22 Bedroom Ideas With LED Lights (Professional Designs)

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This article was written by Lauren Copping – a professional interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

When applied correctly, LED lighting can make your bedroom feel more inviting and convey a wide range of moods from cozy to classy.

But when applied incorrectly, LEDs can look tacky and contrived.

So what’s the best way to light a bedroom with LEDs?

The best way to use LED lighting in a bedroom is to place the LEDs behind your TV, monitors, curtains, headboard, or inside recesses to create a subtle ambiance. LEDs placed in direct view on the floor, shelves, or via task lighting create a bolder and more commanding look.

In the rest of this article, I have used the knowledge gained during my career as an interior designer to give you 22 unique LED bedroom design ideas.

You can either copy them directly or just use them as inspiration as you see fit.

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22 Bedroom LED Lighting Ideas

Below are 22 LED lighting ideas that you can use in your bedroom:

1: Backlight Your Monitor or TV to Create a Cozy Accent

Bedroom With Monitor LED Backlighting
Bedroom With Monitor LED Backlighting (#1: Fábio Silva – Unsplash)

If you have a desk or workstation in your bedroom, adding LED accent lighting can make it a beautiful accent in the space.

This application adds an ambient light feature to your work or gaming station, while still allowing your screen to shine through, and not be overpowered by a light fixture.

How to Recreate This Look:

This scene shows a desk with an LED strip attached to the back.

Lighting strip assembly differs by brand, but typically you can cut the strips to match the length of your desk, then secure them with tape or putty to the back edge facing the wall.

Be sure not to let the face of the light tape show into the room, and expose the illuminated dots in the strip.

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2: Use Neon LEDs as Shelf Decor to Create Personality

Bedroom With Neon LED Shelf Lighting
Bedroom With Neon LED Shelf Lighting (#2: DESIGNECOLOGIST – Unsplash)

Neon lighting pieces like the one shown in the image above adds bold personality to a space and livens up the atmosphere.

The possibilities are endless in design, meaning there are options on the market for every style preference.

Sticking with a room theme, as seen here, adds to a cohesive design aesthetic that is easy on the eyes. 

How to Recreate This Look:

Look for an LED neon fixture that references a recurring theme in your room.

This theme could adhere to an object, like the cacti seen in this example, or even a color.

Any pop of color in your throw pillows, rugs, or blankets can be accentuated through a neon-LED fixture.

Place the fixture on a shelf near other decorative objects that relate to the theme. 

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3: Use an LED Floor Lamp to Create a Reading Corner

Bedroom With an LED-Lit Reading Corner
Bedroom With an LED-Lit Reading Corner (#3: naipo.de – Unsplash)

An LED’s intensity creates a big impact in a space, without having to be housed in complex fixtures.

This simple floor lamp defines this corner seating area and provides effective task lighting for the space.

These types of LED lighting fixtures can also be placed in the far corners of rooms for a techy, futuristic feature.

How to Recreate This Look:

Vertical LED floor lamps such as this one are available for purchase at a fair price and come in many different colors.

Sometimes they are customizable, so you can change the feeling of your space on command.

Try purple lights for movies and gaming, or warm, bright yellows for task lighting.

Place a fixture near a chair or your bed for task lighting, or place them in the far corners for a more ambient application.

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4: Backlight the Curtains to Create a Luxury Hotel Feel

Bedroom With Backlit Curtains
Bedroom With Backlit Curtains (#4: Fawazlul Rizqi – Unsplash)

This application is often seen in hotels and adds a subtle and luxurious element to the space.

Notice that the room’s finishes and materials are dark, so to balance this, the LED application draws your eye to the brightness in the window.

Also, notice that the curtains aren’t bright white, but a light gray, which is easy on the eye when illuminated.

How to Recreate This Look:

If your window doesn’t already have a valance, add one to conceal the curtain rod.

Before installing, add a warm-colored LED strip to the inside surface.

Mount off-white or light gray curtains above your window.

Be sure not to overwhelm the space with bright white curtains.

Install your backlit valance over the curtain rod, and make sure to wire it to a dimmer switch for optimal control over the look of the room.

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5: Highlight the Bed With an LED Border to Draw the Eye

Bed With LED Border and LED Wall Feature
Bed With LED Border and LED Wall Feature (#5: Joshua Rawson-Harris – Unsplash)

In this ultra-forward design approach, the space owner has created a border on the floor under the bed.

This highlights the furniture piece and relates to the wall piece mounted above the bed.

These two features add a heavy glow to the room, drawing the eye into the cozy space.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you want to create a look similar to this, I suggest taping down your LED strip so that it has a cleaner application than seen in this example.

With the strip, trace the frame of the bed on the floor as straight as possible, paying careful attention to clean-cut corners.

Find your wall fixture that coordinates in color, and mount this above the bed on the nearest blank wall.

This application will make your bed the focal point of the space.

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6: Create a Glow Throughout the Room With Accent Lighting

Bedroom With LED Accent Lighting Behind the TV
Bedroom With LED Accent Lighting Behind the TV (#6: Jack B – Unsplash)

In this space, colored LED lights are applied to the back of the TV monitor, lighting up the entire wall behind it.

This creates a glow throughout the rest of the room.

The walls are painted different colors – matching the bedding and pillowcases – to keep the theme cohesive.

Notice that the window treatments are dark, to contrast the bright colored wall, and create a different reflection surface for the light.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you want a bold and colorful look for your bedroom, choose contrasting bright colors for your space.

Paint the wall behind the TV the darker color, and the wall opposite to it.

On the other two walls, paint the lighter color.

Attach your LED lighting to the backside of your TV, and make sure that the light glows similar in color to the brighter walls.

Think opposite applications on each wall; if the wall is bright, use dark window treatments.

If the wall is dark, place light furniture against it.

These contrasting themes will glow and reflect in unique ways under the glow of the LED lighting.

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7: Highlight Your Bed with Indirect Lighting to Calm the Space

Bedroom With Calming LED Lighting
Bedroom With Calming LED Lighting (#7: nrd – Unsplash)

This application is both functional and beautiful!

These specific fixtures serve as reading lights but are also a primary calming element of the space.

Indirect fixtures are a great way to keep your eyes safe from the LEDs’ intensity.

Notice the natural tones in this example, and the simplicity of the bedding used.

Additionally, these wall fixtures differentiate the two beds, giving them a distinct sense of independence.

How to Recreate This Look:

Whether you are lighting a room with one or two beds, this application is easy and effective.

Choose a fixture that just fits the width of your bed.

Below the fixture, install a plywood panel that acts as a headboard piece.

Have fun choosing the color or stain of this piece, as it defines the personality of the room.

Use white sheets, and quilts darker in color and shade to balance out the brightness.

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8: Add a Warm Glow Behind the Headboard to Highlight Artwork

Bedroom With Backlit Headboard
Bedroom With Backlit Headboard (#8: Linus Mimietz – Unsplash)

This space is full of life, showcasing art and lighting fixtures, with the LED uplighting from behind the headboard.

The lamps on either side of the bed serve as task or reading lights, and the LED glow above the headboard is an ambient accent to show off the art wall mounted above.

Notice the contrast in the light and dark bedding, headboard, and accent chair, that create a balanced look.

How to Recreate This Look:

Assemble an art wall with a minimal color scheme above your bed.

Black and white photography is best for this style, with at least a one-inch matte border within the frame.

Add minimalist bedside lamps, white sheets and pillows, and a dark duvet and throw pillows.

Pull your dark-colored headboard away from the wall a few inches to apply the LED tape light, allowing it to illuminate the surface of the wall art above.

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9: Create a Lighted Feature Wall to Create a Safe and Cozy Feel

Bedroom With Lit Feature Wall
Bedroom With Lit Feature Wall (#9: Paola Galimberti – Unsplash)

This DIY bedroom space is one of a kind, and open to many different variations.

The wood feature stretches up the wall and across the ceiling, creating a sense of safety and coziness in the sleeping space.

The integrated warm LED lighting shows off the unique layered woodgrain. 

How to Recreate This Look:

When creating a wood feature wall behind a bed, symmetry is key.

Center your first set of wood panels above the bed frame, layering edges on top of the others as you apply them.

Place your warm-colored LED strips in every other groove going up the wall.

Be sure to wire these to a dimmer switch for atmosphere control.

Mount adjustable, minimalist reading lamps to the headboard panel on either side of the bed.

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10: Highlight Architectural Features to Avoid Harsh Lighting

Bedroom With LED Lit Architectural Features
Bedroom With LED Lit Architectural Features (#10: Isaac Quesada – Unsplash)

This space’s surfaces are divided up by rectangular pieces that slightly project into the space, creating grooves where lighting can be applied.

This design eliminated the need for harsh overhead lighting by incorporating ample ambient light into the interior architecture.

This design also highlights the bed from the circulation areas around it, by visually dividing the walls into sections.

How to Recreate This Look:

Highlight the bedside tables by adding a rectangular panel behind each of them, attaching it to the wall behind, and the ceiling above.

Mounting these at least 2 inches away from the actual wall surface will then allow you to apply the LED lighting.

I always suggest a warm color with these lights, and a dimmer switch to be connected to them.

In the area above the bed, add a different texture on the wall, or even a large piece of artwork to define the sleeping space.

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11: Add Color With a Floor Lamp to Change the Ambiance

Bedroom With Colored Floor Lamp
Bedroom With Colored Floor Lamp (#11: SCREEN POST – Unsplash)

I really enjoy this application because of its surprising effect.

We are normally used to seeing a task lamp with a warm or bright light, but in both bed and work spaces, this isn’t always required.

The purple light provides illumination without being too bright for the eyes. 

How to Recreate This Look:

Next to either your bed or your bedroom workspace, add a large floor lamp directed towards the bed or desk.

Use an adjustable LED bulb to provide illumination and a purple glow.

Use normal light bulbs, warm in color, in other areas around the room, to provide enough proper illumination in circulation spaces.

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12: Illuminate the Ceiling with a Rounded LED Fixture

Bedroom Ceiling With LED Fixture
Bedroom Ceiling With LED Fixture (#12: Laurence Katz – Unsplash)

One of the best ways to light bedrooms, while keeping the atmosphere calming, is to light the ceiling.

This LED ceiling fixture glows with light, rather than directing it – so when placed near the white ceiling, it softly illuminates the space.

The pendants next to the bed are rounded to reference the ceiling fixture.

Though dark in color, the reflective wardrobe helps the light bounce around the space as well.

How to Recreate This Look:

Center your bed in the room on a blank wall, in line with the ceiling fixture.

Find a circular lighting fixture similar to the one shown, that will illuminate the ceiling by being mounted close to it.

On either side of the bed, add bedside tables and rounded pendants with warm light.

Balance the space with soft grays, soft whites, and contrasting glossy black finishes, in furniture and accessories.

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13: Internally Illuminate Drawers to Help You See at Night

Bedroom With LED Lit Drawers
Bedroom With LED Lit Drawers (#13: MATJAZ SLANIC – Canva)

We don’t often see lighting added to the standard drawers and cupboards in a room, but this luxury feature is amazing for lighting the dark corners of these storage spaces.

Motion sensors make the application even more user-friendly.

Imagine opening a cupboard at night without having to turn on the overhead light to find what you need.

Thankfully, this is an easy modification you can make to your own furniture. 

How to Recreate This Look:

Choose or build your bedside tables with drawer space, and plan to engineer the lighting, either by switch or motion-sensor.

Apply your LED light tape to the far top horizontal edge of the drawer.

If necessary, you can create a concealing barrier in front of the light strip, to hide the bright dots of light.

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14: Highlight Corners from the Floor to Create Intrest

Bedroom With LED Lit Corners from the Floor
Bedroom With LED Lit Corners from the Floor (#14: pixelshot – Canva)

Corners can sometimes be awkward spaces in bedrooms, but they can be easily dressed up by plants and accessories.

Adding an LED floor piece adds extra drama and interest to this corner.

The LED string above the bed ties into the theme of bright light accents that highlight regions of the bedroom.

How to Recreate This Look:

Keep the color scheme light on your room’s walls and in the bedding.

Add darker elements in the rug, throw pillows, and blankets.

Frame the bed with an LED strip draped above on the wall, paying careful attention to making it symmetrical.

Place a two-piece setting in an empty corner in your bedroom; I suggest a plant and a woven basket, or a small stool, as seen in this example.

Finally, place an LED light against the wall just behind the setting, preferably with a diffused film over the top that doesn’t allow the light dots to show through.

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15: Illuminate Natural Materials to Add Elegance

Bedroom With LED-Lit Walls and Headboard
Bedroom With LED-Lit Walls and Headboard (#15: Peera Sathawirawong – Canva)

Natural materials add elegance to spaces with their simplicity and reference to nature.

When illuminated effectively, structures and interiors made from these materials feel extremely luxurious.

In this example, the soft headboard contrasts with the warm wood and the textured concrete, which is illuminated by a hidden LED strip light.

How to Recreate This Look:

Create or purchase a bedframe and headboard made from wood and black leather upholstery.

Behind the bed frame, make a ledge to place your warm temperature LED light strip on, and wire it to a dimmer switch.

If you have a concrete wall, its natural texture will come through.

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16: Use Recessed Accent Lighting to Warm the Room

Bedroom With LED Recessed Accent Lighting
Bedroom With LED Recessed Accent Lighting (#16: abezikus – Canva)

Highlighting the natural textures of wood is a warming application for bedroom walls.

Lighting from the ceiling makes the space feel taller and more spacious.

In this space, there are vertical elements, such as the wall paneling and tall mirror, then horizontal elements in the headboard piece, bed, and side tables.

The straight lines are balanced out by the curved lamps and twig-shaped ceiling light.

How to Recreate This Look:

Apply vertical wood panels to your headboard wall, and create a groove for your LED light strip where the wood panel wall meets the ceiling.

On either side of your light upholstered headboard, choose downlights that point towards the surface of the side tables, and allow the LED light to illuminate the wall above.

Keep colors neutral and contrasting for a calming atmosphere.

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17: Dark Walls With an Illuminated Ceiling Exude Luxury

Bedroom With Dark Walls and LED Illuminated Ceiling (#17: Max Vakhtbovych – Canva)

This space is luxurious with its natural stone walls and wood ceilings, and the LED lights highlighting the ceiling add to the effect.

The overall aesthetic is dark and enclosed with gray walls and stone panels.

Orange tones found in the wood are scattered throughout the room in the wood furniture, throw blanket, and natural woven lighting fixtures. 

How to Recreate This Look:

You don’t need to have stone walls to recreate this look.

The dominant wall colors should be dark, contrasted with warm wood furniture with orange tones.

Choose bedside lamps or pendant lights with woven shades in natural colors, as well as black and white artworks, and warm-colored throw pillows and blankets.

For extra color, add bright red accent furniture.

To finish the space off, incorporate your LED lighting to illuminate the ceiling or beams.

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18: Go Minimalist With Stylish LED Monopoint Task Lighting

Minimalist Bedroom With LED Monopoint Task Lighting
Minimalist Bedroom With LED Monopoint Task Lighting (#18: Sandsun – Envato)

Small LED lights like this one are perfect for minimalist interiors that need effective task lighting.

In this space, the small directional pendant – or monopoint – can be aimed either towards the bed or the desk space.

Warm in color, it ties in with the wood tones in the furniture in the room.

How to Recreate This Look:

Stick to a theme of wooden furniture in your minimalist bedroom, and neutral warm grays in the wall color, bedding, and accent seating.

Furnish the space with artworks, books, and window coverings that are darker in shade than the wall colors.

Finally, your LED monopoint light should be a bright, natural color, such as green, orange, or blue. 

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19: Highlight Wall Built-Ins with a Tufted Headboard

Bedroom With LED-Lit Tufted Headboard
Bedroom With LED-Lit Tufted Headboard (#19: Wavebreakmedia – Envato)

This bedroom has a plush feeling because of its tufted bed backdrop, warm color scheme, and fluffed bedding.

The customized wall unit has both task and ambient lighting incorporated into its design and centers the space upon entering.

Notice that the accent lighting across the top beam is small yet extremely bright because they are LED fixtures.

How to Recreate This Look:

Work with your contractor to design your own custom bed wall unit that fits your unique space.

Be sure to include task lighting into your design, placing switchable lighting on either side of the bed.

After creating and installing your tufted wall panel, illuminate it with at least 3 LED recessed lights that are placed far enough away from the panel to illuminate the most surface area.

Finish the space off with neutral-colored paint, light bedding, and contrasting blankets, throws, and window treatments.

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20: Highlight Your Wardrobe With Concealed Accent Lighting

Bedroom With Concealed Accent Wardrobe Lighting
Bedroom With Concealed Accent Wardrobe Lighting (#20: vanitjan – Canva)

Bedroom wardrobes are often quite plain in their appearance but can be quickly dressed up with LED lighting.

In this dressing room, there is an LED fixture in the center of the space, with a diffuse film that makes the lighting more approachable.

Above and below the wardrobe, you’ll notice lighting that highlights the wood wall panels and the herringbone wood floors.

The darker color of the wardrobe and wall behind grounds the visual space, and creates a dramatic effect when lit.

At night, this application creates a warm glow and atmosphere.

How to Recreate This Look:

If your style is light and bright, but you still want a dramatic effect, consider this type of application for your room.

Design your wall unit to have a low shelf with a ledge, where you can attach an LED strip pointing towards the floor.

Create contrast in the room by applying a darker panel behind the wardrobe, that is unique in texture from the rest of the room.

This could be wallpaper or wood paneling.

When combining wood in your construction, make sure that it is cohesive in color, and doesn’t weigh the room down.

Finally, install the LED uplighting on the top surface of the wardrobe, just below the ceiling. 

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21: Show Off Wood Beams with Soft LED Lighting

Bedroom With LED-Lit Ceiling Beams
Bedroom With LED-Lit Ceiling Beams (#21: adpephoto – Envato)

This space is incredibly warm and cavernous with its stone wall and timber ceiling.

Timber construction is unique and often uses beautiful pieces of wood, so it should be highlighted in the atmospheric design.

There are a couple of effective ways that LED lighting is used in this room.

First of all, there are directional floor lights shining up the stone wall, showing off its texture and color.

Secondly, there are concealed lights above the wall, shining out onto the timber ceiling and beams.

Notice that this space is well lit by these lights alone, and does not need an overhead light.

How to Recreate This Look:

Light your stone wall with floor lights, as seen in this example.

For many of us who don’t have stone walls, there are stone-look panels available, or even a darker paint color will provide a similar feeling.

For the wood ceiling, make sure that there is a groove for the LED light to fit within, and secure it there.

As always, connect these lights to a dimmer switch for optimal effect.

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22: Shine Down on an Entire Wall for Effect

(#22: rubenchase – Envato)

I was always taught in design school to light the walls before anything else.

This is literally the most effective way to do so.

From the recessed gap in the ceiling, and down to the floor, the LED’s light reflects across the light surface, and into the surrounding room.

This, paired with the plants, reminds occupants of sunlight and nature.

How to Recreate This Look:

Create a groove against the wall above the bed, to place your LED light.

Keep the walls incredibly light, and add plants in as many places as possible.

Use black hardware when applicable, and minimalist industrial black wall shelving to keep contrast in balance.

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Conclusion: A Quick Way to Change the Ambiance

In summary, your space can quickly be elevated with the use of LED lighting.

It has quickly grown in popularity, and these fixtures are now available in strips, light bulbs, and even ambient light pucks that can be attached to furniture or computers.

The key when using LED lights is to diffuse it, or point it away from the room, so that the illumination is seen, more than the source of light.

This makes for a mysterious and calming aesthetic for your bedroom space.

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