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3 Best Mattresses With Klarna to Buy On 0% APR Finance

Buying a new mattress can be expensive.

However, with the help of POS (point of sale) finance solutions from the likes of Klarna, it’s possible to spread out your payments over a period of months at 0% APR to increase affordability without paying extra.

However, it can be quite a bit of work to find out which are the best mattresses that you can buy with Klarna at 0% APR.

So I’ve compiled this list to make your life easier.

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3 Best Mattresses With Klarna Reviewed

Below are the top 3 mattresses to buy with Klarna on a 0% APR deal.

There are other mattresses that you can buy on Klarna but they didn’t have the 0% deal so I didn’t include them.

Plus the Natural Bliss mattress is likely suitable for just about every sleeping style so there’s little point in making this list longer than it needs to be (but I’ve included two other options that you might find interesting).

It’s important to note that you must pay the full amount off within a specified time period (usually 6 or 12 months) in order to avail of the 0% APR promotional offer – later payments will be charged with a higher APR (usually 19.99%).

Click the red buttons under any of the mattress reviews below to buy that mattress and take advantage of any special discounts that may be running.

1: PlushBeds Natural Bliss – Best Overall

The Natural Bliss Mattress
The Natural Bliss Mattress (

I have chosen the Natural Bliss from PlushBeds as the best mattress to buy with Klarna because the features of this mattress makes it suitable for just about every sleeping position and style, plus you can buy this mattress with Klarna at 0% APR to increase affordability.

More specifically, you can spread your payments out over 6 or 12 months and get a 0% APR when you pay off an order worth $499 to $799 in 6 months in full, or an order greater than $799 in 12 months in full (see full terms).

The mattress itself is available in soft, medium, medium-firm, and extra-firm which accounts for every sleeping position; including side sleepers, front sleepers, and back sleepers – with the firmer options being suitable for heavier weighted sleepers in excess of 275 lbs.

Whilst lighter weighted sleepers under 150 lbs and those with a lower body fat percentage can enjoy the pressure relief and deeper material compression afforded by the softer firmness option.

The natural latex gives the bed some bounce to help restless sleepers switch positions smoothly without getting bogged down in the materials, whilst couples can benefit from reduced motion transfer and noise to aid with an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

This is also an excellent mattress if you have a dust mite allergy, sensitive skin, or conditions like asthma because the natural materials, GOTS certified organic cotton cover, and lack of synthetic materials means less allergens that may otherwise cause a reaction or irritation.

And if you click the button below, you can get an incredible $1,100 OFF this mattress (saving you 58%) but you need to act fast because this offer is time sensitive.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – the softer and medium firmnesses are ideal for side sleepers up to 230 lbs, whilst the firmer options can suit heavier weighted side sleepers too because the latex foam can mould and adapt to the shape of your body to take away the pressure from the more angular regions of your body like your hips and shoulders (resulting in less pain when compared to sleeping on a regular spring mattress).
  • Front sleepers – the medium and firmer options can provide more surface tension to help keep your hips properly aligned when you’re sleeping on your stomach.
  • Back sleepers – the medium and firmer options should be ideal for back sleepers over 130 lbs (with the softer option being suitable for those under 130 lbs) because the surface tension balances with the qualities of the latex foam to support your body and keep you in good posture.
  • Restless sleepers – if you tend to toss and turn at night and you currently sleep on a spring (and/or worn out) mattress then the adaptive feel of the latex foam may help to soothe the pressure points that may be causing this, whilst also providing the buoyancy to allow you to switch positions without getting bogged down in the materials (like a memory foam mattress might).
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – if you weigh more than 230 lbs then the medium or medium-firm options should be ideal for you depending on your sleeping position, whilst sleepers over 275 lbs may even prefer to go for the extra-firm to stop you from sinking too far into the materials (which can be a real problem with other types of all-foam mattresses at heavier weights).
  • Lighter weighted sleepers – if you weigh less than 150 lbs then the softer firmness can allow you to sink more deeply into the materials so that the pressure associated with lying ‘on’ the materials is dissipated away from your joints and into the materials of the mattress to increase comfort.
  • Skinny sleepers – if you have a low body fat percentage then the latex foam can remove the pressure points on the more angular regions of your body like your hips and shoulders that can typically be hot spots for pain when sleeping on a regular spring mattress. Going for the soft level of firmness can enhance this pressure dissipation and can be a great option if you’re on the lighter side.
  • Couples – although latex doesn’t dampen movements quite as well as memory foam on the whole, the all-latex design can still impede cross and vertical mattress movements so that you can avoid waking each other up as you sit on the edge of the bed and move around during the night. The lack of springs also means that this mattress is quiet.
  • Warmer sleepers – if you sleep warm then the pinhole structure of the latex can help to dissipate heat and regulate your temperature very well.
  • Allergies – the natural latex is anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew that may otherwise trigger allergies and worsen conditions like asthma.
  • Sensitive sleepers – children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin can benefit from the absence of synthetic foams and toxic chemicals plus the addition of a soft organic cotton cover to avert irritation and inflammation.
  • Vegans – if you’re a vegan then you’ll be pleased to know that the Natural Bliss is made without animal products.


  • Interest – if the balance is not paid in full at the end of the 6 or 12 month period then interest is charged at 19.99% APR.

More Benefits

  • Fiberglass free – the Natural Bliss is a fiberglass free mattress which means that you don’t have to worry about this troublesome substance releasing into your home and causing health problems.
  • Toxin free – the fire barrier is made from plant fibers and the mattress is free from toxic chemicals like PBDE’s, mercury, lead, heavy metals, CFCs, chloroform, and cyanide.
  • Less smell – the Oeko-Tex®, eco-INSTITUT, and GreenGuard Gold certifications ensure that this mattress is low in VOCs and gasses that may otherwise be harmful and cause a bad smell.
  • Buyer protection – there’s a 100 night sleep trial, 25 year warranty, plus free shipping and returns to cover you against defects and comfort issues.
  • Save 58% – if you click the button below, you can get $1,100 OFF the regular price of the Natural Bliss for a LIMITED time only.

2: Airweave – Best Firm Bed in a Box For Frequent Movers

The Airweave Mattress
The Airweave Mattress (

If you’re looking for a mattress that will arrive at your door in a compressed box that makes it easier to move the mattress to your sleeping space AND is available to buy with Klarna at 0% APR then I recommend the Airweave mattress.

More specifically, the Airweave actually comes in TWO manageable boxes (Queen: 62″ x 30 ” x 17″) since this mattress consists of 3 individual blocks that you piece together to make the full mattress.

You actually assemble the mattress yourself by placing the three blocks inside the zip-up cover.

This means that the Airweave mattress is a good option if you move around or travel often because you can easily disassemble the mattress.

Also, the Airweave doesn’t contain latex, memory foam, or springs – instead, it’s made of something called Airfiber® that’s made from polyethylene.

The Airfiber® makes the mattress easier to clean but it’s also quite firm – meaning that this mattress is best suited to front and back sleepers and less so for side sleepers.

Recommended For

  • Front and back sleepers – the firmer feel makes this mattress better for front and back sleepers because it provides the surface tension and support required to keep you in good posture.
  • Couples – the all-foam blocks help to dampen motion transfer quite well and limit noise.
  • Average weighted sleepers – the firmer feel and lack of material compression makes this mattress better suited to those in the 150 – 220 lbs range.
  • Warmer sleepers – the Airfiber® is more breathable than memory foam and can regulate your temperature better.
  • Dust mite allergies – you can wash the mattress cover in the washing machine and rinse the Airfiber® core with water to remove dust mites and allergens.


  • Side sleepers – some side sleepers may find this mattress to be a bit too firm on their hips and shoulders.
  • Lighter weighted sleepers – if you weigh less than 150 lbs then you might not sink far enough into the materials to remove the pressure from your joints.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – if you weigh more than 220 lbs then the mattress may indent and wear out faster when compared to use with lighter weights.

More Benefits

  • Easy to store – you can unzip the cover and separate the blocks to make storing your mattress easy.
  • Easy to clean – the Airweave mattress is one of the easiest to clean because you can machine wash the cover and use water to rinse the Airfiber® core.
  • 100 night trial – you can test the Airweave for between 30 and 100 nights and return it if you don’t like it.

3: Loom & Leaf – Best Mattress For Back and Joint Paint

The Loom and Leaf Mattress
The Loom and Leaf Mattress (

If you’re looking for a mattress to help alleviate your back pain or joint pain then going after these types of specialist mattresses can push the price point up significantly.

However, the Loom & Leaf all-foam mattress is worth a look because you can pay with Klarna at 0% APR if you pay off the balance in full within 6 months to increase affordability.

And the Loom & Leaf is recommended by Dr. Bill Charschan who is an independent chiropractor.

More specifically, athletes and those with joint pain may be able to experience a reduction in discomfort and increased energy because the foams mould to your exact body shape to remove pressure points, keep your spine properly aligned, and improve circulation.

The Loom & Leaf is suitable for front, back, side, and combination sleepers – as well as couples – due to its all-foam design and ‘relaxed firm’ and ‘firm’ options.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – the gel memory foam and second layer of memory foam provide deep pressure relief for side sleepers across a wide range of weights in both the relaxed firm and firm options.
  • Front sleepers – although this is an all-foam mattress, the tautness of the cover helps to keep your hips properly aligned and your spine in good posture.
  • Back sleepers – the memory foam conforms and adapts to your unique body shape to cradle your spine and joints.
  • Lighter weighted sleepers – if you weigh less than 150 lbs then the ‘relaxed firm’ firmness and the deeper compression afforded by the memory foam allows you to sink further into the mattress for greater pressure dissipation on your joints.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – if you weigh more than 230 lbs then you might like to go for the firm option to stop you sinking too far into the mattress (especially if you’re a stomach sleeper).
  • Couples – the all-foam design is great at inhibiting noise and movements so that you and your partner can avoid waking each other up during the night as you move around.
  • Allergies – the organic cotton cover is anti-microbial (Guardin® Fabric Treatment) and allergen resistant to guard against dust mite allergies; plus skin and airway sensitivities.


  • Higher price point – this is a more expensive mattress, so paying with Klarna and taking the 0% APR option can help to increase affordability.

More Benefits

  • Adjustable base available – you can easily add a compatible adjustable base to your order so that you can adjust your bed to the best position to lessen the forces on your joints and help to alleviate pain further whilst also making it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • Free mattress removal – you can add the option to have your old mattress and frame removed from your home for free when you order the Loom & Leaf.
  • 120 night trial – try the mattress out for up to 4 months and return it if you don’t like it.
  • Home delivery and set up – the delivery professionals will set up your new Loom & Leaf mattress for free in the room of your choice.

How to Buy a Mattress With Klarna

Klarna is a Swedish bank that provides online financing solutions [1] at the point of sale (POS) so that you can spread out the cost of the transaction to make buying your new mattress more affordable.

The most popular way to buy a mattress with Klarna is to spread the cost over 3 interest free payments – choose the ‘Pay By 3’ option at the checkout.

Alternatively, you can pay in full up to 30 days later, or split the cost into monthly instalments up to 36 months – 0% APR is often available when the balance is paid off within a certain time period.

The financial experts over at NerdWallet say that Klarna works best when you receive a no-interest option and pay off the balance within 30 days [2].

Klarna works similar to Affirm – which offers POS financing and seems to be the more popular option used by DTC (direct to consumer) online mattress companies.

Klarna is popular with mattress and furniture retailers in the UK such as SilentNight, The Bed Factory, Mattress Online, and Dormeo.

Pay Later in 3 Instalments by Klarna – UK (Klarna)


The main benefit of buying a mattress with Klarna with a 0% APR deal is that you can spread out the cost of a larger item without paying any extra interest.

This can be useful if you really need a mattress but don’t have the cash to pay in full.

You also don’t need to have a minimum credit score – making Klarna a good alternative if you are new to credit and don’t qualify for a credit card.


The biggest drawback to using Klarna to pay for a mattress is the additional costs that you may incur if you don’t pay in full on time – estimated APR is 19.99%.

You may wish to use your credit card instead of Klarna if you want to help build up your credit or avail of any bonuses such as cashback and rewards that might be available.

1: Choose Your Mattress

Before paying via Klarna, the first thing that you need to do is choose a mattress that’s going to be comfortable for you.

This in itself can be quite a challenge – since comfort is subjective.

That’s why you might like to use the list of the best mattresses that you can buy using Klarna that I listed in the first half of this article to help narrow down your preferences.

Beyond this, choosing a mattress primarily revolves around selecting the right firmness and support, the most suitable design, and the secondary preferences.

Guidance on these key elements is as follows.

1.1 Firmness

The firmness of a mattress describes how hard or soft it feels when you lie on it.

Mattresses can come in a range of different firmnesses.

‘Medium’ is the most popular because it suits the widest range of sleeping positions and body weights, whilst ‘soft’ can be better for side sleepers who need more cushioning, and firmer mattresses are often preferred by heavier weighted sleepers and stomach sleepers who require more surface tension to stop them sinking too far into the materials.

Additional firmnesses such as extra-soft, medium-soft, medium-firm, and extra-firm may be available for more specific needs.

Choosing the right level of firmness isn’t an exact science, but the table below can help guide you based on your body type and dominant sleeping position.

FirmnessBest For
SoftSide sleepers, skinny sleepers, and lighter weighted sleepers under 150 lbs that require more pressure relief and deeper sinkage to remove pressure points and dissipate the compression forces in their joints.
MediumFront, back, side, and combination sleepers in the 130 – 230 lbs range.
FirmFront and back sleepers and/or heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs that don’t want to sink as far into the materials.

1.2 Support

Mattress support isn’t the same as the firmness.

Because whilst the firmness setting is a preference and influenced mainly by the upper comfort layers, the support describes how well (or poorly) the lower layer of the mattress is able to support your spine and joints to maintain good posture.

There can be some overlap in how the firmness and support core work together as a function of the design of the mattress – as detailed below.

1.3 Design

The design of the mattress can influence the comfort levels as follows:

  • Traditional spring mattress – traditional spring mattresses with an upholstered top layer and a spring core can provide good support for a range of body weights, a good amount of bounce to make switching positions easier, and an aerated design to allow for airflow and to help regulate your temperature. Spring mattresses tend to last around 5 – 7 years and may transfer movement more readily than foam based mattresses, which can result in noise and cross mattress transfer that may cause couples to disturb each other as they move during the night.
  • Foam (polyfoam) mattress – mattresses made entirely from polyfoam tend to be some of the cheapest mattresses but you need to look for the CertiPUR-US® label to ensure that toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and odor causing VOCs are kept to a minimum [3]. All-foam, polyfoam mattresses tend to have the worst support for sleepers over 230 lbs and are liable to degrade the fastest – look for foam densities of at least 1.7 PCF to minimise compression that may lead to premature sagging.
  • Memory foam mattress – memory foam mattresses are the best at providing pressure relief and deeper compression that favours skinny and lighter/average weighted sleepers; although memory foam mattresses that use higher density foams over 4-5 PCF can also be suitable for heavier weighted sleepers. All-foam, memory foam mattresses are good for couples because the lack of springs and the presence of the foam reduces noise and dampens movements.
  • Latex mattress – latex mattresses are more breathable and bouncy than memory foam mattresses on the whole, which favours restless/combination sleepers that need to change positions smoothly, and warmer sleepers that need to sleep cool. All-latex mattresses are some of the most expensive but also the most durable and long lasting mattresses that you can buy.
  • Hybrid mattress – hybrid mattresses with a spring core and a latex or memory foam top layer offer some of the best support and make for some of the best mattresses that won’t sag. A hybrid can be an excellent choice if you’re a heavier sleeper over 230 lbs that needs more support.

1.4 Secondary Preferences

Beyond the firmness and design of the mattress, a few extra things to consider before finalising your purchase include:

  • Features for couples – if you sleep as a couple with disparate body weights and sleeping positions, then you may need to go for a mattress that has a split firmness (not to be confused with a double sided mattress) where each half of the mattress is a different firmness (example: soft on one side for a lighter weighted side sleeper, and firm on the other for a heavier weighted front sleeper). All-foam (polyfoam or memory foam) mattresses are a good option if you want to minimise movements so you don’t disturb each other as you move around and get in/out of bed.
  • Edge support – if you sleep very close to the edge of the bed then you might need additional edge support to guard against sagging, roll-off, and to ensure that you can make full use of the mattress area. Foam mattresses typically have the worst edge support – look for reinforced high density foam edges or go for a hybrid mattress with reinforced coils around the perimeter.
  • Allergy protection – if you have a dust mite allergy then a hypoallergenic mattress can help, or a hypoallergenic cover. All-foam mattresses tend to be better at blocking dust mite penetration than traditional spring mattresses with an upholstered top layer. An organic cotton cover can help with sensitive skin and eczema, whilst choosing natural and certified organic materials (such as organic latex) over synthetic foam and polyfoams can help to limit exposure to irritants and allergens that may aggravate some conditions like asthma.
  • Sleeping cool – if you tend to sleep warm then polyfoam and memory foam mattresses are the worst options (unless they come with significant cooling capabilities), whilst all-latex and spring-latex are the most cooling because they allow air to move through the materials more easily and don’t retain heat like memory foam tends to do.
  • Toppers – the additional purchase of a mattress topper can help to increase the durability and lifespan of the mattress by guarding against sagging and damage. However, a topper can change the firmness of your mattress – be careful not to get a topper that’s too firm or too soft.
  • Mattress protector – a mattress protector can be a great way to protect the mattress cover from spills and stains which can help to preserve the warranty and make cleaning easier.
  • Warranty – look for a mattress that comes with a warranty that lasts at least 10 years and is fully non-prorated. Consider looking at the best mattresses with a lifetime warranty to see which mattresses are the best in such regards.

2: Checkout With Klarna

Once you’ve selected the mattress that’s right for you, the next step is to check out using Klarna as the payment option via your desired payment plan.

Check the option to apply and complete the application to get an instant credit decision.

3: Pay Monthly

Once accepted, you’ll be able to go ahead and pay for your mattress with Klarna.

Depending on the plan that you chose, you’ll then pay in accordance to the agreed terms – with Klarna emailing you ahead of time to notify you when the next payment is due.

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[3] CertiPUR-US® – Overview. Accessed 5/8/20.


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