10 Inspirational Light Green Bedroom Ideas to Copy

Light green is an excellent color to use in your bedroom because it is calming and can be used with a range of decor themes.

But what are the best colors to pair with light green in your bedroom?

The best colors that go with light green in a bedroom are white, creamy light brown, lemon yellow, dusty pink, light grey, pastel cyan, or navy blue for a complementary combination – brown or black can be used to create contrast.

In the rest of this article, I have provided you with 10 light green bedroom design ideas that show you how to use these colors effectively.

I have included images to give you a visual idea and a description that explains how to copy each look.

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10 Light Green Bedroom Ideas

Here are 10 light green bedroom design ideas that you can copy and adapt as you see fit:

1: Pair Light Green and White for a Relaxing Ambience

Light Green Bedroom With White
Light Green Bedroom With White (#1: bottlein – pixabay)

Using light green in a bedroom makes the space look relaxing and creates a cozy and calm ambience.

To complement this, I recommend combining light green with white.

White is a neutral color that increases the calming and relaxing feeling the light green creates in your bedroom.

The combination of light green and white is a perfect choice for people who want to make their bedroom a true oasis of calm.

Also, white is a very popular interior design color, while light green is more of a personal preference – so this combination is perfect if you want to have an interesting and unique design, but do not want to experiment with intense color choices.

How to Create This Look:

One safe choice is to paint your bedroom walls light green, and keep the ceiling white.

But if your bedroom is small, and you need to make it appear larger, then don’t overuse green.

Instead, paint your walls white, and use green as an interior accent.

Paint the wall behind your bed, or part of it, green (as you can see in the picture above).

In my personal experience, white furniture always looks good with a light green interior.

Use light green on your walls, curtains, and bedding, and then complement the color with white nightstands and a white wardrobe.

Complete your light green and white bedroom interior with some interesting, brighter green interior elements.

You could include a lime green painting, some photographs with bright green in them, or some brighter green throw pillows on your bed.

For example, in the picture above, you can see a bright green picture hanging on the wall, which fits into the calm, light green and white room, but at the same time, it works as an interesting accent here.

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2: Juxtapose Light Green and Brown for a Modern Look

Light Green and Brown Bedroom
Light Green and Brown Bedroom (#2: archideaphoto – Envato)

Light green is a very warm and light color, so if you combine it with a heavier color, such as brown, the combination can have very interesting and attractive results.

The combination of these colors works through contrast – creating a solid-looking, modern bedroom design.

Light green, when contrasted with brown, or dark brown, looks even brighter and lighter.

Depending on the shade of brown, and the choice of furniture, the design style can vary from a neo-classic look to a contemporary, popular, modern rustic style.

As you can see in the picture above, the combination of light green and brown can create an amazing interior – even when used in a modern, minimalist design.

So this combination works well with many different styles, but it looks really good in modern-styled interiors.

How to Create This Look:

Many brown shades work well with light green.

From my personal experience, the best brown shades to combine with light green are:

  • Chocolate brown (hex value #332421).
  • Rustic brown (hex value #895a4d).

Use light green as your main interior color, and then complement it with brown accents.

For example, paint your walls green then add brown bedding and curtains – as shown in the image above.

Use some white elements to complete your bedroom’s interior.

These could be bedding, lighting fixtures, or small furniture elements.

In this combination, white elements will look bright, compared to both the light green and the brown, so choose white elements that you want as focal points and accents in the room.

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3: Mix Light Green and Wood Tones for a Nature-Inspired Design

Light Green Bedroom With Wood Textures
Light Green Bedroom With Wood Textures (#3: archideaphoto – Envato)

Light green in a bedroom interior symbolizes nature, calmness, and freshness, so it works really well with other materials that create the same feeling.

That’s why using natural materials like wood is a good choice in your light green bedroom.

The texture of natural wood creates a calm and fresh ambience and complements light green really well.

I always suggest this interior style to my clients who are into nature, sustainability, and natural materials.

This bedroom interior is not only very cozy and relaxing, but it also ages very well.

Nature-inspired designs are only now beginning to get attention, and this trend won’t be gone anytime soon.

Use a combination of light green and wood, if you want a bedroom design that not only looks good but also feels really good to be in.

How to Create This Look:

Use light green for your walls, curtains, bedding, and/or furniture, to complement natural wood floors.

Natural oak or ash floors look really good in combination with light green, but other wooden floors can work too.

If installing from scratch, try to choose flooring that looks and feels natural.

Vinyl floors with a woodgrain pattern can create the look, too, but I always prefer real wooden planks if my clients want to get the full effect of this style.

Add bedroom furniture that has a wooden texture.

It can be completely wooden furniture or a combination of light green textiles (or another color that fits the design) with wooden elements.

Try to match the wooden furniture with the floors.

Add some white into this interior, to make it look brighter.

Choose white furniture, add one or more white walls, and a few other interior elements.

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4: Combine Light Green with Plants for an Outdoor-Style Bedroom

Light Green Bedroom With Plants
Light Green Bedroom With Plants (#4: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Plants are always a good choice for a bedroom.

They bring a lot of aesthetic value to the room, and they are beneficial to your health, as plants provide fresh air.

Light green combined with green plants works really well in a bedroom.

This combination fits a huge style range: from a forest-inspired, light green bedroom with a few air-freshening plants, to a really unique, jungle-style bedroom design.

Which style to choose depends on the personality of the client.

If you are a calm person, and you want to feel like you’re in your personal haven in your room, then a forest-inspired, light green design is the way to go.

Pick a jungle-themed design only if you are really into plants and want your bedroom to express this interest.

How to Create This Look:

Use light colors in your bedroom, such as white or light gray, then add some light green accents, such as curtains or bedding.

Finish the design off with plants of your choice.

This design idea is flexible and easily changed.

If you decide that you want more or less greenery in the room, just add or remove some plants, and you will instantly see the effect.

Choose your plants carefully.

Good choices of plants for better bedroom oxygen levels are: Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, Pothos, and English Ivy.

You can extend the plant theme by adding decorative plant patterns in some of the room’s textiles.

Choose patterned curtains, bedding, or even wallpaper, if you want to have a more decorative bedroom.

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5: Use Light Green for Your Child’s Bedroom

Light Green Kid's Bedroom
Light Green Kid’s Bedroom (#5: hemul75 – Envato)

When parents create a child’s bedroom design by themselves, there are two main themes I’ve noticed that they tend to choose.

The first one is the “safe interior design”, which is just simple white, or light grey walls, just like in other rooms in the house.

The other one is the “cliché kid’s bedroom”, which is when parents paint a boy’s bedroom blue or a girl’s bedroom pink.

But I would suggest going a third way and creating an interesting and attractive kid’s bedroom interior design by choosing light green as the main color of the room.

Light green creates a refreshing and relaxing ambience and the main advantage of this color is that as kids tend to grow really fast, it is easy to change the room’s design without repainting it.

An elegant pastel green looks good in a baby’s room, and later on, the room can easily be changed into a toddler’s, or even a teen’s room, without changing everything completely.

Learning experts suggest that light green promotes learning and creativity, so if your kids spend most of their time in their bedroom, then light green is definitely a good choice.

Also, light green has a calming effect, so it’s good, not only for playing and learning but for resting, too.

How to Create This Look:

Choose an elegant pastel green for the walls of your kid’s bedroom; for example, hex value #b4d7b2 or #ddecdc.

The rest of the bedroom’s design depends on the age of the child.

If your kid is younger, then you can choose bright-colored furniture and add more decorations.

Later on, as your child grows, you can change the interior by swapping the colorful furniture for white or wooden pieces.

This way you will be able to adapt the interior to your growing child, without having to do any major updates.

This is a child’s bedroom, so choose resistant, and easy to clean materials, for the finishes of floors and walls.

For a kid’s bedroom, longevity is one of the main factors determining whether the room will look good or not, so don’t ignore it.

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6: Light Green and Concrete for a Contemporary-Style Bedroom

Contemporary Light Green Bedroom
Contemporary Light Green Bedroom (#6: 4787421 – pixabay)

Contemporary design is one of the most popular styles for apartments and houses these days, and bedroom interiors are no exception.

Choosing a contemporary style for your light green bedroom is a great idea because this combination works really well.

Typically, contemporary interiors are defined by the deliberate use of concrete textures, showcasing of space, and subtle sophistication.

The drawback to this style is that a bedroom is a special room, where you’ll want to create a calm and soft ambience, and concrete textures might not work too well for that.

That’s why I recommend using light green in contemporary bedroom designs.

This color creates a soft and light ambience, and balances out the hard and cold texture of the concrete.

With this design, you will have a trendy, striking interior, which maintains the coziness and calmness that is necessary for a bedroom.

How to Create This Look:

Don’t overuse concrete in your bedroom; choose only one or two surfaces for it.

These could be the ceiling; the floor and ceiling; one wall; one wall and the ceiling; or one wall and the floor.

Choose minimalistic furniture – the beauty of the contemporary style is simplicity and minimalism.

When designing a room in this style, the legendary architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous quote, “less is more”, is the main rule you should follow.

Light green creates a warm and cozy ambience, so you can use a few more industrial elements, without worrying that your bedroom will look cold and unwelcoming.

You could even include furniture made out of concrete or pieces that have a lot of metallic elements.

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7: Choose Light Green and Other Pastels for a Sleepy Ambience

Light Green Bedroom With Pastel Colors
Light Green Bedroom With Pastel Colors (#7: Victoria_Borodinova – pixabay)

Light green creates a relaxing and sleepy ambience in your bedroom.

If you want to increase this feeling then I would recommend using a combination of light green and other pastel colors.

Light green goes well with a creamy light brown, pastel yellow (lemon), or dusty pink.

These combinations work really well together and create an attractive and relaxing interior in your bedroom.

Choosing this style will allow you to create a perfect balance between coziness and luxury.

Your bedroom will look luxurious, but because of these light pastel colors, it won’t feel too cold or dark.

How to Create This Look:

Use light green as your main color for the walls of your bedroom, then complement it with curtains, bedding, or furniture in creamy brown (hex value #C89D7C), lemon yellow (hex code #FFF36D), or dusty pink (hex code #E1AD9D).

I recommend adding only one of these colors, so as to keep your room’s ambience relaxing and calm.

Don’t overcomplicate everything with too many different colors.

If this color combination looks too dull and boring for your personal taste, you can add some accents of brighter colors.

For example, in your light green and creamy brown bedroom, add some light blue pillows, as seen in the image above.

If you choose a light green and dusty pink interior, add a bright yellow nightstand, or hang a yellow painting above your bed.

Avoid using popular white bedding in this interior.

The whole room will be very bright, so it will be better to choose bedding that fits with the theme, preferably light green, or some other pastel color of your choice.

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8: Use Light Green and Light Gray for a Calm Ambience

Light Green Bedroom With Gray
Light Green Bedroom With Gray (#8: Hencyx – pixabay)

It is very important to start and end your day in a relaxing environment, so if you want to have a really soothing and peaceful bedroom, then I would recommend using a light green and gray color combination.

Light green in a bedroom could look too ambitious if used incorrectly, so using a neutral color in combination with it such as gray is a good choice.

Gray is always a safe choice in an interior, and it fits perfectly with a light green theme.

In this style, the gray works as a background color, leaving light green as the dominant color in your bedroom.

Because of the color neutrality of gray, this style goes very well with interesting furniture forms and interior elements.

So if you love a lot of small interior elements in your bedroom, consider choosing this color combination, to balance a large number of decorative elements with a more neutral color combination.

How to Create This Look:

Experiment with shades of gray.

Because this color is neutral, you can include many different gray shades, and they will still look good.

This can clearly be seen in the image above.

Light green is completely different.

It is bright, and it attracts attention, so try to use only one shade of light green in your interior.

Use light green for the main elements of the room, such as bedding, curtains that cover a whole wall, and interesting pieces of furniture.

Gray is your background color, so use it for big surfaces like ceilings and floors.

Personally, I don’t recommend painting the walls gray, unless your room gets a lot of natural light.

It may make the room look too dark.

For the walls in this type of bedroom, white works really well.

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9: Use Light Green with Black to Create an Intimate Ambience

Light Green Bedroom With Black
Light Green Bedroom With Black (#9: keresi72 – pixabay)

If you are looking for ideas to create an elegant and timeless interior design for your bedroom, consider using a combination of light green and black.

Light green gives that bright and calming ambience, while black contrasts it with a dark, solid look.

So if you want to create an intimate bedroom for you and your partner, consider using this color combination.

Black absorbs light, and creates a sophisticated look, which is timeless, and not a temporary trend.

The danger with black is that the bedroom might look too dark and unwelcoming, but that is not an issue when you combine it with light green.

Light green balances the dark, solid-looking elements with a fresh and light look, and a cozy feeling.

How to Create This Look:

Use black carefully, painting only one or two walls, and then including furniture, bedding, doors, or other black elements.

Add light green to create a balance with the black.

Use light green on the remaining walls, a few soft furniture pieces, and some small interior elements.

Pay attention to your lighting fixtures.

Black absorbs light, and light colors reflect it, so install lighting accordingly.

If you want a brighter interior, use spot lighting fixtures near the light green walls.

But if you want more intimate lighting, then place them near a black wall.

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10: Use Light Green and Blue for a Fresh Look

Light Green Bedroom With Blue
Light Green Bedroom With Blue (#10: 5460160 – pixabay)

If you are looking for a fresh and serene feel in your bedroom, then I would recommend using light green combined with blue.

Blue and green are next to each other on the color wheel, and they look really good together.

Light green goes well with many different shades of blue, but I would recommend choosing a pastel cyan, or navy blue.

Pastel cyan creates a soothing and sleepy ambience in your bedroom, so it’s a perfect choice if you want to create a true sleeping oasis.

Navy blue with light green looks more solid and creates a really fresh look for your bedroom.

Both green and blue are nature inspired colors, so if you are into symbolism, then this color combination is a perfect choice.

How to Create This Look:

For your blue, I would recommend using pastel cyan (hex value #A4D8D8) or navy blue (hex value #23395D).

Other shades of blue may look good, too, but keep to only one or two shades of blue, and one light green shade.

Paint your bedroom’s walls light green.

You can use light green on other interior elements, too, but use only one shade of light green, because it is the main color of the room.

Then you can complement the look with blue interior elements.

Light green symbolizes nature and greenery, while blue represents water and sky, so if you want to go with this nature theme, you can complete your interior design with a picture or photograph of these elements.

For example, as you can see in the image above, blue, abstract, nature-themed pictures above the bed work as accents in the room and complete the design.

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Conclusion: Light Green is Calming

Light green is a perfect color choice for your bedroom interior design, as this color creates the ambience of calmness and relaxation.

You can choose from many different styles and combinations, but I would recommend selecting one of the following options.

You can combine light green with other light colors, such as white, gray, pastels, or blue.

Also, you can use contrasting combinations, like light green combined with black or brown.

Light green also goes really well with materials that are nature-inspired, or have a rough texture, such as wood, concrete, and living plants.

So choose one of these ideas, use the tips written in this article, and create an amazing, light green interior design for your bedroom.

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