18 Relaxing Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs)

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This article was written by Kay Chang – a professional interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and insightful.

Blue is a popular color for bedrooms because it’s relaxing and can help you drift off to sleep.

But you might be worried that the darkness of navy blue might make your room feel too oppressive – so is navy blue a good color for your bedroom?

Navy blue is a good color to use in bedrooms because it has a calming ambiance that can help you relax – navy blue also works well with many colors and pairs superbly with white to create contrast and interest, whilst also complementing a range of wooden furniture and flooring.

However, the way in which you incorporate navy blue into your bedroom can make the difference between an oasis of calm and a murky sea of unrest – so how do you use navy blue in a bedroom properly?

The best way to use navy blue in a bedroom is to use it as a primary or secondary color for a dramatic effect, or as an accent color for a more subtle and less overpowering feel. A navy blue accent wall is a common way to create a focal point – add white furniture, moldings, and panels to create detail and contrast.

In the rest of this article, I have used my professional knowledge to provide you with 18 custom navy blue bedroom design ideas that you can copy or adapt as you see fit.

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18 Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas

18 Stunning Navy Blue Bedroom Design Ideas (Professionally Created)

Below are 18 navy blue bedroom ideas to inspire you with a description that shows you how to copy each look.

The video above shows each of these designs in animated 3D format to give you a better idea of the final finish.

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1: Paint a Navy Blue Accent Wall to Create a Focal Point

Bedroom With Navy Blue Accent Wall
Bedroom With Navy Blue Accent Wall

Navy blue makes for a perfect accent wall color.

It creates a beautiful visual focal point that makes the bedroom environment feel safe and peaceful, just like in the photo above.

This accent color fits well with any shade of white or light gray.

In my professional experience, it is better to go for a rich navy blue for an accent wall, in order to contrast any other wall shade.

Choosing a darker shade of navy blue will emphasize the accent wall better.

How to Copy This Look:

Choose the wall in your bedroom that you want to stand out.

Usually, the wall behind your bed is the best choice because it will frame your bed.

Before painting, it is essential to use masking tape to create a border on your selected accent wall.

This prevents the paint from scattering to other partitions.

Paint your wall using navy blue paint with rollers.

Allow the paint to dry before applying your next coat.

Apply as many coats as you need to achieve the shade of navy blue that you desire.

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2: Create Geometric Patterns for a Chic Interior

Bedroom With Navy Blue Wall and White Geometric Patterns
Bedroom With Navy Blue Wall and White Geometric Patterns

White geometric patterns on a navy blue bedroom wall can create an interesting feature wall that draws the eye – as shown in the image above.

How to Copy This Look:

When applying geometric patterns to your wall, you will need a minimum of two paint colors.

Navy blue complements any shade of white or light gray.

It is best to choose a wide wall for this paint application.

You will need to paint your wall white or light gray first.

Apply as many coats as you need to achieve the paint finish you want.

Make sure you allow enough time for your paint to dry.

Firmly stick masking tape on the dried painted wall in whatever geometric pattern you like.

Next, paint your wall with navy blue paint.

Apply as many coats as you need, while being mindful not to remove the masking tape.

Allow ample time for the navy blue paint to dry before carefully removing the tape to reveal the patterned design on the wall.

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3: Install Navy Blue Wallpaper for a Unique Wall Treatment

Bedroom With Navy Blue Wallpaper
Bedroom With Navy Blue Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is a smart way of achieving a unique bedroom interior.

Wallpaper has a fantastic way of elevating a bedroom when appropriately used.

Wallpaper comes in many visual designs and textures that you can never achieve with just paint.

The navy blue wallpaper that you can see in the photo above creates a classic look that gives the bedroom a unique appeal.

How to Copy This Look:

Choose a navy blue colored wallpaper related to your bedroom’s design theme.

Make sure to measure the wall so you will know what you need when purchasing your wallpaper.

Always buy an extra panel of wallpaper in case you damage any of the paper during the set up.

I would always recommend hiring a professional when it comes to wallpaper installation, rather than doing it yourself because wallpapers installed incorrectly can have bubbles between the paper and the wall.

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4: Pair Gold and Navy Blue for a Sophisticated Look

Navy Blue Bedroom With Gold
Navy Blue Bedroom With Gold

Gold in any interior creates a more elegant look.

Navy blue and gold complement one another very well.

One of the best places to apply gold and navy blue together is on the walls.

The sky is the limit when it comes to wall treatments for these two colors.

I usually recommend that my clients use abstract metal paneling to really give the bedroom that luxurious look.

In the design sample above, the gold metal paneling on the navy blue wall creates the perfect focal point for this bedroom.

How to Copy This Look:

To achieve this look, choose the wall that you want as a focal point – I recommend the wall behind the headboard. 

You will need to select a design pattern that you want for your wall.

Have a welder create the metallic paneling from the design you have chosen.

Spray the metal design with metallic gold paint.

Apply this paint several times, until you are happy with the finish.

Finally, install the metal design on your chosen navy blue wall.

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5: Attach White Panels on a Navy Blue Wall for a Classic Look

Navy Blue Bedroom With White Panels
Navy Blue Bedroom With White Panels

White wooden paneling on a navy blue bedroom wall gives a classy look.

This kind of wall design is a must if you are looking for a more polished bedroom interior.

You can choose a complementary paint color to go with the navy blue wall.

You can also paint the paneling and walls the same shade of navy blue if you want.

How to Copy This Look:

Wood paneling can be an easy do-it-yourself installation.

Purchase paneling that is one or two inches in width.

Choose a wooden panel that has some design on it for extra flair.

Cut the panels depending on the rectangular size you want for your wall.

Make sure to use a 45 degree cut on the corners to make it seamless.

Paint the paneling the color you have chosen to complement your navy blue wall.

Glue the painted panels on your wall using wood glue or industrial adhesive.

Retouch any paint damage with a small brush, if needed.

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6: Paint the Ceiling Navy Blue for a Stunning Sky Effect

Bedroom With Navy Blue Ceiling
Bedroom With Navy Blue Ceiling

No one ever said that ceilings always have to be white or lightly colored.

A navy blue painted ceiling gives a bedroom that blissful sky effect that is hard to achieve with any other color.

This is perfect, especially for the whimsical design concept of a child’s bedroom.

Pair this colored ceiling with the same shade of blue in accent throw pillows or rugs.

Compliment your navy blue ceiling with a lightly colored, painted wall, such as off-white or light gray. 

How to Copy This Look:

If you choose to color your ceiling, go for pastel navy blue paint, just like in the design above.

I do not recommend going for a dark shade of navy blue, as this can cause the bedroom to look heavy.

Tape the borders of your ceiling firmly with masking tape.

Apply a coat of navy blue paint using a long stick paint roller.

Give the painted ceiling enough time to dry before applying the next coat of paint.

Repeat this step until you achieve your desired shade of navy blue.

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7: Paint Your Drop Ceiling Navy Blue to Give Your Ceiling Depth

Bedroom With Navy Blue Drop Ceiling
Bedroom With Navy Blue Drop Ceiling

I love the use of drop ceilings because it gives a visual height to any space.

Drop ceilings provide a design structure that usually houses lighting for an ambient effect in any room.

Usually, drop ceilings are painted the same color as the ceiling.

Painting it navy blue accentuates the drop ceiling while giving it a splash of color, like in this sample design.

Choose a richly colored navy blue shade for your drop ceiling.

This gives a strong color contrast, creating more visual depth.

How to Copy This Look:

Painting your drop ceiling is pretty simple.

Apply masking tape to all the corners of your drop ceiling.

Use a dark shade of navy blue paint.

Paint your drop ceiling carefully to avoid dripping paint on your walls and floor.

Allow the paint to dry before applying the second coat.

Remove the masking tape, and retouch the corners with a thin, 1-inch paintbrush.

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8: Use White Moldings to Create a Classic Nautical Design

Navy Blue Bedroom With White Moldings
Navy Blue Bedroom With White Moldings

Classic white molding is perfectly paired with navy blue in a bedroom, as you can see in the design above.

The navy blue walls highlight the white moldings perfectly, which gives the room structure.

A classic contemporary nautical bedroom design will always require white, and some shade of navy blue as the paint colors. 

How to Copy This Look:

Moldings are sold as unpainted wood panels.

Measure your bedroom space, and purchase the needed amount of moldings.

Cut the panels depending on the length of your walls.

Always use a 45-degree cut for any wall corner.

Lightly sand the moldings before applying your chosen shade of white.

Install the moldings with industrial-grade adhesive.

Finish up with a retouch of paint to coat any damages caused during the installation.

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9: Install Vertical Wooden Panels for a Zen Feel

Navy Blue Bedroom With Vertical Wooden Panels
Navy Blue Bedroom With Vertical Wooden Panels

A navy blue wall with wooden panels creates a minimalistic Zen design.

This is perfect if you are looking for a more modern approach while using navy blue as a base wall color.

Navy blue works with any natural wood shade, making this wall design easy.

I would recommend going for a similar color or texture of wood in the bedroom furniture, just like in the sample design.

How to Copy This Look:

This wall paneling design is a straightforward project that anyone can do.

First, choose the wall that you want to install the wooden panels on.

I recommend selecting the wall behind your bed frame, or the wall with the broadest width.

Measure the wall carefully.

You can choose between 1×1 or 2×2 paneling, depending on your preference.

Give a space of 1 inch for a 1×1 paneling, and 2 inches for a 2×2 paneling.

Cut the wooden panels to the exact height measurement of your wall.

Lightly sand your wooden panels, then apply a dark wood stain using a small cloth.

Apply an industrial wood adhesive to one side of the panel before attaching it to the wall of your choice.

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10: Install Wood Planks for a Modern Rustic Theme

Navy Blue Bedroom With Wooden Planks
Navy Blue Bedroom With Wooden Planks

Usually, navy blue isn’t a color that you think of for a rustic interior.

But in my opinion, a rustic theme can be achieved when paired with a wooden plank wall.

The harmony of navy blue and natural wood, as seen in this bedroom photo, creates a modern rustic design.

It is pleasing to the eyes while creating a pleasant, natural atmosphere.

Navy blue can easily be partnered with any shade or type of wood.

However, it is best to pick the type of wood already in use in the bedroom. 

How to Copy This Look:

Install wooden planks on one or two walls to achieve a rustic, navy blue bedroom design.

This prevents the bedroom from looking too heavy from all the wood accents.

I recommend choosing the wall directly opposite or parallel to the bed, to install the wooden planks.

After purchasing your desired wood planks, install them on your wall with wood adhesive.

Try to place them as seamlessly as you can beside one another.

I recommend giving them a natural coat of wood stain after installation.

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11: Paint Exposed Bricks Navy Blue for a Fresh, Cozy Feel

Bedroom With Painted Navy Blue Bricks
Bedroom With Painted Navy Blue Bricks

Painting exposed bricks in a bedroom interior is an excellent way of revamping an old, brick-walled room.

This is a popular go-to wall design that immediately gives any space a much-needed modern look.

Partnering a navy blue painted brick wall with gray walls creates a beautiful result, as you can see in this bedroom design.

It still maintains its classic feel, while looking chic and fresh at the same time.

How to Copy This Look:

Before applying a coat of paint on any brick wall, some preparation is required.

Lightly sand the wall with sandpaper first.

Follow it up with a wash and scrub of the brick wall.

After letting the brick wall dry, paint it over with navy blue paint, using a paint roller.

Use a hand brush for any crevices that the paint roller missed.

Let the paint dry before applying another coat.

You will have to redo this multiple times until you achieve the shade of color that you want.

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12: Create a Beach Theme With Natural Wood Moldings

Navy Blue Bedroom With Natural Wood Moldings
Navy Blue Bedroom With Natural Wood Moldings

Unpainted wood moldings are a perfect complement to a navy blue painted bedroom.

I love how this option gives an earthy, unique design when compared to the popular, classic, white-painted molding.

You can achieve a nautical beach setting by matching natural wood and navy blue, as you can see in the design above.

By keeping your moldings the natural wood shade, you can achieve a unique bedroom design while still keeping it classy.

How to Copy This Look:

It is an easy process to keep your moldings in the natural wood shade.

Rather than painting your moldings before installation, you will have to apply the panels with a natural wood stain.

Use a small brush to coat the moldings evenly.

Let the wood stain dry before applying another coat.

Finally, install your moldings on the wall with industrial wood adhesive.

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13: Accent a Navy Blue Wall with Bricks for a Homey Interior

Navy Blue Bedroom With Brick Accent Wall
Navy Blue Bedroom With Brick Accent Wall

The bricks in this navy blue bedroom design really do the trick in making the space feel relaxing.

The rows of red clay bricks give contrast to the calming blue wall.

This concept works so well because it combines elements of earth and sea, all in one space.

The harmony of this wall design provides the room with a unique character that I am sure you will love.

How to Copy This Look:

Go for a small wall panel when choosing to use bricks in a bedroom.

Measure your wall’s length and width to know the number of brick panels you would require.

I would recommend purchasing thin brick panels for easy installation.

Apply quick dry adhesive to each brick panel, while working your way up the wall.

Allow the panel adhesive to dry before applying a layer of grout between any brick panel that has space between the seams.

Gently wipe the bricks with low-grade sandpaper.

Finish off with a thin coat of clear sealant for a shiny effect.

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14: Use White Furniture to Create a Classic Interior

Navy Blue Bedroom With White Furniture
Navy Blue Bedroom With White Furniture

Any shade of white goes well with the color blue.

In my professional opinion, navy blue is the best shade of blue for partnering with any white-painted furniture.

The white bedroom furniture set in the design photo above really creates a relaxing beachside effect, because of the contrast of the richly colored walls.

The perfect balance of these two colors is the reason why this design theme is such a popular one.

How to Copy This Look:

Purchasing a traditional bedroom set is essential to achieve the classic white and navy blue bedroom design.

Pick a white wooden bed set without any added color in the design.

I also advise choosing the same shade of white for any other furniture pieces that you will place in the room, such as a dresser or console table.

In my experience, it is best to choose furniture pieces that still show the wood grains through the coat of paint.

This elevates the space while giving the furniture pieces more character.

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15: Use a Natural Wooden Bed Set for a Rustic Touch

Navy Blue Bedroom With Wooden Bed Set
Navy Blue Bedroom With Wooden Bed Set

I love pairing rustic wooden bed sets with a navy blue bedroom palette.

The wooden textures of the furniture create a charming, natural combination of earthy tones.

This type of interior is perfect for those who love mixing both sea and earth elements.

I recommend going for a light shade of wood to contrast with the rich, dark navy blue.

The rustic furniture in this sample bedroom gives the space a character that anyone is sure to love.

How to Copy This Look:

Purchase rustic wooden furniture carefully.

You would want to go for a smooth, wooden, textured furniture piece – rather than one that looks aged.

Aged furniture in a navy blue setting can look heavy.

Go for wooden pieces that incorporate matte black metal in the legs or handles for an even better look.

The shade of wood of your bedroom pieces should be similar to or lighter than the hardwood flooring.

This prevents the theme from looking dull in an already dark-walled, navy blue bedroom.

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16: Partner Metallic Accents to Bring Elegance to the Room

Navy Blue Bedroom With Metallic Accents
Navy Blue Bedroom With Metallic Accents

In this design, metallic design pieces are incorporated throughout the bedroom.

Gold and copper pieces form a perfect combination with navy blue, bringing style and sophistication to the space.

I recommend this styling for clients who are looking for something more exclusive.

This style gives an upscale feel to the space, which is perfect for a modern bedroom design.

How to Copy This Look:

Go for bedroom lighting pieces with metallic materials when copying this style.

Metallic materials are more emphasized when reflected with light, which is perfect for lighting décor.

Mirrors are also great accent pieces that can incorporate metallic materials as their border, which is beautiful when installed on a navy blue wall.

Stick to one metallic material when purchasing several décor items.

This prevents the space from looking disorganized due to multiple types of metallic materials.

You can also choose furniture pieces that have metallic elements in them, to harmonize the whole look of the bedroom.

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17: Use Navy Blue Textiles on Accent Pieces to Make a Statement

Bedroom With Navy Blue Accent Textiles
Bedroom With Navy Blue Accent Textiles

Navy blue can be incorporated into your bedroom as an accent through textiles for a more subtle effect.

It is important to be playful with the textures, material, and fabric of your navy blue accent pieces.

This prevents the interior space from looking boring.

Choose navy blue patterns in your throw pillows, lounge chairs, and area rugs to spice up a monotonous bedroom interior, as is shown in the design above.

How to Copy This Look:

It is good to remember to purchase several shades and patterns of navy blue for different accent pieces.

Go for a solid, rich navy blue accent chair, partnered with a textured, white throw pillow.

Combine several types of navy blue colored throw pillows for a pleasing visual bed setup.

Lastly, pick a nicely patterned navy blue area rug to go with the hardwood floor.

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18: Include Plants for a Relaxing Ambience

Navy Blue Bedroom With Plants
Navy Blue Bedroom With Plants

It is always a good idea to put indoor plants in a bedroom space.

It makes the room feel relaxing, while also cleaning the air, which is vital for a good night’s sleep.

The natural green color of leaves is a perfect accent color to navy blue.

I always recommend putting at least one indoor plant in a bedroom setting.

This is an easy way of bringing the outdoors into your bedroom, especially for nature lovers.

How to Copy This Look:

When purchasing indoor plants, I recommend going for the easiest to take care of.

Choose a centerpiece plant, which usually would be the largest and most ornate.

Compliment it with several smaller indoor pieces.

As much as possible, place them with a navy blue wall background to achieve a pleasing visual effect.

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Conclusion: Navy Blue Pairs Well With Many Colors

The key to a successful navy blue bedroom interior is complimenting it with another color or material.

There are barely any design restrictions when using navy blue, making it a popular choice.

Navy blue on its own is not particularly visually pleasing when compared to other colors.

However, when partnered with any other color or material, it can elevate the space completely. 

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