9 Calming Sage Green Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designer’s Picks)

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This article has been written by Andrei Vasilief – a professional architect and interior designer – to ensure maximum factual accuracy and to provide unique content.

Sage green is an excellent color to include in your bedroom because it’s calming and can help you get to sleep.

However, you may feel a bit intimidated at the thought of using sage green in your bedroom due to its rich color – so what’s the best way to apply it?

The most effective way to include sage green in your bedroom is to either use it as a primary or secondary accent wall color for a strong presence or reduce it to an accent color for a safer and more subtle look.

The rest of this article unpacks these concepts in more detail to give you 9 inspirational sage green bedroom ideas that you can copy or adapt as you see fit.

I’ve created these designs using my professional knowledge as an architect and interior designer.

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9 Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

Here are 9 sage green bedroom ideas with images and a description that explains how to copy each look:

1: Pair Sage Green Walls With White Artwork for Contrast

Sage Green Bedroom With White Artwork
Sage Green Bedroom With White Artwork (#1: bialasiewicz – Envato)

The color green links to nature.

But pure green is a very strong color and can be tricky to apply successfully to large surfaces in an indoor environment.

Sage green is light enough so that it won’t dominate the room but it has enough richness to allow it to stand out in the room – making it ideal for bedroom walls.

Sage green still has all the properties of green and is a calming color all around.

It’s a good idea to use tones that soothe can have a positive effect on your sleep quality.

Adding white artwork creates focal points and areas of contrast to draw the eye.

How to Copy This Look:

Simply find sage green paint and apply it to the walls of your bedroom.

You have a few options for doing this.

First, you can paint one wall of the room, which will turn it into an accent wall.

This works well with sage green, but it will not have a dramatic effect overall.

The reason for this is that accent walls generally work with stronger colors.

The second option, and the one that works best, is to paint all the walls in sage green.

This takes better advantage of the properties of the color.

When applying this method, you can also paint the wall plinth in sage green or leave it white.

Either option works really well.

A white plinth will create a good contrast with the walls, acting to both frame the design and connect it with the floor.

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2: Add Sage Green Curtains to Splash the Space with Color

Bedroom With Sage Green Curtains
Bedroom With Sage Green Curtains (#2: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Installing sage green curtains in your bedroom is the simplest way of introducing green into your space and it carries a lot of the same benefits as painting the walls.

Curtains have a substantial impact on the room.

The curtains in the picture above are floor-to-ceiling height and because they are placed next to the window, the light hits them before entering the room – changing the feeling of the natural light inside.

The way they are attached to the wall or ceiling can also have an effect on the feeling of the room.

It’s for these reasons that white curtains have been so prevalent – they are easy to get right, but just like white walls, their ubiquitous presence has taken away from these qualities.

Sage green curtains can make a room feel bright, while at the same time bringing some more personality to the space.

It’s also not expensive to buy and install them.

Paired with some other sage green accents in the room – like plants – they can look amazing, without you having to go for difficult-to-install solutions.

How to Copy This Look:

Find a set of sage green curtains in a fabric that works well for your space.

Ideally, you want a medium-grade fabric that is light enough to be a bit translucent, while not being so heavy as to not allow any light through.

If the curtain is too light it will look shabby, but if it is too heavy it will darken the room.

Choose a fabric with a medium pattern – something that can be just barely noticed.

Smooth curtains make it easy to see every wrinkle as well as the potential damage that will occur in time.

A simple texture will also elevate the material.

Finally, think about how the curtains will be attached to the ceiling.

You have two options here: rail or bar.

Rail is the minimalist choice – it’s a simple profile that is attached to the ceiling, with the curtain slotted in.

When it’s installed, the curtain flows directly from the ceiling, making the rail seem invisible.

A bar is more visible, requiring that the curtain be ready to be mounted to it.

If you are in doubt, go for the rail – it’s simpler to get right and will look good in almost any situation.

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3: Use Plants to Connect With Nature

Emerald Green Bedroom With Plants
Sage Green Bedroom With Plants (#3: Spacejoy – Unsplash)

The reason green as a color is so significant, and works so well in interior design, is because it reminds us of nature and the outdoors.

While bringing sage green in your bedroom in an artificial form is a very good option, bringing it in via the form of plants can have a much better effect.

Using plants indoors can have a myriad of benefits, from increasing the air quality inside, to a positive effect on our wellbeing and in the case of using them in a bedroom, influencing us to have a better night’s sleep.

There is a wide range of choices that you can select from that differ based on size and the type of maintenance required.

You even have the option of selecting plants that are low maintenance, or even automating the maintenance process if you wish for a care-free solution.

Beyond this, there are so many choices of sizes, as well as plant accessories, to suit any interior, that there is really no excuse anymore for not integrating plants into your bedroom and reaping the benefits.

It’s also quite affordable to do – unless you go for overly large or rare species of plants.

How to Copy This Look:

There are two ways to implement plants in your bedroom.

The first option is to find a single, larger plant, and place it in the bedroom.

This works best and is the more premium-looking option.

You can find large sage plants, that are sage green in color (it’s where the name originates from).

Choose one, and place it in the corner of the room, preferably in an area that gets ample sunlight, and where the plant will be visible.

If that is not an option, then you could buy three smaller sage plants, and use plant supports to bundle them together in a corner.

As previously mentioned, make sure they have access to ample sunlight, and are visible.

Bundling them together makes them look like one piece, and reduces clutter.

Sages are not the only option; you can look for and find other sage green-colored plants in various shapes and sizes.

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4: Install Textured Sage Green Wallpaper to Create an Accent Wall

Bedroom With Textured Sage Green Wallpaper
Bedroom With Textured Sage Green Wallpaper (#4: Adam Winger – Unsplash)

Textured wallpaper can elevate any space by bringing a unique design element into the room.

A sage green textured wallpaper combines all the benefits of the color with the aesthetic qualities of the wallpaper to create a standout accent wall.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, textured wallpaper has a unique look and feel – resulting from the material used – and is often made from different materials.

It could be something as simple as fabric, or as complex as tree bark.

And while this makes for a unique look, it also has some downsides.

This type of specialty wallpaper is much more difficult to maintain, requires special care as it can be damaged easily, and is more difficult to install.

Finally, it is more expensive than traditional wallpaper.

On the other hand, it is unique and seldom encountered, making it ideal for a potential accent wall in the bedroom.

Also, keep in mind that this type of wallpaper does not come in a single, solid color, but rather it has a dominant color – in this case, sage green – and potential other accent colors.

How to Copy This Look:

Find a retailer that commercializes specialty wallpaper, and pay them a visit.

Seeing wallpaper samples online is one thing, but with this type of wallpaper, it’s very important to see it in real life, before making the purchase.

The vendor will most likely have a catalog on hand to show you.

These are usually large books that contain large samples.

You will be able to touch it, see the colors under natural light, and also get advice regarding what suits your needs best.

Installing textured wallpaper is not really DIY-friendly.

The large pieces need to line up perfectly to make a smooth transition, and not look stitched together.

So, it’s best to use professionals to handle this.

Find a wall in the bedroom that would work well as an accent wall.

Usually, the best place is the wall behind the bed, as it’s likely to be smooth, and free of any windows.

Once you have the wall selected, apply textured wallpaper to it.

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5: Use Panel Molding to Create a Unique Design

Sage Green Bedroom With Panel Green Molding
Sage Green Bedroom With Panel Green Molding (#5: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Panel moldings are solid profiles, inspired by classic designs, that are applied directly to the wall.

Using them, you can create a classically-inspired interior design that really stands out.

They usually come in three options: base molding, which is applied to the base of the wall; wall molding, which is applied on the wall; and crown molding, which is applied to the top of the wall, under the ceiling.

In most bedrooms, the base molding will almost always be applied already.

Crown molding only works in very specific interiors, mostly in large rooms or spaces.

This leaves wall molding as the go-to solution.

Molding will come in long strips that are cut and glued to the wall.

They are usually made of a hard shell and can be painted.

You can find them in a variety of designs, from simple and minimalist, to complex and ornate.

The design of the profile should be chosen based on the size of the room.

The larger a room is, the more ornate the molding can be, but the smaller it is, the more simple the chosen profile should be.

How to Copy This Look:

Panel molding should be applied to the bare wall, so work will have to be done to clear the wall first.

Then, it’s time to select a design.

As with the wallpaper step previously, it’s important to visit a supplier and see the designs in real life, rather than simply choosing them from an online catalog.

That way you see exactly how it looks, and more importantly, how light makes it look.

Once you have made the choice, it’s time to install it.

While you can install molding yourself, it’s best to ask a professional to handle it, unless you have construction experience.

Installation is somewhat laborious, as you have to take care to make sure everything is properly aligned, and that the corners are cut properly.

Once installation is complete, you can paint the whole wall in sage green, including the molding.

It’s very important to paint the entire wall at the same time as the panels, otherwise you risk having color discrepancies that stand out.

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6: Create Calm With Sage Green Walls and Wooden Floors

Sage Green Bedroom With Wooden Floors
Sage Green Bedroom With Wooden Floors (#6: archideaphoto – Envato)

Because sage green is a natural color, it works best when paired with natural materials, in keeping with the idea of bringing the outdoors inside.

Wooden floors are by far the most popular natural element used indoors, and pairing them with sage green walls can work very well.

Most residences today have wooden floors already installed on purchase, but sage green walls work best when paired with light, natural wooden floors.

These have a natural color with no added accent, and usually come in strips.

They are not difficult to find, and don’t usually cost more than any other wooden floor types. 

The reason this works so well is that you are taking two colors that exist in nature, and pairing them together indoors.

While this sounds simple, the effect can be excellent, and it has a positive yet subtle effect on the interior design.

How to Copy This Look:

This step will require a bit of work, as it’s possible that you might have to change the flooring in the room.

You can use something like oak flooring, in strips, as it has a great natural color that goes well with sage green.

This is a medium complexity job, so you can handle it on your own if you have some construction experience.

Installing the flooring is the first step, and then you can paint the walls.

You can choose to paint either one wall, or all the walls in the room, sage green.

This idea works best with all the walls painted, but painting a single accent wall can also work, albeit not to the same effect.

You can paint only the wall, or also the baseboard or plinth in the same color.

If you choose to paint a single wall, you should leave the baseboard in white for every wall.

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7: Contrast White Plinths and Doors with Sage Green Walls

Sage Green Bedroom Walls With White Accents
Sage Green Bedroom Walls With White Accents (#7: Beazy – Unsplash)

White can be used as a great accent color with sage green, creating a beautiful contrasting effect.

A great way of applying this would be to paint the baseboards of the wall, as well as the doors in white, to create a contrast with the sage green.

Contrast is important in interior design, as it creates a more dynamic environment.

Using a single color can make a room very dull, so it’s important to introduce accents and different colors to create interest, and give the viewer something to process.

That is the basic principle of how we make interesting designs.

It’s also for this reason that symmetry should be, in most cases, avoided in design.

Painting the baseboard and door a different color is a great way to do this, for a few reasons.

Firstly, it provides the contrasting element that we discussed.

Secondly, it frames and grounds the design, providing connecting design elements through the room.

For these reasons, while it is simple, it’s very effective.

How to Copy This Look:

This step works well if you have installed, or wish to install in the room, hinged doors with a casing that covers the wall. 

Barn or pocket doors can also work, but it’s important that they have a wall casing with a normal width.

You would start implementing this step by painting the walls sage green, and the baseboard in the entire room white. 

Once that is done, you can either paint or leave the door white.

It’s important to paint both the baseboard and the door in the same shade of white.

While that may sound strange to say, it isn’t.

White comes in a multitude of shades, and when two items are painted different shades of white, even if it is not evident right away, it will become evident in time.

So painting everything at the same time is very important.

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8: Add Color With Sage Green Linens and Rugs

Bedroom With Sage Green Linens and Rugs
Bedroom With Sage Green Linens and Rugs (#8: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Just like curtains, using various textile pieces to bring sage green into the room is a very cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Because it’s simple to do, it’s a great first step before you start looking into more complex ideas.

When it comes to linens and rugs, we are spoiled for choice.

There are so many great options to choose from, that you can most definitely find something that will work for your bedroom.

When choosing, it is important to follow some principles and guidelines for the best possible outcome.

Rugs are pretty much a must-have in most bedrooms.

There is a clear distinction in comfort between your feet touching a cold surface in the morning when you get out of bed and touching a warm, soft one.

This is where a rug can really make a difference, and one of the small, subtle effects that can add up over time.

Linens are also a must-have for more obvious reasons.

At the same time, you can really play with them.

You can choose whether to add only the basic pieces, or to have extras like a bedcover or decorative pillows, as well.

These 10 colors go very well with gray bedroom furniture.

How to Copy This Look:

Start with the rug.

Find the largest possible rug that you can afford, but that will also fit in your room.

When it comes to rugs, they should ideally cover as much of the floor as possible.

This will ensure the best look, especially for a rug in sage green.

When it comes to the pattern, you should choose it based on the size of the room.

If the room is larger, you can choose a more complex pattern, but without going into something too heavy.

On the other hand, if the room is smaller, then it’s ideal to find something in a solid color.

For bed linens, you have some options.

You can use sage green pillowcases and duvet, paired with a white sheet.

This will create an interesting contrast that, when paired with the carpet, looks really good, provided that all of them are a solid color without heavy textures.

Beyond this, you also have the option of adding sage green decorative pillows, or a bedcover, but make sure to keep things tidy, and avoid clutter.

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9: Create Pop With a Sage Green Painted Ceiling and White Walls

Bedroom With Sage Green Ceiling and White Walls.
Bedroom With Sage Green Ceiling and White Walls (#9: Kim Schouten – Unsplash)

A painted ceiling is a great standout design feature for any space.

Due to its complexity, it’s not common, which further contributes to its uniqueness.

But if you can implement it, it can make for a really memorable design.

Painted ceilings are rare, because they are very laborious to get right, and they can be a pain to put into practice.

It is for this simple reason that you don’t see them often, especially in residential buildings.

Other than that, they don’t work with every room.

While they can be a great solution for larger rooms, they can appear to lower the ceiling in smaller ones, creating a potentially claustrophobic environment.

Sage green is potentially a great color for a painted ceiling.

It’s light, meaning that it will not create the feeling of a lowered ceiling.

But at the same time, it’s not a dull color, making for a standout design.

That being said, keep in mind that if your bedroom is very small, this idea will do more harm than good.

If, on the other hand, you have a larger room, this solution could work well for you.

How to Copy This Look:

First, it’s important to note that this solution is best when paired with white walls.

While painting a whole room in sage green can definitely work from a design perspective, it’s very easy to get wrong, unless you have professional help.

So focus only on the ceiling for the moment.

Painting a ceiling can be somewhat challenging, even if you have construction experience, so it’s best to proceed with some caution.

It’s always a good idea to get professional help if you feel that this is not something you are comfortable doing.

Find a sage green color that can be applied to your room and ceiling type, and install it.

It’s very important to get a uniform coverage of the ceiling so the paint doesn’t look patched up.

If the ceiling has unique elements, such as crown molding, you can leave these white, as it will frame the ceiling in a very interesting way.

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