20 Relaxing Bedroom Decor Ideas for Small Rooms (Pro Tips)

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This article was written by Lauren Copping – a professional interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

Decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge because if you choose the wrong layout or color scheme, then it can feel like a gloomy cave rather than a relaxing, tranquil space.

So how do you decorate a small bedroom so that it’s perfect for relaxing in?

The most effective way to make a small bedroom feel relaxing is to use natural colors like off-whites and warm grays for the walls, floor, and window trim; whilst using warm-colored lights instead of LEDs, and creating relaxing focal points with an area rug or accent wall.

Having a small bedroom can present challenges in terms of the space and the design – so what’s the best way to make the most out of a small bedroom?

To make the most out of a small bedroom include space-saving multipurpose furniture like Murphy beds, loft beds, storage beds, and storage benches; feature long floor-to-ceiling curtains to create ‘height’; and paint the walls a lighter color and include mirrors to brighten the space.

Choosing a color scheme for a small bedroom is very important because if done wrong, it can create an overpowering ambiance – so what’s the most relaxing bedroom color?

The most relaxing bedroom color is a mid-tone warm gray because it mimics the feeling of an enclosed and safe space; add in greens and blue earthy tones to create a natural ambiance that reminds the brain of being in nature and thus trigger feelings of relaxation.

The rest of this article features 20 relaxing design ideas for small bedrooms that you can copy and modify based on my professional experience as an interior designer.

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20 Relaxing Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

Below are 20 relaxing design ideas that you can use to style your small bedroom:

1: Organic Lines With a Cozy Reading Nook

Small Bedroom With Reading Nook
Small Bedroom With Reading Nook

Creating emphasis in odd grooves and corners of a small space adds purpose and function to it.

In this bedroom, I’ve created a reading nook out of a simple ottoman, plush pillows, and a throw blanket.

The possibilities are endless for an application like this.

You could add other seating options, floor cushions, or a small chair and table.

A flowing curtain adds comfort, while the pendant above the seating area saves the space that a floor lamp would normally take up.

The goal is to bring functional attention to the odd bump-out in the room.

How to Create This Look:

First things first, find a comfy seating solution!

A large ottoman, floor cushion, loveseat, or bench will be perfect – just make sure it fits into your nook.

Find primary furniture with natural colors and natural shapes.

In this space, I’ve chosen a bed with curves in its structure.

For your accessory pieces such as artwork and lighting, choose those that reference nature.

In this example, I recommend botanical artwork and a natural woven pendant light for the nook.

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2: Accent Wall With Eclectic Lighting and Furniture Focal Point

Small Bedroom With Headboard Focal Point
Small Bedroom With Headboard Focal Point

A small space is always interesting when it has a focal point.

So why not make it the most essential piece of furniture in a bedroom?

When the headboard stands out, you feel drawn to the bed.

Some might even sleep better when they feel like they are sleeping on a luxurious piece of furniture.

We’re not saying that the whole room needs to be “designer” or “unique”, but a bed that stands out from a common one will set a luxurious mood for the room that is centered around it.

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How to Create This Look:

Rattan and bamboo beds are commonly seen around the world in tropical places like Indonesia or the Philippines.

The material is malleable, which allows for a lot of creative freedom for furniture makers.

These beds are becoming more widely available for purchase in other countries.

Accent your unique rattan bed with eclectic lighting like the fixtures seen in this example.

Frame artwork on the wall with wood frames that match the tone of the bed frame’s material.

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3: Sleek Furniture With Soft Colors and Bold Artwork

Small Bedroom With Sleek Furniture
Small Bedroom With Sleek Furniture

Small spaces look especially larger with soft textures and colors.

If you want your room to look larger, consider investing in light wood tones, muted colors, and a light wall color.

I added color to this space through artwork and the unique headboard.

The white curtains keep the space feeling bright and act in unison with the wall color behind them.

A dark neutral accent wall behind the bed gives it a more intimate feeling and grounds the space.

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How to Create This Look:

Go neutral!

Choose a bright off-white for your walls and a coordinating darker shade for an accent wall behind the bed.

A bed with a pastel upholstered headboard will stand out beautifully against it.

Find artwork that works with the color found in the headboard to place above the bed.

If choosing an area rug, make sure it has similar colors incorporated as well.

If you have space for a reading nook, choose a light-colored chair with a contrasting dark (muted) tone for the pillow.

Add a mirror for extra elegance.

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4: Cozy Sleeping Nook With Larger Reading Area

Bedroom With Cozy Sleeping Nook
Small Bedroom With Cozy Sleeping Nook

Tucking a bed in the nook of a smaller room makes for the ultimate cozy escape.

The bed is pushed out of the way, which makes the central area feel open and ultimately larger than it is.

The main piece of furniture is tucked in the nook, so the rest of the floor space is open for games, exercise, or possibly a workstation or seating area.

When sleeping in a nook where the walls close in around the bed, some people feel safer and sleep better as they can look out onto the bigger part of the space.

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How to Create This Look:

In this room, I chose to put a daybed in the nook because of its 3 sides.

Whether you have a daybed or not, load the bed with pillows to create an enticing area.

Paint the nook a darker neutral shade than the main area to increase the sense of safety while inside it.

In the main space, add an area rug that ties the light and dark wall tones together, and add a seating area with a pop of color in the chair or artwork.

I’ve used muted tones in this example.

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5: Deep Wood Tones With Golden Accents and Geometric Lines

Bedroom With Deep Wood Tones
Small Bedroom With Deep Wood Tones

A warm space is always a relaxing space.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to add warmth to a space is through natural wood tones.

You can add them through furniture, wood accent walls, or wood flooring.

Choosing artwork that complements the wood tones is a great way to emphasize the mood of the room.

When the wood tones are primarily used in the furniture pieces (not the floor or walls), this centers the space and allows the furniture to take center stage in the room.

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How to Create This Look:

Find wood furniture in a warm tone, or better yet, a bedroom furniture set that has deep tones!

If you’re buying pieces separately, make sure to match the tones of the different pieces.

In this bedroom, I’ve framed the bed with two tall pieces of artwork that pull out lighter tones in the wood grain.

Find bedside lamps that don’t overpower the artwork, and that stay neutral in color and also reference the wood grain.

Notice the wood pattern in your bed frame, and choose an accent pillow that has similar geometry.

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6: Add Height With Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Bedroom With Floor to Ceiling Curtains
Small Bedroom With Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

One clever way to make a small space appear more spacious is by “adding height”.

You can do this by adding a tall vertical element to a room.

In this example, I’ve added tall curtains that surpass the top of the windows.

It also adds a softness to the space, along with the plush pillow on the window seat.

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How to Create This Look:

Choose a color for the wall that will be a few shades darker than the white or off-white curtains.

Create a window seat out of a rich wood bench or storage chest that peeks out in between curtains, and add an oversized plush pillow to reference the oversized curtains.

Select artwork that coordinates in color to the pillows and bedding, and of course finish the bright space with a lively plant.

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7: Daybed Centrepiece With Dark Tones and Bright Pops

Bedroom With Daybed
Small Bedroom With Daybed

Daybeds make anyone an expert space-saver!

They can act as a centerpiece, as they can be centered on a wall, and can also serve as functional seating when the room isn’t being used for sleeping.

I like adding pops of color to rooms with white furniture because it gives it a bit of life.

I’ve also added a striped rug that leads the eye through to the other side of the room, expanding the perception of space when entering.

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How to Create This Look:

To recreate this specific room, search for a white daybed with functional storage below, and a white wardrobe or chest of drawers that fits well on the adjacent wall.

In a small room, there’s nothing quite as comforting as being able to store everything away and keep the space clean.

Choose pillows and artwork with pops of reds, blues, and yellows.

Add poufs with pops of color as well, for additional seating in the room.

If space allows, you could add a cocktail table with warm wood tones to warm up the space further.

Look for a neutral rug that ties everything together and brings the eye to the daybed.

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8: Loft Bed With Hidden Workspace and Bronze Wall Lights

Small Bedroom With Loft Bed
Small Bedroom With Loft Bed

I have always loved loft beds because they add just as much functional space as they take up.

There is usually a lot of storage incorporated into these pieces, and they create an elevated sleeping space that feels secluded and cozy.

They also open up the rest of the room for a reading nook, bookshelves, or a collection of plants!

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How to Create This Look:

In the nook or on the wall where you’ll place the bed, paint it a darker tone than the rest of the walls.

In this room, I’ve used a warm gray.

Find a white or light wood lofted bed with a dresser or desk underneath.

I recommend a desk because it’s easier to sit under the bed platform than stand and access clothing.

Add a captivating wall sconce on the upper level for reading light.

In this room, I’ve chosen a bronze finish to add a bit of elegance.

To avoid unwanted trips up and down the bed, make sure you have window treatments that can be accessed on both levels.

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9: Extra Storage Space With Dark Tones and Warm Colors

Small Bedroom With Under Bed Storage
Small Bedroom With Under Bed Storage

As I’ve mentioned previously, extra storage in a small space is always a plus.

Useful things to put in below-bed storage include shoes, books, sheets, art supplies, or occasional clothing like pullovers.

I also suggest adding a window bench with built-in storage.

I’ve finished the space off with warm-toned artwork, a bright rug that matches in tones, and plants to add life.

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How to Create This Look:

To create a space like this, I suggest choosing a light color for your walls in order to reflect more light around the room.

You then have the freedom to choose a darker wood-toned bed, which allows the built-in storage to blend in and go unnoticed.

Choose a storage bench with a similar dark tone.

Add color with a bright, warm, orange-red rug, paired with artwork that pulls some of these colors up to the walls.

Don’t forget to add a shiny lamp for some flare, and plants!

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10: Plush Furniture With Calming Rounded Shapes

Small Bedroom With Rounded Shapes
Small Bedroom With Calming Rounded Shapes

Bringing curved lines into a space allows the eye to flow through with ease, and makes the experience more calming.

Rounded shapes bring a feeling of safety, in contrast to the caution and alertness inspired by sharp edges.

Many people associate straight edges and lines with a “modern” aesthetic, but can easily go overboard and create a quite sterile and cold room.

In this example, I’ve combined the organic and straight edges to create a balanced, relaxing bedroom.

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How to Create This Look:

A bed with an upholstered frame or headboard should be the centerpiece of this type of space.

The plusher… the more enticing and comfortable.

Add curved artwork or mirror to reference the soft edges of the bed, and long flowing curtains to create an even more casual look, and airy artwork to lighten up the wall above the bed.

Then, contrast the plush furniture and soft lines with a linear patterned rug, and square edge bedside tables.

Top these with circular lamps, and you have a balanced plush-modern bedroom.

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11: White Furniture With Organic Wallpaper

Small Bedroom With Organic Accent Wall
Small Bedroom With Organic Accent Wall

Another way to create a focal point within a room is to cover a wall in organic wallpaper.

Much like an accent paint-colored wall, a wall with wallpaper acts to ground a room to the wall on which the bed’s headboard is placed.

I’ve kept the furniture in the room a bright color to keep it light and spacious, and to let the wallpaper take center stage within the space.

Flowing curtains give vertical elements of interest to the other walls in the room.

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How to Create This Look:

Find a wallpaper with an organic pattern that speaks to your style.

Then, choose furniture that matches with the lighter tones in the pattern to ensure that the design is cohesive.

Try to choose a bed with a larger headboard to break up the patterned wall space.

Add bedside lighting, tables, and flowing curtains to finish off the polished and plush space.

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12: Color-Blocked Walls With Botanical Patterns and Plants

Small Bedroom With Color Blocks and Plants
Small Bedroom With Color Blocks and Plants

If you want a bright, spacious bedroom but are concerned about it lacking color, turn to plants!

Plants increase your comfort levels in small spaces and have also been shown to reduce dust particles by up to 20%.

I like keeping walls neutral but creating some variation in tones.

So in this space, I’ve painted one wall and a portion of the adjacent wall in a darker gray to warm up the room.

Wood side tables and bronze finish lamps further reference forest greenery and naturally contrast the plants.

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How to Create This Look:

Paint your space a cool off-white, something that will reflect light around the small space.

Choose a warmer gray to add on the wall opposite the windows for a cozy accent.

Measure out between ¼ and ½ of the surface of the adjacent walls and extend the accent paint out to that point.

I recommend a minimal bed frame that allows you to see through to the paint color, and warm wood side tables with small lamps.

Then, on the wall with windows, scatter as many plants as possible.

Consider adding wall shelves to those that receive ample daylighting, and artwork that mirrors the shapes and veins in the plants.

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13: Single Bunk Bed With Creative Storage and Vertical Artwork

Small Bedroom With Bunk Bed
Small Bedroom With Bunk Bed

In this example, I’ve created an elevated sleeping nook perfect for reading a good book during the day, and a unique sleeping experience at night.

Storage beds come in all capacities, but if you’re looking for a bit more functional storage, in this case, I’ve chosen one that sits atop cupboards and a dresser.

Placing the bed against a window nook makes it even more of a focal point, and of course, opens up the rest of the space.

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How to Create This Look:

To recreate this symmetrical space, find a lighter color to put on the “nook wall”.

Paint the remaining walls in a darker, warmer tone to center the space.

Find a light-colored storage bed to place against the window and reflect light.

Dress it with patterned bedding and natural-toned pillows, and place vertical artwork on the walls on either side of the nook.

This will elongate the walls and make them feel taller.

With the rest of the room, add plants, a reading nook, a dresser, and a rug that references the colors in the bedding and artwork.

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14: Vertical Shapes With Graphic Patterns

Small Bedroom Design With Vertical Lines
Small Bedroom Design With Vertical Shapes

Vertical lines and bold patterns can do a lot for a small space.

They add interest to a space and draw the eye up to the ceiling.

In this room, I’ve made sure that every piece has some sort of geometric quality so that all plays well together in a little space.

Though simple, a space like this can have a lot of character with the right patterns included in the design.

How to Create This Look:

Use a darker shade for your headboard accent wall, and choose a headboard with vertical elements to it.

In the void wall space next to the bed, bring in a tall piece of graphic artwork to balance it out and carry the eye further up the wall.

I recommend using a side table with similar vertical lines included in its base, and tall curtains that reach up to the ceiling.

Find an area rug and throw pillows that have complementary patterns, and the room is complete.

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15: Wall-Length Shelving With Colorful Upholstered Bed Frame

Small Bedroom Design With Wall Length Shelving
Small Bedroom Design With Wall Length Shelving

When designing for small spaces, I like to use the vertical surface area for storage and display.

In this small room, I’ve added a wall-width shelf to place books and artwork.

The artwork references the color in the headboard, pillows, and plants.

The art and colored bed frame stand out against the bright walls that bounce light throughout the room.

Using colored furniture, accessories, and plants against a light wall creates a lively atmosphere.

How to Create This Look:

Start by choosing your furniture – a bed frame with a colorful upholstered headboard adds a soft energy.

Choose some graphic throw pillows for the bed, along with a small bedside task lamp in black.

Place either white or light wood wall shelves across the wall behind the headboard, but be sure to mount the shelving at a height that allows you to sit up in bed!

Add artwork and accessories which reference the headboard color, and ground the space with an area rug that does the same.

This 7 step guide shows you how to paint a metal bed frame black to save money.

16: Warm Charcoal Walls With White Furniture

Small Bedroom With Charcoal Walls
Small Bedroom With Charcoal Walls

If you’re drawn to spaces with deep colors and shades, then consider painting your small bedroom a charcoal grey.

Most of the other bedrooms shown in this article include brighter walls and contrasting furniture, but a real statement can be made by dark walls and bright furniture.

This application does make a space more cavernous, however, this is sometimes quite comforting.

I’ve also used a pendant lamp for a vertical element to draw the eye upward.

How to Create This Look:

Pick your gray – cool or warm.

Try some larger samples on the wall and compare them to your bright off-white furniture.

Make sure that all of your furniture pieces are a white tone.

Add bright artwork, plants, and a small pendant for your bedside reading light.

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17: Tall Headboard With a Farmhouse Eclectic Feel

Small Bedroom With Tall Headboard
Small Bedroom With Tall Headboard

This tall paneled headboard gives purpose and definition to the sleeping space in this bedroom.

With incorporated lighting, the area is highlighted and welcoming.

Because this piece takes on a farmhouse look, it’s ok to mix wood tones in this room.

That’s why I’ve chosen the dark wood side table, and a white dresser with black hardware to match the bed.

The dresser is accented with artwork that fits directly above, and the area rug below ties the sleeping and dressing zones together.

How to Create This Look:

Paint the walls a warm neutral just a few shades darker than your white or light furniture.

Your headboard should be taller than normal, reaching well up to ¾ of your window height.

Try to find a headboard with incorporated lighting, and when looking for wood side tables, find one without too many orange tones as it will clash with the clean aesthetic.

Center your wardrobe with a piece of art above it, and a wall shelf.

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18: Small Workspace With Quirky Artwork and Accessories

Small Bedroom With Workspace
Small Bedroom With Workspace

Functional small spaces are the best small spaces.

Adding a workspace to your sleeping space seems counterintuitive, but there are ways to organize it to make it work for you!

In this space, we’ve focused on an eclectic mid-century style.

We’ve added pops of color and rich wood tones, backed by a warm red-tinted beige that pulls out the warm tones in the dresser and rug.

Tall sheer curtains give the room some structure and allow more light in.

How to Create This Look:

In a space like this, I recommend focusing on the accessory pieces first.

Find a unique rug to define the room, then add in other wood furniture like the desk and dresser (or bedframe) that will play off of its colors.

Situate your desk to face the wall, but make sure that with a slight head turn that you could look out the window.

We need access to daylight as humans, and a window-gaze is perfect for a 10-minute break.

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19: Arrayed Mirrors With Dark Wood Tones and Clean Lines

Small Bedroom With Arrayed Mirrors
Small Bedroom With Arrayed Mirrors

An easy way to “double” your bedroom space?

Add a large array of mirrors!

Mirrors trick the mind into seeing more space than there really is, so I like to use them in smaller spaces.

I always place these on a wall adjacent to the window to double the light in the space, too.

I like to use mirrors that allow space for dressing tables below them to make sure they are serving a purpose for the use of the room.

How to Create This Look:

Turn your space into an expansive room with a series of mirrors on the wall.

I recommend mirrors that are easily mounted side-by-side like the ones in this example, and that have a little trim to break up the reflection.

Choose a frame material rich in color – either wood or bronze finish.

Match this tone in your dressing table and accent chair.

Finish the space off with a plush pouf, a minimalist reading lamp, and flowing curtains on the windows.

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20: Pendant Lights With Blush Tones and Small Bedside Tables

Small Bedroom With Pendant Lights
Small Bedroom With Pendant Lights

Using pendant lighting in place of table lamps is great because it saves space, frames the bed frame, while also adding a unique feature to the room.

I’ve chosen a blush palette for this design, and a smokey gray carved headboard.

The side table is small and simple, with plenty of space for a cup, phones, or a small alarm clock.

I’ve included artwork that contrasts and complements the blush walls, and an accent pillow that references these colors.

How to Create This Look:

Find a warm off-white that will work with your unique room lighting.

Pair that with some art that has similar colors, and make sure your throw pillows do as well.

Use small bedside tables to save on space, and mount your pendant lights just above their inner side towards the bed.

This way, the light will easily shine over your shoulder whilst reading.

Add woven storage baskets or hampers, and a dark area rug to ground and complete the space.

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Professional Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

Below are some tips for designing and decorating your small bedroom to make it more relaxing based on my professional experience as an interior designer:

Focus on Lights, Colors, and Focal Points for a Relaxing Feel

My number one tip to make your small bedroom more relaxing is to use lighting to your advantage!

Light the walls with lamps and sconces, and make sure your bedside is lit well by lamps.

Using warm colored light bulbs is a must in a bedroom because bright LED lights will harm your sleep patterns and keep you up at night.

Using natural colors and materials is also essential to a relaxing space.

In small spaces especially, I like to keep the “permanent finishes” such as floors, walls, and window trims neutral in color, balancing a contrast between off-whites, warm grays, or light neutrals.

Creating focal points or a “focused” area – like a reading nook – in the room can also create a relaxing atmosphere.

You can do this through accent walls or area rugs under furniture settings.

Maximize a Small Bedroom With Furniture, Storage, and Light

Here are 5 ways that you can make the most out of your small bedroom in terms of functionality and space:

Clever Storage

Find furniture that can add functionality to the room.

Storage beds, storage benches, poufs, and lofted beds… these can all add great space value to a small room.

Also, consider closet organizers or standing wardrobe systems that can neatly organize many items in a small area.

Flowing Curtains

Framing a window with curtains can create an illusion of a larger window when the edges are covered by a sheer curtain.

To the eye, they also elongate the height of the room’s walls.

Multipurpose Furniture

I love daybeds and loft beds for small spaces.

These offer extra storage and functional capabilities.

Lofted beds especially add a private no-glare workspace, which is a luxury in a small room.

Murphy beds can also add functionality and save space (click here to see the best Murphy beds to buy).

Maximizing Daylight

Painting your walls according to the amount of daylight is a big design hack for making a small room feel larger.

If you have a small window or limited lighting, consider painting your walls a lighter color in order to bounce as much light around the room as possible.

Adding Plants

I will always, always recommend adding at least two plants to a small space.

Plants are shown to improve your mood, reduce stress, and filter the air indoors.

A Mid-Tone Warm Gray is the Most Relaxing Bedroom Color

As someone with a lot of experience designing small spaces, I think the most relaxing bedroom color is a mid-tone, warm gray.

It mimics the feeling of an enclosed and safe space, and when paired with natural green and blue earthy tones, can remind the brain of being in nature.

Recreating a natural environment is the single most relaxing type of space.

That’s why we design modern buildings with greenery incorporated into the design, and we commonly use neutral colors and natural materials in public spaces.

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