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7 Best Mattresses With a Free Sleep Trial (2022 Discounts)

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This article has been written by the site owner Dan Cartwright – a mattress testing expert who has been testing products and writing online reviews since 2015 to help buyers make the best purchasing decisions for their needs.

A mattress trial allows you to test out a mattress and return it within a specified time period if you don’t like it.

However, not all mattress trials are created equally – some last longer than others – and just because a mattress has a long trial is no guarantee that the mattress will be right for you.

So what is the best mattress with a free trial?

The best mattress with a free trial is the Puffy Lux Hybrid because its qualities make it suitable for nearly all sleeping positions and requirements – which avoids the need to return the mattress at all – whilst the 101-night trial allows you to get a full refund if you aren’t happy.

Mattresses typically have a break-in period of at least a few days or weeks.

But once you have slept on a mattress for 30 nights continuously, then that’s as close to the final feel as you’re going to get – at which point, if the mattress is still uncomfortable you should consider returning it.

However, to save you the hassle of having to do this, I’ve put together this list of the best mattresses with a free sleep trial so that you can find a mattress that not only has a long enough test period, but is also suited to your needs so that you won’t have to return it.

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7 Best Mattresses With a Free Sleep Trial Reviewed

3 Best Mattresses With a Free Sleep Trial Reviewed (Personally Tested)

Below are 7 of the best mattresses with a free trial for you to pick from.

You can also watch the video above to see me compare the top 3 entries in this list and learn more about sleep trials and the HIDDEN minimum sleep trial clause that you need to watch out for.

I have included my personal video reviews and linked off to more detailed written reviews where appropriate to give you the most amount of detail to help you.

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1: Puffy Lux Hybrid – 101-Night Sleep Trial (Best Overall)

Puffy Lux Hybrid Review – Best Mattress For 2022?

Although the 101-night sleep trial isn’t as long as what some of the other mattresses on this list offer, I’ve picked the Puffy Lux Hybrid as the best mattress with a free trial because it’s such a well-rounded mattress that you are unlikely to want to return it.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is my personal mattress of choice that I sleep on every night when I’m not testing another mattress – you can watch me testing this mattress in my Puffy Lux Hybrid video review embedded above.

Or you can click here for my full Puffy Lux Hybrid written review.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – I found the pressure relieving qualities of the adaptive memory foam to provide exceptional pressure relief on my shoulders and hips in the side sleeping position.
  • Front and back sleepers – the support provided by the pocket coils should keep you well supported in the front and back sleeping positions up to 230 lbs.
  • Couples – the motion isolation provided by the thick foam layers and pocket coils makes the Puffy Lux Hybrid ideal for couples because it isolates movements and limits noise that may otherwise keep you awake. I was personally able to sleep in this mattress with my partner undisturbed and I am a very light sleeper that wakes up easily.
  • Lighter weighted and skinny sleepers – the pressure relief provided by the adaptive memory foam is perfect for softening friction points and dissipating your body weight; which is ideal if you weigh less than 150 lbs and/or have a lower body fat percentage under 15% because you will be able to sink more deeply into the materials.
  • Sleepers with pressure aggravated pain – if you have a condition like sciatica or back pain that is made worse by lying on a surface that’s too firm, then the adaptive foam top layers can help to soften the pressure points so that you don’t experience as much discomfort. I have painful arthritis in my shoulders but I’m able to sleep on my side in the Puffy Lux Hybrid thanks to its pressure relieving qualities.
  • Restless sleepers – if you tend to toss and turn at night like me, then the forgiving foams can help to soothe the pressure points that may be causing your restlessness, whilst the pushback of the springs makes it relatively easy to turn over in the Puffy Lux Hybrid.


  • Limited support for heavier weighted front sleepers – if you weigh more than 230 lbs then you might prefer the DreamCloud if you sleep on your front because the firmer feel and more robust pushback from the springs can help to keep you better supported; especially near the edge of the mattress due to the reinforced edges.

More Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty – the lifetime warranty means that you are covered against defects for the duration that you are the original owner of the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress.

2: Nolah Natural – 120 Night Trial (Best Cooling and Bouncy Mattress)

Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress Review ($600 Discount) Personally Tested

The Nolah Natural is the best mattress with a free trial if you are a hot sleeper looking for a cooling mattress, are a combination sleeper that needs a mattress with bounce, or you want a mattress that’s free from harmful fiberglass – the luxury firm feel and layered design makes it ideal for nearly all sleeper types.

Watch the video above to see me testing out the Nolah Natural first hand.

Or click here to read my complete Nolah Natural 11″ mattress review.

Recommended For

  • All major sleeping styles – the luxury firm feel, adaptive latex foam, and coils combine to provide a well-rounded sleeping surface that can cater to front, back, and side sleepers. I was comfortable in all of these positions in the Nolah Natural when I slept in it over 30 continuous nights.
  • Warmer sleepers – the pinhole core design of the latex foam allows warm air to be pushed out of the mattress and replaced with cooler ambient air as you move around. This is complemented by the spacious pocket coil core that enhances airflow. I am a warmer sleeper and I was able to sleep cool in the Nolah Natural.
  • Combination sleepers – the Nolah Natural is a very bouncy mattress thanks to the latex foam which makes it easy to switch positions in this mattress. I would personally describe the Nolah Natural as feeling a little bit like lying down on a trampoline; it has an underlying buoyancy to it that enhances mobility.
  • Heavier and lighter weighted sleepers – the combination of the coils and the resilient latex foam makes the Nolah Natural suitable for both lighter weighted and heavier weighted front, back, and side sleepers.


  • Edge sleepers over 230 lbs – if you sleep close to the edge of the mattress and weigh more than 230 lbs then the edge support of the DreamCloud will be better for you to stop sagging and roll-off.

More Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty – the Nolah Natural comes with a lifetime warranty to protect you from defects and faulty parts.

3: DreamCloud – 1 Year Trial (Best for Edge and Front Sleepers)

DreamCloud Mattress Review – UK v US Versions

The DreamCloud is the best mattress with a free trial if you are a front sleeper or an edge sleeper that hugs the edge of the bed as you sleep (especially if you are over 200 lbs) because this mattress has excellent general support to keep your hips well aligned and reinforced edge support to stop sagging and roll-off at the edge of the mattress.

The video above shows me testing out the DreamCloud in more detail.

Or you can click here to see my full in-depth review.

Recommended For

  • Front and back sleepers – the coils and the firmer feel can help to keep you in good posture when sleeping on your stomach or your back.
  • Edge sleepers – the reinforced edges means that you can sit or lie close to the edge of the DreamCloud without it sagging in.
  • Side sleepers over 130 lbs – although this mattress is a touch on the firmer side, the memory foam and adaptive coils provide enough give to absorb the pressure points created by your hips and shoulders.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – the robust support provided by the coils helps to offset the compression afforded by the memory foam to comfortably support heavier weights over 200 lbs.
  • Couples – the individually encased coils help to dissipate movements so that you are less likely to be woken by your partner as they sit on the edge of the bed or shuffle around during the night.


  • 30 day minimum trial – for opened mattresses, you must allow for 30 days from the point of delivery before you can return your mattress to DreamCloud because this is the stipulated ‘break in’ period (however, this 30 day period is waived if you have NOT opened your mattress).
  • Open within 90 days – if you do not open the mattress within 90 days of delivery then the 365 night sleep trial (and the warranty) will be void.

More Benefits

  • Non-toxic foams – the foams are CertiPUR-US® certified to ensure that they do not contain certain toxic chemicals and have VOC counts that are kept to less than 0.5 parts per million to combat off-gassing (smells).
  • Strong edge support – the reinforced edges help to guard against sagging and roll-off.
  • Get $200 OFF (plus free gifts) – click the button below to save $200 on the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and get a free mattress protector and sheet set now (limited time offer – get it before it’s gone).

4: Level Sleep – 1 Year Trial (Best For Back Pain)

The Level Sleep Mattress
The Level Sleep Mattress (

Shopping for a mattress to help with your back pain can be tricky.

Because back pain is a condition that is incredibly nuanced which means that there’s always the possibility that your new mattress doesn’t solve the problem (and may even make it worse).

That’s why I always recommend talking to your doctor before buying a mattress, bed, or sleep product for your specific health needs.

And I also advise that you go for a mattress with a lengthy and no-hassle return policy in the event that you’re not satisfied.

In which case the Level Sleep mattress could be well worth a look.

Because in addition to being covered by a 1 year free sleep trial, this mattress has been specifically designed to help combat back, hip, and joint pain through its zoned support and pressure relief system.

Where the foam surrounding your lower back is firmer to provide more support, whilst the regions under your shoulders and hips are softer to allow for better pressure relief on these more angular regions.

Furthermore, the Level Sleep mattress is endorsed by several chiropractors that vouch for its efficacy and is also supported by clinical trials that demonstrated that the Level Sleep mattress was able to help participants fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed during the day (see full details here).

If you would like to see more options, then have a look at my list of the best adjustable beds and mattresses for back pain here.

Recommended For

  • Those with musculoskeletal pain – the zoned support and pressure relief may help to alleviate the discomfort of several conditions that cause pain in your muscles and/or joints.
  • Athletes and active people – if you’re an athlete, runner, gym goer, or sporty person then you may be able to get a more rejuvenating night’s rest because the zoned support can help to reduce pressure points and improve circulation and blood perfusion that may lead to better recovery.
  • Side sleepers – the differing foam firmnesses are ideal for adapting to the contours of your body when you’re on your side to increase comfort.
  • Front and back sleepers – the adaptive support can help to promote better posture when you sleep on your front or your back.
  • Couples – if you sleep as a couple then you can enjoy the potential pain relieving benefits of the Level sleep mattress in the queen, king, and Cal. king sizes as well as the motion transfer isolation afforded by the all-foam design.


  • Returns not available outside the US – only products shipped inside the US are eligible for returns.

More Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty – beats the industry average of 10 years.
  • Works with all bases – including box springs, divan bases, traditional frames, adjustable bases, platform bases, and even the floor.
  • 0% APR – apply at the checkout to pay through Affirm and you could be eligible to pay for your new Level Sleep mattress on 0% APR finance over 18 MONTHS to increase affordability (click the button below to learn more).

5: Awara – 1 Year Trial (Best For Sleeping Cool)

The Awara Mattress
The Awara Mattress (

If you tend to sleep warm then the hybrid spring-latex design of the Organic Luxury Awara Mattress can help to cool you down.

Because the Dunlop latex top layer has an aerated design that works with the spacious coil support core to promote airflow, dissipate heat, and regulate your temperature.

And because this mattress comes with a 1 year sleep trial, then you can try the mattress out for all 4 seasons to ensure that you’re comfortable in the Awara even in the hottest months.

Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty too.

This mattress should be suitable for most sleeping positions and styles because the luxury firm feel and the buoyant coils can provide support in the front and back sleeping positions, whilst the Euro top allows for deeper material compression in the side sleeping position to alleviate pressure points on your hips and shoulders.

And the inclusion of natural latex instead of polyfoam means that this mattress doesn’t contain chemicals, fire retardants, and allergens that may cause irritation in sensitive individuals.

Whilst the durable construct of the latex and the coils combine to create a very durable mattress that could last up to 10 years or more with the right care.

Recommended For

  • Warmer sleepers – the coils, natural latex, and organic New Zealand wool combine to dissipate heat and wick away moisture to help keep you cool and dry.
  • Side sleepers – the coils combine with the latex and the Euro top to provide pressure relief and support in the side sleeping position for average and heavier weighted side sleepers.
  • Front and back sleepers – the coils and firmer feel help to promote and maintain good posture when you’re sleeping on your front or back.
  • Restless sleepers – whilst the Euro top may help to actually soothe the pressure points that can lead to restlessness and allow you to get a deeper sleep, the bounce provided by the latex and the coils makes it easy to switch positions smoothly without getting bogged down in the materials.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – if you weigh more than 230 lbs then the robust coils and durable latex comfort layer are ideal for supporting heavier weights and guarding against sinkage.
  • Couples – although latex doesn’t isolate movement quite as well as memory foam, it still does a fair job and the individually wrapped coils can help to dissipate shock waves to limit disturbance quite effectively.
  • Sensitive sleepers – the natural latex and absence of synthetic chemicals makes the Awara a good choice for sensitive sleepers like kids, the elderly, and allergy sufferers who are looking to limit reactions.


  • 30 day minimum trial – although you can return this mattress up to 1 year later, you must wait 30 days from the point of delivery before being able to return the mattress.

More Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty – covers you against defects and manufacturing flaws.
  • Ideal for kids – the lack of polyfoams and chemicals complements the natural latex and organic New Zealand wool to create a kid-friendly sleeping surface.
  • Works with any frame – you can use the Awara with any frame that has a solid foundation; such as a slatted platform or adjustable frame.
  • 0% APR – pay with Affirm at the checkout for the opportunity to be able to pay off your mattress in monthly installments for up to 18 months at 0% APR to increase affordability.
  • Get $300 OFF – click the button below to get $300 OFF your new Awara mattress (for a limited time only).

6: Avocado Vegan – 1 Year Trial (Best Non-Wool Mattress)

The Avocado Vegan Mattress
The Avocado Vegan Mattress (

If you’re specifically looking to avoid a mattress with wool or any animal products then the Avocado Vegan Mattress is a great eco-friendly option.

Because in addition to using GOLS certified organic latex and GOTS certified organic cotton instead of synthetic polyfoams and wool, this mattress is also certified as being Vegan by Vegan Action and is also a PETA approved product.

This is a spring-latex hybrid mattress with a gentle firm feel and a 5-zoned coil support core that makes this mattress ideal for front and back sleepers.

However, you can also add a pillow top to give this mattress more pressure relieving qualities if you’re a side sleeper.

Plus, there’s a 1 year sleep trial available to cover you against any comfort issues or anything else that might cause you to want to return the mattress.

Recommended For

  • Front and back sleepers – the firmer feel and zoned support can help to keep you in good posture when you’re sleeping on your stomach or back.
  • Wool allergies – if you’re allergic to wool then the Avocado Vegan mattress is perfect because the wool has been replaced with organic cotton.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – if you weigh more than 230 lbs then the coil core and durable latex combines with the firmer feel to provide the support that you’ll need to avoid sinking too far into the mattress.
  • Combination sleepers – the buoyant feel of the latex and springs makes it easier to switch positions when compared to a regular memory foam mattress that sinks in more.
  • Edge sleepers – if you tend to hug the edge of the bed as you sleep then the reinforced coil perimeter can help to combat sagging and roll-off.


  • Side and lighter weighted sleepers – if you sleep on your side and/or you weigh less than 150 lbs then the addition of the pillow top might be the best move because it will provide more pressure relief.
  • No returns outside the US – the return and refund policy only applies to mattresses purchased in the continental United States.

More Benefits

  • Non-toxic – Avocado’s mattresses come with a range of certifications (including MADE SAFE®, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, ECO-INSTITUT and GREENGUARD GOLD) that assure the mattress is absent from certain toxic chemicals.
  • Eco friendly and fair – Avocado is a Certified B Corporation® which means they have a legal responsibility to consider the impact of their business decisions on the environment, workers, customers, the community.
  • 0 % APR – pay with Affirm at the checkout for the possibility to pay for your new Avocado mattress at 0% APR over several months to increase affordability (click the button below to learn more).

7: Nectar Memory Foam – 1 Year Trial (Cheapest Mattress)

The Nectar Mattress (
The Nectar Mattress (

If the other options on this list are too expensive for you then the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is the cheapest alternative that also comes with a generous 1 year free trial.

There’s also the option to pay on finance with Affirm at the checkout with 0% APR to increase affordability even further.

The Nectar mattress itself is well-rounded and should be suitable for most sleeping positions and styles.

More specifically, the slightly firmer feel is offset by the deeper compression capacity of the memory foam to provide sufficient support in the front and back sleeping positions, whilst side sleepers can still enjoy personalised pressure relief on their hips and shoulders.

And the motion dampening capabilities of the all-foam design makes this a great mattress for couples too.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – the pressure relieving qualities of the memory foam makes the Nectar ideal for softening the pressure points on your body in the side sleeping position.
  • Front and back sleepers – even though this is an all-foam mattress, the slightly firmer bias and high density foam base work together to promote good posture.
  • Couples – the lack of springs and all-foam design is ideal of dampening movements and noise.


  • 30 day minimum trial – whilst unopened mattresses are eligible for immediate return and a refund, opened mattresses can only be returned after 30 days have elapsed after delivery.
  • Open within 90 days – if you don’t unbox your Nectar mattress within 90 days then the warranty and the sleep trial are void.

More Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty – get a replacement mattress in the first 10 years and repairs thereafter in the event of a defect.
  • Save $100 – to help you save even more money, when you click the button below, you can get $100 OFF your new Nectar mattress (plus 2 FREE pillows) for a limited time only.

How to Buy a Mattress With a Good Sleep Trial

A mattress with a free trial is one that comes with a ‘sleep trial’ so that you can sleep in the mattress for a specified number of nights to ensure that the mattress is comfortable for you – with options to return the mattress if you don’t like it.

A sleep trial differs from a mattress warranty because the warranty only covers you against defects and manufacturing faults, whilst the sleep trial also covers you against issues with comfort and anything else that could cause you to be unhappy with your mattress.

For example, if you slept on your mattress for a month and you found it to be too firm, too soft, or caused you back pain, then you wouldn’t be able to return the mattress under the warranty but you could return it under the terms of the sleep trial.

If you’re buying a mattress online (or even in store) a sleep trial is vital because it allows you to return the mattress in the event that you aren’t happy with it even AFTER you have slept on it.

This is important because many high street stores and shops WON’T allow you to return the mattress once you’ve slept on it.

Therefore, sleep trials that remain valid even when you’ve slept in the bed – coupled with the lower prices (due to less middle men that typically make mattress more expensive) – are the two primary driving forces that make buying a mattress online better than going through a physical store.

Below is a quick summary of the benefits and drawbacks of a sleep trial, followed by a 3 step guide that walks you through the process of buying a mattress with a good sleep trial.

Mattress Firm’s 120-Night Sleep Trial (Mattress Firm)


Most people don’t realise that it can take up to 30 successive nights of sleeping in your mattress for it to ‘break in’ and adjust to your body weight, body type, and dominant sleeping position.

Which is why lying on a mattress in the store for a few minutes is actually a very poor gauge of comfort – as I can personally vouch for having discovered that a memory foam mattress that was initially very comfortable transformed into some sort of torture device after the foam had softened and failed to support my lower back correctly.

And as mentioned previously, some physical stores sell their mattresses WITHOUT a returns policy – which means that you could be stuck with an expensive mattress that you hate.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of a sleep trial from an online DTC (direct to consumer) mattress manufacturer that lasts at least 30-60 nights is that it covers you against discomfort beyond the break in period – so that you can return the mattress if you’re uncomfortable after the materials have adjusted to your sleeping style even after you’ve slept in it.

In terms of duration, the industry average for sleep trials is around 3 months – which is long enough to cover the adjustment phase and also some premature sagging.

The sleep trial can also allow you to return your mattress if you find that it sleeps too hot (a problem with some memory foam mattresses), causes allergies, doesn’t have enough edge support, is too noisy, allows for too much motion transfer (resulting in you and your partner waking each other up as you move around); is too hard, too soft, or too difficult to move around in – pretty much anything that upsets you.


The biggest drawback to sleep trials is that they often come with a MINIMUM trial period too – usually 30 nights.

Which means that you could be forced to sleep on your new mattress for up to a month or more before you’re allowed to return it.

This might not a be a problem if you have somewhere else to sleep, but you could end up in some serious discomfort if you don’t.

However, if you’ve not opened your mattress, then most companies will allow you to return the mattress right away.

Another thing to watch out for is hidden charges and shipping fees that you might have to pay for if you want to return the mattress.

Some companies may force you to try and hang on to the mattress by sending you different comfort layers to alter the firmness and feel of the mattress – this might work, or it might drag out the return process even longer.

One more overlooked issue to think about is the conflict that may arise if you buy a mattress on finance and then have to return it – since the finance company and the mattress seller are typically two different entities; which means that you may have problems trying to cancel payments and avoid paying interest in the event of a return.

However, this isn’t a certainty, and buying a mattress on a 0% APR deal might be the best way to avoid interest in the event of a return (but you should check the terms of the finance agreement and the return policy to be sure).

And finally, if you’re buying a mattress from a retail or auction site online, then you need to check that it’s being provided by the manufacturer or an authorised seller.

Because when dealing with an unauthorised 3rd party, the manufacturer’s sleep trial and warranty is typically void – with returns usually being subject to a different agreement (or none at all).

So before buying the mattress, it’s important that you check the fine print of the return policy to ensure that you’re aware of any hidden fees and stipulations that could cause problems in the future.

1: Go For a Trial that Lasts at Least 1 Year

Most DTC online mattress companies offer sleep trials in the region of 90 – 120 nights.

And whilst this duration is likely plenty long enough for most folks, I actually suggest going for a mattress with a free trial that lasts for a MINIMUM of 1 YEAR.


Because this length of time allows you to sleep in your mattress through all 4 seasons so that you can ensure that you’re comfortable in a range of different temperatures.

This is especially important if you’re buying a memory foam mattress because this type of material is the most likely to cause heat retention issues.

Whilst the longer duration will allow you to ensure that the cooling capabilities of the gel foam, gel beads, aerated foams, or other features that often come with high quality memory foam mattresses to combat heat retention and regulate your temperature have not stopped working (which is often the case with the gel foam layers in some poor quality gel memory foam mattresses).

And the extended length of the sleep trial can also cover you from sagging and body impressions that appear prematurely and are not covered by the warranty (buying a mattress with good support can help to guard against sagging).

2: Look at the Terms

It’s very important that you look beyond the length of the sleep trial and look at the exact terms of the return policy to ensure that you’re clear on the details.

If you scroll to the bottom of a mattress company’s website, you’ll usually be able to read the terms in full by clicking on the ‘return policy’ or ‘FAQ’ link.

Or you can contact their customer support via live chat or a contact form for additional clarification.

The two key areas that you need to pay attention to are the money back policy and any hidden costs.

Money Back Policy

Make sure that the return policy states that you’re entitled to a full monetary refund and not just an exchange or a ‘comfort layer exchange’.

Because whilst an exchange may solve the issue, you should also be in a position to get all of your money back without delay if you hate the mattress and/or the company and don’t want an exchange.

Hidden Costs

You’ll want to ensure that you can return your mattress without having to pay for return shipping or a pick up fee.

Pay particular attention to the locations that the terms of the sleep trial apply to because if you’ve ordered your mattress from a different country or a specified location then you may be subject to additional charges.

For example, if you’re ordering a mattress online from the US but you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or somewhere else outside the US, then you’ll likely find that returning your mattress could cost you $100’s extra in return shipping.

Ordering from a certain location may also void the free trial.

3: Choose the Right Mattress

Even though a good quality sleep trial can protect you from ending up with a mattress that you don’t like, it’s worth taking the time to consider the firmness, design, and preferences of the mattress before you order it to lessen the chance of ending up with an unsuitable mattress.


Mattresses are available in a range of different firmnesses – which influences how hard or soft the mattress feels when you lie down on it.

For front, back, and side sleepers in the 130 – 230 lbs range (around 80% of sleepers), a medium/universal firmness is usually just fine.

But if you weigh less than 150 lbs and/or have a low body fat percentage (especially if you’re a side sleeper) then a softer level of firmness may be more suitable because the reduced surface tension can allow you to sink further into the materials and alleviate pressure points on your body.

Firmer mattresses tend to be better for heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs and/or front sleepers because the increased surface tension can help to guard against excessive sinkage and maintain good posture.


The support of a mattress is the degree to which the mattress is able to keep you in good posture and support your spine and joints.

And whilst the firmness can have some influence, its the lower support core that primarily dictates the quality of the support and is a product of the design of the mattress – including the quality and integrity of the materials.

All types of mattresses can have ‘good’ or ‘bad’ support, but springs and high density latex foam tend to provide better support than low density polyfoam in the support core.


The main types of mattresses and their suitability are as follows:

  • Memory foam – memory foam mattresses typically have a layer of mid or high density memory foam over a layer of high density polyfoam or springs (hybrid). The spring core is generally better for heavier weighted sleepers, whilst the all-foam design can help to dampen movements so that couples can sleep undisturbed. Mattresses with a memory foam top layer are ideal for side sleepers because the adaptive nature of the memory foam helps to remove pressure points on your hips and shoulders.
  • Polyfoam – mattresses that consist entirely of memory foam are some of the cheapest but are the most likely to sag and wear out. With cheap foam mattresses, you need to be wary that fiberglass isn’t contained under the cover because if released, this substance can harm your health and be very costly to remove from your home.
  • Latex – latex mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses except they tend to be more durable, more cooling, longer lasting, better at combating allergies (like dust mite sensitivities), less likely to contain fiberglass, more bouncy, and are suitable for just about every type of sleeper.
  • Hybrid – hybrid mattresses have a spring support core that can provide excellent support and cooling capabilities (by encouraging airflow) whilst also leveraging the properties of a latex or memory foam comfort layer in line with your choosing. Hybrid mattresses are some of the best and most adaptive types of mattresses that you can buy – suitable for just about every sleeping style through various layering and material configurations.
  • Innerspring – innerspring mattresses have a spring core an an upholstered top layer; making them potentially cheaper than hybrid mattresses but potentially not as long-lasting.


Beyond the primary design of the mattress, you may like to consider the following secondary preferences to potentially increase the satisfaction of your purchase:

  • Features for couples – if you sleep as a couple then motion isolation should be considered. All-foam and spring mattress with individually wrapped pocket coils do the best job of dampening movements overall.
  • Cooling features – if you sleep hot then hybrid and all-latex mattresses are the most breathable. Memory foam tends to retain the most amount of heat; although cooling gel foams and aerated foam structures can help to combat this.
  • Allergy control – if you’re allergic to dust mites, have sensitive skin, or are liable to react to toxins or other allergens, then organic latex mattresses are the best choice. If you’re allergic to latex then memory foam or a hypoallergenic mattress with the latex proteins removed could work.
  • Edge support – if you sleep near the edge of the bed then look for a hybrid mattress with reinforced coils around the edges, or a foam mattress with higher density foam around the perimeter.

Related Questions

Although I’ve covered the main points, here’s a few concise answers to the most common questions that relate to mattresses and sleep trials (also known as ‘free trials’).

What’s the Difference Between a Sleep Trial and a Warranty?

A sleep trial allows you to return your mattress for a much wider range of reasons – such as problems with the comfort levels – whilst a warranty is restricted to defects and manufacturing flaws; such as broken components like springs and zippers or sagging above a certain depth (typically 1-1.5″).

Do All Mattresses Come With a Sleep Trial?

Not all mattresses come with a sleep trial. Many mattresses bought on the high street do not come with a sleep trial – or even a return policy that’s still valid after you’ve slept in the mattress. However, most mattresses sold online via DTC mattress companies come with a sleep trial that’s valid after you’ve slept in the mattress.

What’s the Best Mattress With a Free Trial?

The best mattress with a free trial is the Puffy Lux Hybrid because the 101-night sleep trial is plenty long enough to test the mattress out and the qualities of the mattress means that you are unlikely to need to return it anyway.

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