10 Colors that Go with Black Bedroom Furniture (Pro Picks)

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This article was written and researched by Maria Shams – a professional architect and interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

If you have black bedroom furniture then you may be worried about which color scheme to use for the walls, ceiling, floor, bedding, and other decor elements for fear of making the room look too overpowering and dark.

But when done right, black bedroom furniture can accentuate the other colors in the room to create a defined look that will suit a wide range of palettes.

So what are the best colors to use in a bedroom with black furniture?

The best colors that go with black bedroom furniture are burgundy for a sheltered feeling; cream for sophistication; muted blue to accentuate the black furniture; tea pink or taupe for warmth; mint green to relax; yellow and gray for playful contrast; and oxblood red for vigor.

The rest of this article discusses in more detail how to apply these colors in your bedroom to work specifically with your black furniture.

I have used my professional experience and the knowledge gathered from many years working as an interior designer to explain how to apply these colors in the context of the walls, ceiling, floors, and overall decor to help you achieve the look you are after.

You can either copy the designs from the custom mock-ups I have made or adapt the elements that suit your project.

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10 Colors that Go with Black Bedroom Furniture

Here are 10 colors that you can use to go with your black bedroom furniture:

1: Burgundy with Navy Blue Bedding

Black Bedroom Furniture With Burgundy Walls and Navy Blue Bedding
Black Bedroom Furniture With Burgundy Walls and Navy Blue Bedding

Burgundy hex value: #773141

A deep color like burgundy will work with your black furniture to give your room an enclosed, sheltered feeling.

The relativity darker tones of burgundy and black will complement each other to create a cohesive look.

Burgundy is a color associated with sophistication.

It combines the warmth of red with the regality of purple and creates the perfect blend of comfort and class.

Your resulting space is one that exudes coziness while maintaining a mature, put-together appearance.

You can introduce bedding in a color complementary to your burgundy walls.

For instance, in this example, I’ve used navy blue bedding.

Opting for a darker tone of blue adds to the sanctuary-like ambiance of the room.

I usually recommend including some elements in lighter tones.

Doing so provides a pleasant visual contrast to the deeper color of the walls.

Here, I’ve chosen breezy white curtains and multiple white pillows and cushions for the bed.

You may hesitate to use this color so liberally on all walls, fearing that the space will look small and congested.

To counteract that, you can leave some walls bare, and use mirrors instead of paintings and print.

A well-sized mirror will create the illusion of a larger space.

How to Copy this Design:

With a bold color like this one, keep your use of patterns minimal and monochrome.

Here I’ve used black and white patterns for the duvet and the lampshades, to provide some visual contrast to the solid-colored walls.

Leave at least one plane of the room devoid of color.

Here I’ve kept one of the walls in wooden cladding, so I have applied the color to the ceiling as well.

If you want to color all four walls burgundy, I recommend you leave the ceiling in a neutral cream color.

A neutral plane will help to provide a fresh visual.

In keeping with the richness of the room’s décor, go for a furry rug.

I’ve chosen a deep brown.

Notice how it ties the look together, where a lighter color in its place would have directed all the visual attention towards it.

While it can seem daunting to color all four walls, the completed look will yield beautiful results.

Don’t be afraid to try bolder colors!

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2: Cream with White and Beige Accents

Black Bedroom Furniture With Cream, White and Beige Accents
Black Bedroom Furniture With Cream, White and Beige Accents

Cream hex value: #FFFDD0

For the ultimate modern and sophisticated look, you can never go wrong with cream-colored walls.

Go for this look if you have furniture with a lightweight appearance.

The sharp contrast of black against cream walls will give your room a clean and classy appearance.

Keep your accents in neutral tones as well, such as browns and beiges, to maintain the overall look.

Use thin curtain fabrics to allow ample light into your room.

Your space will look bright and breezy.

I like to add a focal element to tie a space together.

Here I’ve done that by using wooden paneling for the ceiling.

You can also choose a complementary beige color of paint instead.

A different color for a ceiling plane will keep the room from appearing too expansive and will help it look wider instead of taller.

I like to keep the look modern when using colors with such high contrast.

Thus, I’ve chosen wall art to be a minimal typographical poster and a muted monochrome pattern.

Outside of wall décor, I’ve opted to use solid colors instead of patterns to maintain the overall aesthetic.

How to Copy this Design:

When choosing your shade of paint, try a few samples and see which works well for you, and catches the sunlight in your space best.

Go for a shade that is brighter, rather than one that will dull the room down.

When choosing a color for the wall, make sure it is not too light.

Use multiple paint swatches or wood samples (according to your preference) to see which one will work with your choice of cream.

Keep your wall art simple and minimal.

Avoid clunky and overly adorned frames and décor items.

Instead, opt for clean lines and straight edges.

Don’t clutter the space with too many patterns.

Choose an element and restrict your use of pattern to that element alone.

For instance, if I had not used a pattern in my wall art, I would have gone for a patterned duvet or rug instead.

Stay true to the neutral palette and restrict your use of colorful elements.

I’ve added a medium-sized indoor plant to bring some color into the bedroom, aside from which I’ve adhered to the neutral color palette.

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3: Muted Blue With Gray Undertones

Black Bedroom Furniture With Muted Blue and Gray Undertones
Black Bedroom Furniture With Muted Blue and Gray Undertones

Muted blue hex value: #6D7987

A muted blue color with gray undertones will accentuate the presence of your black furniture, and help it to stand out as the focal element in your room.

Shades of blue are ideal for use in bedrooms as blue is considered to promote a sense of calmness, and to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Its associations with elements found in nature, like the sea and the sky, make the space feel spacious and tranquil.

To capitalize on these calming attributes of the color, I like to reinforce it by maintaining a palette that is largely monotone.

The upholstery of the secondary furniture pieces has been maintained in a darker yet still muted shade of blue.

To maintain a tranquil atmosphere, I’ve complemented my monotone blue palette with accents in neutral tones of off-white.

Everything from the wall art to the curtains to the carpets has been kept in muted colors.

I like to add an item of interest in a room that is so decidedly neutral.

Here I’ve included a touch of metallic gold in the ottoman at the end of the bed, and again in the frames on the wall.

This little hint of luxury uplifts and adds life to the space.

How to Copy this Design:

This color scheme would pair beautifully with furniture that is lightweight, such as the wrought-iron bedframe here.

If your furniture is on the bulkier side, you may want to choose a color scheme that would suit it better.

Try to choose your paint and fabric at the same time.

You can swatch a few samples of paint, and once you’ve narrowed down your selection, you can select your fabric according to what colors will work well together.

You will want to maintain a similar undertone, so be careful you don’t make one too bright compared to the other.

Keep your ceiling in an off-white tone, and repeat the same in your choice of rug or carpet.

To have the two reflecting each other will really give the space a sense of cohesiveness.

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4: Taupe with Sea-Foam Accent

Black Bedroom Furniture With Taupe and Sea-Foam Accent
Black Bedroom Furniture With Taupe and Sea-Foam Accent

Taupe hex code: #91546D

Taupe is an ideal color for use in bedrooms because it gives your room a sense of warmth, comfort, and stability.

It creates an ideal space for you to retire to at the end of the day.

The brownish base of the color communicates a feeling of down-to-earth timelessness.

Being a classic color, taupe will not go out of style.

An earthy neutral like taupe is also the perfect canvas for your black furniture to shine against.

To create some added interest, you can introduce a complementary color into your room.

A soft rug in a pleasant shade of sea-foam green is the perfect balance to the taupe walls.

The coolness of the green offsets the warmth of the brownish taupe, creating a harmony of color in the space.

I like to include some natural elements when using colors with a brown base.

It adds to the sense of stability in the space.

Here, I’ve used some wooden wall panels to frame the furniture and create a focal wall.

I’ve also used wooden tops for the bedside table and added some classic chairs in black to match with the bed.

The wall art has been kept minimal in neutral colors.

The placement of it on the feature wall behind the bed further enhances the centrality of the bedroom furniture and accentuates its dominance within the space.

How to Copy this Design:

To select the perfect shade of taupe for your room, sample a few shades and choose the one that works best for you.

If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, you can always opt for dramatic overhead lighting.

Though on the warmer side, taupe is a neutral color.

You should strategically use darker and bolder elements to create visual focus in the room.

Making the bed a focal point of the room is one way of doing this.

When selecting your rug, make sure it complements the color you’ve selected for your walls.

Too bright, and it might overpower the space entirely – too pale, and it runs the risk of leaving the space looking bare.

Instead of the sea-foam green I’ve selected here, you can use any pastel shade of your choice.

Keep your bed linens in shades of grays and beiges.

Or you can keep your rug a neutral beige, and opt to introduce splashes of pastel hues in your choice of bedding.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Taupe works well with most, if not all colors.

Feel free to mix up the accent colors to refresh your space from time to time.

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5: Mint Green with White Curtains

Black Bedroom Furniture Mint Green and White Curtains
Black Bedroom Furniture with Mint Green and White Curtains

Mint green hex code: #AAF0C1

Mint green is a pleasant and soothing color to have in your bedroom.

It helps to relax the senses, and create a soothing effect.

Visually, it is much easier on the eyes than the brightness of plain white.

Green is a color associated with feelings of tranquility and calmness, to the extent that it is preferred in interiors for waiting spaces due to the mild atmosphere it creates.

This makes it an ideal color to have in a place of rest like your bedroom.

I like to accentuate the visual coolness of this color by pairing it with soft hues of peaches and pinks.

This pastel palette of colors will accentuate your black bedroom furniture and make it a point of focus.

For the bedding, I’ve chosen to keep it simple in pastel hues.

I’ve chosen to include some complementary patterns in peach and deep teal for the cushions placed on the bed.

The same colors can be repeated in any wall art you choose to display, housed in frames of black and beige wood.

How to Copy this Design:

When selecting your paint color, choose a tone that is brighter instead of a muted one.

Pair it with a cream and pastel palette to make your space look happy and uplifting.

This is an ideal color palette for a teenager’s bedroom.

The bright, happy colors will give the space an energetic mood.

Add patterns in complementary colors to your wall art, rugs, and decorative cushions.

Create a cozy reading nook by placing an armchair in a corner, upholstered in cream-colored fabric.

You can add some interesting ceiling lights or a floor lamp to distinguish it from the rest of the room.

You will want to allow natural light into the room.

You can do that by framing your window in a light, breezy fabric in lighter colors.

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6: Gray with Bright Yellow Accents

Black Bedroom Furniture with Gray and Bright Yellow Accents
Black Bedroom Furniture with Gray and Bright Yellow Accents

Gray hex code: #A9A9A9

Gray and yellow is a great combination of class and levity to introduce into your room.

Gray is a color associated with sophistication and stability.

In contrast to that, yellow is associated with energy and feelings of joy.

The two colors work well together to create a balanced atmosphere.

Gray is a great neutral to pair with your black furniture, as they both belong on a monochrome spectrum.

In this example, I’ve opted for a paler gray with a slightly textured finish.

The visual focus in this space is shared by the black furniture and the bright yellow of the curtains.

Even so, a balance is established between the two.

One absorbs light, the other reflects it.

I like to pair warmer colors like yellow with a color tone on the cooler spectrum to help balance it out.

I’ve done that here by using lots of lush, green, indoor plants of varying sizes and varieties.

Instead of wall art, I’ve opted to include some wooden texture in the form of a band of paneling running near the ceiling.

The earthy, natural color will help to ground the space.

How to Copy this Design:

While selecting your gray color for your walls, choose a gray that straddles the line between red and blue undertones.

Leaning too heavily on either side will result in a poor execution of this palette.

Repeat the yellow in other places around the room, otherwise its presence in the curtains will look strangely disjointed.

Here, I’ve included some yellow cushions to be placed on the bed, with a neutral gray duvet.

To capitalize on the joyful qualities of the color yellow, add some fun elements to your room décor – like poufs or cushions to place on the floor as casual seating.

Use fabrics in various shades and textures of gray to add some interest to the pieces.

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7: Oxblood with Green Bedding

Black Bedroom Furniture with Oxblood and Green Bedding
Black Bedroom Furniture with Oxblood and Green Bedding

Oxblood hex value: #4A0000

Oxblood is a dark shade of red with hues of brown in its undertones.

Shades of red are associated with energy, vigor, and strength.

Imagine waking up to a space that provides these attributes just by virtue of its color!

Black furniture set against oxblood red walls will capitalize on the deep, warm tones of the color and give the space a feeling of shelter and sanctuary.

When using darker colors like this one, I always recommend that the ceiling be kept plain and off-white so you have a light-colored plane to balance the space.

You can always have curtains and rugs in a similar shade, to add a touch of brightness to the space.

To introduce some color in the space, you can include a contrasting color like green.

The two colors are on opposite ends of the color wheel, and their opposing properties work in tandem with each other to create equilibrium in the room’s atmosphere.

How to Copy this Design:

When choosing your paint, select your shades of red and off-white at the same time so you can find a combination that pairs well together.

Remember to look for a color that is on the warmer side of the spectrum.

You can introduce contrasting green in a number of ways.

In this example, I’ve included green sheets and pillows for the bed, with a white and green leafy pattern for the throw.

I’ve also added a sculptural display of indoor plants suspended from the ceiling.

Try to position your paler elements where they will be able to catch the light from the window.

For instance, in this space, translucent curtains and a shaggy, cream-colored rug are the neutral balancing elements, ideal for catching and reflecting the space.

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8: Charcoal Black with Monochrome Accents

Black Bedroom Furniture with Charcoal Black and Monochrome Accents
Black Bedroom Furniture with Charcoal Black and Monochrome Accents

Charcoal hex value: #232023

If you feel like experimenting, go for an all-black interior.

This will work best if your floor finishes are in a lighter-colored wood like pine or ash.

Black is a color associated with simplicity and elegance.

To maintain an aesthetic that oozes sophistication, contrast your black with a color like white, and then work with a complementary tone of wood in your accent furniture.

Your black furniture will seamlessly blend in with the walls, giving the appearance of a cohesive whole instead of one juxtaposed against the other.

You can keep your bedding in a monotone palette of grays and whites.

To break it up and prevent it from looking monotonous, you can add minimalistic black and white patterns to some of the cushions on display.

Black walls act as a blank canvas for you to play with light.

You can highlight and create interest around the room depending on the placement and orientation of your lighting fixtures.

How to Copy this Design:

Make sure you select a shade of black that matches your furniture.

You can try a couple of samples on the walls and set your furniture against it to see how they look.

Even black comes in varying undertones from blue to red, and you don’t want your furniture and walls to end up clashing.

Choose wall art that provides a visual break from the starkness of the black walls.

Here, I’ve selected minimal black line art set on a field of white.

You can call attention to certain areas of the room by directing light there.

For instance, I’ve chosen to do that with my wall art, and my bookshelves.

These are the spots where I can display items of interest, so it is ideal to highlight them.

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9: Mocha Brown with White Linens

Black Bedroom Furniture with Mocha Brown and White Linens
Black Bedroom Furniture with Mocha Brown and White Linens

Mocha brown hex value: #806C61

An earthy, natural tone like mocha brown is associated with feelings of warmth and security.

As a decidedly neutral color, its use in interior design serves to relax the senses and invoke feelings of comfort and ease.

For this example, I’ve demonstrated how you can use an entirely neutral, monotone color palette to adorn your interior space.

Everything from the ceiling to the floor has been chosen in keeping with the prevailing theme.

Instead of standing out against the neutral tones, the warm tones of brown will actually soften the otherwise harsh presence of black furniture.

Use colors like cream and beige for your bedsheets and upholstery to create a sense of brightness and openness within the space.

You can add a rug in a pattern of the same tones.

To add some texture to the room, you can include wooden paneling on a wall which will end up being the focal point of the room.

Add some warm ceiling lights to disperse softly throughout the space.

In my experience, an earthy color like brown can sometimes make a space feel dull or dreary.

To prevent that from happening, use lightweight beige fabric for your curtains, to allow plenty of diffused light to filter into the space.

How to Copy this Design:

Choose a warmer shade of brown, instead of a cooler one.

The warmer brown will make your space look cozy and welcoming.

Display wall art complementary to the soothing neutrals in the room.

Here I’ve chosen a print of a grassy landscape under clear skies.

I’ve complemented that with the addition of pampas grass in a vase.

You can also opt for any dried arrangement of grasses in golds and browns.

Use artificial lighting that is softer and diffused, instead of lighting that is harsher and creates sharp shadows.

This will soften the overall appearance of the room.

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10: Tea Pink

Black Bedroom Furniture with Tea Pink
Black Bedroom Furniture with Tea Pink

Tea Pink hex value: #DC7178

For a warm interior space, go for a pink with a brownish hue like this one.

You can pair this with a pink-toned beige to offset the warmth of the space and add a touch of neutrality.

While the color pink is associated with femininity, recent trends in interior design highlight pink as a popular choice for interior spaces.

It adds a touch of modern sophistication to the spaces it encloses.

It is associated with feelings of love and compassion, a perfect fit for use in residences, especially bedrooms.

A warm pink-brown hue such as this will work well with black furniture, no matter its undertone.

For a black with red undertones, it will be complemented by the pink, while for a black with blue undertones, the pink will create a mild, but pleasant, contrast.

In this mockup example, I’ve shown you how you can use color blocking in your wall colors to highlight spaces and imply boundaries, such as to separate your workspace from your bed.

How to Copy this Design:

Keep the secondary furniture and décor elements very contemporary in keeping with the aesthetic of the space.

You can include patterns in areas like your wall art and rug or carpet.

Here, I’ve chosen a pattern in shades of brick red, teal, and grays for display on my focal wall.

Keep your bedding in shades of gray with red or pink undertones.

The neutrals will help to ground the space, and the warmer undertones will match the walls.

If you’re opting for a color blocking of walls like in this example, make sure to select both colors together so you end up with a combination that works nicely together.

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