Zinus Cloud Mattress Review – Ideal for Side Sleepers

Have you read my Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea mattress review?

Then you’ll already know that whilst I reached the conclusion that the Zinus Green Tea mattress offers good pressure relief and comfort for all sleeping positions in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range, the mattress has some drawbacks.

The main one being that it lacks cooling properties.

So in this Zinus Cloud Mattress review, I’m going to see if this mattress is a legitimate alternative and if so – who can benefit from it the most.

I’ve written this review by using my own in-depth knowledge of how mattresses tend to perform based on their qualities and properties.

And if you have any experience sleeping on this mattress please let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post.

My Zinus Cloud Mattress Review

If you’re in a rush and you just want to know if this mattress is right for you or not then check out my quick summary below.

The rest of this review really digs into the nuts and bolts to help give you the information you need to decide if you should buy this mattress or if you should instead check out some of the viable Zinus mattress alternatives.

Quick Summary

In my opinion, the Zinus Cloud is a soft mattress with a plush feel and adequate support layers that makes it best suited to side sleepers that weigh less than 200 lbs.

Because the decreased surface tension and individualised contouring properties of the memory foam means that the mattress can relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips – key pain points for side sleepers.

However, the plush feel means that stomach sleepers over 200 lbs are at risk of back ache due to the possibility of sinking too far into the mattress.

Combo sleepers may also be disappointed with this mattress because its softness and memory foam construction may make it hard to move around without feeling like you’re stuck in the materials.

Who is This Mattress Best For?

  • Side sleepers under 200 lbs.
  • Back sleepers under 200 lbs.

Who Should Avoid this Mattress?

  • Front sleepers over 200 lbs may be at risk of back pain due to the reduced surface tension.
  • Combo sleepers over 200 lbs may find this mattress difficult to move around in due to the ‘give’ of the foam and plush feel.
  • Heavier weighted side sleepers who hug the edge of the bed might feel like they are falling out due to the questionable edge support.
  • If you tend to sleep hot then this mattress may cause you to feel too warm because it potentially lacks cooling properties.

Mattress Structure

The microfiber and foam quilted cover and memory foam layers are there to provide individualised comfort by moulding to your exact body shape to provide pressure relief on key areas such as your shoulders, hips, feet, and neck.

The Comfort Foam® is a proprietary layer that provides the bridge between the memory foam comfort layers and the lower support layers.

The high density base support foam is there to provide support to help keep your spine in its natural alignment and help to guard against back pain.

Performance Analysis

To help you better decide if the Zinus Cloud Mattress is the right choice for you, I’ve provided my thoughts on how it performs in the critical areas below.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zinus Cloud Mattress.


I personally think that the Zinus Cloud Mattress has a ‘plush’ level of firmness – which means that it will feel ‘soft’ for average weighted sleepers in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs range.


If your mattress doesn’t have enough underlying support then you’re at risk of developing back pain and other aches because you’ll typically sink too far into the mattress.

And with this being a plush mattress, having good support from the lower foam layers is going to be critical because the reduced surface tension means that all but the lightest weighted sleepers under 130 lbs will probably find themselves sinking significantly into the mattress.


This is a memory foam mattress so the comfort levels should be very good for most sleepers because the foam is designed to contour to your exact body shape by taking your body heat and using it to reconfigure the shape of the foam.

However, the final comfort levels will depend upon all of the other variables in this section in relation to your body weight and dominant sleeping position.

Moving Around

If you’re a combo sleeper over 200 lbs that tends to shift between positions during the night then this might not be the best mattress because memory foam tends to cause you to feel like you’re getting bogged down – an issue that’s only going to be exacerbated by the plush level of firmness.

However, if you’re a combo sleeper under 130 lbs then your natural tendency to lie ‘on top’ of the mattress may work in your favour and moving around may feel a lot smoother.


If you sleep as a couple then the thicker versions of this mattress should be a good choice if you don’t want to wake each other up due to shuffling around in the night.

This is because memory foam tends to dissipate energy better than spring and even hybrid mattresses – meaning that you’re less likely to feel your partner’s movements.

However, if you and your partner differ significantly in weight, then a memory foam mattress might not be the best choice because as the heavier person rolls into the middle, this may create a slope that could cause the lighter person to be dragged into the middle too.

Similarly, if you are both quite heavy, then you may find that the support provided by the thinner versions of the Zinus Cloud mattress isn’t enough for you collectively – which may result in a ‘valley’ forming on each side of the bed where you both sleep.

Edge Support

Memory foam mattresses aren’t always the best when it comes to edge support unless they have specifically reinforced edges.

As such, I’m going to err on the side of caution and say that if you’re the type of side sleeper that tends to hug the edge of the bed then this might not be the mattress for you because you may fall out of the bed!


The Zinus Cloud seems to be ok at guarding against allergies.

And whilst the Zinus Cloud isn’t one of my top hypoallergenic mattress recommendations, I’d say that the properties of the memory foam mean that it might be helpful if you have a dust mite allergy or hay fever because pure foam mattresses tend to be better at resisting the storage of ambient allergens.

Temperature Regulation

I don’t think this mattress is the best option if you have hot flashes or tend to sleep hot because memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat in order to allow the foam to mould to your exact body shape for increased comfort.

Some memory foam mattresses combat this through the use of air channels, cooling gel, and gel beads but I see no mention of their inclusion in the Zinus Cloud.

Keeping You Dry

I believe that the biofoam contains active charcoal that’s supposed to wick away moisture to help you keep dry.

But with this being a memory foam mattress, I wouldn’t recommend the Zinus Cloud if you have night sweats.

Also you might want to consider getting a set of bamboo bed sheets because they have exceptional moisture wicking properties that can help you to sleep dry in a range of different mattress types.


Bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses are known for producing a strong smell as they decompress because this causes the release of particles that were trapped during the packaging process.

The Zinus Cloud appears to be no exception here so I would be prepared to keep your room well ventilated for a few days after unpacking this mattress to allow the odour to dissipate.

Sleeping Position and Weight Analysis

If a mattress isn’t comfortable then it isn’t worth buying.

And whilst comfort is highly subjective, how your body weight and your dominant sleeping position combine to interact with the structure, firmness, and support provided by the mattress are the most dominant factors when it comes to predicting comfort levels.

So whilst not an exact science, here’s how comfortable I think the Zinus Cloud is likely to be for the primary sleeping positions relative to the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range.

Keep in mind that if you sleep as a couple, then your combined weights may skew the performance of the mattress at the individual level.

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back and you weigh under 200 lbs then I think that this mattress will be comfortable for you because of the plush feel and adequate support.

But I would express caution if you weigh more than 200 lbs – especially with the thinner thickness options – because the decreased surface tension may mean that you sink too far into the mattress.

Front Sleepers

Front sleepers of all weights may find that the Zinus Cloud is too soft – with the plush cover potentially feeling ‘suffocating’ and the support not being enough to guard against back ache – especially if you weigh more than 200 lbs and you opt for the thinner thicknesses.

I could of course be wrong, but if you’re a front sleeper then I would consider a firmer mattress with better support layers just to be on the safe side.

Side Sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper under 200 lbs then you’ll probably love the Zinus Cloud because the plush feel combines with the individualised contouring properties of the memory foam to remove pressure from your hips and shoulders – common hot spots for pain when you sleep on your side.

I suspect that you’ll probably be just fine with this mattress if you’re a side sleeper in the 200 lbs – 250 lbs range too, but beyond this weight and you may find that you sink too far into the mattress.

Combo Sleepers

If you’re a combo sleeper over 200 lbs then I would express caution when considering this mattress because I suspect that the plush feel and ‘give’ of the memory foam will combine to make make this mattress too squishy to move around in without feeling trapped in the materials.

Is This Mattress Easy to Set Up?


The mattress will arrive in a neatly compressed box that you can carry to your room with relative ease.

From there, simply place the rolled up mattress on your bed frame and carefully cut the packaging to allow it to expand to its full size.

The decompression process can take up to 72 hours to fully execute but you should be able to sleep on the mattress the same night in the meantime.

Which Base Types Are Compatible With This Mattress?

This mattress is compatible with most bed frame types, including:

  • Platform.
  • Slatted.
  • Bunkie board.
  • Box spring.
  • Adjustable base.

Can You Flip This Mattress?


Zinus specifically state that you cannot flip their mattresses because they are designed unilaterally.

This means that if you were to flip your Zinus mattress over you would be sleeping on the high density support layers which would feel very uncomfortable.

Can You Rotate This Mattress?


You can – and should – rotate your Zinus mattress once per season in order to distribute the cumulative load more evenly across the bed to help guard against indentations and sagging.

Can You Return This Mattress?


If you order through the Zinus website then you’ll be able to avail of the 100 night sleep trial.

Is There a Warranty?


At the time of writing, you are covered by a 10 year limited pro rated warranty.


  • Memory foam top layer and plush level of firmness combine to create a mattress that has excellent pressure relieving qualities to guard against aches and pains – especially for side sleepers.
  • Available in a range of thicknesses from 8 to 12 inch.
  • 10 year pro rated warranty.
  • Mattress arrives in a neat and portable box for easy carry and assembly.
  • Can help to stop you feeling the movement of your bed partner as they turn over during the night.
  • Shouldn’t require a deep pocket fitted sheet since the mattress is less than 14 inches thick (unless you use a mattress topper that causes the total thickness to exceed this amount).
  • 100 night sleep trial when you buy through zinus.com.
  • Works with adjustable bed bases.


  • May sleep hot due to the lack of cooling properties.
  • You shouldn’t remove the mattress cover to wash it because according to Zinus, this could ‘inhibit the fire safety barrier’.
  • Questionable edge support.
  • May lack support for sleepers over 250 lbs.
  • The memory foam and plush feel may make moving around in the mattress difficult.
  • Off gassing smell to be expected for the first few days after opening.
  • You can’t flip this mattress over.

Final Ratings

Based on my analysis of this mattress here are my personal ratings out of 5 for the Zinus Cloud Mattress.

My Score
Temperature Regulation2
Edge Support2.5
Weight Capacity3
Sleeping Positions3
Off Gassing2
Value vs Price3
Brand Reputation4
Sleep Trial3
Overall Score2.9

Zinus Cloud Mattress Review Conclusion

In my view?

I think that the Zinus Cloud is best suited to side and back sleepers that weigh less than 200 lbs because the plush level of firmness combined with the individualised contouring properties of the memory foam can provide pressure relief on key areas such as your hips and shoulders better than a firmer mattress might.

I would say that font sleepers over 200 lbs are going to be least satisfied with this mattress because there’s a real chance that you will sink too far into the materials which could put pressure on your lower back.

Combo sleepers over 200 lbs may struggle too since you may feel like you’re getting stuck in the materials as you try to switch positions.

Zinus Cloud v Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea mattress is likely to suit a wider range of sleepers when compared to the Zinus Cloud because the firmer feel and deeper support layers makes it suitable for front, back, and side sleepers in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range.

Beyond this, I think that when you factor out the differences in firmness levels, the Zinus Cloud is slightly superior because it lacks the concerns regarding the triggering of allergies that the Zinus Green Tea mattress has.

However, neither option is any good if you’re a hot sleeper in my opinion.

I would instead recommend the Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress if you’re absolutely insistent on buying a memory foam mattress and want to sleep cool.

What Are The Alternatives?

If you’ve decided that the Zinus Cloud isn’t for you then click the button below.

And you can see some of the best mattresses that you can buy online right now for a range of different needs – such as sleeping cool and guarding against allergies.