11 Colors That Go With Brown Bedroom Furniture (Pro Picks)

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This article has been written by Miljana Drincic – a professional architect and interior designer – to ensure the content is unique and insightful.

Brown is a staple color for bedroom furniture thanks to its warm, soothing tones that can help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

But there is the danger of creating a dull and drab ambiance if the wrong color palette is used in the rest of the bedroom.

So what are the best colors to use in a bedroom with your brown bedroom furniture?

The best colors that go with brown bedroom furniture are yellow and brown for a warm and harmonious feel; pastel greens for a meditative ambiance; stone gray for a contemporary look; pink accents to inject character; light blue for a relaxing coastal theme; and purple for elegance.

In the rest of this article, I have used my professional design skills to provide you with 11 of the best colors to pair with your brown bedroom furniture.

I have provided you with a visual example for each design, and a detailed description that explains how to achieve each look exactly.

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11 Colors That Go with Brown Bedroom Furniture

Here are 11 of the best colors to pair with your brown bedroom furniture:

1: Yellow – Harmonious and Warming

Harmonious Brown and Yellow  Bedroom
Harmonious Brown and Yellow Bedroom (#1: AnnaStills – Envato)

Munsell yellow hex value: #EFCC00

The yellow-toned brown furniture makes a great combination with Munsell yellow.

This is a good example of a finely-balanced warm color palette. 

Accessories, such as pillows, the carpet, and the clock on the wall occupy different areas of the bedroom.

Because of their varying positions, they bring the design together and make it look harmonious. 

Houseplants bring in a touch of green as a refreshing addition.

A neutral armchair and bedside table are furnishing items that create calm amidst warm hues.

The white curtains and wall paint soften the look.

How to Copy This Design

Furnish your bedroom with wooden furniture in a yellow-brown tone. 

Get accessories in a Munsell yellow, or similar color.

I suggest getting different types of accessories – like a rug and pillows – that you can move around easily to adjust the design.

Get neutral-colored furniture pieces to counterweight the warm palette.

You can use simple shelves, chairs, or nightstands.

Place a couple of houseplants to replenish the room and add to the color palette.

Use white curtains to make the room look brighter, and paint the walls beige and white, or another light color.

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2: Pastel Green – Meditative and Calming

Rustic Bedroom with Pastel Green Accent Pillow
Rustic Bedroom with Pastel Green Accent Pillow (#2: bialasiewicz – Envato)

Pastel green hex value: #BBCBC0

The pastel green tone immediately adds crispness to the scene whilst the light color palette creates a restful atmosphere. 

Natural motifs are introduced through various details – such as the pillows, raw nightstand design, and house plants. 

The neutral walls, curtains, and floor create a soft backdrop that accentuates the pastel green.

Accessories like pillows and carpets – combined with the green plants – can be the simple touch that transforms a dull bedroom into an intimate, meditative space.

How to Copy This Design

Get wooden furniture with a natural finish, to introduce relaxing textures.

Provide a neutral backdrop by using white wall and floor finishes. 

Add accessories in pastel green to make the space relaxing.

Include pillows, bedding, and a carpet, as well as decorative objects.

Use houseplants to enhance the design theme.

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3: Stone Gray – Contemporary and Playful

Brown Themed Bedroom with Stone Gray Wall
Brown Themed Bedroom with Stone Gray Wall (#3: Nathan Oakley – Unsplash)

Stone gray hex value: #928E85

This color palette is neutral and calming.

Stone gray has an orange hue that makes it blend in nicely with brown.

Multiple brown tones in this example create a playful atmosphere.

The gray wall works great with light wooden furniture.

Warmer colors are introduced in the brown bedclothes and the terracotta décor on the nightstand. 

A muted pink pillow connects the cold and warm tones – it contributes to the coziness and richness of the color palette. 

To accentuate the contemporary look, use a textured wall finish.

I suggest using a technique that will result in a smooth surface.

How to Copy This Design

Apply stone gray wall paint, so that it creates a smooth textured finish.

Use it for an accent wall behind the bed. 

Furnish the room with light wooden furniture. 

Install matte black flooring to take the weight off the gray walls.

Cover the bed with richly saturated brown, and add muted pink pillows or blankets. 

Decorate the room with terracotta pots and white ceramics, for a brighter, more organic design.

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4: Pink – Injects Character

Wooden Bed with Pink Bedding
Wooden Bed with Pink Bedding (#4: KatarzynaBialasiewicz – Canva)

Pink hex value: #F1C2CA

Industrial wood and steel furniture looks stylish, but appears uninviting.

But by including pink accessories, you can create sophistication and add to the character of the room. 

The visible wood textures of the furniture and flooring look organic and attractive.

Combined with pink, they create an attractive contrast.

The grey walls offer a neutral backdrop and make a lovely combination with the pink.

For a softer effect, feel free to use a lighter wall finish. 

A steel floor lamp is simple and chic.

The window covers are long Venetian blinds – they are sleek and in the spirit of the industrial approach. 

The contrasting colors and textures in this design give the space a strong character.

How to Copy This Design

Choose wooden furniture with visible textures in a darker tone.

For a contemporary, stylish look, I always advise my clients to use pieces made of wood and steel. 

Cover the bed with pink bedding that nicely contrasts with the furniture.

Match it with a pink carpet to create flow. 

Use neutral colors for the walls, such as gray or white.

Place a floor lamp near the bed as a task light.

I suggest adding a table lamp on the nightstand, as well. 

Install long Venetian blinds for functionality and charm.

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5: Light Blue – Calming Costal Vibes

Light Blue and Brown Coastal Themed Bedroom
Light Blue and Brown Coastal Themed Bedroom (#5: Spacejoy – Unsplash)

Light blue hex value: #ADD8E6 

The lightweight colors of sand and sky make a wonderful combination for a bedroom.

In this image, the softwood furniture and décor blend in with the light blue accent wall.

The carpet visually connects the dark floor with the light wall.

The white furniture pieces and bedding contribute to the harmonious design. 

The wall art resembles sea waves.

The textured storage unit and the flowers on it enhance the gentle, sandy ambience.

The details are carefully picked out, like the decoration on the nightstands. 

Blue and beige pillows are scattered across the room, making the overall look well-balanced. 

Neutral-colored lampshades cast comfortable, diffused light. 

How to Copy This Design

Combine light furnishing pieces with a light blue accent wall.

Put up wooden wall décor that matches the furniture.

For a seaside feel, choose motifs that resemble waves.

Lay down a blue or white carpet to create flow.

I especially encourage this step if the flooring is dark.

Use light blue and white bedsheets. 

Pick out accessories in beige and light blue, such as the pillows in this example, and distribute them throughout the room for a unified look.

Use diffused lights in the form of lampshades, following the color palette. 

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6: Artichoke Green – Natural and Grounding

Outdoorsy Green and Brown Bedroom
Outdoorsy Green and Brown Bedroom (#6: Spacejoy – Unsplash)

Artichoke green hex value: #4B6F44

The relaxing effect of this combination lies in the allusion to nature.

The varying brown tones applied via the furniture and accessories create a beautiful relationship with the green wall. 

This variety of browns is supported by a diversity of textures.

The woven, wooden, and leather textures each have a different appeal, and all blend in well with the dark artichoke green. 

An important trick to take into account with this design is the smart use of white.

The bedclothes and surrounding walls open up the space.

A touch of a marine theme is introduced with the use of the black and white carpet and curtains. 

The motifs in the freehand wall art bring an organic feel.

The same is achieved by the use of plants on the nightstands.

How to Copy This Design

Paint an accent wall with artichoke green, or a similar dark green tone.

Use white paint for the rest of the walls.

Choose furniture pieces in varying brown tones and textures, such as wood, (faux) leather, and woven elements. 

Choose white bedsheets, carpet, and curtains to lift the brightness level.

Decorate the room with landscape pictures or hand-drawn art, as well as plants. 

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7: Purple – Elegant and Refined

Elegant 3-Toned Purple Bedroom
Elegant 3-Toned Purple Bedroom (#7: mihalis_a – Canva)

Thistle purple hex value: #D8BFD8

A simple idea for creating an effective design is the use of the same color in three different tones. 

The walls are painted thistle purple in this example whilst the bedclothes in the same tone unify the design.

Combined with dark brown furniture, it creates a refined look. 

The accessories break the monotony with slightly darker and colder variations of thistle. 

The base of the wall is white, lifting the purple above the ground.

This creates a pleasant visual pause and is an appealing way to incorporate white into your design. 

The same goes for the white in the accessories.

White is used as a neutral part of the palette that breaks the monotony, and I strongly encourage its use with dark furniture.

How to Copy This Design

Paint your bedroom in a tone like a thistle purple.

Match the bedsheets with this tone.

Install white base molding around the room to make the design feel lighter. 

Add two more purple tones to the palette, and implement them through accessories, such as carpets and pillows.

Make sure to also use accessories that contain white. 

Additionally, white curtains go well with this design.

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8: Red – Lively and Passionate

Dark Brown and Red Bedroom
Dark Brown and Red Bedroom (#8: rilueda – Canva)

Red hex value: #862228 

The color red extracts the warm tones from brown, making this combination harmonious.

Because red is an energizing color, it requires careful consideration, so as not to overwhelm the space.

The harmony of this bedroom lies in the brown to red ratio, on the one hand, and white on the other. 

Incorporate red with dominantly white wallpaper, such as in this example.

The playful red pattern increases liveliness, without diminishing the relaxing feel a bedroom needs to have.

Furthermore, red is the color of romance.

Accessories, such as the long red curtains and red pillows, unify the space and create a cozy atmosphere.

Round white table lamps on the nightstands contrast with the brown headboard and its clean geometry.

Bedclothes are a great way to introduce white into a dark or colorful palette.  

How to Copy This Design

Use a white wallpaper with red detailing as the accent wall behind the bed. 

Place white table lamps on the nightstands.

Cover the bed with white and brown bedclothes, and add some red accent pillows.

Install a long, red sheer curtain to unify the space.

I advise using another white transparent curtain, to increase the flexibility of use, and visual harmony.

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9: Light Green – Earthy and Balanced

Tasteful Green and Brown Bedroom
Tasteful Green and Brown Bedroom (#9: archideaphoto – Envato)

Green earth hex value: #DADD98

Combined with dark brown, this light green tone creates a balanced look, due to the different color temperatures.

The warm and cold properties of these colors make for a pleasant contrast.

The stylish leather headboard immediately draws the eye whilst the green accent wall makes the space look brighter.

The bedsheets further tone down the deep brown.

Simple accessories in white, such as the pillows and wall lamps in this example, make all the difference to the perception of the space as lighter.

Long, brown sheer curtains look classy, and bring the elements together, creating a coherent look.

How to Copy This Design

Paint an accent wall light green to contrast with the dark brown furniture.

Match the bedclothes with the wall color. 

Use white accessories, like pillows, lamps, and carpets.

Install brown sheer curtains for a harmonious, elegant appearance.

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10: Orange – Warming and Rejuvenating

Bedroom with Warm Orange and Brown Tones
Bedroom with Warm Orange and Brown Tones (#10: pixelshot – Canva)

Orange hex value #CD6941

A great choice to combine with medium-dark wood is vivid, reddish-orange.

This warm combination has a rejuvenating effect.

For this look, I prefer having a white backdrop to open up the bedroom.

Vivid orange makes the brown feel more playful but can seem cluttered when combined with dark walls. 

Neutral grey and white accessories make the appearance softer.

Install light-colored flooring for a fresh look, and to improve the impression of spaciousness.

The orange sofa and wooden mirror bring the design together, because of their color and texture.

How to Copy This Design

Equip the room with wooden furniture pieces – you can use them to create a zone, like in this example.

If you use various types of wood, I’d suggest moving the furniture further apart.

Get vivid orange pillows and bedclothes.

Implement orange through additional elements, such as décor or upholstery. 

Introduce neutral white or gray, by including objects like a stool or a carpet.

Distribute accessories, such as a mirror or picture frames, around the room for a harmonious look.

Make sure they belong to the established color palette.

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11: Black and White – Bold and Classy

Minimalist Black and White Bedroom with Wooden Furniture
Minimalist Black and White Bedroom with Wooden Furniture (#11: KatarzynaBialasiewicz – Canva)

Black and brown represent a refined taste and bold choice.

Since white takes the weight off of any design, it’s great to use it as one of the main aspects.

When using black and white in combination with brown furniture, I suggest using white wall paint.

Black is a great addition in the form of accessories and details. 

In this example, it’s found in an attractive and engaging wall art piece.

The thick frame seems like it’s resting on the textured wooden headboard. 

This combination of natural wood texture, neutral palette, and minimalist furnishings looks comfortable and stylish.

Up to three tones of the same color can look great in a design.

You could also use three types of wood for this design to work.

How to Copy This Design

Choose a hardwood headboard with a neutral finish that shows the texture clearly.

Paint the walls white.

Furnish the room with wooden furniture.

Use a different colored wood if you’d like, but make sure to stick to the three-tone rule. 

Lay down a light, warm-colored carpet to make the bedroom feel more comfortable.

Choose bedclothes with a simple black and white design. 

Get a black and white piece of art with a thick black frame, and place it above the headboard.

Use a simple, neutral floor lamp as task lighting.

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Brown is a noteworthy color choice when designing a bedroom, because of the variety of looks it offers.

In general, dark brown tones make a better match with light and vivid colors that eliminate dullness. 

Careful incorporation of white in these designs is extremely important.

Pay attention to the way the surroundings and details in these examples lift the design. 

Vivid colors, such as orange and red, tend to cause eyestrain, so they are preferably introduced through accessories.

The colors from the cold spectrum, like green and blue, make a nice contrast with brown.

They can appear to a greater extent when compared to warm tones.

When using a three-tone design, make sure that the lightest tone is dominant. 

Softwood is bright and easily combined with any color.

However, the position of the accessories and use of color should be well-balanced, according to the tips provided.

Nevertheless, hardwood can also be combined with dark colors, such as black.

Incorporate plenty of white with dark brown, regardless of the palette, to give your bedroom that fresh, balanced look. 

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