10 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas (Custom Designs)

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If you’re thinking of redecorating your bedroom then you might have heard that a modern farmhouse look is very popular at the moment.

But what exactly is a modern farmhouse bedroom theme?

A modern farmhouse bedroom is inspired by cottage and country style themes that create an inviting atmosphere through warm details and minimal furnishings with a bias towards whites and pastels – whilst the classic farmhouse palette leans more towards neutrals.

So how do you decorate your bedroom in a modern farmhouse theme?

To decorate your bedroom with a modern farmhouse feel, start with a muted color palette focused around whites, off-whites, and pastels – then incorporate organic wooden textures, distressed wood, fireplaces, rustic stoves, stone accent walls, and tin decor.

In the rest of this article, I have provided for you 10 custom modern farmhouse bedroom designs that you can copy based on recommendations from my experience as a professional designer.

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10 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

10 Custom Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Here are 10 modern farmhouse bedroom design ideas to inspire you – you can see them brought to life in the video above.

1: Install a Stone Accent Wall to Create a Focal Point

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Stone Wall
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Stone Accent Wall

Beige wall hex value #EED6AD

A stone accent wall captures the space around it, creating a distinctive focal point.

You can turn it into a cozy, modern farmhouse reading area. 

Natural materials enhance the comfort of the space and they are upheld by the use of house plants.

The bench is industrial, with sharp lines made of steel and glass – combined with the stone wall and cushions, it brings a fresh note to the space.

Plus, its straight lines and cold materials work great with the variety of colors and textures. 

Some suppliers offer natural stone panels.

This makes it convenient to install your own stone wall, and the possibilities are endless.

Look for regular or irregular natural stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

There is also an option of using faux stone.

It’s lighter, but the impression is not as strong as with a natural stone.

Additionally, it’s not as sustainable as the use of natural stone panels. 

You can further accentuate its textural quality with lighting.

The ambient light used in this example provides warm color and contrast. 

The irregular stone pattern and warm color become more dynamic with the use of steel plant holders. 

Bright, fluffy pillows serve as a nice contrast to stone, which can often appear cold.

How to Copy This Design:

Clad a wall with stone cladding, either partially or entirely.

I suggest using natural stone panels, but you can also use faux stone. 

Use a warm, ambient downlight to accentuate the quality of the stone.

You can also use a floor lamp as task lighting. 

Introduce a piece of furniture with clear lines, made of steel or glass. 

Combine it with small décor items, such as carpets or pillows with warm colors and textures, like the cushions in this example. 

Add appealing décor, like the plant holders in the image.

I think that stone and steel are both elegant in different ways, and they make a great match. 

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2: Include Outdoor Décor to Generate Cohesion

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Outdoor Decor
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Outdoor Decor

Light brown wall hex value #C6AF95

Decorative objects that are usually seen outdoors create character inside a modern farmhouse bedroom. 

In this design, the décor stands out and makes the theme cohesive.

Steel pot holders are charming, like the bicycle-shaped pot holder in the image, whilst the house plant adds a calming natural touch. 

The tins and the lantern in the back create a pleasing rhythm.

A minimal yet effective wall decoration is the wooden wall art with natural motifs.

A night table made of a wooden crate with a natural finish can be an interesting asset.

It comes together with the rest of the décor because of its rustic character. 

The armchair provides softness among these decorations.

Pillows, blankets, and curtains raise the feeling of comfort. 

How to Copy This Design:

Get an elegant piece of outdoor décor, such as a potholder, steel vase stand, or statue.

Add a ceramic vase or houseplant to create a dynamic look with contrasting textures.

Choose a couple of smaller outdoor decorative objects.

I like to use accessories made of tin or sheet metal; they’re appealing, and combine well with other décor elements – such as candles and clay pots. 

Pick out a piece of wall art made of wood.

You could also use a custom-made motif.

Include a wooden crate as a nightstand.

By introducing wood, you can soften the effect of the steel and tin details.

Make sure to combine these accessories with a homey piece of furniture.

I always advise my clients to add a fluffy pillow, blanket, or carpet.

You can also introduce colorful patterns through these soft accessories. 

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3: Lay an Oriental Rug to Introduce Pattern

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Oriental Rug
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Oriental Rug

Light brown wall hex value: #A99175

Oriental rugs are popular because of their beautiful patterns and hospitable impression.

This is a simple way to turn your bedroom into a dynamic yet pleasant environment.

Wooden furniture works best with the rich patterns of an oriental rug.

I wouldn’t suggest using large pieces made of materials such as steel, glass, or plastic.

It’s important to let the rug dominate.

The table in the image works well with the rug because of its thin, structural character and neutral color. 

The symmetry of table lamps and their slight curvature complement the oriental rug.

They are made of thick white plastic, which freshens up the scene.

The artworks are neutral and serve as contrast to the walls.

A small wooden shelf with candles is a picturesque addition.

Transparent window coverings will let enough sunlight in without burdening the design. 

The bedding resembles sheep wool, which feels familiar and inviting.

How to Copy This Design:

Place an oriental rug next to the bed to create a visual unit.

Furnish the room primarily with wooden furniture.

You can use different tones, like in this example.

I would suggest a maximum of three tones, including the floorboards.

Add contemporary furniture pieces made of steel or plastic.

Remember, they shouldn’t dominate over the carpet – use smaller pieces, like the table lamps.

If they are bigger, choose pieces with fine construction, such as the table.

Achieve symmetry by placing a nightstand and lamp on each side of the bed. 

Get a blanket or pillows made of sheep’s wool, or a similar warming, appealing material. 

Use transparent or plain window coverings.

Don’t use patterns, because they will collide with the richness of the rug.

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4: Hang Pendant Lights to Invoke Atmosphere

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Pendant Lights
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Pendant Lights

Light brown walls hex value #CFA883

Pendant lights are a great addition when creating a modern farmhouse look since they’re cost-efficient, easy to install, and don’t require free floor space.

Incandescent or halogen lights have a warm color temperature, which is perfect for ambient pendant lighting. 

I like to combine them with candles because candlelight is atmospheric and unifies the design of the bedroom.

Industrial décor and furnishings are often associated with this design.

They look authentic and provide a great contrast with earthy colors, wood, and textiles.

In this example, the furniture and décor are in neutral and earthy colors.

Darker pieces are placed deeper in the room, and lighter ones closer by.

This enhances the feeling of depth.

Ceramic vases in earthy colors are lit by the pendant lights.

This further draws attention to this area and creates a gentle glare that is soothing. 

The simple furniture and carpet seem sophisticated and refreshing. 

The walls are slightly tinted towards the warm palette because the color of the pendant lights is warm. 

The wooden table and plant pot are associated with a comfortably mellow rural environment. 

How to Copy This Design:

Get pendant lights made of thin steel.

Use incandescent or warm halogen light sources.

Make sure the wall finish is leaning toward warm colors that complement the color temperature of the lights. 

Use a wooden piece of furniture underneath the lights.

I always advise my clients to combine warm materials with warm light sources.

Place a small carpet in front of it to accentuate this area.

Arrange decorative objects made of clay to make the atmosphere more pleasant. 

Put up bookshelves to create a balanced composition. 

For additional atmospheric detail, use candles as another source of ambient light.

Place a house plant on a wooden table.

You can choose a terracotta pot as a natural detail connected to the farmhouse look. 

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5: Fit Reclaimed Wood Cladding to Create Rhythm  

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Wood Cladding
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Wood Cladding

Beige wall hex color #EFE1D0

Reclaimed wood is upcycled wood, taken from barns, farmhouses, and similar buildings.

This is high-quality wood that looks wonderfully aged and unique. 

Because the planks are mostly wide, the most convenient way to use them is as flooring or wall cladding. 

In this example, it’s installed on the wall behind the headboard.

This creates a visual unity with the bed, making this part of the room visually strong. 

The cladding creates a rhythm that is relaxing for the eye.

Pay attention to the floorboards – you want to orient them towards the cladding on the wall, to create a sense of continuity. 

Transparent curtains make the room feel romantic, and fill it with light.

The white table lamp provides task lighting.

Combined with the white table, it creates a calming, bright ambience. 

Natural wood décor contributes to the pleasant palette of wooden textures. 

How to Copy This Design:

Acquire some reclaimed wood at a wood supplier, and fix the cladding to the wall.

Cladding can be done simply by using beads and adhesives.

I advise using the cladding on the wall where the headboard is.

This way you make a wonderful ambience around the bed.

Add wooden décor to create a nice flow in the room. 

Wooden furniture looks great with this design.

I chose a white table to uplift the easiness of the atmosphere, as well as a rustic bench with a natural finish.

The bench under the window creates another appealing area.

It feels warmer due to the addition of colorful cushions. 

Create a naturally lit, romantic atmosphere by using transparent curtains.

Incorporate small décor, such as candles and ceramic bowls, to enhance the character of the room.

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6: Arrange Distressed Furniture to Forge a Rustic Feel

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Distressed Furniture
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Distressed Furniture

Light pink wall hex value #E4CCC4

The term “distressed” refers to a technique for visually aging wooden furniture.

It requires sandpaper, paint, and a final protective layer.

It’s extremely effective and easily done at home. 

In this example, it’s applied to a wooden table.

You can use it on any other wooden piece of furniture.

I suggest using pastel colors, and white or light gray, to make it look light. 

Use polished décor like the vase in this example.

Too many aged furniture pieces can seem untidy. 

A mirror will spark the charm around this area. 

The table lamp is neutral with simple lines.

The marble on the lamp gives it a sophisticated note. 

The table’s handles are also made of marble in this example.

I suggest using this combination because it looks refined. 

Flower motifs, like faux flowers and the artwork on the wall, make an attractive combination with a rustic finish.

The light wood of the mirror frame and coatrack is soothing and neutral.

How to Copy This Design:

Apply the distressing technique to make a piece of wooden furniture look aged and rustic.

Use gentle colors, and include them in the palette of the bedroom, so it blends in nicely. 

Find appealing handles for the drawers.

In this example, the table is a gentle turquoise, with pastel pink marble handles.

Use polished objects, such as vases, for a modern look.

Consider using details with flower motifs, such as faux flowers, and artwork. 

Hang a mirror to enhance the uniqueness and privacy of the bedroom. 

A neutral-colored table lamp can serve as a task or ambient light. 

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7: Fit Exposed Beams to Add Visual Structure 

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Exposed Beams
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Exposed Beams

Beige walls hex value: #E0CFB8

Using wooden beams as a design element is a great example of a modern farmhouse look.

The exposed natural material and straight lines of the frames and furniture make a beautiful combination.

Attic bedrooms are particularly interesting because of the dynamic roof construction.

White walls provide comfortable contrast in this combination.

Furthermore, they fully showcase the texture of the wood.

Floorboards should be oriented in the same direction as the beams.

This creates a logical, harmonious flow in the room. 

Wooden windows and sills bring the design together.

A nightstand made of thin wood looks modern when combined with the neutral white lamp. 

A house plant in a pot made of natural materials enhances the comfort level that the wooden texture brings.

Linear lights along the beams turn them into a part of the ambience in the evening.

You can use LED track lighting for this – it will enhance the structural quality of the space.

The large pendant light has a central position on the ceiling.

This is the general light of the room, while the linear lights are purely ambient. 

Whether you use neutral or warm white light, make sure that all light sources have the same color temperature.

I prefer using warm white for bedrooms, since it looks cozier.

Wooden shutters create a nice contrast with the window frames.

Their linearity compliments the beams, and creates beautiful shadows in the sunlight. 

How to Copy This Design:

Apply a natural finish to the structural elements in your bedroom.

Lay the floorboards in the same direction to create a logical flow. 

Place linear LED light strips along the beams to create ambient lighting.

Hang a pendant light as the general light for the room. 

Bring in a house plant in a pot made of natural materials to enhance the freshness of the room. 

Choose a nightstand made of wood or steel and combine it with a simple ceramic or plastic table lamp.

Make sure that you use the same color temperature for all the light sources in the room.

Install wooden shutters in a different color from the window frames.

I always advise my clients to choose neutral walls and natural wood finishes because the contrast between the two is simple and enjoyable. 

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8: Use Waxed Plaster to Create Character

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Waxed Plaster
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Waxed Plaster

Brown wall hex value #D0AC7D

Similar to distressed furniture and reclaimed wood, waxed plaster is a beautiful accent for your bedroom.

This type of finishing makes the walls look like they have relief.

It looks organic, yet stylish.

Combined with elegant furniture, this look becomes balanced through contrast. 

I would advise that you use a neutral color palette.

Earthy colors, along with the organic texture of the wall, have a calming effect. 

Simple bookshelves and pottery support the character of the wall.

The same is provided by the curved floor lamp made of wood and thin matte steel. 

Next to this area is a modern glass table with a neutral table lamp made of marble.

An additional detail that refers to contemporary design is the abstract artwork.

The ivy décor frames the composition. 

While the table lamp serves as a task light for reading, the floor lamp is ambient light.

It highlights the wall and the corresponding décor.

A vinyl floor is used as a counterweight to the texture and color in this design.

It works great with silk bed sheets, a glass table, and abstract artwork. 

How to Copy This Design:

Apply the waxed plaster finishing to one of the walls.

Consider a wall that offers enough space for you to make a nice composition in front of it. 

Get a simple wooden table or credenza, and place decorations such as pots, vases, and dry plants on it. 

Incorporate a modern piece with glass or steel to create a zone with a different character and intensify it by bringing in abstract artwork. 

Use a floor lamp to accentuate the waxed plaster texture and decorative pieces.

For the full effect of the waxed accent wall, place a large, matte floor lamp in earthy colors next to it, to create a dominant composition.

Finish the floors with a light, neutral vinyl.

In my experience, a low-saturated vinyl with subtle patterns provides a balanced contrast. 

Add silk bed sheets and a modern table lamp.

Materials such as glass, silk, and marble, bring out contemporary looks, so blend these into the design.  

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9: Fit a Wood-burning Stove to Create Narrative

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Stove
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Stove

Beige wall hex value #DDC8B1

A wood-burning stove looks stylish and adds a sense of comfort to any room.

The warmth and light it provides is relaxing, whilst its aesthetic quality is extremely high.

Since these stoves are made of steel or iron, it’s a good idea to use a soft carpet around them.

An armchair with a stool contributes to the hospitable ambience.

Bookshelves mark this area as relaxing and intimate.

On the other hand, the glass table, the image above it, and the black plastic lamp serve as modern additions to the space. 

The white marble slab under the stove creates a tasteful look.

It also has a useful function, distancing the stove from the floorboards.

Shadow patterns are created by the sheer transparency of the curtains, which let in sunlight.

This serves as a way to let the outdoors come in and enhance the narrative of the space. 

Wooden floorboards maximize the comfort level.

The iron basket next to the stove is a lively detail that animates the space.

How to Copy This Design:

Choose and install a wood-burning stove.

I advise using a white cast iron stove because they are elegant, and easy to incorporate into the bedroom.

Hire professionals to set it up properly.

Underlay a piece of marble slab.

This subtle detail turns a practical need into an effective design element.

Combine it with glass furniture for a contemporary touch.

You can also use pieces with polished or reflective surfaces for the décor, such as table lamps and vases.

Hang some neutral, light wall art above the furniture, to complete this area. 

Get a comfortable armchair, and place it close to the stove.

Add a shaggy carpet that looks inviting.

Place a couple of bookshelves to give it more character. 

Transparent curtains let in sunlight and provide a connection to the outdoors. 

Finish up by adding a metal basket for the logs – it’s useful and helps build a clear narrative.   

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10: Hang Scenery Artwork and a Screen to Create Intimacy

Modern Farmhouse With Artwork and a Screen
Modern Farmhouse With Artwork and a Screen

Beige walls hex value #E9D6B3

Art is an important part of décor that can change the feel of the whole room.

Inspired by farmhouse design, the pieces in this example depict country scenery. 

Heavy frames are a key part of this look.

They allow the images to breathe, and make them look more impressive.

The credenza and lamps have a contemporary touch, with polished surfaces in black and white. 

Various lighting options make the space dynamic.

Firstly, we have the ambient lights.

The two main art pieces are lit by downlights.

And behind the credenza, there is a linear light that highlights them from below. 

Secondly, there is a primarily decorative table lamp that can be used as a task light.

Thirdly, the floor lamp provides a sidelight for the mirror behind the screen.

This informal changing area serves as a dramatic headboard for the bed, which stands freely in the middle of the room.

If the bed is oriented toward the window, as in this example, I suggest using shutters or thick draperies as window coverings.

Finally, you can use an additional ceiling light as the general lighting for the room.

This enhances the use and flexibility of the space.     

How to Copy This Design:

Decorate your walls with scenery artworks.

Use remarkable picture frames to make them more impressive.

Furnish your room with neutral contemporary pieces, preferably with polished surfaces.

Define your lighting layout.

Use some ambient lights, such as downlights, for the main artwork.

For a dramatic effect, install linear lighting behind a piece of furniture.

Use a table lamp as a task light, and a ceiling light as general lighting.

Place the bed in the middle of the room, and pair it with a room dividing screen.

Light this area with a floor lamp, and place a mirror nearby.

This will connect the bed with the back of the room.

Keep in mind that the window covering should let through a small amount of sunlight, and maximize privacy if it overlooks the bed. 

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Conclusion: Start With a Neutral Base Palette

Earth-toned walls contribute to the general minimalistic and organic character of a modern farmhouse style.

Contemporary character is mostly achieved by the inclusion of simple furniture pieces with straight lines and polished surfaces.

When the surroundings are set this way, you can create accent walls, or give the space character and coziness through simple furnishings and décor.

By using multiple light sources, you can accent the elements that bring out the design.

Follow the given advice on how to combine furniture pieces, and make sure to create a simple color palette. 

If the furniture or décor seems cold, make it softer through the use of comfy and organic accessories.

Textures and patterns are the most effective way to achieve this goal.

Choose a design that fits your bedroom, and if possible, combine it with another to achieve the full potential of this tasteful, welcoming style. 

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