11 White Bedroom Ideas With Color (Pro Designer’s Picks)

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This article has been written by Andrei Vasilief – a professional architect and interior designer – to ensure maximum factual accuracy and to provide unique content.

White bedrooms with a splash of color are a simple and flexible design choice that can work well in a range of room sizes for kids, teens, and adults alike.

But with a little bit of design knowledge, you can take a simple white bedroom design from good to amazing.

So how do you design a stunning white bedroom with color?

To make a white bedroom look good with color: choose strong accent colors like green, blue, yellow, orange, or black to create a bold look; or go for varying tones of white, shades of gray, or wooden textures for a more natural and subtle look.

In the rest of this article, I have used my professional knowledge gained from being an architect and interior designer to give you 11 of the best hand-picked white bedroom designs with color.

I have included a subsection that explains how to copy each look.

You can also extract elements and adapt each design for your individual requirements.

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11 White Bedroom Ideas With Color

White bedrooms are generally considered very classic.

But with some clever color combinations and detailing, they can become a great fit for any style – from minimalist to contemporary to classical.

Below are 11 white bedroom ideas with color that you can copy or adapt as you see fit:

1: All-White With Differing Tones – Calm and Classy

All White Bedroom Design
All White Bedroom Design (#1: Kim Schouten – Unsplash)

An all-white bedroom is incredibly calming and classy.

It is also flexible, working with almost any style – from contemporary and minimalist to classical and decorated.

The strength of this design comes from the many shades of white that go into making it.

Even though we call it an all-white bedroom, it’s a collection of shades of off-white, which together create a coherent design.

Any color added to this design, no matter how small, will inevitably stand out – so accents can work amazingly well in this design.

How to Copy This Look:

Achieving a stylish white bedroom design is not difficult – choose different shades to break up the monotony and add depth.

If some of the items – such as the furnishings – have a secondary color, then this will add some accent to the room.

Artworks with colors work exceptionally well, as they will stand out.

A wooden floor is also a great accent piece because it balances out the shades of white and makes the room more dynamic.

Finally, consider adding texture, as much as possible, as it will bring a lot of richness to the design.

Linens, curtains, and the fabric of the bed frame are excellent opportunities for adding texture.

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2: Add Shades of Gray for Sophistication

White Bedroom With Shades of Gray
White Bedroom With Shades of Gray (#2: Chastity Cortijo – Unsplash)

Gray and shades of white go together effortlessly.

While white is strongly linked to a sense of calmness and serenity, gray adds some sophistication and depth.

Gray is a more mature color that can have a tempering effect.

The beauty of white is that it feels light and spacious, but it can also be quite overwhelming at times.

Gray tempers this, balancing out the lightness, and grounding the design.

Just like the all-white bedroom, it can be quite easy to put into practice, not being a demanding style.

You can add gray in multiple ways, but the simplest way to do so is with fabric.

A large gray carpet or rug, for example, is a very easy way of integrating color into your design.

Gray pillows, or a bed frame covered with gray fabric, is also a good option.

You can consider adding artwork with gray accents on the walls, as well.

How to Copy This Look:

Start by adding a gray carpet or rug.

Ideally, you would want one that is not a solid color, but a patchwork of shades of gray.

Solid gray can be too dark, so it’s important to choose something balanced.

Next, install a bed with gray fabric covering the frame.

Keep in mind that beds like these can be a bit large, so make sure to measure the room before purchasing, to ensure that it fits.

Then you can add linens with gray accents, or gray pillows on the bed.

Another option, although not an easy one, is to install textured wallpaper, with a light gray or off-white shade.

This is a bit more difficult to do, and high-quality textured wallpaper can be expensive, but if it is feasible for you, it’s a great way to create a memorable design.

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3: Add Wooden Tones to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

White Bedroom With Wooden Tones
White Bedroom With Wooden Tones (#3: dit26978 – Envato)

We associate wood with an idea of home and warmth due to its unique characteristics.

Wood is warm to the touch and pleasant to look at.

For this reason, it can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

Shades of white and wooden tones work very well, with the superimposing of wooden textures over white creating a strong atmosphere.

This is further aided by the fact that most bedrooms have a wooden floor, and adding wood in the room acts as an extension of this into the space.

We also associate wood with nature – a correlation that translates into a relaxed atmosphere in the room.

Also, wood is very texture-rich, but different textures combine effortlessly to create a design that stands out.

This makes this approach easy to pull off.

How to Copy This Look:

The simplest way of adding wooden tones to a bedroom is by using a bed with a wooden frame.

Keep in mind that you probably already have wood in the room, as usually, residential floors are made of wood.

Beyond that, you can also add wooden bedside tables or other various wooden furniture, such as a chair or an armchair.

There is also the option of adding a wooden headboard to the bed, but this is a bit more difficult to do, as it requires installing a piece of hardware.

Finally, this look works best without a rug so the various wooden tones in the room can create a coherent design.

A rug would separate that, so not using one is the best way to go.

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4: Add Green for a Natural and Organic Feel

White Bedroom With Dark Green Accent Wall
White Bedroom With Dark Green Accent Wall (#4: Beazy – Unsplash)

Green tones remind us of nature, and for that reason, it can be a very calming color to use, especially in a bedroom.

It can make the room feel more relaxed, and help in creating a calming environment, ideal for sleep.

Dark green works very well for this style, as it’s very malleable, working in a variety of bedrooms.

It’s also possible to achieve this look by using plants within the room.

Dark green works on many elements, from furnishings – such as an armchair – to fabrics and textiles.

Dark green can be used in bed linen or curtains or even as a dark accent wall.

Another unique advantage is that green works very well with wooden floors, pushing the nature-inspired aesthetic further.

This makes it ideal in a variety of interior decoration styles.

How to Copy This Look:

Starting from the simplest to the most complex, the first step would be to look for dark green bed linens.

Dark green works better than light green, as it has more personality, and is easier to integrate into the bedroom.

It is also easier to maintain, as it does not get dirty that easily.

You can opt for bed linens or decorative pillows, or both.

Next, look for dark green furnishings you can use.

Ideally, all the pieces should be in the same color and tone, for consistency.

Unlike the all-white bedroom, it works much better if everything is in the same tone.

One or two furnishings are sufficient for the look, and it’s also important to not clutter the room.

If you have the option, adding dark green curtains can also work quite well, continuing the theme of the walls.

It’s important to keep in mind the size of the room.

Dark green can make a space feel smaller, so it is important to make sure the room can accommodate the color.

Finally, you can also paint one wall in the room dark green, turning it into an accent wall.

This is more difficult to do, as it requires a large intervention in the room, but it is very impactful.

Just like the suggestion about the curtains, make sure that the size of the room can accommodate it, as it does tend to close off the space a bit.

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5: Splash Blue Accents for a Breezy Atmosphere

White Bedroom With Blue Accents
White Bedroom With Blue Accents (#5: Annie Spratt – Unsplash)

Blue is a very calm and cool color, which we strongly associate with the sea, the breeze, and nature.

Adding some blue to the room can bring in those vibes, and make for an amazing atmosphere.

The influence of nature is a great starting point for any interior design, and the best colors to choose are natural ones.

Unlike the previous choices, blue is a color that is not only inspired by nature but has a great cultural significance too.

In Mediterranean design (Greek in particular) blue is a motif, making for unique interiors.

This has taken on a life of its own so much, that the color is a staple of the culture at this point, proving the impact it can have.

Blue accents in an overall white bedroom make for some amazing contrast and spots of color.

It’s because of its cultural significance that using blue can be so amazing for interior design.

How to Copy This Look:

The best way of introducing blue into your bedroom is with accents.

Artworks and textiles are fantastic for this.

Large artworks on the wall with blue colors in them are great for this, as it’s an interesting way of including the color in the room.

Textiles, such as linens, with blue accents, also work quite well.

Finally, you can add blue-colored decorative pillows to the bed.

You will want to go for a medium shade of blue; not too light, but not too dark, either.

A lighter or darker shade will lose some of the charm, and either end up with a washed-out look, or a very dark one.

Including blue furniture, or painting the walls blue, are not the easiest solutions, as they depend very much on the design and size of the room.

These will work only in certain situations and are best avoided if you are not sure about what you are doing.

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6: Yellow and Orange Spots of Color Make the Room Playful

White Bedroom With Yellow and Orange Spots
White Bedroom With Yellow and Orange Spots (#6: Shashi Chaturvedula – Unsplash)

Yellow and orange are very strong and visible colors, but they are also associated with joy and positivity, especially in smaller doses.

Small is the keyword here, as these colors can quickly and easily overwhelm, so they need to be very much kept under control for maximum effect.

Yellow is the stronger color, and can have an impact on our wellbeing, making us restless, so it should only be used sparingly.

These colors work best when included in a completely white bedroom, combined only with varying shades of white.

This will create a strong contrast, and make the colors stand out.

Darker shades of orange can generally be used for all-purpose interior design, but remember that yellow should be used sparingly.

These colors also work well if you have wooden flooring installed.

How to Copy This Look:

We will go over both colors; yellow and orange.

For yellow, the best ways are either to add the occasional decorative pillow or include bedside lamps with yellow fabric covers.

It’s best to go with only one of these, rather than both, for a balanced look.

For orange, you should go for a darker orange shade, and either include decorative pillows, wall artwork, or paint an accent wall in the color.

Pillows and artwork are simpler to integrate, with an accent wall being more difficult to put into practice.

But any combination of these will lead to a very lively and interesting design.

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7: Combine Wooden Tones and Plants for a Natural Feel

White Bedroom With Wood Tones and Plants
White Bedroom With Wood Tones and Plants (#7: Minh Pham – Unsplash)

Wood and plants are a great addition to any interior design, as they make the space feel far less artificial, and more in touch with the outdoors.

It also makes the bedroom more livable, going so far as to contribute to the air quality.

Plants are a great contribution to any interior, because they help with our wellbeing, calm us down, contribute to the quality of air, and overall, bring a sense of life to the room.

Wood has many of the same qualities, creating a link with nature that is not easy to obtain through just colors or artificial additions.

These two elements combined have a great effect in bedrooms as the calmness they exude can influence our quality of sleep.

How to Copy This Look:

Start by looking at beds with wooden frames.

Depending on the size of the room, you can integrate something more minimalistic if the room is smaller, or opt for a bed with a larger wooden frame if the space can accommodate one.

You can then look into incorporating furniture with wooden tones.

Storage cabinets work well for this; they can be found quite easily, and are also not expensive.

Next is the décor; try looking for a mirror with a wooden frame.

Round mirrors work better, as they are softer, and also more in theme with the natural style.

Finally, add plants.

Ideally, you will want to add one or two larger plants.

But if that is not possible, consider adding a few smaller plants and grouping them in a specific part of the room.

That way they do not create additional clutter.

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8: Add Dark, Contrasting Furniture for a Bold Design

White Bedroom With Dark Furniture
White Bedroom With Dark Furniture (#8: Sidekix Media – Unsplash)

A bit of color on a white canvas makes a very strong statement, and black goes very well with white in interior design.

So, when you add a dark statement piece, all of a sudden the design becomes much more interesting.

A completely white bedroom is very functional for contrasting designs, and black is a color we are continuously fascinated by.

Black furniture can be very impactful design-wise and should be used when trying to create a contrasting design.

There are a number of options of black furnishings that can be incorporated in a bedroom, that both look good, and extend the functionality.

How to Copy This Look:

This style works best in an already all-white bedroom.

In this environment, it will have the most impact.

If there are already other colors present in the room, then this approach will not work, so make sure that the bedroom you have can accommodate this idea.

The simplest way to integrate this would be to purchase either a single piece, or two identical pieces of furniture.

Seating works best in this case, such as a black armchair or a set of armchairs, identical and in the same color.

It can also work, however, with a piece of storage furniture, as long as it is not overly large.

As a final tip for this style, you can add black and white artwork on the walls to round it up.

It will work very well with the chosen piece of furniture and add some more personality to the bedroom.

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9: Install a Large, Black-Framed Bed to Make a Strong Statement

White Bedroom With Black Bed
White Bedroom With Black Bed (#9: Kam Idris – Unsplash)

This style only works in certain bedrooms, specifically where the space will allow it, as it would look out of place in smaller spaces.

But if you have the room, it’s a great way to introduce a statement piece in the design.

Black beds are usually quite large, as they are designed only for certain styles.

Because they are not an everyday purchase, they only target a select clientele, and as such, these beds only fit in certain interior designs.

Because they are larger, they can be a bit more comfortable, as well, accommodating larger and thicker mattresses than standard beds.

Depending on the preference and budget, they can also come with additional features, such as a built-in TV unit.

How to Copy This Look:

Start by measuring the room and recording the dimensions.

Find a black framed bed model that you like, and check the fit.

It’s very important to do this accurately, so as not to have problems down the line.

Ideally, you would want to place it centrally in the room, with space on either side, so it’s accessible from everywhere.

This will also make the room feel more sophisticated.

Another tip that you can implement is to complement the bed with black and white artworks, placed on the wall above it.

Again, this will make the design stand out more.

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10: Add Panel Molding to the Room for a Classical Feel

White Bedroom With Panel Molding
White Bedroom With Panel Molding (#10: Trend – Unsplash)

Panel molding has been slowly regaining popularity.

Inspired by classical European interiors, these accessories have not only stood the test of time, but have become relevant again.

Installing them can be a simple way to elevate the interior design of your bedroom.

For a bit of context, panel moldings are solid profiles that are glued to the wall.

They are usually made of hard plastic and can be painted.

Also, you can find options for all parts of the wall, from the base to the top.

Panel molding can be found in a variety of styles, ranging from simple and contemporary to ornate and classical.

The rule of thumb, usually, is that the larger the room, the more ornate the style can be.

So if you have a large bedroom, then you can opt for any style you would like, but for a smaller room, it’s usually best to stick to a simpler and more minimalist option.

Again depending on the size of the room, they can either be placed on a single wall (which becomes an accent wall), or be installed on all walls.

However, this style needs to be integrated into the house as a whole, as it would be strange to apply it only to a single room.

How to Copy This Look:

Take into account the size of your room before implementing this style.

Next, you will have to consider whether you wish to install molding on just one wall, or more.

When drawing up the panels on the wall, it’s best to work in uneven numbers.

So for example, you can install three rectangular panels, or one.

Even numbers create balance, and end up looking dull, so it’s best to avoid this.

The proportion of the room will inform the dimensions of the panels.

As a rule of thumb, it’s good practice to cover around two-thirds of the wall with the panel, leaving room on the sides, top and bottom.

Finally, make sure that the panels are painted in the same color as the rest of the wall.

This will make sure they blend in and look coherent.

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11: Add Standout Light Fixtures to Create a Centerpiece

White Bedroom With creative Lighting
White Bedroom With creative Lighting (#11: Laurence Katz – Unsplash)

A standout light fixture on the ceiling can have a strong effect on any bedroom interior design.

It’s easy to do, and simple to implement.

Light is an essential element of any bedroom, but the style of the fixture also plays a key role.

Depending on your preferences, you can find light fixtures in a large variety of styles, from contemporary to classic, to suit any taste.

In most cases, you will have 3 light sources in your bedroom; a ceiling light, and 2 bedside lights.

So it’s a great opportunity to add some personal touches when choosing them.

In a white bedroom, for example, adding a set of unique lamps can make for a stunning design.

How to Copy This Look:

The simplest way to implement this look would be to find a set of bedroom lights that you like, and install them.

Going for a set ensures that they are from the same design, and go well together.

Depending on your taste, there is also the option of choosing three different fixtures, and making them work together.

This is much more difficult to pull off well, and could result in a weird look.

Finally, it’s important to note that this idea works best in an all-white bedroom, as the lights will have the opportunity to become accent pieces, and add some contrast to the design.

This idea does not work as well if there are already additional colors in the room.

Regarding their style, the lights should follow the same general style as the space.

So if the bedroom is very classically designed, for example, you should go for a classically designed lamp, not a contemporary one.

They don’t have to be spot on when it comes to the design, but they should follow a general guideline.

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