9 Bedding Colors That Go With Tan Walls (Pro Designs)

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This article was written by Robyn Forte – a professional architectural designer – to ensure the content is unique and factually accurate.

If you have tan walls in your bedroom, then you might be wondering what the best bedding colors are to pair with them.

The best bedding colors to pair with tan walls are white and gray for a crisp and modern look; beige for a more minimalistic feel; pastel tones for a Bohemian ensemble; soft blue for a calming costal vibe; brown for a rich African ambiance; or green to connect with nature.

In the rest of this article, I have provided you with 9 designs that exemplify the use of these colors in a bedroom with tan walls – the colors are incorporated into the bedding and other decor elements to show you what is possible.

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9 Bedding Colors that Go With Tan Walls

These 9 designs show you how to use various colors with your tan walls to create different themes:

1: White and Gray – Crisp and Modern

Modern Bedroom in Black, White, and Gray
Modern Bedroom in Black, White, and Gray

Modern-styled interiors are perfectly supported by a black and white palette with neutral accent colors.

Although black can be seen as quite harsh and dreary in the bedroom, when used correctly, it accentuates and defines the space. 

How to Copy This Look:

You’ll want to keep this style simple and clean – so opt for a color palette of whites, creams, and grays.

A neutral background lays the groundwork for more expressive artworks and objects.

White bedding is the best choice when going for a modern look, as it provides a crisp and simple base to which you can add black, and tones of gray to define and emphasize space.

I love a basic, fluffy, white down comforter that provides a luxurious and comfy bed setting.

It allows for an adjustable space, and opens up opportunities for you to play around with ornamental pillows and throw blankets.

If you’re looking to add a splash of color, I usually like to add a thick, cotton knitted blanket at the foot of the bed, as it’s a good way to add just a hint of color.

Go for clean, straight lines that boast a sense of richness through impeccable design in your bedroom.

Bring in tonal textures for extra warmth and comfort through bedding, rugs, and accessories that evoke a quiet sense of pulled-together-glamour.

Avoid unnecessary ornamentation – such as trims, tassels, bed skirts and anything else excessively attractive or gender-oriented. 

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2: Beige – Simple and Minimalistic

Minimalist Bedroom in Tones of Beige
Minimalist Bedroom in Tones of Beige

If you want a warmer modern look, a minimalist style is a great way to incorporate tones of beige into the bedroom.

A quite spectacular color palette is created when combining tones of soft browns, white and an array of grays – providing a warm and earthy ambience.

The minimalist appeal is achieved through the use of neutral colors, and a lack of unnecessary ornamentation and decoration. 

How to Copy This Look:

A serene, discreet, and sweet-toned atmosphere can be created by combining subdued grays and biscuit browns.

Start off by choosing a single tone base color for your bedding, and then expand by adding some rich and subtle undertones.

You can even add some additional pillows or a throw-over spread to mix up the color scheme.

This style encourages experimentation, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Having a tone of beige on your wall as a backdrop inspires a variety of different schemes, styles, and accent colors.

From a color point of view, beige tints range from yellowish undertones to warm and inviting pink underlays, making it one of my personal preferences to play around with when designing.

Having a beige backdrop invites you to mix-and-match the different hues, while still maintaining that minimalist look. 

Remember, when going for a minimalist style, less is always more.

This means no unnecessary ‘fluff’, lots of storage, clean cut lines, and a neutral color palette.

This style is ideal for the neat-freak, but if you’re like me, and are a little bit more on the spontaneous side, it can also encourage a little more organization in your life.

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3: Pastel – Bohemian

Bohemian Bedroom in Pastel Tones
Bohemian Bedroom in Pastel Tones

If the previous styles seem a bit rigid, and you love a space that’s full of life, culture, and unique elements, then a Bohemian-styled interior is for you.

This style defies modern perceptions by embracing imaginative, freewheeling, and out-the-box design.

Boho is inspired by people who prefer to live an unorthodox and nomadic lifestyle, such as frequent travelers, actors, and authors.

With the blending of things, colors, and patterns from various parts of the world, the Bohemian style reflects that way of life.

Boho is a way to escape the seriousness of life, and experience the more free-loving, simple, and comfortable aspects.

The Bohemian style is the free-spirited animal of interior design styles.

How to Copy This Look:

If you want to create an understated and simple look, choose a mixed color palette consisting of light and soft pastel colors.

However, you can also head in the opposite direction and pick jewel tones, like amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green that are frequently used in Bohemian design.

Boho is centered around a casual and fun character, and it plays with an array of textures and patterns.

However, choosing a basic plain white, cream, or beige as your backdrop allows the elements of your room to stand out.

Pick a favorable color for the bed sheet and mix in a few different colored pillows to emphasize the fun character.

I love playing around with pastels, because it gives an interior a child-like (yet still mature), free-spirited quality.

Boho design emphasizes a “more is more” concept, which is the polar opposite of simple, contemporary, and clean designs.

Mixing and matching ornamental elements in a Boho-styled space is crucial.

Burlap and sisal – two natural, basic materials – can be blended with silk and chenille.

Layering patterns is an easy and affordable way to bring a Boho style into your home.

It’s exciting to mix and match textiles – like rugs, pillows, and throws – by mixing different patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Boho is the perfect way to provide a fun-loving escape, which is great for curling up with a good book after a day of ordinary life.

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4: Soft Blues – Calming Coastal Vibe

Coastal-Inspired Bedroom
Coastal-Inspired Bedroom

Looking for a more laid-back and calming aesthetic?

Then this cooling coastal design is for you.

Modern coastal designs reflect the mood of a sea-side paradise – setting a refreshing and calming atmosphere.

I can guarantee that after a long day at work, your soft linen sheets will be calling your name. 

How to Copy This Look:

Centered around crisp whites and neutrals, this design gives your room a breezy, light and airy feel – while still setting that holiday tone.

Opt for comfy materials that are light and soft – such as linen.

Choose a neutral-toned linen bed sheet and pair it with some soft cotton neutral pillows.

Play around with clean whites and warm beige tones to achieve a warm and inviting contemporary look.

Accent colors often include neutrals – such as a warmer beige or khaki, light blues, grays, and greens – though you’ll still want to keep them soft.

Because natural light is so important, lighter walls will help emphasize the lightness of the interior.

The choice of plain, lighter shade walls makes your room appear more spacious, adding to the airy setting.

You want to grab that relaxing, sea-side holiday feeling and throw it into your design.

But you don’t want it to become cheesy, so avoid the marine motifs – such as the anchor or fish patterns – and instead stick to simple and elegant designs.

Coastal interiors have a lot of texture, since the environments they’re recalling have a lot of texture.

Seagrass carpets, driftwood pieces, and seashell mirrors are classic ocean decorations.

Play around with texture, color, and décor – but keep the focus on how your place makes you feel.

It’s supposed to represent the breeziness of the beach, with the use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean style.

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5: Bold Blue – Mediterranean Feel

Mediterranean-Style Room in Bold Blues
Mediterranean-Style Room in Bold Blues

Don’t we all love a Med holiday escape?

The Mediterranean style is warm, full of character, and absolutely ageless – with its origins in the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea – such as Spain, Greece, Italy, and Morocco.

Each location boasts its individual characteristics.

Greece has a lot of turquoise and cobalt blue, whereas Morocco has a lot of rich textures and beautiful wood carvings.

Beautiful tilework and terra-cotta flooring take center stage in Spain.

Textured walls, stone and timber materials, vivid fabrics, and rustic furnishings are just a few of the characteristics that distinguish Mediterranean interiors.

So why not combine them all into a rich visual experience in your bedroom?

While maintaining a mature and elegant feel, you’ll always feel like you’re on an exotic get-away.

How to Copy This Look:

The style incorporates warm, earthy tones – like terra cotta, ochre, burnt umber, and chestnut – as well as hues that evoke the sea and sky; such as cerulean, blue, deep purple, and sea foam green.

Mediterranean interiors implement a neutral palette throughout the area.

A warm, inviting ambiance is created by textured white walls, and natural woods.

To keep clutter at bay, focus on the necessities and paint the walls white or cream.

Start off with a plain, light colored wall, and add some texture by hand-rubbing plaster over it – or adding a sand-textured effect, which already gives the space a visual depth.

Then pick a base color for your bed-set.

In the example we have gone with a deep tone of blue, channeling some of the classic Greek elements.

Color is used as an accent, with palettes that mirror the natural environment, from the blue-greens of the sea, to the yellows and golden tones of the sun.

Throw in some rich fabrics and tilework to provide vibrancy to the area.

The elegance of Mediterranean interiors is embodied by patterned tile – adding color and texture to the space.

I love to play around and mix and match different patterns, being creative, and really exploring the design of the space.

To give character to a modern project or highlight existing architecture – add elements like imitation exposed beams, masonry, or tilework.

For additional ornamentation, I love to experiment with rustic, sculptural things like pottery, bowls, baskets, and vases – whether old or homemade – adding some warmth and interest.

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6: Chocolate Brown – Rich With a Moroccan Feel

Moroccan-Style Bedroom in Shades of Brown
Moroccan-Style Bedroom in Shades of Brown

Looking for a more African escape?

Then focus on the influences of Morocco’s historic culture – creating an end result that is unique and intriguing to any visitor.

Because of its numerous influences, you can adapt and personalize this design to suit your personality and preferences.

This style emphasizes a friendly, warm, and inviting space – giving it that lived-in feel.

It is ideal for the wanderlust traveler, creating an experience of an African adventure.

It’s a style that is enhanced by its unique expression of exotic patterns and earthy tones. 

How to Copy This Look:

Create a rich, warming atmosphere in your bedroom, by adding tones of dark browns, while still maintaining a luxurious and elegant feel.

Moroccan-styled interiors are characterized by deep and creamy tones, lots of texture, and organic lines.

Pair your neutral beige or gray-toned walls with more deep and creamy browns, and a few pops of bold color.

Moroccan design includes pops of jewel tones, such as bold shades of blues and greens.

It is characterized by its use of patterns, and geometric and repetitive patterns create a harmonic visual experience.

From floors and accessories to fabrics and furniture, this unique style utilizes textiles to create eye-catching focal points and conversation starters. 

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7: Green – Natural and Calming

Rustic Bedroom in Natural Colors
Rustic Bedroom in Natural Colors

Contemporary rustic is in trend now, and a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

Combine earthy, rustic features with a clean-lined, modern design – for a fresh, airy, and grounded feel.

Based on modern interior design, this style blends clean lines with practical and comfortable living, and uses natural textures, and antique elements.

The design is straightforward, natural, and earthy.

Raw and natural materials are centered around recycled and unpolished woods and stones.

Antiques are another key component of a rustic setting, since they offer depth, narrative, and character to a space.

Don’t be hesitant to pick items that are a touch worn or battered – rustic design lives on imperfection and roughness. 

How to Copy This Look:

Start your design with some whitewashed walls that blend well with natural wood accents.

The white allows the wood to shine out, and become the focal point of the space, whereas vibrant wall décor would be too distracting.

The design – like the warm color palette – aims to create a welcoming and pleasant ambiance. 

Brown, gray, green, and red are earthy hues that make the room feel more welcoming.

A large fireplace is frequently the focal point of a living room – and despite the fact that everything is a little raw – the warm hues, texture (in the shape of woven baskets or rugs), and natural materials make it seem especially welcoming.

When using neutral tones around wooden elements, make sure they aren’t too similar in color – you want them to complement one another – rather than blend in and become lost.

Furthermore, make sure they contrast well.

In a rustic home, jewel tones work especially well.

They provide a splash of unexpected color, and a luxurious vibe.

Jade green makes a strong statement, and pairs beautifully with wood, white, and matte black.

Green has always been my favorite color, since it is so flexible, works with almost every other color in the spectrum, and most importantly, it lets you connect with nature and bring the outdoors inside.

Keep your color pallet monochromatic and subdued, and draw inspiration from natural grasslands, or the forest. 

I love the concept of bringing the outdoors inside.

Some live plants will open up the room, and offer a splash of color, while also giving it a woodsy air.

Greens are a smooth way to bring the outdoors in – whether you put them in mason jars, old crates, pallets, or little jute material pots.

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8: Mustard Yellow – Eclectic With a Personal Touch

Eclectic Bedroom with Bright Yellows
Eclectic Bedroom with Bright Yellows

Are you a little bit more spontaneous, and desirous of a rich and layered interior style?

Then eclecticism is the perfect design style for those willing to experiment with their design elements.

Take everything you’ve just read, and combine the best qualities of each style.

The eclectic style is all about bringing various styles, textures, and colors together to create a unified, wonderfully-realized room.

Eclectic design initially appeared in Europe in the eighteenth century, as a technique for architects to produce distinctive designs, while keeping certain classic elements.

Because eclectic home design is all about experimenting and having fun, take advantage of the flexibility it provides.

It’s all about displaying your personality – showcase the inner designer in you! 

Allow yourself to be free of the rigid and weary rules connected with standard interior design, while designing your eclectic-style home.

Allow your imagination to run wild, and experiment to your heart’s content.

How to Copy This Look:

The ideal would be to keep your walls plain and uncomplicated when it comes to mastering eclectic-style décor.

Complex wallpapers might make it tough to include other patterned components, without coming off as heavy-handed.

Simply-painted walls will provide a stable basis for diverse décor, and other points of interest.

Throughout your eclectic décor plan, use comparable tones and hues, while keeping your two primary tones in mind.

Personally, I find it easiest to start with a simple black and white color palette, and pick one or two focal colors that emerge in center pieces, statement ornaments, or furniture.

Disrupt the space by combining surprising patterns that don’t always belong together. 

Contrast textures to create a memorable eclectic atmosphere in your house.

You want your room to have enough visual intrigue to keep the eye fascinated.

You want to create a sense of rhythm and harmony in this mish-mash of pattern and style, so try duplicating your accent color in rugs, throw cushions, side tables, and floor lamps.

To help create a feeling of visual harmony, repeat some of the same mismatched patterns and textures across your home.

Try to make use of negative space – in an eclectic area, negative space might offer your viewer’s eye a respite.

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9: Black, White, and Gold – Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam Bedroom in Black, White, and Gold
Hollywood Glam Bedroom in Black, White, and Gold

Hollywood glam makes a bold statement with its Victorian characteristics, such as soft velvet cushions, tufting, and antiques that showcase a luxurious, celebrity feel.

When we speak of Hollywood glam, automatically we think of red carpets, and all the hype of The Great Gatsby era, but what about the movie industry’s influence on interior design?

Excessive daily splendor is what Hollywood glam décor is all about.

With a reference to Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern pragmatism, it’s infused with the essential high-shine lacquered finishes, metallics, and rich materials.

It’s dramatic, sensuous, modern, minimalistic, and well-curated, with a blend of delicate and intimidating elements for a timeless environment.

It’s a fantastic alternative to the eclectic and Bohemian styles, harnessing their energy in a more approachable and minimalist manner.

How to Copy This Look:

Color palettes for this style are usually vibrant – with purples, reds, and turquoise accented with gold and brass.

Concentrate on two to three complementing colors, and leave the rest to accessories, textures, and patterns.

The simplest way to achieve this look is to stick with the traditional and go for a simple color palette of black and white, with a few touches of gold.

Gold or metallic surfaces should only be used as accents.

You can mix and match black and white throughout your bed set – swapping the two colors across the sheets, pillows, and throws.

A color palette that focuses on black and white provides a calm and collected look, and will bring attention to the metallic surfaces and finishes.

The use of a rich variety of materials in Hollywood glam interiors celebrates texture.

Try experimenting with a few additions of velvet and silk.

Suede, lacquer, leather, and metallic accents can also be used.

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