47 Mattress Warranty Lengths Revealed

If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress then you might be wondering how long a mattress warranty lasts.

Mattress warranties last from 10 – 20 years in length in most cases, with shorter periods (often 5 years) and longer periods (often 25 years) being possible. Some mattress manufacturers even offer lifetime (‘forever’) warranties that last for as long as you own the mattress.

In the next section, I’ve detailed the exact warranty lengths for 47 of the most popular mattress manufacturers and retailers.

There’s a quick summary plus the link to the full terms if you need them.

You might find this list useful if you’re shopping for a specific mattress brand and you’d like to find out more about the warranty length, or if you’re trying to claim on the warranty for the existing mattress that you own and you don’t know if it’s expired or not.

Alternatively: if you’re looking for a high quality mattress with a lifetime warranty, then have a look at my list of the best mattresses with a lifetime warranty to buy now (includes discounts).

Mattress Warranty Lengths for 47 Top Brands

A mattress warranty covers you against defects and manufacturing flaws such as broken springs, visible sagging over a certain depth (usually more than 1 – 1.5″), faulty cover zippers, stitching problems, and potentially other issues mentioned in the terms of the warranty.

Issues not covered by the warranty typically include anything that can be attributed to normal ‘wear and tear’ such as dips and body impressions below the specified threshold, or damage caused through misuse or using an improper frame.

Critically, the mattress warranty does NOT cover comfort issues – unless this relates to a defect (such as sagging beyond the threshold) – although a ‘sleep trial’ will (which is separate to the warranty and should last at least 30 days to allow for the adjustment period to pass).

You should also avoid making the mistake of assuming that the length of a warranty correlates to the expected lifespan of the mattress, because most mattresses will need replacing BEFORE the 10 year mark due to normal wear and tear (which is NOT covered by the warranty).

Therefore, there’s little point in paying extra for an extended warranty beyond the 10 year point in my opinion.

Also, a longer warranty has diminished value if you’re required to contribute towards the costs of replacing the parts in the later years under ‘prorated’ terms.

Therefore, it’s likely going to be more beneficial for you to buy a mattress that will last a long time, and comes with a 10 year ‘non-prorated’ warranty where the costs of replacing the defective parts are covered entirely by the manufacturer/retailer.

However, you should always look for hidden costs that can affect both prorated and non-prorated mattress warranties, such as shipping fees and inspection costs.

To make a warranty claim, you should begin by contacting the manufacturer or retailer for specific guidance.

Before I reveal the length of the warranties for 47 of the most popular mattress brands, it’s helpful to understand the following terms so that you can read through a mattress warranty with more clarity and confidence:

  • Full warranty – covers the repair or replacement of any qualifying defect [1]. The terms of a full warranty may only be active for a limited amount of time out of the entire warranty period (such as the first 10 years of a lifetime warranty – with different terms being applicable to the remainder of the time).
  • Limited warranty – a broad term that means the warranty is somehow ‘limited’; typically to certain parts of the product, specific types of defects, or other conditions specified by the manufacturer [2].
  • Non-prorated coverage – you will not have to pay for costs associated with replacing defective parts or for a replacement mattress (although you may have to pay for associated fees such as covering the cost of shipping or for a home inspection of your mattress to confirm that a defect is present).
  • Prorated coverage – you will have to contribute some money towards the repair/replacement of the defective parts or a new mattress; additional costs may also apply.
  • Graded coverage – a warranty that’s split between non-prorated and prorated coverage. In the context of a 20 year warranty, it’s common to find that the first 10 years are non-prorated and the remaining 10 years are prorated; where 50% of costs need to be covered by the owner in year 11, with a further 5% increase each year thereafter until the warranty expires.

Although the information below is correct at the time of publishing to the best of my understanding, I’ve only summarised the key points and the exact details of each warranty may change over time. The terms of the warranty may vary depending on your location or other variables. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that you read the terms for the applicable warranty in full for yourself (links are provided) and simply use the list below as a guide.

1: Ashley Furniture

The warranty for an Ashley-Sleep® mattress lasts 10 years and is offered as a limited warranty.

Take extra care to check the duration and details of a non-Ashley-Sleep® branded mattress sold through Ashley Furniture because different terms may apply.

Read the full Ashley-Sleep® warranty here.

2: Avocado

Avocado Green Mattress®, Avocado Vegan Mattress®, Avocado Luxury Organic Crib Mattress, and Organic Crib Mattress are covered by a 25 year limited warranty.

Read the full warranty terms here.

3: Beautyrest

The length of a Beautyrest mattress warranty varies from 1 – 25 years depending on the warranty code listed on the law tag.

See here for more guidance.

4: Brick

The warranty length for a mattress bought at The Brick varies depending on the manufacturer.

Learn more here.

5: Bobs Furniture

Bob’s mattresses come with a warranty that lasts up to 20 years – this varies from model to model so be sure to check on the sales page.

View full warranty info here.

6: Casper

The Casper mattress warranty last for 10 years and is offered as a limited warranty.

See the full Casper mattress warranty here.

7: Classic Brands

The warranties for Classic Brands mattresses range from 1- 25 years depending on the model.

You should check with the retailer to learn of the specifics for each warranty.

More information here.

8: Dreams

Dreams offer a ’12 month guarantee’ with extra coverage up to 8 years available for purchase under their Bed Cover Service Plan.

More details here.

9: Dormeo

Dormeo mattresses come with a 1 year warranty.

See the terms here.

10: Dreamcloud

Dreamcloud offer a lifetime warranty – where your defective mattress is eligible to be replaced at no extra charge in the first 10 years, with repairs and re-covering available thereafter.

Transportation costs will be waived if a manufacturing defect or material failure is confirmed during inspection.

See the full warranty terms here.

11: Englander

Englander mattresses come with a 10 year warranty, with full coverage for the first 2 years and pro-rated coverage for the remaining 8 years.

View details.

12: Emma

The Emma mattress warranty lasts for 10 years, where a defective mattress may be fully replaced – pillows and protectors are covered by a 2 year warranty.

View terms here.

13: Eve

The Eve mattress warranty lasts for 10 years.

Full terms here.

14: Essentia

The Essentia mattress warranty lasts for 20 years under prorated terms for The Grateful Bed, Grateful Bed JR, Bionda, Stratami, Tatami, Classic Skinny, Classic 8, Energie Opus, Beausommet, Dormeuse, Dormeuse Fior and Unity mattresses; whilst the warranty for the Tatami Hybrid, FROG and Jeanius mattresses lasts 10 years under prorated terms.

Full details here.

15: Ecosa

The Ecosa mattress warranty lasts for 15 years under limited terms.

Notably, shipping expenses are covered only for the first warranty claim, and the mattress warranty does NOT restart but instead continues from the initial purchase date.

See the full terms here.

16: Forty Winks

The length of the mattress warranty for mattresses bought at Forty Winks varies depending on the brand – check the sales page for the specific model for guidance.

More info here.

17: Fantastic Furniture

The Fantastic Furniture mattress warranty lasts from 1 – 10 years depending on the model.

Full terms here.

18: Furniture Row

The Furniture Row mattress warranty lasts for 1 year but longer warranties are available on some brands.

More info here.

19: Granrest

The Granrest mattress warranty lasts for 10 years when bought through Walmart.


20: GhostBed

The GhostBed mattress warranty lasts for 20 years – with the first 10 years being covered under non-prorated terms and the final 10 years under prorated terms – whilst the GhostBed Luxe, GhostBed Flex, and The GhostBed 3D Matrix are subject to 25 year warranties.

More info here.

21: Helix

The warranty for the Helix Mattress lasts for 10 years, and the warranty for the Helix Luxe Mattress lasts 15 years.

See full terms here.

22: Hypnos

The Hypnos mattress warranty lasts for 10 years with full coverage.

Full details here.

23: Ikea

The Ikea mattress warranty lasts for 25 years.

More info here.

24: John Lewis

The warranty for John Lewis adult mattresses and divan bases lasts for 7 years, whilst the warranty for selected mattresses from House by John Lewis lasts 2 years.

See full terms here.

25: Kingsdown

The Kingsdown mattress warranty last between 1 and 20 years depending on the warranty code found on the law tag.

See warranty codes here.

26: Koala

The Koala mattress warranty lasts for 10 years under limited terms.

View terms.

27: Leesa

The Leesa mattress warranty lasts for 10 years .

See terms here.

28: Lucid

The warranty for Lucid mattresses bought from LucidMattress.com lasts for 10 years.

Read terms here.

29: Living Spaces

The mattresses sold at Living Spaces are subject to the length and terms stipulated by the individual manufacturer.

More info.

30: Linenspa

The warranty for Linenspa mattresses bought through Linenspa.com lasts 10 years.

See full terms here.

31: Layla

The Layla mattress warranty is a lifetime warranty.

See terms here.

32: Mattress Firm

The warranty for mattresses bought through Mattress Firm last for varying lengths of time depending on the brand.

You can view the length and terms by clicking the ‘warranty’ tab on the sales page for the mattress you are interested in.

To claim on the warranty of a mattress bought through Mattress Firm, you should click the button below for more details because the process differs depending on the brand in question.

Details for starting a claim here.

33: Mlily

The warranty for a Mlily mattress lasts for 10 years.

More info.

34: Nectar

Nectar offer a lifetime warranty.

Full details here.

35: Naturepedic

The length of a Naturepedic warranty varies depending on the model you bought.

View individual terms here.

36: Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding offer a lifetime warranty.

Full terms here.

37: Otty

The Otty mattress warranty lasts for 10 years (confirmed by contacting customer support).

More info.

Otty mattress warranty length chat transcript proof

38: Purple

The Purple mattress warranty lasts for 10 years.

Full terms here.

39: Puffy

The Puffy mattress warranty is a lifetime warranty and I rated the Puffy Lux as the number 1 mattress with a lifetime warranty because the terms are fair and the mattress can suit a wide range of sleeping styles.

View terms here.

40: Sealy

The Sealy mattress warranty lasts for 5 years.

Full terms here.

41: Serta

The length of the Serta mattress warranty ranges from 1 – 20 years depending on the warranty code displayed on the law tag – the terms also vary.

See the warranty codes here.

42: Simmons

The Simmons mattress warranty lasts for 10 years – with the first 2 years being non-prorated (excluding transportation charges) and the final 8 years being subject to prorated terms.

Learn more here.

43: Stearns and Foster

The length of the Stearns and Foster mattress warranty varies depending on the warranty code.

More info here.

44: Saatva

The Saatva mattress warranty lasts for 15 years and comes with non-prorated coverage for the duration.

Full details here.

45: Tempur-Pedic

The Tempur-Pedic mattress warranty lasts for 10 years.

More info here.

46: Tuft and Needle

The warranty for the T&N Original Mattress, Mint Mattress, and the Hybrid Mattress lasts for 10 years.

Full terms here.

47: US Mattress

The length of a mattress warranty for a mattress bought at US-Mattress.com varies depending on the exact brand that you bought.

More info.

Always Read the Terms in Full

You’ll typically find that online direct to consumer mattress companies tend to spell out the terms of their mattress agreements more clearly than large retailers (who often defer to the warranties provided by the individual brands).

But in either case, you should read through the terms of the warranty in full – links are usually found in the footer section of the manufacturer or retailer’s website.

Which Mattresses Have the Longest Warranties?

The mattresses with the longest warranties are the Puffy Lux, Awara, Idle Plush, Level Sleep, Layla Hybrid, and the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress which all offer a lifetime warranty.

There are other mattresses and brands that offer lifetime warranties, but I have mentioned the above models because in addition to having a long warranty, they are also very good mattresses that can appeal to a wide range of sleeping requirements.

Click the button below to learn more.

Sources and References

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