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5 Best Quality Satin Bed Sheets to Buy Online in 2022

Shopping for satin bed sheets alone can be difficult because most people don’t realize that ‘satin’ is actually a type of weave – rather than a type of material.

Consequently, satin bed sheets can be made from a range of materials including silk, polyester, and nylon – which means that satin sheets can vary greatly in the way they will feel, their ability to regulate your temperature, their propensity to minimize or aggravate allergies, and more.

The best satin bed sheets to buy in 2022 online are the Vuvet Bedding, One Park Linens, Vonty, Bedsure, and Pure Bedding brands due to their high quality and their varying properties such as anti-aging, anti-allergy, and cooling capabilities.

The rest of this article reviews the best satin sheets from these brands in more detail and provides you with a satin bed sheet buying guide for in depth guidance.

The 5 Best Quality Satin Bed Sheets For 2022

Ok, so there are already a bunch of other lists of satin bed sheets to buy on other websites.

This can actually make it harder to pick the right sheet for you because every list that I’ve seen seems to be completely different.

So to make things easier, I’ve compiled this list based on the unique qualities of each selection; such as the best organic, polyester, microfiber, and luxury satin bed sheets – as well as who can likely benefit from each sheet the most.

If you click the red ‘check price now’ button under each review below, you can buy that particular sheet set right away.

If you have any questions – please leave them in the comments section at the end of this article and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Otherwise – happy shopping! 🙂

1: Vuvet Bedding – Best Overall Satin Sheet Set

If you’re looking for a complete satin bed sheet set then I think that this 7 piece selection from Vuvet Bedding is your best choice overall.

Because not only are you getting 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 duvet cover, and 4 pillowcases the entire collection is made from silk satin rather than synthetic satin.

This means that the sheets are breathable to help you sleep at the right temperature in both summer and winter, whilst the material will also help your skin and hair retain moisture naturally to prevent facial lines and hair breakage.


  • Elasticated fitted sheet is deep pocketed to fit mattresses up to 15 inches thick.
  • Shiny surface makes it easy to move around in the sheets.
  • Made from breathable and soft silk satin to help you sleep at the right temperature year-round.
  • Helps your skin to retain moisture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The moisture wicking properties allow you to sleep dry all night.
  • The soft silk satin is good for your hair because it prevents tangling, encourages retention of natural oils, and therefore minimises split ends.
  • Can be machine washed.


  • Fitted sheet unsuitable for mattress more than 15 inches thick.

Washing Guidelines

According to the manufacturer, you can machine wash this sheet set – use cold water and a gentle cycle.

You can also tumble dry on low.

Avoid bleach.

Best Satin Sheet Overall For Age-Conscious Sleepers

This is my top pick for the best satin bed sheet set overall – with a specific focus for age-conscious sleepers.

Because the sheets are made from silk satin rather than synthetic satin – which means that the material is going to hydrate your skin better and prevent facial lines and wrinkles.

And the smooth material also allows your hair to glide over the surface to reduce snagging and split ends.

I also like how the sheets are breathable and designed for year-round use to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

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2: One Park Linens – Best Organic Sateen Sheet Set

This 100% organic cotton sheet set uses a sateen weave to produce a sheet that’s incredibly smooth and feels silky to the touch.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly sheet then I recommend this selection from One Park Linens because it’s made to Global Organic Textile Standards, is grown from non-GMO seeds, and has not been made with harmful chemicals.

And you’re also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee for extra peace of mind.


  • Made to Global Organic Textile Standards to ensure organic status.
  • Crafted from combed cotton yarn to be breathable.
  • Feels smooth and silky.
  • Can be used year-round.
  • Has the luxurious sheen and drape of satin.
  • Deep pocket fitted sheet for mattresses up to 16 inches thick.
  • 30-day money back return policy.
  • 400 thread count to balance breathability and durability.
  • Hypoallergenic to guard against allergies.


  • Likely to wrinkle out of the wash.

Washing Guidelines

I couldn’t find any specific advice from the manufacturer in regards to washing and caring for these sheets so be sure to check the label.

But since they are cotton, they should be fairly easy to look after but may require a bit more ironing out of the wash until the sheets soften up.

Best For Eco Sleepers With Allergies

These sheets are made out of organic cotton using a sateen weave and have a 400 thread count.

This means that the sheets offer a balance between strength and breathability to ensure that you can sleep comfortably year-round.

I personally think that this sheet set is best for those who are keen to sleep in organic sheets and have allergies.

Because the sheets are naturally hypoallergenic to limit allergic reactions to the materials themselves, and guard against ambient allergens like pollen and dust mites that may otherwise get trapped in the materials and cause a flare up.

So if you have hay fever, asthma, eczema, or a dust mite allergy then these organic sheets are probably a good choice for you.

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3: Vonty – Best Polyester Satin Sheet Set

If you’re looking for a satin sheet to keep you warm at night then I suggest having a look at this 4 piece set from Vonty.

Because these synthetic satin sheets are made from 100% polyester – a material that’s known for its warming properties.

This sheet set is available in a range of colours that are likely to appeal to you if you are a woman or girl looking for a silky soft sheet that’s great for your hair and skin.


  • Good at warming you up because the flat sheet is made from 100% polyester.
  • Very smooth and soft which is good for your skin and hair because it promotes natural moisture and oil retention.
  • Designed to help you sleep cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Easy to wash in the machine.
  • Money back guarantee available.


  • Wash before use if you have sensitive skin.
  • Avoid if you’re allergic to polyester.
  • May be too warming for you if you tend to sleep hot.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer says that you can machine wash these sheets in cold water and tumble dry on low – avoid bleach.

Best Warming Satin Sheet For Cooler Sleepers

Although the manufacturer says in the product description that the flat sheet is designed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter – I suspect that these sheets are going to be more warming than cooling.

I say this because polyester generally tends to trap heat which can cause you to warm up.

So in conclusion, I think that this is the best satin bed sheet for cooler sleepers that want to warm up at night.

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4: Bedsure – Best Microfiber Satin Sheet Set

If you have mobility problems and struggle to move around in your bed sheets then you might want to consider this 4 piece satin sheet set from Bedsure.

Because the 100% polyester microfiber material is slippery to the touch which can make it easier to glide around and reduce the amount of effort required to change sleeping positions.

These sheets could be the ideal complement for your adjustable bed.


  • Made from 100% polyester microfiber which can help warm you up at night.
  • Very affordable.
  • Resistant to fading and wrinkles.
  • Slippery to the touch which may make moving around easier.


  • Polyester tends to trap heat so this sheet might not be the best choice if you tend to sleep hot.
  • Fitted sheet won’t fit mattresses that are more than 14 inches thick.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer recommends that you wash these sheets in cold water on a delicate cycle and air dry on a rack to avoid damaging the fibers.

I will also add that heat can permanently damage microfiber – so do not tumble dry or iron on excessive heat.

Best For Seniors Who Sleep Cool

I personally think that this is the best satin bed sheet for seniors with mobility problems who also tend to sleep cool.

Because the slippery surface can make it easier to switch between sleeping positions when compared to a more abrasive material like cotton.

And polyester tends to trap heat – so it can help to warm you up too.

Otherwise, click the button below to order these polyester microfiber satin bed sheets now.

5: Pure Bedding – Best Luxury Satin Sheet Set

If you’re looking for a luxury satin sheet but without the price tag then check out this 100% polyester microfiber sheet set from Pure Bedding.

Because not only are these some of the cheapest satin sheets that you’ll find online, the sheets are fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant whilst also being durable and easy to care for.

The sheets also come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Wrinkle and fade resistant.
  • Hypoallergenic – resistant to ambient allergens.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Machine washable.


  • Polyester tends to sleep hot so not the best option if you already sleep warm.
  • Avoid if you’re allergic to polyester.

Washing Guidelines

The manufacturer says that you can machine wash these sheets in cold water and tumble dry on low.

Best For Cooler Sleepers on a Budget

I think these are the best value satin bed sheets if you tend to sleep cool.

Because these sheets are some of the best priced that I’ve found online.

And polyester tends to be warming so this is good if you’re a cooler sleeper that wants to warm up at night.

Click the button below to buy this satin sheet set now.

What is Satin?

Satin is a type of weave – not a raw fabric [1].

This means that a satin bed sheet could potentially be made from several different types of materials such as silk, polyester, nylon, microfiber, and others.

However, ‘pure’ definitions of the term may insist that a satin weave only be made from pure silk fibers.

But when you shop online for satin bed sheets, you’ll usually find that most satin sheets are actually made from synthetic materials such as polyester.

What is Sateen?

A ‘sateen’ is also a type of weave that specifically uses a short-staple yarn like cotton [2].

Yet despite the difference in the materials used, satin and sateen sheets are similar because they both exude an elegant softness and luxurious shine on one side whilst the other side is noticeably duller.

This is because both satin and sateen weaves use a four-thread-over, one-thread-under weaving pattern [3].

What is the Difference Between Satin and Silk Sheets?

Silk is a raw fiber whilst satin is a type of weave.

Mulberry silk is the most popular type of raw silk used to make silk bed sheets because it has exceptional natural properties that make it great for sleeping in – such as being able to regulate your temperature naturally, wick away moisture to help you stay dry, being naturally hypoallergenic to avoid allergic reactions, and having anti-aging properties due to the inclusion of the sericin protein [4].

What Are Satin Bed Sheets Made From?

Because satin is a weave – satin sheets can be made from different materials.

Satin bed sheets can be made from natural and man-made fibers – the most common being silk and polyester respectively.

When a satin sheet is made with silk, it’s usually called a ‘silk satin’.

When a satin sheet is made with polyester, it’s usually called a ‘polyester satin’.

When a satin sheet is made from man-made materials it can be called a ‘synthetic satin’.

What Are the Benefits of Satin Bed Sheets?

This is where it gets a bit complicated.

Because the exact benefits of satin bed sheets depends on the type of fibers used – since a satin bed sheet made with silk is likely to perform differently to a satin bed sheet made from polyester.

And then you have the blends – which can include several different types of fibers again.

So let’s simplify things.

Most manufacturers realise that the vast majority of people don’t want to pay premium prices for mulberry silk, so they’ll instead use synthetic materials since it’s cheaper – and the finished product often looks a lot like silk and even has some similar properties.

So here are the benefits that you can expect when buying synthetic satin bed sheets.


Mulberry silk bed sheets are some of the most expensive that you can buy – whereas synthetic satin sheets are available at a mere fraction of the price.

Good For Hair and Skin

Because synthetic satin sheets are typically very soft on the outer layer, they can be better for your hair and skin when compared to more abrasive materials like cotton because less friction results in better moisture retention and less snagging – thus smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and minimising hair breakage.

Can Wick Away Moisture

Much like silk, synthetic satin sheets are good at absorbing moisture to help you stay dry – useful if you sweat a lot at night.

Durable and Soft

The satin weave results in a bed sheet that’s smooth and shiny on one side whilst being very strong and durable overall.

Looks Luxurious

Silk and synthetic satin look similar – silk tends to shimmer whilst satin looks more glossy.

Resistant to Allergens

Synthetic satin sheets can be more resistant to ambient allergens like dust and pollen than other types of sheets – making it harder for the particles to become lodged in the fabric and trigger your allergies.

Easier to Move Around In

Synthetic satin sheets are typically much more slippery than silk; making them easier to move around in – which could be a benefit if you have mobility problems.

What Are the Drawbacks of Satin Bed Sheets?

Some of the cons of synthetic satin bed sheets are as follows.

Poor Breathability

Although synthetic satin bed sheets are pretty good at wicking away moisture and may initially feel cool to the touch – they’re not very breathable.

This means that satin bed sheets made from polyester tend to trap heat and are therefore more likely to warm you up at night.

Can Cause Allergies

Although synthetic satin sheets can help you with allergies like hay fever because they are more resistant to ambient allergens – they can actually cause allergies in some cases too.

More specifically, if you have a polyester allergy then if your satin sheets contain this fiber then you may experience textile dermatitis – where you may develop rashes, itching, and even swelling due to an adverse reaction with the fabric [5].

Slippery Feel

Although the slippery feel of synthetic satin sheets can help you if you have mobility problems – it can also be really annoying too.

Because if you’re using both a satin fitted sheet and satin pillowcase, you may experience your pillow shooting away from you as you turn over!

Some people also dislike the slippery feel in general – something that’s usually absent in 100% silk bed sheets.

Wash With Care

Depending on the exact composition of your satin sheets, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to take extra care when washing your satin sheets to avoid damaging the fibers.

How Do You Pick the Right Size Satin Sheet?

The right sized satin sheet depends on if you’re buying a fitted sheet to cover your mattress, or a flat sheet that acts as a top sheet to replace or sit between you and your comforter or duvet cover.

In most cases, satin sheets come as a sheet set that contains a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 or more pillow cases.

Always check the dimensions of the sheets against your own mattress to ensure that you’re getting the right sizes – especially if you have a mattress that’s more than 14 inches thick because you’ll need a deep pocket fitted sheet.

For more help with US fitted sheet, flat sheet, and mattress dimensions – check out the section titled ‘What Are the Different Bed Sheet Sizes’ in my complete list of the best bed sheets to buy online.

How Do You Wash Satin Bed Sheets?

The exact method of washing your satin sheets will depend on the types of fibers used to make your sheets.

Therefore, the best way to wash your satin sheets is to follow the guidelines on the label.

But in the case of synthetic satin, the label will more than likely instruct you to wash your sheets in cold or lukewarm water at no more than 30 degrees centigrade – either by hand or on a gentle cycle in the machine – before hang-drying out of direct sunlight to avoid degradation of the fibers through exposure to UV rays.

Are Satin Sheets Breathable?

Synthetic satin sheets are typically not very breathable – meaning that they tend to trap heat and warm you up.

Whereas satin sheets that contain a large percentage of mulberry silk will be naturally more breathable and therefore better at regulating your temperature.

However, silk sheets with a much tighter weave can also be warming to some extent because breathability can be impaired.

Satin sheets made from different blends will vary in their breathability.

Are Satin Sheets Cooling or Warming?

Synthetic satin sheets tend to be warming due to their lack of breathability.

Silk satin sheets are naturally better at regulating your temperature and can therefore be both cooling and warming depending on your body temperature – although a tight weave can give even pure silk sheets a warming bias.

Satin sheets made from blends or other materials are likely to perform differently based on their primary fiber bias.

Are Satin Sheets Better for Summer or Winter?

Synthetic satin sheets are better in winter than summer because they tend to trap heat and will therefore warm you up.

And unless you sleep particularly cold year-round, synthetic satin will probably cause you to feel uncomfortably hot during the warmer months.

Conversely, silk satin that contains a high percentage of raw silk such as mulberry is going to be better at regulating your temperature and is therefore likely the superior choice for year-round comfort for temperate sleepers – just watch out for silk sheets with a tighter weave since they can be more warming than cooling.

Are Satin Sheets Good at Keeping You Dry?

Both silk satin and synthetic satin sheets are pretty good at keeping you dry.

This is because the materials can absorb excess moisture – pulling it away from your body and allowing it to evaporate.

Therefore, satin sheets can be a great option if you sweat excessively; especially if you have cold sweats where your body temperature drops – possibly due to a medical condition like idiopathic hyperhidrosis – because the warming properties of synthetic satin sheets and the temperature regulating qualities of silk satin can help warm you up whilst also absorbing excessive sweat.

Are Satin Sheets Good for Your Hair?

Synthetic satin sheets can be good for your hair because the smooth outer surface is better at limiting tangling, breaking, and also helps your hair to retain its natural moisture – which is good news if you have dry, brittle hair [6].

Are Satin Sheets Good for Your Skin?

Synthetic satin sheets can be good for your skin because the sheets are very soft and promote natural moisture retention.

However, if you’re allergic to any of the synthetic materials like polyester then no – the sheets won’t be good for your skin because you’ll likely experience rashes, itching, and/or swelling.

Silk satin sheets that contain mulberry silk are better for your skin than synthetic satin because they contain the sericin protein created by the Bombyx mori silkworm during production – helping your skin to retain moisture which can combat wrinkles [7].

Are Satin Sheets Good for Allergies?

Synthetic satin sheets can be both good and bad for allergies.

Because on the one hand the material tends to be more resistant to airborne particles like dust and pollen that could otherwise become trapped in the fabric and lead to a worsening of your asthma or triggering of hay fever or other allergies.

Yet at the same time being allergic to the man made materials found in some synthetic satin sheets may cause skin irritation or your eczema to flare up.

Silk satin sheets made from mulberry silk are better than synthetic satin sheets for allergies because they are naturally hypoallergenic whilst also being more resistant to dust mites, mold growth, and other allergens.

If you have bad allergies then I would suggest going for a 100% pure mulberry silk bed sheet set over a synthetic satin because raw silk is so much better at guarding against allergies.

Are Satin Sheets Comfortable to Sleep In?

Synthetic satin sheets may feel soft and comfortable for some – whilst others may not like the slippery feel or their natural tendency to trap heat.

Satin sheets made from mulberry silk don’t have the same slippery feel and are much better at regulating your temperature – making them more popular in terms of comfort.

Are Satin Sheets Right For You?

Silk satin sheets made mainly from mulberry silk are preferred over synthetic satin bed sheets by most because of their greater comfort, ability to regulate your temperature, better hypoallergenic qualities, and anti-ageing properties – but they are usually more expensive.

Synthetic satin sheets might be a more cost effective alternative if you have cold sweats, sleep cold year-round, don’t mind the slippery feel, or have mobility problems – since the sheets are easier to move around in.

If you’ve not already found your ideal choice from my hand-picked list of the best satin sheets to buy online above – then click the button below to see more options.

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