12 Elegant Cherry Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designer’s Picks)

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This article has been written by Miljana Drincic – a professional architect and interior designer – to ensure the content is unique and insightful.

If you’re thinking about decorating or refurnishing you bedroom, you may be wondering if cherry wood furniture is still in style or outdated.

Cherry wood bedroom furniture is still in style and doesn’t go out of date because it’s timeless. However, the wood tends to darken within the first 12 months – so avoid direct sunlight and consider pairing the cherry wood with other wood types and a neutral color palette.

So what’s the best way to use cherry wood furniture in your bedroom?

The easiest way to integrate cherry wood furniture into your bedroom is to use it selectively for wall art, ornaments, or decorative moldings – using it as hardwood flooring, or for larger pieces of furniture like wardrobes or a dresser makes more of an impact.

In the rest of this article, I have used my professional design knowledge to provide you with 12 cherry wood bedroom ideas that you can copy.

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12 Professional Cherry Wood Bedroom Ideas

12 Elegant Cherry Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designer’s Picks)

Here are the cherry wood design ideas that you can use to inspire you – check out the video above to see them brought to life in 3D.

1: Use a Cherry Wood Bed Pedestal to Create Character

Cherry Wood Bed Pedestal
Cherry Wood Bed Pedestal

Thistle purple hex value #D8BFD8 

A bed pedestal is a romantic, contemporary, yet rustic element in a bedroom.

The pedestal can be fitted with storage drawers for added convenience and cherry wood pedestals can easily be carved and decorated.

Cherry hardwood is strong, so it will make a fine base for your bed.

In this example, light cherry wood is coated with a natural finish.

I like adding another color to the palette, such as thistle purple – this palette brings a gentle look to the bedroom.

A bed pedestal is an element that breathes in character so it’s perfect for a minimalist approach, in terms of furnishing and décor.

White floor lamps and wall art soothe the space.

Ambient downlighting above the bed creates an attractive area, accentuating the bed. 

How to Copy This Design:

Get a cherry wood bed pedestal in your desired color tone that fits with the rest of the furnishings – always keep in mind the darkening that comes with the aging of cherry wood.

Use downlights to make the area more dramatic and place a floor lamp nearby for task lighting.

Pick out black and white pillows and bedclothes.

Add some colored ones, as well, like the thistle purple in this example. 

Furnish the room with neutral pieces, and hang up simple wall décor in black and white above the bed.

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2: Hang Cherry Wood Wall Décor to Create Symmetry

Cherry Wood Wall Decor
Cherry Wood Wall Décor

Beige hex value #B79C81

A playful way to animate your bedroom is with the use of cherry wood wall décor – it can be designed with your choice of motif and style.

Wall art is a great element for creating symmetry.

Start by placing it above the bed and then accentuate the symmetry by using nightstands and table lamps.

This is also an efficient way to bring in functionality for tasks and reading.

Tawny cherry is a nice, low saturated finish, seen as the darker wood stain in this example.

You can use chestnut for the lighter areas.

This duality of color makes it more appealing, and blends in great with light walls and dark floorboards. 

How to Copy This Design:

Place cherry wood wall décor above the bed.

Use two different tones for a more striking piece.

Get two nightstands and table lamps, and position them on either side of the bed. 

To make the disposition symmetric, use identical nightstands and lamps, and center the bed and décor.

I suggest using wooden floorboards similar to the color of the wall piece to make the room come together.  

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3: Set Up a Cherry Wood Shelf to Create Rhythm

Cherry Wood Wall Shelf
Cherry Wood Wall Shelf

Beige hex value #F0DFD2

Custom-made wooden shelves are an effective and cost-efficient bedroom asset.

Cherry wood is perfect, because of the shaping and staining possibilities it offers. 

By designing geometric-shaped shelves, you can contribute to the rhythm of the room.

The rhythm of a design is pleasing to the eye, elevating the comfort levels.

Adding LED track lights makes the geometry more distinguishable.

In this example, they are oriented downwards, placed on the lower area of the shelf.

Installing lights in the same way is important, to demonstrate the geometry clearly.

The easiest way to make a good cherry wood tone combination is to use light, medium, and dark finishes.

Transparent staining will accentuate the wood grain, keeping the natural look.

Glass and neutral furnishings and décor always combine well with wood.

This is especially true for cherry wood, because of its color change.

How to Copy This Design:

Order a custom-made cherry wood shelf.

Consult a carpenter about the size and color of the pieces.

I recommend using light, medium, and dark finishes that give the wood interesting tones and reveal the natural grain. 

I usually advise my clients to use LED track lights to accentuate the geometry of the furniture.

Make sure to turn them in the same direction to create an even look, and clear geometry. 

Use wood stains that contrast with the wall, to let the shelf dominate.

If the shelf is mostly light, use a slightly darker wall color, and vice versa. 

Furnish the room with wooden furniture, and use neutral décor.

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4: Place a Cherry Wood Credenza to Invoke a Country Feel

Cherry Wood Credenza
Cherry Wood Credenza

Olive green hex value #A18D77

Cherry wood is popular in furniture production because of its durability and workability.

Tables and credenzas are favored when evoking a rustic feel.

It’s also easy to incorporate them into any design. 

For this piece, a light chestnut finish was used.

This allowed for the use of olive green paint for the darker background.

Olive green and brown go well together, so don’t worry about the furniture gradually becoming darker. 

The contrast between the walls, the white lamp, and the shelves is pleasing.

The table lamp’s gentle shape brings serenity to the scene.

I suggest using lighter-colored handles for the credenza.

This way, you avoid the dull impression wooden furniture sometimes creates.

A classical artwork in a wooden frame brings the composition together and complements the country theme.

How to Copy This Design:

Get a cherry wood credenza with a light finish, such as chestnut. 

Combine it with light handles and a simple white lamp, to create contrast. 

Pick a dark pastel color for the surrounding walls.

I prefer olive green, as it contrasts with and complements the wooden credenza.

Put up light wooden shelves.

Hang up a classical artwork with a wooden frame, to bring the composition together and provide a complete country feel.  

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5: Arrange a Cherry Wood Coffee Table to Create a Narrative

Cherry Wood Coffee Table
Cherry Wood Coffee Table

Beige hex value #D2C4BD

Coffee tables bring a casual note to the bedroom.

In this example, the table is polished cherry wood with a natural finish.

This Japanese-inspired furniture piece has simple lines and subtle geometry that offers a sophisticated look.

Its aesthetic function is enhanced by the use of LED track lights underneath the tabletop. 

You can place the table in the corner of the room where the sunlight doesn’t reach it.

If it is exposed to sunlight, keep objects off the tabletop to avoid unnatural color differences.

The floral artwork matches the Japanese-inspired design and livens up the area.

The lamp and the credenza seem more contemporary, providing complementary, intriguing contrast. 

How to Copy This Design:

Get a cherry coffee table made of selected boards that have fewer knots and even patterns.

Place it in the part of the room where it’s exposed to sunlight as little as possible, or completely exposed for even darkening. 

In this case, remove any objects from the tabletop to avoid uneven tones.

I always advise my clients to use Japanese-inspired coffee tables, as they look stylish in the bedroom, and contribute to the narrative.

Accentuate it by using LED track lights underneath the tabletop.

Finish it with a natural coating, and polish it for a more sophisticated look. 

Combine it with white and wooden furniture.

Use contemporary pieces for a tasteful, fine, eclectic look. 

Put up nature-inspired artwork.

It works well with the simple design and natural finish of a cherry wood table. 

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6: Hang a Cherry Wood Mirror for Cohesion

Cherry Wood Wall Mirror
Cherry Wood Wall Mirror

Beige hex value #CDB19B

A cherry wood mirror can be custom-made as an attractive decorative item.

You can easily combine it with different furniture pieces by choosing a suitable finish. 

In this example, the saddle cherry stain matches the black credenza. 

The textile table lamp serves as a wonderful texture addition.

Since the cherry wood in the image is also distressed, these two materials look organic and fashionable. 

Mirrored wooden shelves on the opposing wall, as well as a neutral artwork, contribute to the cohesion of colors and textures.

I like hanging a subtle picture frame near the mirror and the lamp, as it looks more inviting and personalized.

A contemporary touch can be added through ambient rail downlights.

Find lights that can be rotated and moved, providing functionality.

A table lamp can serve as an additional light source to increase visibility. 

LED track lights are a common lighting option for mirrors.

They provide even light distribution and good color reproduction.

Using downlights for mirrors is not practical; they are good for ambient lighting.

How to Copy This Design:

Get a cherry wood mirror, and use toned finishes and distressing to make it look organic and stylish.

Place a lamp with a textile lampshade nearby.

Choose a darker table or credenza to come together with the mirror.

Put up a framed picture nearby to create a personalized area.

Install a rail and downlights for ambient light.

They will accentuate the lines and grain of the cherry wood.

Carefully choose and place simple shelves and artworks on the opposite wall, to achieve balance.

Install LED track lights to maximize the convenient use of the mirror.  

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7: Fit a Cherry Wood Built-in Closet to Add Functionality

Cherry Wood Built-In Closet
Cherry Wood Built-In Closet

Light grey hex value ##C7C3BB

Built-in closets are space-savers – they are the most convenient storage option for a bedroom.

Cherry wood is a beautiful, cost-efficient material for this furnishing alternative.

The dark wood stain gives cherry wood a deep tone, as in the image above.

You can use light wood stains for the handles.

I prefer using lighter tones for elements upfront when it comes to furniture.

They become distinctive and offer a perception of clean geometry.

Downlights and LED tracks are a great way to light your closet.

They also help create a new zone in the room.

This ambient quality is important for the character of the room.

Using various door types is useful and appealing.

The folding closet doors used in this example look great and leave enough space to move freely through the room.

A pocket door used as a room entrance also enables space-effective use and makes a great match with the closet and the wooden mirror.

I like adding a mirror that reflects the outdoors.

Built-in closets usually take up a whole wall.

The mirror can make the room seem larger and more dynamic.

How to Copy This Design:

Install a cherry wood built-in closet with the desired coating.

For a deep, red tone, use a dark wood stain.

Install light cherry wood handles to make a subtle contrast with the dark doors.

Select the door type according to the space available for movement.

Install downlights inside the closet, or use LED track lights under the coat rack.

Use a mirror to reflect the outdoors, and make the room seem larger and more dynamic. 

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8: Hang a Cherry Wood Veneer Lamp to Create a Focal Point

Cherry Wood Veneer Lamp
Cherry Wood Veneer Lamp

Light brown hex value #D1AE92

A cherry wood veneer makes for a beautiful lamp and offers wide design possibilities.

The satiny texture and uniform grain make it look chic and suitable for the bedroom.

Combined with metal rings that hold the veneer in place, it looks elegant and contemporary.

In this example, a hanging lamp serves as general lighting in the room.

Because of its size and attractive shape, it also presents a focal point in the bedroom.

Hanging lights are used to unify the space.

To facilitate the performance of specific tasks, I recommend adding additional lights – you could use nightstands and bedside table lamps.

Since the cherry wood hanging lamp is primarily ambient light, these lamps will be extremely useful.

Floor lamps are another great task lighting option.

Make sure to use light sources of the same color temperature.

If the cold light mixes up with the warm, it creates an incoherent and unsettling feel. 

When using a unique hanging lamp, there is no need to put a lot of effort into the furnishing.

It can be simple, wooden, or neutral furniture that enhances the contemporary feel. 

In this design, the curtain, wall art, and floor lamp follow the linearity and lightness of the veneer lamp.

This creates a theme and an even flow in the bedroom.

How to Copy This Design:

Choose an attractive cherry wood veneer hanging lamp.

Place it lower in the center of the room, to make it an aesthetic focal point.

Combine it with floor and table lamps that serve strictly as task lights.

Make sure to use light sources of the same color temperature to create a unifying space, without the possibility of eye strain.

Furnish the room with simple wooden and neutral furniture.

Pick out wall art, curtains, lamps, and similar accessories, designed in the same manner as the veneer lamp.

In this example, they are linear and light.

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9: Lay Cherry Wood Parquet Flooring to Create a Pattern

Cherry Wood Flooring
Cherry Wood Flooring

Light brown hex value #D1AE92

Flooring is an easy way to create a unique bedroom appeal.

By using wooden parquet flooring, you can bring lively patterns into the room.

This is created both by the parquet geometry and the cherry wood grain patterns.

I like to combine it with a light-colored carpet to enliven the room.

In this example, the main furnishing piece is a credenza made of wood and plastic.

The same colors are used on the floor, so it blends together well.

The artwork is black and white, contributing to a subtle character.

Simple, wooden shelves bring the design together. 

How to Copy This Design:

Install cherry wood flooring – this example shows a neutral cherry wood parquet.

Place a light-colored carpet that breaks the pattern and makes the room seem lighter.

Use a carpet without patterns to make the room more elegant.

Furnish the room with wooden furniture and neutral colors.

Put up simple wooden shelves, and a contemporary black and white artwork to make a harmonious zone, as shown by the credenza and wall art in this example.

Adding color in details such as lamps and cushions can expand your color palette.

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10: Install Cherry Wood Crown Molding for Balance

Cherry Wood Crown Molding
Cherry Wood Crown Molding

Light grey hex value #D6D1D7

Crown molding is the strip of wood trim that is installed along the edges between the walls and the ceiling.

It’s a great way to achieve balance in the room since it visually unites it.

Cherry wood is great for moldings, because of its workability.

You can paint it the color of the ceiling, or leave the wooden color and texture visible. 

Crown molding is a noticeable element that immediately dominates the room.

I would suggest choosing a simple design.

The bedroom is primarily a space for rest, and shouldn’t be visually overwhelming.

I like to combine crown molding with a natural finish, and a wooden floor in a similar tone.

Light beige walls look gentle and warm.

This combination is often found in modern farmhouse designs, popular for its homey feel.

The steel floor lamp brings a contemporary element to the space.

How to Copy This Design:

Get crown molding elements made of cherry wood.

Pick out a simple design.

Choose a finish that will go well with the rest of your furniture, flooring, and windows. 

Paint the walls beige, or a similar light, earthy color.

Use black furniture that contrasts with the walls.

Place a steel lamp to make the room look more contemporary.

Neutral wall art brings freshness to the design. 

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11: Arrange Cherry Wood Window Casings to Stir Up Drama

Cherry Wood Window Casing
Cherry Wood Window Casing

Beige hex value #DCCABF

A window casing is a type of molding that surrounds windows.

It draws attention to the outdoor view.

By framing the view, you make the outdoors a backdrop for the room.

Because of the wooden window profiles in this example, the cherry wood molding is stained, rather than painted.

A Boston cherry stain gives it a nice red tone, while leaving the wood grain visible.

You can treat the windowsill the same way. 

Light wooden furniture and flooring give the bedroom an atmospheric touch.

Subtle blue tones contrast with the warm wood, while the nature motifs support the outdoor view.

A piece of dark wooden furniture takes the weight off the window casing.

An asymmetrical disposition of light around the bed brings unique character to the space.

How to Copy This Design:

Choose a design for a window casing made of cherry wood.

I would advise using a simple form because the casing will be visually dominant.

Apply a stain that matches the rest of your furniture.

This example shows Boston cherry, which has a reddish tone.

Treat the windowsill the same way for a coherent design.

Make sure to take into account the color of the window profiles.

Use light flooring and wall paint to create a gentle, atmospheric look.

Support the design by using white lamps that contribute to the softness of the space.

Pick out a piece of furniture made of darker wood, that will link with the window casing. 

Put up wall art with natural motifs.

The outdoor view and the artwork will enhance the comfort level.

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12: Use Cherry Wood Wainscoting to Create Proportion

Cherry Wood Wainscoting
Cherry Wood Wainscoting

Beige hex value #D4B5A8

Wainscoting is a wood molding that is installed on the lower portion of a wall.

You can use it throughout the whole room, or on one accent wall.

In this example, it’s placed under the window, creating a theme for the room. 

Cherry wood can be shaped to match the geometry and rhythm of the windows.

Different depths of rectangular carvings make the rhythm more noticeable, and the element more playful.

Decorative elements placed on top, such as vases and boxes, enhance the attractiveness and creates a nice scene.

It’s great to have a window sill made of matching cherry wood boards and stain.

The furniture can be wooden, but make sure to create a balanced color palette.

Too many different tones and textures can appear incoherent. 

Beige walls offer a nice backdrop that highlights the qualities of the cherry wood.

Since the wainscoting is positioned on the lower portion of the wall, it influences the overview and proportion of the room.

The wall looks harmonious, and the room feels deeper.

How to Copy This Design:

Get tailored wainscoting pieces to place on an accent wall.

I always advise my clients to place it under the windows, or on the wall at the far end of the room to create depth. 

Use wooden furniture, and pay attention to the color palette and wood textures.

A design that comprises three types of wood is usually quite attractive.

Add steel accessories, such as a floor lamp, to increase the variety of textures.

Install cherry wood boards as a matching window sill.

Place decorative pieces on the window sill to create a charming scene. 

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Combine Cherry Wood With Other Wood Types

From furniture pieces to flooring and molding, the variety of colors and patterns of cherry wood offer a plethora of options to give your bedroom a pleasant touch.

It’s cost-efficient, and its workability offers many possibilities.

Because of its unique habit of darkening over time, cherry wood is best combined with another type of wood, and a neutral color palette.

Introducing one lively color is a great way to make the room more playful.

If you’re using wooden flooring and furniture, use a maximum of three different kinds of wood, the third one being cherry.

Introducing contemporary furniture and accessories makes the bedroom seem more pleasant.

A lot of large wooden pieces create a dull atmosphere.

Light, earthy colors are great for the surrounding walls, as they accentuate the beauty of the cherry wood.

This is especially true for moldings, as this combination creates a warm, rustic atmosphere. 

When using cherry wood, choose a finish that is most likely to blend in with the existing furnishing and décor.

Always keep in mind that natural darkening will inevitably happen, but don’t be intimidated.

This amazing property of cherry wood brings a unique, warm touch to any bedroom.