Zinus iCoil Mattress Review

In my Zinus Cloud Mattress review, I concluded that the pressure relieving qualities conferred by the plush feel and individualised contouring properties of the memory foam made it ideal for side sleepers under 200 lbs.

However, these qualities make it a terrible choice for front sleepers, combo sleepers, and heavier weighted sleepers in general due to the lack of firmness and relative support.

So in this Zinus iCoil Mattress review, I’ll be finding out if this ‘extra firm’ mattress is a viable alternative.

I’ve formulated this review based on my own expert knowledge of how mattresses tend to behave based on their qualities and properties.

But if you have slept on the Zinus iCoil Extra Firm Mattress then please do let me know what you think about this mattress in the comments section at the end of this post. 🙂

Ok, let’s dive right in!

My Zinus iCoil Mattress Review

I know that time and attention spans are short these days, so I’ve provided a handy little summary of the iCoil mattress below.

This should help you quickly decide if this mattress is right for you based on the most prevalent factors such as your dominant sleeping position and body weight.

But if you’re in no rush, then I recommend reading this review in full to help you decide if you should buy this mattress.

Quick Summary

If you’re a heavier weighted front or back sleeper that’s struggling to find a mattress that’s firm enough with good support then I think that the Zinus iCoil Extra Firm mattress could be just what you’re looking for.

Because the individually encased iCoils®, deep support core, and increased surface tension are better at supporting a greater weight whilst keeping your spine correctly aligned to guard against back pain.

But if you’re a side sleeper then I’d give this mattress a miss because the extra firmness may cause discomfort on your shoulders – the Zinus Cloud is probably better for you if you weigh under 200 lbs and you sleep on your side.

Something else that I really like about the Zinus iCoil mattress is that it tends to sleep cool – making it great if you also tend to sleep hot.

This mattress may also have orthopedic uses for pain relief if you sleep on your front or back and weight more than 130 lbs because of the excellent support.

Who is This Mattress Best For?

  • Front sleepers over 130 lbs.
  • Back sleepers over 130 lbs.
  • Heavier couples that require good support.
  • Combo sleepers that need to be able to move around without getting bogged down in the materials.
  • Hot sleepers that need to sleep cool.

Who Should Avoid this Mattress?

  • Side sleepers because the firmness may feel uncomfortable on your hips and shoulders.
  • Sleepers under 130 lbs may find this mattress to be too firm.

Mattress Structure

The Zinus iCoil is a hybrid mattress that is made from a combination of individually wrapped pocket springs and different types of foam.

The springs are designed to provide individualised support by contouring to your body shape, whilst the Comfort Foam® and high density support foams provide a mixture of pressure relief and additional support.

Performance Analysis

Buying a mattress can be difficult because even if you lie on it in the store for 5 minutes this isn’t an accurate representation of how it will feel once the material has adapted to your body shape, weight, and sleeping position after several nights.

So I’ve taken the time to explain how I think this mattress will perform in relation to the key parameters below so that you can get a better idea of how suitable it’s likely to be for you before you buy it.


The Zinus iCoil is marketed as having an ‘extra firm’ level of firmness.

This means that you’re looking at sinkage levels of around 1 inch or less to create greater surface tension that’s likely to benefit front and back sleepers over 200 lbs because it will help to keep your hips and spine correctly aligned to guard against back ache.

You’ll probably find that the 10 inch version of this mattress feels even firmer due to the thinner foam layers.


The Zinus iCoil has excellent support.

Because the queen version of this mattress has 936 individually wrapped springs that are designed to yield to your body shape to provide contoured support to help keep your spine correctly aligned.


Although somewhat thin, the upper comfort layers are made out of foam that can provide some degree of pressure relief on key areas such as your hips and shoulders.

However, the emphasis on firmness and support means that the Zinus iCoil is likely to feel the most comfortable for front and back sleepers over 130 lbs that find memory foam and softer mattresses too squishy.

But if you’re a side sleeper then this mattress is probably going to feel pretty uncomfortable because you won’t be able to sink far enough into the materials to relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.

Moving Around

The extra firmness and spring support layer means that moving around in this mattress should be pretty easy – even if you’re on the heavier side.


The combination of foam and individually wrapped springs means that this mattress should be good at limiting the feeling of your bed partner moving around during the night.

And you’re less likely to experience the formation of ‘valleys’ as you might when sleeping as a couple on a pure foam mattress because of the better firmness and support.

Edge Support

The edge support for this mattress is very good.

This makes sense because the spring support layers are going to be better at guarding against sagging when compared to a mattress that’s comprised entirely of foam.

So you’re less likely to experience that feeling of falling out – which is common with pure memory foam mattresses.


This mattress isn’t specifically designed to be hypoallergenic.

If you have a dust mite, pollen, or other allergy caused by ambient particles such as pet dander then I’d rate this mattress as ‘neutral’ in such regards.

Because whilst the foam layers may help to resist dust mites, the more spacious coil sublayers are likely to trap these allergens.

Temperature Regulation

The Zinus iCoil seems to be a good choice for sleeping cool.

This is logical because the spring support core is going to provide better air flow when compared to a solid foam mattress.

So if you’re looking to sleep cool and comfortable, the Zinus iCoil is an excellent way to complement your cooling bed sheet set.

Keeping You Dry

If you sweat a lot at night then this is a good mattress for you because the mattress is well aerated and the charcoal infused foam helps to wick away moisture.


Even though this is a hybrid coil-foam mattress, some off gassing is to be expected for a few days after unpacking the mattress.

Make sure to keep your room well ventilated in the meantime.


Mattresses that are ‘firm’ or ‘extra firm’ are often touted for their orthopedic uses.

And as such, the Zinus iCoil Extra Firm mattress may indeed be the right choice for you if you sleep on your front or back and are trying to sleep without back pain.

Because the foam top layers can provide pressure relief on key areas, whilst the added firmness and individualised coil support core can help to keep your spine and hips properly aligned.

However, if you’re a side sleeper and/or weigh less than 130 lbs then this mattress may actually CAUSE pain because the added firmness may not provide enough pressure relief when taking into account the natural tendency of lighter weighted sleepers to lie more ‘on’ the mattress than ‘in’ it.

Sleeping Position and Weight Analysis

I’ve already touched upon which sleeping positions and body weight ranges are going to be the most/least suited to this mattress.

But since these factors and how they combine with the structure and integrity of the mattress are perhaps the biggest factors in predicting comfort levels, I’ve provided a full analysis as follows.

Back Sleepers

The Zinus iCoil Extra Firm is an excellent mattress if you sleep mostly on your back and weigh more than 130 lbs.

This is because the extra firmness and underlying support can help to keep your hips and spine correctly aligned to guard against back pain.

Front Sleepers

Similarly, if you’re a front sleeper over 130 lbs then the firmness and support should be ideal for keeping you comfortable.

And these properties also mean that you’re less likely to experience that ‘suffocating’ feeling that typically comes with sleeping on your front in plush pillow topped mattresses.

Side Sleepers

I wouldn’t recommend this mattress for side sleepers at all – since the added firmness may cause shoulder pain.

Combo Sleepers

This is a much better mattress if you’re a combo sleeper that changes positions frequently during the night than a pure foam mattress because the firmness and coil support structure will stop you from sinking too far into the materials.

Is This Mattress Easy to Set Up?


Zinus use their patented compression technology to safely compress their mattresses into a neat box that will arrive at your door via FedEx/UPS.

You can then carry this box to your room, unpack the mattress, lay it on your bed frame, cut away the packaging, and allow the mattress to decompress to its full size.

And although it may take up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand, you should be able to sleep on the mattress the same night.

Which Base Types Are Compatible With This Mattress?

I couldn’t find any specific mention of which base types are compatible with the iCoil Extra Firm from Zinus themselves.

Can You Flip This Mattress?


If you flip this mattress over then you’ll end up sleeping on the base layer which would be very uncomfortable.

Can You Rotate This Mattress?


Rotating your mattress once every 3 months is recommended to help guard against indentation, wear and tear.

Can You Return This Mattress?


If you order through Zinus.com then you’ll have 100 nights to sleep on the mattress and return it if you don’t like it.

Is There a Warranty?


The Zinus iCoil comes with a 10 year limited warranty at the time of writing.


  • Excellent support and potential for back pain relief due to the individually wrapped iCoils® and extra firmness.
  • Sleeps cool and dry due to the increased airflow through the coils and charcoal infused foam that wicks away moisture.
  • Good motion isolation that should minimise the feeling of your bed partner moving around.
  • Very good edge support to stop you feeling like you’re falling out.
  • Easy to set up.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • 100 night sleep trial when bought via Zinus.com.
  • Unless you use a mattress topper that takes the mattress to more than 14 inches in total thickness then there’s probably no need to invest in a deep pocket sheet set.


  • May cause pain and discomfort for side sleepers due to the extra firmness.
  • You can’t flip the mattress over.
  • Mild off gassing likely for the first few days after unpacking.

Final Ratings

To quantify my thoughts, here are my final ratings out of 5 for the Zinus iCoil Extra Firm mattress.

My Score
Temperature Regulation4
Edge Support4.5
Weight Capacity4
Sleeping Positions4
Off Gassing4
Value vs Price4
Brand Reputation4
Sleep Trial3
Overall Score3.9

Zinus Cloud Mattress Review Conclusion

In my opinion, this is the best hybrid mattress that I’ve reviewed to date for front and back sleepers and heavier weighted sleepers in general.

This is down to the superb individualised support provided by the iCoil® support layer and the extra firmness combined with the pressure relieving qualities of the upper foam comfort layers.

These qualities also make this mattress a potentially good option if you’re looking for an orthopedic bed to help with back pain.

However, I don’t think that this is a good mattress if you sleep on your side or weigh less than 130 lbs due to the firmness that may cause shoulder discomfort.

What Are The Alternatives?

Click the button below if the Zinus iCoil isn’t the right mattress for you.

And you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of mattresses that you can buy online for various needs such as sleeping cool and guarding against allergies.