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6 Best Wrinkle Free Bed Sheets – Reviews for 2022

Buying a wrinkle free bed sheet online can be tricky because although many manufacturers will label their sheets as being ‘wrinkle free’ or ‘no-wrinkle’, for a sheet to be truly ‘no-iron’ then it must go through a chemical cross-linking process that strengthens the bonds in the fibers so that they don’t reconfigure as easily when the sheet is crumpled up.

Now, finding sheets that have been treated this way AND meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure that they don’t include ‘free formaldehyde’ – the potentially carcinogenic byproduct of the cross linking process when the N-methylol and DMDHEU reagents are used – isn’t easy.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the 6 best wrinkle free bed sheets that you can buy online in 2022 so that you can quickly find the right sheet for you without the confusion.

The best wrinkle-free bed sheets to buy in 2022 online are the Royal Tradition, Royal Hotel, Westbrooke Linens, Sakiao, Mellanni, and Nestl Bedding brands because they are high quality, comfortable, and affordable.

The rest of this article reviews the top wrinkle-resistant bed sheets from these brands in more detail.

And I’ve also included a buying guide and FAQ section in the second half of the post if you’d like to arm yourself with more knowledge about wrinkle-free sheets.

The 6 Best Wrinkle Resistant Bed Sheets 2022

Not all wrinkle free bed sheets are created equally.

Because for a sheet to be truly ‘no-iron’ or ‘wrinkle free’ then it must have undergone the cross linking process to the extent where the sheets dry wrinkle free.

But the reality is that this process exists on a spectrum.

Where ‘wrinkle free’ might actually mean ‘less likely to wrinkle’.

And when I actually went in search of the best wrinkle free and no iron sheets, I discovered that it’s actually very difficult to know if the sheet has even been treated with the cross linking process at all – never mind to what degree.

In many cases, the manufacturers simply opt to make ‘wrinkle free’ sheets out of materials and blends that are less likely to wrinkle than 100% pure cotton – such as microfiber, polyester, and cotton-polyester blends.

So to cut through the confusion, I simply looked for sheets with properties that implied that they are less likely to wrinkle – such as the material type and a sateen weave.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a ‘perfect’ no-wrinkle sheet.

But here are the ones that are the closest.

I’ve ordered them by their qualities, and you can click the red ‘check price now’ button to buy that sheet set right away.

1: Royal Hotel – Best Luxury Wrinkle Free Sheets

If you’re looking for a luxurious wrinkle free sheet set then take a look at this 4 piece selection from Royal Hotel.

Because you’re getting 1 flat sheet, 1 deep pocket fitted sheet for mattresses up to 18-22 inches thick, and 2 pillowcases.

The sheets are made with a 70:30 cotton-polyester blend, a sateen weave, and a 650 thread count to limit wrinkling and maximise softness.


  • Extra deep pocket fitted sheet option for queen mattresses up to 22 inches thick – great if you use a topper or have a thick mattress.
  • Sateen weave to maximise softness and guard against wrinkling.
  • 70:30 cotton-polyester blend for breathability and to minimise wrinkling.


  • It looks like these sheets are designed to limit wrinkling and are not completely wrinkle free/no-iron – so expect some light maintenance.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer says that you should machine wash these sheets in cold water with similar colours and tumble dry on low.

Warm ironing is also permitted if you want to make the sheets completely wrinkle free.

Best Extra Deep Pocket Queen Sheet Set For Minimal Maintenance

I don’t think these sheets have been treated with the cross linking process to make them completely ‘no-iron’.

I would recommend this selection if you’re looking for a sheet set that has the option to include an extra deep pocket fitted sheet.

Click the button below to order these sheets now.

2: Royal Tradition – Best Wrinkle Free Sateen Sheets

If easy care and low maintenance is your priority in a bed sheet, then I highly recommend this 4 piece sheet set from Royal Tradition.

Because these sheets are made from a 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend.

The inclusion of polyester is what makes these sheets naturally good at limiting wrinkles whilst the cotton allows for breathability to help you sleep cool.

Also, the sateen weave lends itself to limiting wrinkles because it is more complex when compared to a lighter weave such as percale.


  • 70:30 cotton-polyester blend to limit wrinkling.
  • Includes 1 flat sheet, 1 deep pocket fitted sheet for mattresses up to 15 inches thick, and 2 pillow cases.
  • 650 thread count and sateen weave to guard against wrinkling.


  • Unclear if the sheets have been treated with the cross linking process to limit wrinkling.
  • Unclear if OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 approved.

Washing Guidelines

I was unable to find any specific advice from the manufacturer in regards to washing and caring for these sheets so be sure to check the label before washing.

Best Blend For Limiting Wrinkles

I think that if you’re looking for a low maintenance sateen sheet then this is your best choice.

Because the 70:30 cotton-polyester ratio means that the sheet will have good breathability but won’t wrinkle like 100% cotton sheets because of the inclusion of polyester – which is naturally resistant to wrinkles and creases.

Click the button below to order these sheets now.

3: Westbrooke Linens – Best Wrinkle Free Cotton Sheets

100% cotton sheets are the worst offenders when it comes to sheets that wrinkle.

But if you’re sure that you want to go for a 100% cotton sheet instead of a cotton-polyester blend or a completely synthetic sheet, then the best option that I could find is this 4 piece bed sheet set from Westbrooke.

Because they are designed to be ‘wrinkle resistant’ and they seem to do a pretty good job.

These sheets are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means that they don’t contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.


  • Made from long staple cotton for extra strength, durability, and softness.
  • Uses a sateen weave which is better than percale for guarding against wrinkling.
  • Made to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals present in the final product.
  • Highly breathable and absorbent to keep you cool and dry.


  • Made from 100% cotton – so expect some wrinkling.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer says that you should machine wash these sheets on warm, tumble dry on low, and warm iron if necessary – avoid bleach.

Best 100% Cotton Sheet For Minimal Maintenance

If you’re looking for a 100% cotton sheet that’s wrinkle free then this is probably your best option.

Because although you’re probably going to have to do some ironing if you want to have cotton sheets that are totally wrinkle free, this manufacturer seems to have taken significant steps to minimise wrinkling out of the wash.

Click the button below to buy your cotton sheets now.

4: Sakiao – Best Wrinkle Free Percale Sheets

If you’re looking for a percale sheet that’s also wrinkle free then have a look at this 6 piece bed sheet set from Sakiao.

Because these percale sheets are made from microfiber which is good at resisting wrinkling.


  • Made from microfiber which is naturally wrinkle resistant.
  • Brushed on both sides for luxury and softness.
  • Fade, stain, shrink, and wrinkle resistant.
  • Includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted for mattresses up to 16 inches thick, and 4 pillow cases.
  • Fitted sheet designed to grip the mattress and not slide down.
  • Fast drying out of the wash for low maintenance.


  • Likely to sleep warmer than 100% cotton sheets because microfiber is synthetic and therefore more likely to trap heat.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer says to machine wash with a mild detergent – check the label for the exact temperature.

Best Percale Microfiber Sheet For Quick Drying

If you’re looking for a percale sheet that’s quick to dry and doesn’t wrinkle easily then check out this microfiber sheet set.

Because it doesn’t wrinkle easily and is very comfortable to sleep in.

Click the button below to buy this sheet set now.

5: Nestl Bedding – Best Wrinkle Free Cool Sheets

If you’re looking for a bed sheet that’s both cooling and wrinkle free then check out this highly rated 4 piece sheet set from Nestl Bedding.

Because these sheets don’t wrinkle easily and are also good at keeping you cool.

The sheets are made from microfiber which is naturally resistant to wrinkling, is lightweight, hypoallergenic, but is also designed to be breathable and cool to the touch.


  • Designed to be pet friendly – less likely to tear if clawed or snagged on a nail.
  • Good for allergies – pet hair, fur, and dander won’t cling to the material.
  • Tightly woven fibers designed to resist allergy-causing dust mites.
  • Machine washable.
  • Massive range of colours available.


  • Microfiber does tend to sleep warmer than cotton, but these sheets are actually quite cooling so this might not be much of an issue.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer advises that you machine wash your sheets in cold water, tumble dry on low, and remove promptly.

Best Value Hypoallergenic Wrinkle Free Sheets For Allergies and Sleeping Cool

These sheets tick a lot of boxes.

Because the microfiber means that these sheets are naturally resistant to wrinkling, but they also sleep cool, can help guard against allergies and are pet friendly too.

Click the button below to buy these sheets now.

6: Mellanni – Best Rated No-Iron Sheets

If you’re looking for a no-iron bed sheet then this 4 piece sheet set from Mellanni is the closest thing that I could find.

Because although I don’t know for sure if these sheets have been treated with the cross-linking process to the point where they are a true no-iron fabric, these sheets dry almost wrinkle free.

This is probably because they are made from 100% polyester which doesn’t really wrinkle.

These sheets are also very affordable.


  • Easy care – dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle easily.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Very cheap.
  • Highly durable.


  • Likely to sleep warmer than cotton because the sheets are 100% polyester which tends to trap heat.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer recommends that you machine was these sheets on cold and tumble dry on low.

Best Value Wrinkle Free Sheets

If you’re looking for a no-iron sheet set I think this is the closest that you’re going to get for a good price.

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Wrinkle Free Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Here’s a list of the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding wrinkle free sheets.

Scroll to the end to see a concise buying guide to help you select the best no wrinkle sheets when shopping online.

What is a Wrinkle Free Bed Sheet?

A wrinkle free bed sheet is one that has been designed to be partially or completely resistant to wrinkling after washing and during use.

Some manufacturers may claim that their bed sheets are ‘wrinkle resistant’ simply because they are made of a material that is less likely to wrinkle when compared to other materials.

However, a true ‘wrinkle-resistant fabric’ is one that has been specifically treated to resist external stress and hold its shape – resulting in clothing and sheets that do not need to be ironed and may be sold as ‘non-iron’, ‘no-iron’, ‘durable press’, ‘easy care’, or ‘permanent press’ items [1].

But in reality, the strength of the treatment used can vary – so you could end up with a ‘wrinkle resistant’ sheet that still needs to be ironed after washing.

What is a Permanent Press Fabric?

A permanent press fabric is one that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape.

You may also find a ‘permanent press’ setting on your washing machine or dryer that’s designed to remove existing wrinkles in fabrics and prevent new ones from forming – which can remove the need for ironing and thus reduce the possibility of fading, shrinking, and burning of the fabric over time.

What is a Non-Iron Fabric?

A non-iron fabric is one that has been treated to the extent that it doesn’t need to be ironed because it will naturally dry wrinkle-free.

But just because a sheet or item of clothing is sold as being ‘non-iron’ doesn’t mean that you cannot iron it (although it might depending on the material it’s made from).

And as I said earlier, the treatments used to make the fabric so that it doesn’t wrinkle as much vary in strength – this means that you may still have to lightly iron your non-iron sheets to make them completely wrinkle free.

However, it’s critical that you check the label to see if ironing is allowed or not since many wrinkle free items are made from synthetic materials that may melt in response to excessive heat.

Why Do Bed Sheets Wrinkle?

The main reason why bed sheets wrinkle is because they are made from a natural fiber like cotton.

100% cotton sheets are notorious for wrinkling because cotton is made up of weakly bonded chains of polysaccharide cellulose [2].

And when the sheet is subject to crumpling – such as in the washer, dryer, or through sleeping on them – the bonds reconfigure to form a ‘wrinkle’ [3].

The type of weave used to create the sheet can also influence how easily the fabric will wrinkle.

The general rule is that the more complex the weave, the more resistant it is to wrinkling.

For example, a percale weave makes for a cool, crisp, and soft sheet but also lends itself to greater wrinkling when compared to a sateen weave.

And finally, how you wash, dry, and care for your sheets will influence the degree of wrinkling.

For example, if you remove your sheets immediately after the wash cycle has finished and hang-dry them right away, then there is less chance of them wrinkling because they’re not sat in the machine all crumpled up – which can cause the bonds of your sheets to reconfigure and wrinkle more heavily.

Similarly, if you’re drying your sheets in the tumble dryer, then remove them when they are 80% dry and either hang-dry them or put them straight back on the bed.

If you’re going to store your sheets, let them dry completely, iron if required, and then fold them up – leaving them in a crumpled heap will lead to creases and wrinkles.

What Makes a Fabric Wrinkle Resistant?

Wrinkle resistant fabrics are not grown.

Instead, wrinkle resistant and no-iron fabrics are traditionally created using the chemical cross-linking process.

This basically means that reagents are used to treat the fabric so that the cellulose chains are less likely to break under stress and thus limit wrinkling [4].

However, one of the downsides is that many manufacturers use the N-methylol and DMDHEU reagents that can produce free formaldehyde – which is a potential human carcinogen and can irritate your skin.

Titanium dioxide is sometimes used as an alternative catalyst/co-catalyst that minimises the production of free formaldehyde.

What Are the Best Materials For Wrinkle Free Sheets?

Although fabrics that have been treated to be wrinkle free or no iron can be derived from a range of materials, there are certain fabrics and blends that are better for limiting the wrinkling of your bed sheets.

The general rule is that man made materials like polyester and nylon have a natural resistance to wrinkling.

Here’s a list of a few of the best materials and blends that you should look out for if wrinkle free sheets are your priority.

  • Cotton-polyester blend.
  • Polyester.
  • Microfiber.

What Are the Worst Materials For Wrinkle Free Sheets?

Again, fabrics that have undergone the crosslinking process can be made to perform like synthetic sheets that are wrinkle resistant.

However, without exposure to this process, you can expect sheets made from natural fibers to wrinkle more readily.

Here’s some examples of the worst kinds of materials for wrinkle free sheets in the absence of the cross-linking process.

  • Cotton.
  • Silk.
  • Linen.
  • Bamboo.
  • Rayon.

What Are the Benefits of Wrinkle Free Sheets?

Aside from the obvious benefit of less wrinkling, because wrinkle free sheets can be made from a range of different fibers then there’s potentially a great deal of flexibility in being able to choose a bed sheet that’s suitable for your needs.

However, given that there’s a bias towards synthetic materials and cotton-polyester blends in the wrinkle-free bed sheet market, you’ll typically find that such sheets have the following benefits.

  • Good at absorbing sweat and wicking it away to help you stay dry.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • Minimal or no ironing required.
  • Cheap to buy.
  • Air-dries quickly.
  • Fade resistant.

What Are the Cons of Wrinkle Free Sheets?

The biggest problem with wrinkle free sheets is that some of them contain the potentially harmful substance ‘free formaldehyde’ which is a possible carcinogen and can irritate your skin.

And whilst some manufacturers will use a different process to ensure that formaldehyde levels are limited, it’s best to look for wrinkle free sheets that also meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Because the presence of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label means that the finished product has been tested for the presence of harmful substances and is thus ‘harmless in human ecological terms’ [5].

The other drawbacks to wrinkle free sheets will vary depending on the types of materials used and any other manufacturing processes applied.

However, with the bias towards the use of synthetic materials in wrinkle free sheets, some of the potential drawbacks may carry over into the sheet that you are buying if the manufacturer hasn’t taken steps to combat them.

This may (or may not) include the following issues.

  • Bias towards warming since synthetic materials tend to trap heat.
  • Could cause skin irritation if you’re allergic to the materials.
  • May be more likely to pill.
  • In some cases, the application of the cross-linking process to make the sheet wrinkle free may cause the sheet to feel uncomfortable or unpleasant to the touch.

Are Wrinkle Free Sheets Warming or Cooling?

It will depend on the materials used to make your sheets.

Typically, you’ll find that wrinkle free sheets that are made from synthetic materials like polyester tend to be warming because they trap heat readily.

So if you buy a sheet that’s 100% polyester then you might find that this sheet becomes uncomfortable during the summer months or if you naturally tend to sleep hot.

Conversely, if your sheet is made from cotton or mulberry silk then you can expect your sheets to be more breathable and therefore better at cooling you down.

Some of the best cooling bed sheets are made from bamboo because bamboo sheets are good at regulating your temperature as well as wicking away moisture.

Can Wrinkle Free Sheets Keep You Dry?

Wrinkle free sheets that are made from natural fibers like cotton and raw mulberry silk are pretty absorbent and can therefore help you to stay dry if you sweat moderately during the night.

However, they can drench quite easily – meaning that if the sheet starts to become saturated then they will begin to feel damp and you may heat up even more as the breathability of the sheet becomes impaired.

So if you sweat heavily, then you may be better with a bamboo bed sheet that’s been treated to prevent wrinkling because bamboo is great at wicking away moisture – which means that it pushes moisture towards the edge of the sheet where it can evaporate to combat drenching.

If you suffer from cold sweats then a synthetic anti-wrinkle sheet might be better for you because these sheets tend to be warming yet they are also pretty absorbent and can also wick away moisture too.

Can Wrinkle Free Sheets Be Used Year-Round?

Usually, yes – you’ll be able to use your wrinkle free bed sheets year-round.

This is because many wrinkle free sheets are made with a cotton blend which ensures that the sheet retains some breathability so that you can sleep comfortably.

However, if you go for a 100% polyester, microfiber, or predominantly synthetic blend then your sheets are going to be less breathable and therefore more warming.

This may make such sheets unsuitable in the summer but preferable in the winter – although naturally sleeping warmer or cooler will have an impact on the final comfort levels too.

Are Wrinkle Free Sheets Good For Your Hair?

Wrinkle free sheets that are made from silk can be good for your hair because the silk contains amino acids and encourages your hair to retain its natural oils.

Similarly, wrinkle free sheets made from bamboo, satin, or that are otherwise very soft to the touch can be good for your hair because they are less likely to snag and cause split ends.

Conversely, wrinkle free sheets that are made from cotton may feel more rough and therefore may cause your hair to tangle more.

Are Wrinkle Free Sheets Good For Your Skin?

It depends.

If your wrinkle free sheets have been subject to the cross-linking process that results in the final product containing free formaldehyde then this could potentially irritate your skin.

Similarly, if you have a textile allergy to that of say polyester, then you should avoid synthetic sheets that contain polyester as this will almost certainly cause a reaction.

However, if your sheets have been subject to the cross-linking process that doesn’t result in the product of free formaldehyde, and/or meets the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 then the product is likely going to be better for your skin.

Furthermore, if you have a 100% mulberry silk bed sheet then the inclusion of the sericin protein can help your skin retain moisture and thus reduce the appearance of fine lines to some extent.

Are Wrinkle Free Sheets Good For Allergies?

This again depends on if the sheet includes free formaldehyde or not.

Assuming such an absence, your wrinkle free sheets may be helpful for your allergies if they include mulberry silk or cotton because they tend to be naturally hypoallergenic.

However, as long as you’re not allergic to the material itself, some satin bed sheets or sheets made from synthetic materials can be good if you have hay fever or a dust mite allergy because the material tends not to trap pollen and other allergens that may cause a flare up as readily.

Are Wrinkle Free Sheets Comfortable?

Yes, most people will find that wrinkle free sheets are comfortable to sleep in.

However, very sensitive individuals may find that the cross-linking process used to make the sheets wrinkle resistant may cause a drop in comfort [6].

Although this appears to affect wrinkle resistant clothes rather than sheets more prolifically – possibly due to the greater friction associated with a closer fit.

How Do You Find a Good Wrinkle Free Sheet?

If you haven’t identified your ideal wrinkle free sheet from the list above, then here are the main things to keep in mind when looking for your ideal wrinkle free bed sheet online.

Wrinkle Free Treatment

You’ll want to read the product description carefully to see if the manufacturer specifically states that their sheets have been treated to actually make them ‘wrinkle free’ or ‘no iron’.

Because some manufactures will just shove the ‘wrinkle free’ keyword in the product title or description even though the sheets haven’t been specially treated.

They are just trying to wing it and hope that you don’t realise that a specific process is required to strengthen the chemical bonds to actually make the sheets resistant to wrinkling and require minimal/no ironing.


If you know for sure that a manufacturer uses chemical cross-linking to make their sheets wrinkle resistant then the next step is to see if the sheet is made to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure that free formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals aren’t included in the final product.

This is important because some manufacturers can legally get away with using chemically treated materials to make their sheets and then say that they, the company, don’t use any chemicals if the chemical processing was handled elsewhere.

What really matters is if harmful chemicals are present in the final product and those that meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 are certified as being ‘harmless in human ecological terms’.

Fiber Composition

The next thing to look at is what the sheet is made out of.

Because although a fabric that’s been given the proper wrinkle free treatment can be expected to behave as such, some materials are more prone to wrinkling than others.

For example, natural materials like cotton and silk are more liable to wrinkle if they have not been treated using the cross-linking protocol.

Conversely, synthetic materials tend to be naturally more resistant to wrinkling.

Keep the material composition in mind if you’re unsure if a sheet has been treated to ensure that it’s wrinkle free since it will otherwise default to its natural qualities.


After the treatment and fiber composition, the next thing to consider is the type of weave.

To minimise the chance of a sheet wrinkling, you’ll want to look for a more complex weave.

Sateen is considered to be the best weave for preventing wrinkling in the context of bed sheets.

Where Can You Buy the Best Wrinkle Free Sheets?

I think that the best place to buy wrinkle free bed sheets is online.

Click the button below to see more wrinkle free bed sheets now.

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