21 Tranquil Light Blue Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designer’s Choices)

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This article was written by Lauren Copping – a professional interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom then you may be wondering if light blue is a good color choice or not.

Light blue is an excellent color to use in your bedroom because it has connections to the outdoors and can create a very calming ambiance that can aid with sleep and relaxation – whilst its wide range of shades means that you can create a unique and individualized design.

But what’s the best way to decorate your bedroom with light blue?

The most effective way to decorate a small bedroom with light blue is to pair it with white walls and curtains to create a bright and breezy feel; whilst larger bedrooms can be decorated with light blue curtains, artwork, fixtures, wallpaper, and accessories without risking clutter.

In the rest of this article, I have used my skills and experience as a professional designer to provide you with 21 of the best light blue bedroom examples to help you design your perfect bedroom space.

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21 Light Blue Bedroom Ideas

Here are 21 light blue bedroom designs that you can copy:

1: Use Light Blue Curtains to Filter Blue Light into the Room

Bedroom With Light Blue Curtains
Bedroom With Light Blue Curtains (#1: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Simple in design, this space offers a generous, breathable environment with bright and reflective walls.

Because most of the room is light in color and shade, the blue curtains act as a filter for the light coming into the room and shower the space with a soft blue tone.

The bedding brings some weight to the space with its smoky hue and textured pillows, providing an overall balance to this unique aesthetic.

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How to Recreate This Look:

To recreate this airy, dreamy space, pay careful attention to where you place your blues in the room.

Hang your darkest shade of light blue as curtains.

This will help the natural light cast a light shade of blue across the room.

Allow your sleeping space to hold visual weight in the room by dressing it with smoky blue bedding, mixed with light gray throw pillows. 

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2: Make a Statement with Bold Blue Artwork

Bedroom With Bold Blue Artwork
Bedroom With Bold Blue Artwork (#2: bialasiewicz – Envato)

When we walk into any interior, we often want to experience a “wow” effect.

One sure way to create this is to incorporate bold blue artworks into your design.

In this example, the bright, light blues on the large canvas center the bed, and sit balanced between two pendant lights.

Notice that the bedding is bright white, further allowing the blues to have a lasting impact.

How to Recreate This Look:

Layer white bedding with throw blankets that include mostly light, varying shades of blue.

Mount a large blue art piece above the bed’s headboard, and be sure the dimensions are close to that of the width of the bed.

Add weight to the room with dark wood side tables and a natural jute area rug.

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3: Layer Blacks and Smoky Light Blues for a Stormy Contrast

Bedroom With Layered Blacks and Blues
Bedroom With Layered Blacks and Blues (#3: bialasiewicz – Envato)

In my opinion, light blue’s best friends are gray and charcoal tones and textures.

These cool tones, combined with warm woodgrains, make for a perfectly cozy yet masculine space.

In this space, the fixed finishes, such as walls and floors, are kept monochromatic in shades of dark gray, and the room is enlivened by wood furniture with orange tones and blue accents.

How to Recreate This Look:

Paint your walls dark charcoal or even a textured gray.

To more closely match this room’s look, you can color-block the walls by painting a portion of the wall dark charcoal, and the rest a few shades lighter.

I recommend keeping the lighter walls closest to the windows.

Next, furnish the space with warm wood tones and natural jute rugs and cushions, and experiment with light blue metal furniture or lamps.

Finish off the space by layering your bed with a smoky blue duvet, and a contrasting navy throw.

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4: Sprinkle Contrasting Colors with Intention for a Minimalist Feel

Minimalist Bedroom With Color Pops
Minimalist Bedroom With Color Pops (#4: casamediacasamedia – Envato)

Sometimes small bedrooms are intimidating to furnish, especially if you are renting, or are on a tight budget.

One simple way to add personality to a bedroom is to be very intentional about incorporating contrasting colors.

Bright reds are notorious for making a statement next to light blues, which is why the designer of this space chose the lamp – a very small piece – to boast a bold pop of personality in the room. 

How to Recreate This Look:

If I were designing a space like this, I would look for a red object that directly relates to the client (you!).

Whether it be a red lamp, a sculpture, an alarm clock, or a rug – that one piece will be the single bright red item in the space.

Keep the walls, ceilings, and floors neutral and bright, and dress the bed with light blue blankets and clean white sheets.

The space will fill with light, and the contrasting colors will keep users attentive and engaged!

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5: Combine Wallpaper and Blue Pinstripes for a Textured Look

Bedroom with Light Blue Pinstripes
Bedroom with Light Blue Pinstripes (#5: Rawpixel – Envato)

This setting is balanced by the combination of varying shapes and patterns, and both neutral and blue tones.

The room is kept light by the white walls, which contrast with the wallpaper pattern, and the black furniture that references it.

I also notice the soft lines in the wall pattern reflected back in the side table, and the soft edge of the bed’s headboard.

This detail work ensures that the space is sleek and modern, yet visually comfortable.

How to Recreate This Look:

Choose a light and minimalist wallcovering pattern to serve as a backdrop.

Bring out the charcoal in the wallcovering with black or dark navy furniture, such as side tables or the bedframe.

Choose a warm white duvet, and layer it with light blue throws, and blue pinstripe accent pillows for some added texture.

Finally, for accents like frames or light fixtures, opt for bronze finishes for a bit of elegant warmth!

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6: Go Bold Blue with Your Lighting to Create a Bright Artist’s Loft

Bedroom With Bold Blue Light Fixture
Bedroom With Bold Blue Light Fixture (#6: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Minimalism – I’m sure you’ve heard the term!

The concept is consistently light, bright, and visually clean, yet there are endless ways to apply this style in your own unique way.

Most of this room is white or light gray, which in essence symbolizes a blank canvas.

The pop of blue in the balayage lighting fixture makes a statement that also offers softness to the room.  

How to Recreate This Look:

The easiest way to recreate this look is to do a DIY project, and create your lamp by dip-dyeing white rope, and tying it to a frame.

I love seeing clients create their own pieces like this, as they feel more connected to the end result of their space!

For the rest of the room, add light blue accents in the bedding, or maybe a rug.

Make sure your window treatments and wall surfaces are kept white and bright!

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7: Use Light Wood and Soft Blues for a Scandinavian Retreat 

Bedroom With Light Wood Tones and Soft Blues
Bedroom With Light Wood Tones and Soft Blues (#7: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Let’s be honest, this color combination reminds us all of IKEA; the amazing mecca for all things Scandinavian interiors.

This look has proven timeless and desirable for its calming nature, and its emphasis on natural, light colors and materials.

Bright walls reflect daylight, revealing fine wood grain in the simple and elegant furniture.

These spaces are always finished off with eccentric plants for some color and life.

How to Recreate This Look:

Keep your walls, window treatments, and rugs or flooring very light, allowing other colors and tones to stand out in the room.

When choosing furniture, shop for a line with light birch or plywood tones.

Layer blue bedding with gray, textured pillows, in order to center the focus in the room.

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8: Use White Wood Paneling for a Modern Farmhouse Look 

Farmhouse Bedroom
Farmhouse Bedroom (#8: twenty20photos – Envato)

Shiplap is a hot word in home design at the moment.

Applying this sleek and minimal paneling adds interest to vertical surfaces, quite a bit more than if you were to use a typical paint on a smooth wall.

It hints at the structural elements of a home, and ultimately adds a warm interest to any space.

This space uses smoky blues and navy striped patterns to contrast the linear nature of the shiplap walls and white columns.

How to Recreate This Look:

Paint your shiplap or paneled walls a warm white to enliven the space.

Accent the main walls with smoky blue-gray paint on closet doors for contrast.

Continue the smoky blue-grays into the bedding and accent pieces, and warm the room up with hints of natural wood tones or wicker baskets.

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9: Use Velvet and Classic Elements for a Minimal Glam Space

Blue Bedroom With Velvet and Classic Elements
Blue Bedroom With Velvet and Classic Elements (#9: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Blue has a sort of regality about it.

Tones can range from light and calming, to deep and powerful.

Combining different textures with different shades adds layering to its effects.

In this room, the light blue bedding contrasts with the white walls and furniture, and the velvet texture gives it a plush dimension. 

How to Recreate This Look:

In your light-painted room, top your bed with a plush velvet duvet cover.

Add some visual interest through throw pillows with contrasting shades, and center the furniture with a deep blue rug and light-washed artwork.

In keeping with the classic real theme, look for white furniture with classic shapes and curves.

Fill empty walls with more references to lavish homes, with a white painted fireplace mantle, accented with décor pieces and plants. 

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10: Reference the Outdoors with Sky Blue Walls and Accent Paneling

Sky Blue Bedroom With Accent Panelling
Sky Blue Bedroom With Accent Panelling (#10: vanitjan – Envato)

This room gives a playful nod to the great outdoors by segmenting the walls into fence and sky.

The space’s clean aesthetic is credited to the cohesive height of the furniture and wall fencing.

The designer of this space also allows most of the color to be brought into the room by toys and décor.

How to Recreate This Look:

As I’ve mentioned before, I love an easy and rewarding DIY project like these wall fence posts.

These can be made from a variety of wood types, but the most cost-effective would be sanded and painted plywood.

Cut these posts to be at a height that can act as a headboard, or stand at the height of any dressers, desks, or other secondary furniture.

Behind and above the posts, choose a very light pastel blue, to give the impression of a bright and sunny day.

Bring some fun and life into the space with other pastel colors, and a few pops of yellow.

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11: Sponge Paint a Cloud Accent Wall for a Dreamy Space

Light Blue Bedroom With a Sponged Accent Wall
Light Blue Bedroom With a Sponged Accent Wall (#11: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Blues are most commonly related to feel-good, bright and sunny days.

This space’s design is centered around that idea, with its mural and its bright white curtains that filter light in, rather than blocking it out.

The space further references nature with teakwood furniture and potted plants included in the room.

How to Recreate This Look:

There are many ways to add mural walls into your bedroom space.

You can paint them yourself, or even purchase peel-and-stick murals, which are perfect for rental spaces, where you need to have the option to remove wall treatments easily.

Whichever you choose, use this as a reference for choosing items to furnish your space.

Make sure your bedding is bright white, and layered with varying shades of blue in blankets and throw pillows.

A blue patterned rug will ground the room, along with wood accents in the surrounding furniture.

Just make sure your whites are all cohesive, and your wood tones are all alike.

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12: Add Height With Bold Blue Vertical Window Treatments

Bedroom With Bold Blue Vertical Window Treatments
Bedroom With Bold Blue Vertical Window Treatments (#12: bialasiewicz – Envato)

This room is simple in its color palette.

White walls and light wood tones set the tone for the room, and the “wow” factor is brought into the room with the light, smoky blue curtains that frame the bed and the windows.

This application helps to compartmentalize the space and gives purpose to each area in between the curtain panels. 

How to Recreate This Look:

Match an off-white with your furniture’s light wood tone.

This space also features antique pieces, such as the iron frame bed, the mid-century-modern credenza, and the leather trunk for under-bed storage, so consider adding something like these.

Next, add blues to the space in your soft textures.

Find a simple geometric blue rug, light blue throw pillows and blankets, and finally, full-length curtain panels.

Smoky blue panels will make for a more comfortable and masculine room.

If you have wall space between two windows, think about adding a unique wood feature here for added color contrast.

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13: Add Visual Diversity by Mixing Light Blues With Other Colors

Blue Bedroom With Color Splashes
Blue Bedroom With Color Splashes (#13: bialasiewicz – Envato)

In a traditional sense, this space sits right in the middle of feminine and masculine.

The mixture of deep blues and light pinks, geometric patterns and plush faux fur, creates a paradox that allows both natures to exist in the space.

I am very drawn to these bright white spaces that almost act as a blank canvas throughout which to scatter bright splashes of color.

How to Recreate This Look:

In your white room, furnish the space with light wood tones, white bedding, and white vertical elements – such as sheer curtains, photo frames, shelving, and paint.

Use this blank room to sprinkle light blues throughout.

Start with a light blue blanket and artwork, then layer with a darker blue throw blanket on the bed.

Next, be mindful to add a relatively equal amount of accents in your secondary color (it doesn’t have to be pink) as you do in your blues.

Place this color via your throw pillows, curtains, and rugs.

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14: Create a Focal Point with a Blue Accent Wall and Artwork

Bedroom With Blue Accent Wall and Artwork
Bedroom With Blue Accent Wall and Artwork (#14: Spacejoy – Unsplash)

This room reads as a warmer space, with a blue accent wall and warm wood furniture pieces.

When looking at this image, I notice the intentional placement of the natural art pieces against the blue accent wall, and the wood furniture against the off-white walls.

This creates balance throughout the space, as well as organized contrast. 

How to Recreate This Look:

To recreate the look of this space, pair your accent blue with a warm off-white.

Center the theme of the space with a blue area rug under the bed, and choose bedside tables that pick up a blue tone in the rug.

On your walls, place all-natural toned artwork on the blue accent wall, and blue artwork on the off-white walls, above or near the wood furniture pieces.

The bedding in this room should be mostly white, but can easily be layered with blue throws or pillows.

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15: Set a Soft Backdrop with a Light Blue Upholstered Headboard

Bedroom With Light Blue Upholstered Headboard
Bedroom With Light Blue Upholstered Headboard (#15: in4mal – Canva)

What I love about upholstered headboards is that they are both visually soft, and physically functional.

These are great features that often make easy DIY projects, and they make a big statement in a relaxing space such as a bedroom.

They stand out against white walls, and can easily be paired with other colors, and they are completely customizable in their stitching pattern.

How to Recreate This Look:

Textile choice is an important consideration when creating your own upholstered headboard.

I suggest a suede, velvet, or cotton linen that is smooth and soft to the touch.

Wrap your floor to ceiling cushioned panel in this fabric, and add simple, measured stitching in vertical stripes across the surface.

While you can dress your bed with similar blue bedding, I would suggest a mixture of white and blue to add a bit of texture and interest to the room.

Add brass and gold accents with side tables and lighting fixtures for a sophisticated flair.

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16: Combine Bamboo and Blue for a Modern Scandinavian Look

Bedroom With Bamboo and Blue Tones
Bedroom With Bamboo and Blue Tones (#16: Lilas Gh – Canva)

Sometimes white and blue is too vibrant a contrast for a specific space and style preference.

Simply choosing a warmer white or a light beige creates a more calming feeling in a room, for some people.

Though this is a very simple color palette, this room creates interest through the furniture pieces and layered bedding materials.

How to Recreate This Look:

When pairing beige with blues, I recommend finding your blues first.

To recreate this look, aim for a light smoky blue, or a blue-tinted gray.

This sets the tone for a visually soft and relaxed style.

In a space like this, it is imperative to make sure your furniture is all in the same wood tone, otherwise, it will look too distracting and mismatched.

Look around for an accent chair with interesting features, like this one, with its woven back and relaxed shape. 

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17: Create a Nautical Theme with a Bright Blue Door and Circular Fixtures

Light Blue Bedroom With Nautical Theme
Light Blue Bedroom With Nautical Theme (#17: manny PANTOJA – Unsplash)

In small spaces especially, it can be an intimidating idea to paint an entire room or wall in a bold blue.

An alternative way to add color to a space is to paint the doors.

This blue door creates a visual anchor for the space, and nods towards a nautical theme with the mounted circular mirror that imitates a porthole.

Notice that there are few other instances of color in the room, other than the contrasting yellow pillow, and the hanging plant in the corner.

This keeps the bedroom light and welcoming. 

How to Recreate This Look:

Paint your walls and trim all in the same nautical white.

Photo frames and furniture should also be white in color, so as not to clutter the room.

For window treatments, use sheer white curtains that allow light to reflect in the space, and create a black accent with the curtain rods, and repeat it in the light fixtures.

Finally, paint your doors blue.

This could be the entrance door or a closet door, or both.

If you have more than 2 doors in the room, I recommend choosing only one or two to paint. 

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18: Mix and Match Light Blues for a Whimsical Vibe

Bedroom With Light Blues
Bedroom With Light Blues (#18: Sidekix Media – Unsplash)

Dividing the wall space by using different colors is a great way to segment the room, and add visual interest.

There are endless possibilities in this approach, but in this space the designer chose to place a darker shade on the lower half of the walls, and a light blue-green on the higher section.

The lower portion of the room is reserved for furniture and function, whilst above is reserved for artwork, windows, and shelves for display.

How to Recreate This Look:

In contrast with many other rooms we have observed in this post, this space boasts light blue on the walls, rather than in the furniture and soft materials.

To keep this clean aesthetic, opt for white furniture, trim, and vertical elements, such as curtains and window trims.

I would suggest adding a rug to the space that ties in additional blues, as well.

For your walls, measure up to about 150cm, and draw your paint boundary around the perimeter at this height.

For a lighter aesthetic, paint the lower half in the darker shade so that the lighter color is at eye level.

I personally like the style of a darker bedroom, so I normally suggest the inverse; placing the darker color at eye level.

Either way, this approach will create a unique space division that speaks to function versus display within the room.

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19: Plunge into Blue Light with Bright Blue Photography and Blue Glass Film

Bedroom With Blue Photography and Glass Film
Bedroom With Blue Photography and Glass Film (#19: Vinicius “amnx” Amano – Unsplash)

This room photographs with a blue filter, due to its bold use of artwork, and blue glass film placed on the window’s glass panel.

This is such a distinct and uncommon way of adding light blue to the space, and as a designer, I am loving it!

The space feels clean, sleek, modern, and relaxing, with the subtlety of blue light that floods the room, and creates almost a subconscious, light blue experience.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you are like me, and not excited about blue furniture, lamps, or accessories, this might be the solution for you.

I recommend using this approach in a space with a large window, and a lot of natural light.

I will say, however, that I rarely recommend a white sofa, because they get dirty very quickly.

You can still achieve the same effect with a light gray sofa.

For accent furniture, consider reflective or transparent pieces, such as an acrylic end table, or a white metal lamp, as seen in this example.

Once you’ve applied your very light blue film to the window, add bright blue artwork to the walls, that is fairly consistent in shade throughout the piece, and you could even add a light blue throw pillow on the sofa.

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20: Create an Emphasis on Architecture with Blue-Painted Posts

Bedroom With Light Blue Beams and Posts
Bedroom With Light Blue Beams and Posts (#20: Annie Spratt – Unsplash)

Many older homes have added character due to exposed structural elements, such as ceiling and roof trusses, as shown in this image.

Painting this feature a different color to the wall creates interest and respect for the structure itself, and makes space users feel more connected to the building.

In this example, they have continued the blue theme with accent pillows, furniture, and artwork.

How to Recreate This Look:

This unique space can be recreated very easily.

When my clients have exposed architectural features in their homes, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of making them contrast with the painted walls.

I also will NEVER suggest that you paint exposed wood trusses, as these are rare and elegant.

If you do have white trusses, paint them a light shade of blue, and pair that color with an off-white that coordinates.

Use accent pillows and throws to pull more blue elements into the room, but keep most of your furniture and bedding white in color.

For artwork, you may wish to choose something more neutral, so as not to visually overwhelm the intended relaxing vibe in the bedroom.

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21: Pick One Wall for Blues for a Modern Look

Modern Bedroom With Blue Wall
Modern Bedroom With Blue Wall (#21: Max Vakhtbovych – Canva)

This modern space has clean lines and colors consistently throughout the room.

They’ve achieved this aesthetic successfully, through their careful application of blue, which does not overload the composition with color.

What I mean by this, is that the designer of the space chose one wall for an accent blue, and placed the bed against this wall with blue bedding, yet you don’t see any other blues on the other walls.

How to Recreate This Look:

Choose one wall that is adjacent to a window for your blue accent wall.

Make sure the blue is lighter in color so that it can reflect optimal light.

Surrounding furniture should be white or light woodgrain, and the window curtains should be white or light gray, to allow the blue wall to speak loudest.

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