How to Style a Bedroom Wall – 13 Design and Decor Ideas

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No one wants a boring bedroom wall.

But what are the best ways to style your bland bedroom wall to make it unique, interesting, and yours?

The best bedroom wall decoration ideas include painting a bold accent wall, using wallpaper or upholstery to create texture; creating gallery walls with photos or art; hanging shelves, rugs, artwork, mirrors, framed quotes, or lights. Mix and match ideas for uniqueness.

The rest of this article gives you 13 ideas for styling your bedroom wall to help fill up those blank spaces and create the ambiance that you want.

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13 Ways to Style Your Bedroom Wall

Here are 13 ways to style your bedroom wall:

1: Paint Your Bedroom Walls a Bold Color for Added Depth

Bold Bedroom Colors
A Bold Accent Wall Can Frame the Bed (Getty Images #1)

Painting your bedroom wall a bold color can give your bedroom real character and depth.

You can either choose to paint all the walls the same bold color, or use an accent wall to add contrast and variance to the room whilst also providing a backdrop for your bed.

Although many are scared to use bolder and more moody colors, it’s definitely a trend right now that can work very well when executed properly.

Going for darker colors to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom is great if you don’t mind adding a few more touches of ambient lighting around.

Check out my guide to painting a bedroom a dark color to learn how to do this properly without making your room feel like a cave.

If you go for bolder colors such as yellow or pink, you can be assured it will brighten your room in the morning, especially if you have a source of natural light such as a window.

3 of the best bold colors for your bedroom walls with their #hex values (that you can paste into the Adobe Color Wheel here to create your own palette) are as follows:

Horizon (#588898)

Horizon Color

Horizon is a cyan, green-blue color that balances boldness with calming serenity that works well in a bedroom to help you relax, whilst also providing a natural ambiance that has echoes of nature.

Bay of Many (#263D7E)

Bay of Many Color

Blue is considered by many decor experts to be the perfect color for a bedroom because it invokes a feeling of deep relaxation, and the Bay of Many color is a richer blue variant that also adds a luxurious feeling.

Tosca (#8F3E49)

Tosca Color

Tosca is a type of red color that can invoke feelings of romance and passion, whilst also matching well with extroverted personalities to create a more vibrant feel if that’s what you desire.

2: Hang a Patterned Rug Above the Bed for a Boho Feel

Boho Bedroom
Rugs and Tapestry on the Bedroom Wall can Create a Boho Look (Getty Images #2)

One of the most recent trends is hanging patterned rugs above your headboard or even replacing your headboard to create an entire statement wall covered with tapestry.

This option provides you with a bohemian feel while also introducing some new and unique patterns and textures to your walls.

There are stunning options to choose from, such as flowery patterns or geometric figures in abstract tapestry; even pieces of handmade tapestry from various artists all over the world.

Whatever your choice may be regarding tapestry and rugs on your bedroom wall, it’s good to be aware that it requires more care and cleaning than a simple painted wall, as it holds much more dust and could need to be changed or deep cleaned regularly. 

You’ll find that using tapestry could also bring a more bohemian style into your bedroom, if that’s what you’re going for, so we recommend the use of more patterns around your furniture, as well as the use of hanging lights or perhaps even industrial-style lamps.

If bohemian isn’t your style and you’d rather go for a timeless design, a modern and abstract patterned rug will be perfect for lighter shades of color around your bedroom, as well as using more contemporary lighting options.

3: Create a Gallery Wall to Express Your Personality

Art Work Above Bed
A Gallery Wall Can Include Anything You Like to Create Personality (Getty Images #3)

A gallery wall is the right option for anyone who values art as the perfect finish to any space.

If your bedroom is the most intimate room in your house, then a gallery wall should also reflect your inner self.

However, keep in mind that your bedroom is also where you will need to relax and rest, so go for art that will provide you with a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Whether you’re a true art fanatic and you wish to display your favorite pieces from your art collection, or you’ve found the perfect art pieces from your favored Etsy store, be sure to display them a way that makes sense above your headboard and around your bedroom walls.

We recommend focusing solely on the wall above your headboard, as the remaining walls have other functions according to the furniture and lighting you place around your bedroom.

The wall above your bed is the barest and bringing a touch of color with a gallery wall could be the perfect finish to this space.

Try to stick to your color palette for a more modern look, but if you’re going for an eclectic and maximalist style, then you can choose a variety of different colors and elements in the art you pick.

4: Showcase Your Life With a Photo Montage

Photo Montage
Family and Travel Photo Montages Can Capture Your Life (Getty Images #4)

A different spin on a gallery wall, displaying some of the best moments of your life above your bed could be the best relaxation technique before a good night’s sleep.

Besides bringing a sense of calm and happiness before a good night’s sleep, it perfectly ties your decor together in a rather effective way.

Frame the best photos of yourself, your friends or family, and the moments you best want to remember after a long day of work, and you’ve got yourself the right combination for the perfect bedroom wall decor.

Want to give your photo gallery wall a spin?

Then add only black and white photos with silver or gold frames for a more luxurious look without much effort or expense.

If you want a specific filter that will go well with your remaining furniture or you simply wish for the room to feel a little brighter and youthful, it’s not hard nowadays to have access to a variety of filters and print the perfect one to use on your bedroom wall.

5: Add Mirrors to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Bedroom Wall Mirrors
Bedroom Wall Mirrors Can Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger (Getty Images #5)

It’s well-known that mirrors are always a great option when trying to decorate a small room due to their magic ability to be able to extend the space, tricking the eye into believing there is more to the room.

If you’re dealing with a small bedroom, a framed mirror above your headboard could be the right choice to bring in a unique decor touch but also have functionality in the way you’re styling your room.

There are plenty of different choices when it comes to mirrors.

You can choose different frames in different colors, materials and even with different textures that can easily be coordinated with your chosen bedroom furniture.

Alongside the type of frame, you can also choose the position of the mirror on the wall, whether you wish for it to be vertically positioned or horizontally, changing the whole ambiance of the room with one simple choice.

Another great idea would be to pair this particular decor accessory with other ways of styling bedroom walls we present in this post.

Why not pair it alongside a gallery wall or your very own DIY art?

6: Wallpaper is an Easy Way to Create a Statement

Bedroom Wallpaper
Bedroom Wallpaper Can Make a Statement With Bold Patterns (Getty Images #6)

A simple way of changing any bedroom wall without needing to commit to a big change (such as wall paint) is to find the perfect wallpaper.

Patterned, floral, with characters or figures, even with simple geometric lines… when it comes to wallpaper, you have a range of patterns at your disposal to create a statement.

If you don’t wish to cover your entire bedroom walls with wallpaper, you can go for a trendier look: a statement wallpaper wall.

Take the empty wall behind your bed and pick a wallpaper (vintage, floral, abstract or even tropical).

All that is left is to match the type of wood or upholstery on your bed frame to match this choice, as well as pick the perfect lighting pieces on your nightstands to better accentuate the wallpaper, and you’re good to go.

7: Hang Hexagonal Shelves For Stylish Storage

Hexagonal Bedroom Wall Shelves
Hexagonal Bedroom Wall Shelves Can Add Storage and Style (Pixelshot #7)

Hanging shelves above your headboard can create functional storage whilst making your bedroom wall look more stylish and exciting.

While being able to display small decor accessories and various items (perhaps even antiquities or souvenirs from different travel trips), it also adds a modern look to your bedroom decor.

Normal shelves can work fine, but you can also hang hexagonal wall shelves to leverage the use of patterns to draw the eye and add interest.

You can even add a small succulent to bring a touch of nature to your room, bringing a small detail to your decor that can bring a sense of peace.

Adding a line of books alongside a succulent or your favorite plant, a small clock and some other decor accessories are sure to look stylish and luxurious in your bedroom wall.

Make a statement with the choices you make, from the elements you place on the shelves to the type of material used for your hanging shelves.

For a bohemian look, go for exposed light wood and rope, but for a more modern style, black wood is the perfect choice.

8: Lined Wallpaper or Painted Lines Create Spatial Illusions

Green Lines on Bedroom Wall
Lines in a Bedroom Can Create Space and Interest (Navamin Studio #8)

Creating symmetry using vertical lines on your bedroom wall, especially behind your bed, can really make the room feel bigger while bringing the whole decor together – the lines can be painted or added through patterned wallpaper.

Even making use of elements of your bed’s headboard or any element on this list can help you create some symmetry in your bedroom. 

You can play around with this way of styling your bedroom wall too if you decide to paint your wall in a specific light color and create vertical lines using a darker shade (or vice-versa for a more dramatic look, as pictured above).

Not only does it create the symmetry you need but it also provides more depth to your room, changing the perception of the interior to make it look bigger.

If you prefer to go for horizontal lines rather than vertical, you will find that these are also beneficial to your room, conveying a sense of security and relaxation by grounding the space.

They also trick the eye, bringing the eye level down and creating a sense of intimacy by visually lowering the ceiling, which can be quite favorable in a space such as the bedroom.

They can also create length or narrow it, depending exactly on how you use it.

9: Upholster the Walls for Added Texture

Upholstered Bedroom Wall
An Upholstered Wall Can Transform the Look and Feel of Your Bedroom (Getty Images #9)

A unique way to style your bedroom wall is to give it some texture using upholstered material.

Textured walls can hide the signs of drywall installation as well as other imperfections, but it can also create a unique look that you can play around with.

It makes it slightly difficult to add decor accessories such as a mirror directly but you can hang other items around it if you only upholster a section of the wall.

Alternatively, you can also go for texture in different wallpapers or even choose different materials for your wall, creating a beautiful pattern that mixes wood with marble accents for a luxury style.

There are plenty of different ideas to use this particular functional way of styling a wall to your advantage.

You can even have a statement textured wall with an integrated floor-to-ceiling effect that will create a balanced aesthetic if you’re dealing with a tall bedroom.

10: Create Positivity With Quotes

Positive Quotes For Bedroom Wall
Add Positive Quotes to Your Bedroom Wall For Daily Inspiration (Getty Images #10)

You can add special words and quotes that mean something to you, right above your headboard using wall paint, wallpaper, stickers, string lights, posters, wooden engravings, and framed pictures.

If it’s the first thing you want to see when you go to sleep and when you wake up, perhaps choosing words or quotes that give you peace, inspire you or provide you with a warm feeling is the right way to go.

To convey different emotions, there are plenty of fonts to choose from as well, and you can even create your own personalized quotes that convey a specific memory in your life.

If you want to add a personal touch to the most intimate space in your home, then making use of your bedroom walls to insert emotions and memories is the way to go.

Adding quotes to your bedroom door can make it look more stylish too.

11: Create Your Own Art For Sentimental Value

Bedroom Wall Art
Create Your Own Bedroom Wall Art for Sentimental Value (Photology #11)

Who needs a gallery wall with expensive art when you can make your own?

There are many tutorials on different art techniques you can do yourself.

It’s no longer a piece of art you once bought, but a great way to display a unique experience or your new hobby.

If you have a family and your children love to do art, just add a beautiful frame and you’ve got a memory forever on your bedroom wall.

It doesn’t have to be pretty to be art, nor does it have to be expensive.

As long as it means something to you, it will be a wonderful addition to your bedroom wall.

You don’t need to frame art either, you can have a go at painting your own walls or trying different techniques when drawing.

If you’re trying to style a children’s bedroom wall, we strongly recommend this way to style it because it adds personality and stimulus to the eye, especially if you use different bright colors and motifs.

12: Use Lighting to Customize the Ambiance

Bedroom Wall Lights
Add Bedroom Wall Lights to Change the Ambiance (Getty Images #12)

Using lighting pieces on a wall behind your bed can be both functional and stylish.

You can go industrial with wall lamps hanging over your nightstands, providing much needed light in your room but also creating symmetry on your wall.

If you wish to go for something more eclectic and youthful, use LED lights behind your headboard that create a colorful effect on the wall, or try string lights hung across it.

The great thing about string lights is that you can easily stick it to your bedroom wall in various shapes (see the picture above).

Whether you want to go for a heart shape or a “fake headboard” square shape, a cactus shape for a tropical and irreverent look or even a star above your bed, this idea could be perfect for any bedroom, from kids to parents, singles to couples.

13: Place Plants for Better Health

Bedroom Wall Plants Can Improve Aesthetics and Health (Getty Images #13)

Whether you use succulents in hanging shelves above your bed or you try to go for hanging plants around your bedroom, these are extremely beneficial to your health and you should always consider adding them to your home, especially in your bedroom.

Besides boosting your mood, enhancing your creativity first thing in the morning, increasing your productivity when you wake up, reducing stress levels and naturally filtering air pollutants, plants are always a great decor addition that bring a bright color against bare walls. 

While many don’t realize how important air quality is, especially in the bedroom, plants are relatively easy to care for and add a special touch to any room, so even if you mindlessly use them for decor purposes, you’re already cultivating a happy and stress-free environment around you.

You can even DIY a plant wall hanging with wood and pots or go for a clove hitch, even a macrame plant hanger, so you can achieve the perfect style for your bedroom.

Combine Ideas

There are no hard and fast rules for styling your bedroom wall, so you might like to combine several ideas from this list to make your bedroom wall unique to you.

For example, you could create a bold or textured accent wall, and hang a range of wall art, mirrors, and lights around the room to achieve the desired ambiance.

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