t end up with back ache.

Which makes the 10 inch version the best choice because the medium level of firmness has more surface tension that will help with this.

However, due to the all-foam design, I would only recommend the Softsea 10 inch for stomach sleepers in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range.

2) Back Sleepers

If you’re a back sleeper in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range then I’d recommend the 10 inch version because the extra firmness will keep your back nicely supported.

3) Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need the most amount of pressure relief.

So I would recommend going for the 12 inch version if you’re a side sleeper in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range because you’ll be able to sink further into the materials and avoid shoulder discomfort.

4) Combo Sleepers

If you’re the sort of sleeper that shifts positions often during the night then I don’t think that either model is a great option because the memory foam top layer has a slow recovery time and the all-foam design makes for a spongier feel.

But if I were forced to pick one, I’d go for the 10 inch because the firmer feel provides more surface tension to promote better mobility.

5) Edge Sleepers

I wouldn’t recommend either model if you’re an edge sleeper due to the relatively poor edge support.

Which Model is the Most Durable?

Both models are fairly durable but typically less so than high quality hybrid beds due to the absence of a spring support core.

But of the two, I’d expect the 12 inch version to last longer because of its extra layer of high density support foam.

Which Model is the Least Likely to Sag?

I would say that the 12 inch is the least likely to sag due to its thicker support core.

However, with these being all-foam beds, you need to take great care not to expose them to excessive weights

And if you sleep as a couple, the bed will be less likely to experience dips, valleys, ridges, and indentations if you’re both similarly weighted because foam can be more sensitive to uneven weight distributions in my experience.

But if there’s some imbalance, rotating your bed every 3 months can help to combat problems because it can even up the cumulative weight distribution.

What Are the Compatible Frames?

Both models of this Softsea memory foam mattress will work with most types of frames – including platform, slatted, box spring, and even adjustable frames.

However from experience, I can tell you that all-foam mattresses perform better with continuous support – so a solid platform base is the best.

Slats are ok but you should ensure that they are uncurved and no more than 3-4 inches apart – avoid metal slats and wire frames.

Can You Flip Either Mattress?


Although each model is made entirely from foam, flipping the mattress over would mean sleeping on the denser support core and cause the softer layers to become crushed – which will lead to damage and discomfort.

Is There a Sleep Trial?


There is a 100 night sleep trial available when you buy your Softsea mattress through certain retailers.

Is There a Warranty?


Your Softsea mattress is covered by a 10 year limited warranty.


  • 10 inch version provides a medium level of firmness that’s good for front and back sleepers in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range.
  • 12 inch version provides a plusher level of firmness that’s better suited to improving comfort in the side sleeping position for sleepers in the 100 lbs – 200 lbs range.
  • Removable and washable cover to make cleaning easier.
  • Good for hay fever and dust mite allergies because the cover blocks pollen and microbes.
  • Good for sensitive skin because the cover is soft and lacks harmful chemicals to reduce irritation.
  • Cooling gel and breathable foams to help you sleep cool.
  • All-foam design makes for a quiet mattress.
  • Good for lighter and average weighted couples because of the motion isolation that helps to stop you from waking each other up as you move.
  • Cover has moisture wicking properties to help you stay dry.
  • Low in VOCs to help minimise smells.


  • All-foam design makes both mattresses better for sleepers under 200 lbs – heavier sleepers may need more support.
  • Edge support not great.

Final Ratings

Here are my final ratings out of 5 for the overall performance of the Softsea memory foam mattress.

See the next section for a handy table that allows you to see the subtle differences between the 10 and 12 inch models.

My Score
Temperature Regulation3.5
Allergy Control4
Edge Support2
Weight Capacity3
Sleeping Positions3
Off Gassing4
Value vs Price3
Brand Reputation3
Sleep Trial4
Overall Score3.3

Softsea – 10 and 12 Inch Models Compared

Here’s a table that allows you to compare the similarities and differences between the 10 and 12 inch versions of the Softsea memory foam mattress.

Softsea 10 InchSoftsea 12 Inch
Thickness10 inches12 inches
Warranty10 years limited10 years limited
CoverRemove + washRemove + wash
Overall SupportAverageGood
Edge SupportPoorFair
Pressure ReliefGoodVery good
Moving AroundAverageAverage
Allergy ControlVery goodVery good
Temperature RegulationGoodGood
Pain ReliefGoodGood
Price v ValueGoodGood
Best Sleeping PositionsFront: 100 – 200 lbsSide: 100 – 200 lbs
Worst Sleeping PositionsAll: over 200 lbsAll: over 200 lbs

Who Should Buy the 10 Inch Medium?

  • Front sleepers – 100 lbs – 200 lbs.
  • Back sleepers – 100 lbs – 200 lbs.

Who Should Avoid the 10 Inch Medium?

  • Sleepers over 200 lbs.
  • Lighter weighted side sleepers with a skinner/bony body type may find this mattress to be too firm.

Who Should Buy the 12 Inch Plush?

  • Side sleepers – 100 lbs – 200 lbs.

Who Should Avoid the 12 Inch Plush?

  • Sleepers over 200 lbs.
  • Front sleepers under 130 lbs may find this version to be too soft under your hips.

What Are the Alternatives?

I hope that my Softsea mattress reviews have helped you to see the differences between the 10 and 12 inch versions and helped you to decide which one is right for you.

But if you’re still in need of some other options then click the button below to see my list of the best mattresses that you can buy online now.