Is Puffy a Good Mattress? (Original Worth the Money or Not?)

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This article has been written by the site owner Dan Cartwright – a mattress testing expert who has been testing products and writing online reviews since 2015 to help buyers make the best purchasing decisions for their needs.

If you’re thinking about buying the Puffy Original all-foam mattress then you might be wondering if it’s worth the cost given that there are far cheaper memory foam mattresses available to buy online.

And you might be wondering if the Puffy Orginal is a ‘good’ mattress to buy relative to your sleeping needs and the other mattresses on the market.

Well, I’ve personally slept on the Puffy Original mattress and tested countless other mattresses of a similar construction over the years, so I feel that I’m suitably qualified to answer this question as follows:

The Puffy Original is a good mattress for front, back, side, combination, and skinny sleepers under 230 lbs due to its suitable construction, and is worth the extra money because it’s longer-lasting and more comfortable than most of the cheaper memory foam mattresses available.

In the rest of this article, I have clearly explained and justified who the Puffy Original mattress is ‘good’ for and who should avoid it (with alternatives provided).

I have also highlighted the qualities of the Puffy Original that make it a good choice over cheaper mattresses but also some of the drawbacks that would mean you are wasting your money on the Puffy Original (I’ve also provided suitable alternatives).

Finally, I’ve explained how the Puffy Original compares to other types of mattresses available – specifically memory foam, traditional spring, latex foam, and hybrid mattresses.

All of this information will help you to decide if the Puffy Original is the right mattress for you and if it’s worth the cost.

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Is the Puffy Original Mattress Good For You?

Puffy Original Mattress Review (Personally Tested) – $300 OFF

As you can see from the video above, I have personally slept on and thoroughly tested the Puffy Original mattress to see if it’s a good mattress or not.

The Puffy Original is an excellent mattress for all sleeper types under 230 lbs except for edge sleepers – due to the lack of edge support – and heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs that will typically require a more robust support system to guard against sinkage and maintain good posture.

More details are below:

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – if you are a side sleeper that weighs less than 230 lbs then the Puffy Original will provide enough pressure relief via the adaptive gel memory foam top layer to allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the materials for deeper comfort.
  • Front and back sleepers – although the Puffy Original is made entirely out of foam, the higher density support foams in the support core and transition layers means that if you are a front or back sleeper under 230 lbs, then you will feel well supported in the mattress.
  • Sleepers under 150 lbs – if you are a lighter weighted sleeper under 150 lbs, then the adaptive gel memory foam top layer allows you to sink more deeply into the mattress and dissipate your body weight so that the pressure is moved away from your joints to avoid the discomfort that you will typically feel on a firmer mattress as a lighter weighted sleeper.
  • Skinny sleepers – if you have a body fat percentage under 15%, then the gel memory foam will help to remove the discomfort on your bones and joints that you will normally experience on a firmer mattress that’s less adaptive.
  • Combination sleepers – if you switch positions often during the night, then the fimer foams in the support and transition layers will combine with the medium-firm feel to allow you to switch positions easily.
  • Sleepers with painful conditions – if you suffer from conditions like sciatica, arthritis, or back pain, then the adaptive foams can help to aleviate the pressure on the areas of your body that are typically the most sensitive to pressure when you lie down.
  • Couples – the all-foam design means that the mattress is silent and isolates movements very well so that you don’t disturb each other as you move around.

Not Recommended For

  • Sleepers over 230 lbs – with this being an all-foam mattress, you may find that you’re not getting the best level of support if you weigh more than 230 lbs due to the increased level of material compression. The DreamCloud is a better choice for heavyweight sleepers.
  • Edge sleepers – the lack of edge support makes the Puffy Original a poor choice if you sleep very close to the edge of the bed at night because you may roll out. The DreamCloud has reinforced edges which makes it better for edge sleepers.

Should You Pay for the Puffy Original Mattress?

I have looked at the price points of many other memory foam mattresses and tested them out.

If you are deciding whether or not to buy the Puffy Original compared to a cheaper mattress, then the Puffy Original is likely going to be worth the extra money if you want better pressure relief, a quieter mattress, to not feel your bed partner moving around, and to reduce pain associated with conditions like sciatica and arthritis.

However, you should consider an alternative like the DreamCloud mattress if you want the best edge support, to be able to sleep cool, and for the mattress to be able to support you comfortably if you weigh more than 230 lbs.

Full details are below:

Reasons to Buy

You should consider buying the Puffy Original mattress if you want a mattress that excels in providing pressure relief, isolating movement, and reducing the pressure that may otherwise aggravate painful conditions.

More details are below:

1: Firm Mattresses Normally Feel Uncomfortable

If you tend to find firmer mattresses uncomfortable, then although the Puffy Original is technically a medium-firm mattress, it feels softer due to the adaptive gel-memory foam top layer.

This means that the Puffy Original is worth the money if you are a side sleeper, a lighter weighted sleeper under 150 lbs, and/or have a lower body fat percentage because the foams will help to soothe pressure points and distribute your weight better than a firmer, less adaptive mattress typically will.

However, if you need the best pressure relief that money can buy, then I would recommend upgrading to the Puffy Lux Hybrid because the deeper layers of memory foam can conform even more precisely to your body shape.

Although the adaptiveness of the Puffy Original is enough for me, I personally found that the Puffy Lux Hybrid was worth the extra cost because it provided even better pressure relief for my painful, arthritic shoulders.

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2: You Sleep as a Couple

If you sleep as a couple, then the Puffy Original is worth the extra money when compared to cheaper mattresses that contain springs because the all-foam design offers better motion isolation and the absence of springs means that the mattress is silent.

Motion isolation describes how well or poorly the mattress is able to stop shock waves from traveling through the mattress.

Good motion isolation in a mattress is important when you sleep as a couple because it means that you are less likely to disturb each other as you move around during the night.

Also, a lack of springs is a good thing if you or your partner are easily woken since you won’t be able to hear the springs moving as you shift your weight around.

Whilst I found that the Puffy Original did a good job of stopping me and my bed partner from waking each other up, I personally found the Puffy Lux Hybrid to be far superior in terms of preventing motion transfer due to the thicker layers of dense foams used in the upper layers of the mattress.

And whilst the Puffy Lux Hybrid does contain springs, they are individually encased to stop any noise and also aid in the dissipation of movements.

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3: You Suffer from Pressure-Aggravated Pain Conditions

The Puffy Original is worth the extra money if you suffer from conditions that are made worse by lying down on a mattress that’s too firm – such as sciatica, arthritis, or back pain – because the adaptive gel memory foam top layer can help to lessen pressure points on your body.

For example, if you have sciatica, then the Puffy Original may help to reduce the amount of pressure being placed on your sciatic nerve when you lie down (click here for 21 ways to sleep better with lower back pain and sciatica).

Personally, I suffer from arthritis in my shoulders and I was able to benefit from a reduction in pain when sleeping on my side in the Puffy Original.

However, the reduction in pain was even better when I slept in the Puffy Lux Hybrid because the deeper profile and more enveloping feel helped to dissipate the pressure on my shoulders even more.

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Reasons to Avoid

You should avoid the Puffy Original if you tend to sleep closer to the edge of the bed, sleep hot, and/or weigh more than 230 lbs – especially if you are a front sleeper.

More details are below:

1: You Sleep Near the Edge of the Bed

If you sleep near the edge of the bed then the Puffy Original mattress isn’t worth the money because you will more than likely be disappointed at the lack of edge support – which could cause you to roll out during the night.

Although I personally tend to sleep closer to the center of the bed, I did find that the DreamCloud mattress allowed me to spread out more because the reinforced edges stopped the mattress from giving way when pressure was placed closer to the edge of the mattress.

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2: You Weigh More than 230 lbs

If you weigh more than 230 lbs then the Puffy Original may not be worth the money because the all-foam design might not be able to provide enough support for you – especially if you are a front sleeper.

This is because the greater downward force being placed on the materials means that the potentially greater level of compression may prevent you from resting in the ideal posture – which may cause aches and pains.

But I must stress that this may not be the case for every sleeper – you may find the Puffy Original to be perfectly fine.

However, I would recommend the DreamCloud if you are a front or back sleeper over 230 lbs because the buoyant spring core and firmer feel will stop you from sinking too far into the materials.

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3: You Sleep Hot

Although I wouldn’t say that the Puffy Original mattress sleeps hot, I personally found that I was warmer in this mattress than many of the other mattresses that I’ve tested.

Therefore, I would say that you’re better spending your money on a hybrid mattress than the Puffy Original if you’re a hot sleeper because the spacious coil core will allow for better airflow and heat dissipation to keep you cool.

I found the Noa mattress and the Avenco mattress to be more breathable.

However, my top recommendation is the DreamCloud mattress if you want to sleep cool.

Puffy Original Performance Comparison

Whilst the Puffy Original is a specific model of a mattress made by a single manufacturer, I have tested enough mattresses over the years and I know enough about how mattresses perform to be able to tell you how this mattress compares in general terms to other types of mattresses on the market.

This can help you decide if the Puffy Original is right for you when looking at a generic memory foam, traditional spring, latex foam, or hybrid mattress.

1: Puffy Original v Generic Memory Foam Mattresses

With the Puffy Original falling into the mid-price range relative to the rest of the market, it’s certainly possible to buy a much cheaper memory foam mattress.

This option might be better for you if you only want a cheap memory foam mattress that doesn’t need to last more than a year or so.

But if you want a memory foam mattress that’s going to last longer, that likely won’t sleep as hot, and is free from toxic chemicals, then the Puffy Original is worth the extra money in my opinion.

Because I’ve slept on these cheaper memory foam mattresses and not only do I find the Puffy Original more comfortable, I think that it’s more robust in its construction and will last much longer (around 5-7 years).

2: Puffy Original v Traditional Spring Mattresses

There are many traditional spring mattresses that are much cheaper than the Puffy Original.

And as is the case with the alternative memory foam mattresses on the market, going for a cheaper spring mattress might be a viable option if you just want a mattress for the short term and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

However, having tested and slept on a lot of these types of cheap spring mattresses over the years myself, I personally don’t find them as comfortable as the Puffy Original.

The main issue that you are likely to encounter is that you will be able to feel the springs through the thin layer of polyfoam that typically makes up the top-most layer of these cheap spring mattresses.

Also, I found that when I turned over, I could hear the springs moving around (very annoying) and I could feel my bed partner moving around too.

This isn’t an issue with the Puffy Original because there are no springs and the mattress isolates movement very well.

However, going for a mattress with springs is a viable option if you want more bounce and greater support.

In which case, I would recommend the SweetNight Twilight because it has zoned support to help keep you in good posture, an adaptive pillow top for excellent pressure relief in all sleeping positions, and costs less than $500 for a queen size.

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3: Puffy Original v Latex Foam Mattresses

High-quality latex mattresses are significantly more expensive than the Puffy Original – especially if the mattress contains a large quantity of organic latex.

Organic latex tends to be more breathable than memory foam and tends to feel a bit bouncier – so you might want to consider a latex mattress if you sleep hot and/or want a mattress that’s easier to move around in if you are a combination sleeper.

However, I’ve personally found that the best compromise is a hybrid spring latex foam mattress because the lower proportion of latex helps to keep the price down, whilst the coils help to aid bounce and maximize the cooling capabilities.

I recommend the Noa mattress if you are looking for a bouncy hybrid mattress with a latex foam feel that’s ideal for front and back sleepers.

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4: Puffy Original v Hybrid Mattresses

The Puffy Original tends to be cheaper than most high-quality hybrid mattresses that contain springs and either memory foam or latex foam.

You might want to consider going for a hybrid mattress if you want more adaptive support if you are a heavier weighted sleeper over 200 lbs or a warmer sleeper that needs a more breathable mattress.

I personally recommend the Puffy Lux Hybrid as the best hybrid spring-memory foam mattress that you can buy online because the thick layers of memory foam provide outstanding pressure relief whilst the pocket coils provide amazing adaptive support.

I see the Puffy Lux Hybrid as being a legitimate upgrade to the Puffy Original – it’s better in every aspect and it’s the mattress that I always come back to sleeping on after I’ve finished testing a new model from another company.

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Puffy Original Price Comparison

Below are two tables that allow you to see how the Puffy Original pricing compares (without discounts) to the rest of the mattress market so that you can decide if you are getting a good deal in light of the benefits outlined in the previous sections.

In summary:

A queen-sized Puffy Original mattress falls into the mid-price range when compared to the other all-foam/memory foam mattresses on the market – making it a good purchase if the design and features of the mattress specifically benefit your sleeping style.

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Puffy Original Prices

The price of the Puffy Original ranges from $899 for a twin up to $1449 for a Cal King without a discount:

Twin XL$949
Cal. king$1449

Mattress Price Ranges by Type (Queen Size)

The Puffy Original is an all-foam memory foam mattress and a queen costs $1249 without a discount – putting it in the mid-price range relative to the rest of the market as per the table below:

Related Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions related to the Puffy Original mattress.

Does the Puffy Mattress Sag?

Despite being an all-foam mattress, the Puffy Original is unlikely to sag prematurely because the foams are high quality and variable in their density so that they can return to their original shape after being slept on.

How Long Does a Puffy Mattress Last?

The Puffy Original mattress will last 5-7 years on average when cared for properly – consider using a mattress protector and rotating the mattress 180 degrees every 3 months to distribute the weight more evenly across the mattress to decrease the chance of indents appearing.

Can You Flip a Puffy Mattress?

You cannot flip the Puffy Original mattress because the mattress has a layered design – meaning that flipping the mattress over would result in you sleeping on the denser base foam whilst the softer foam in the upper layers would be crushed.

Conclusion: Worth the Money Due to the Quality

Whilst there are most certainly far cheaper memory foam mattresses available to buy, the Puffy Original is still worth the money based on my extensive experience of sleeping on these types of mattresses because I found the Puffy to be more comfortable and much longer-lasting.