Icon Sleep 14 Inch Cool & Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

My Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress review below aims to shed some light on this somewhat obscure mattress to hopefully help you better decide if this mattress is well suited to your needs or not.

I’ve formulated this review based on my own personal knowledge of how mattresses tend to behave based on their construction, design, and properties coupled with my own extensive research.

So do keep in mind that these are just my own opinions, but I do hope they will provide more insight than what you’d normally find in the product descriptions on the various retail sites.

And if you do have any experience sleeping on this mattress then please let me know about it in the comments section at the end of this post. 🙂

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Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

To summarise, I personally think that the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress is best suited to front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range.

In terms of specific benefits, I think that this mattress excels in providing individualised pressure relief on angular areas in some sleeping positions to increase comfort levels overall.

And this could be a good mattress if you have sensitive skin or allergies due to the certified foams that can also repel ambient allergens like dust and pollen due to their dense structure.

In terms of keeping cool, I think the cooling gel and aerated foams can help temperate sleepers stay comfortable in slighter warmer weather but hot sleepers may still struggle since memory foam mattresses like this tend to be heat magnets – especially if the mattress is on the thicker side.

My main concern with this mattress is the potentially inadequate edge support that may mean you cannot make maximum use of the full area of the mattress which could be an issue for couples and single sleepers alike depending on the size that you order.

See the rest of my review below for a more detailed breakdown and explanation.

Or if you’ve already decided that this mattress isn’t for you, take a look at my own personal list of the best mattresses that you can buy online now for some different ideas.

Design Analysis

Depending on the retailer, you may be able to buy the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress in several different thicknesses such as 14, 12, 10, and 8 inch.

It’s important to note that the general trend is that the thinner the mattress, the firmer it tends to feel and so the comfort for heavier weighted sleepers tends to diminish due to the increased risk of sinking through the comfort layers into the denser support layers below.

That’s why I’m focusing on the 14 inch version of this mattress for this review because the deeper profile means that there’s more material and so the capacity for better comfort and support increases.

Getting down to specifics, this all-foam mattress is topped by a knitted fabric outer layer made from poly jacquard fabric that sits on top of a sealed knitted inner cover – combining to assist in keeping you cool and helping the mattress to stay fresh whilst providing the first level of surface comfort.

Beneath this sits 3 inches of gel infused memory foam that’s designed to mould to your exact body shape by absorbing your body heat and using it to reconfigure the molecules to provide a contoured ‘hugging’ effect to increase comfort.

The gel is there to combat the common problem of memory foam heating up and causing you to sleep hot (which I think works to some extent).

This is a solution that’s complemented by the airflow facilitated by the 4 inches of perforated transition foam that subsequently forms a bridge to the 7 inches of high density PU foam that acts as the primary support layer to keep your spine correctly aligned.

At the very bottom of the mattress you’ll find a non-woven fabric base that’s there to provide additional support.

Performance Analysis

To summarise, I think that the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress excels in providing individualised pressure relief due to the contouring properties of the memory foam – which can result in better comfort in some sleeping positions.

This mattress could also be a good option for allergy sufferers because the foams are less likely to irritate your skin and can block ambient allergens like dust and pollen better than a traditional innerspring mattress with a fabric top layer might.

I think that the weak areas of this mattress are the edge support and the possibility of excessive sinkage if you’re over 200 lbs and/or sleep with a bed partner.

Full details below.

1) Firmness

This is a medium-firm mattress.

Which means that I personally think that this mattress is ideally suited to front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range due to the relatively better surface tension.

2) Pressure Relief

With this being a memory foam mattress, the pressure relieving properties of this bed are very good in my opinion because the memory foam top layers are specifically designed to conform to your precise body shape to increase comfort levels.

If you’ve never slept on a memory foam mattress before then I would say that it feels like you’re being ‘hugged’ by the materials – which can be a lot more comfortable than the upholstered top layer that you get with the old style innerspring mattresses.

The bottom line is that the memory foam can help to take away the pressure that you may feel on your hips, shoulders, knees and other angular areas of your body – which can be really useful if you’re on the thinner side and have more protruding areas than those of us who have a more ‘cushioned’ body type!

3) Overall Support

I would say that the support for this mattress is quite good due to the transition layer that’s specifically designed to provide extra support for heavier weighted sleepers that combines with the 7 inches of PU foam to provide support for your spine and joints.

However, with this being an all-foam mattress, the support isn’t likely to be as good as that provided by high-end hybrid beds that have a very robust support core composed of individually wrapped spring coils that adjust one-by-one to cradle your body with customised precision.

So if you’re a heavier weighted sleeper or sleep as a couple and you’re worried about the bed not providing enough support, then I’d look at one of the thicker Beautyrest hybrid mattresses that excels in this area.

4) Edge Support

I don’t think that the edge support for this mattress is particularly good unfortunately.

This is because one of the biggest complaints with all-foam mattresses is that they tend to sag too much towards the edges unless high density support foam has been used to reinforce the edges – something that appears to be missing in this mattress as far as I can tell.

And a few of the reports that I’ve read elsewhere for this specific mattress do seem to sadly support this general concern.

This means that if you sleep as a couple, you might have to buy a slightly larger size to account for the possibility of you not being able to use the full area of the bed.

And if you’re the sort of side sleeper that likes to hug the edge of the bed then you may feel like you’re falling out!

If excellent edge support is really important to you, then I would again recommend looking at these high quality hybrid beds from Beautyrest because they have specifically reinforced edges that combine with the fantastic underlying support provided by the coil support core.

5) Moving Around

I think that as long as you’re under 200 lbs then you shouldn’t have too many problems moving around and sitting up in this bed thanks to the added surface tension provided by the medium-firm feel and the underlying higher density support foam.

However, once you start to get above 200 lbs and/or you are sleeping with a partner then the equation changes and the extra downward force being applied to the foam can create greater sinkage with can make movement and sitting up more challenging.

Again, hybrid mattresses that are on the firmer side can be a great alternative here because the coils can guard against sinkage and combine with the increased surface tension to make transitioning between sleeping positions smoother and less laborious.

6) Maximum Weight Capacity

I don’t know what the maximum weight limit is for this mattress.

But if you’re ordering this mattress in at least a queen, king, or California king in the 14 inch thickness then I would guess that the maximum weight capacity is around the standard 500 lbs mark.

Just be aware that if you go for a twin then this will be halved to around 250 lbs.

7) Couples

If you sleep as a couple then one of the benefits of this being an all-foam mattress is that it’s pretty effective at absorbing movement so that you and your bed partner have less chance of waking each other up as you shuffle around during the night.

As I said earlier, one of the possible drawbacks to using this mattress as a couple is the potential lack of edge support which may mean that you cannot use the full area of the mattress – in which case buying the king would give you more width, whilst the California king would provide more mattress length and width (but slightly less width than the king).

Another thing to keep in mind is that with this being a pure foam mattress is the risk of indentations, dips, and peaks occurring due to the same pressure being applied in the same places night after night.

Rotating your mattress may help, but if you’re both pretty heavy then a hybrid mattress may be better overall because they tend to be more resilient to sagging than pure foam mattresses overall.

8) Allergies

Although not specifically listed as a hypoallergenic mattress, the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress could be a good choice for you if you have allergies.

This is because this mattress uses foams that are CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® certified which means they have been tested for harmful substances and either don’t contain them or have very low amounts of things like VOCs – which can help to minimise the potential for skin and airway irritation.

Furthermore, memory foam tends to be better that blocking the build up of ambient allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites than spring mattresses with a quilted top – which is good news if you have allergies that are triggered by these kinds of particles.

9) Temperature Regulation

If you tend to sleep hot then pure memory foam mattresses are usually the worst choices.

However, the cooling gel and ventilated transition layer can help to dissipate heat and encourage air flow to keep you cool.

So if you are a temperate sleeper living in a coolish to warm climate then you might be ok with this mattress.

But if you tend to sleep hot then you should either consider a hybrid or innerspring bed – due to the better ventilation – or buy a set of cooling bed sheets to help deal with the heat retention issue.

10) Keeping You Dry

If you have problems with night sweats then this might not be the best mattress for you because I don’t think it comes with any additional moisture wicking capabilities.

One way around this is to buy a set of bamboo bed sheets because they are excellent for pulling sweat away from your body AND keeping you cool at the same time.

11) Odour

Although some off gassing is to be expected immediately after opening this mattress, the ‘new’ smell shouldn’t be too bad because the CertiPUR-US® certified foams used are low in VOCs which are the main culprit of the off gassing phenomenon.

12) Pain

I think that this mattress may be able to help with pain management in some sleeping positions because of the pressure relieving qualities of the memory foam.

However, different body weights, sleeping positions, and sleeping with a partner is likely to yield differing outcomes in terms of pain management – so I would talk to your doctor first if you’re buying a bed specifically for pain control.

Comfort Analysis

To summarise, I think that the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress is best suited to front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range.

However, I think that side sleepers may find the bias towards firmness a bit too uncomfortable on their shoulders – especially if you weigh less than 130 lbs.

See below for a full explanation.

Front Sleepers

With this being a medium-firm mattress, I think that if you’re a font sleeper in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs weight range then this mattress will provide enough surface tension to keep your hips properly aligned to minimise the chance of back ache.

However, if you weigh more than 200 lbs or you sleep with a bed partner then the greater downward force and capacity for creating an uneven mattress surface may compromise this and lead to an increased risk of back pain due to hollowing of your lower back.

If you weigh less than 130 lbs and you sleep on your front you may find the mattress to be too firm which tends to put pressure on your shoulders and lower back in my experience.

Back Sleepers

I think that if you’re a back sleeper in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs range (and probably slightly higher) you’ll be comfortable in this mattress thanks to the contouring effects of the memory foam and support provided by the denser foam sub layers.

Side Sleepers

I think that if you’re a side sleeper under 130 lbs then you’ll almost certainly find this mattress too firm on your shoulders – even with the contouring properties of the memory foam – simply because as a lighter weighted sleeper, the decreased downward force that naturally causes you to sit ‘on top’ of the mattress will be exacerbated by the pre-existing firmer feel to jack up the compression forces that can lead to joint pain.

If you’re a side sleeper in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs range then it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether you’ll find this mattress soft enough to help you remain comfortable.

In which case I would check out some of the plusher options in my list of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Combo Sleepers

If you’re a combo sleeper that switches positions during the night then I think that you should be ok with this mattress if you weigh between 130 lbs and 200 lbs because the medium-firmness can assist in creating enough surface tension to stop you from getting bogged down in the materials.

But once you get above the 200 lbs mark then things get a bit dicey because you’re at risk of putting too much downward force on the materials which could be an issue because all-foam mattresses tend to be less effective in guarding against sinkage when compared to high quality coil beds.

How Durable is This Mattress?

I can’t say exactly how long this mattress will last because it’s down to how well you look after it plus the potential variation in terms of how well each individual mattress is crafted.

However, it’s worth noting that high quality memory foam mattresses can sometimes last up to 6 – 10 years with proper care.

I would go for the 14 inch thickness because a thicker mattress generally correlates to better durability overall in my opinion.

Will This Mattress Sag?

All mattresses are liable to sag but this is especially true of all-foam mattresses due to their proclivity to indentations and sagging in the absence of a robust coil core.

I think in the case of the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress, going for a 14 inch thickness is going to give you the best possible chance of guarding against sagging.

How Good is the Motion Isolation?

I think that this mattress has good motion isolation properties if you go for the 14 inch thickness because foam tends to be naturally good at absorbing movement – which is potentially enhanced by a greater thickness.

Will This Mattress Make a Noise?

Memory foam mattresses are some of the best when it comes to muffling sounds because there are no springs to creak and groan.

However, your base can still creak so make sure you have a compatible frame that’s well constructed and securely put together.

Is This Mattress Easy to Set Up?


This mattress will arrive at your door in a neatly compressed box.

Take this box to your sleeping area, remove the rolled up mattress, and cut away the outer packaging to allow the mattress to unroll (keep pets and children away as you do this incase the mattress unrolls forcefully).

Place the mattress on your bed frame and remove the plastic – this will allow the mattress to start decompressing.

Full expansion can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days – but you should be able to sleep on it the same night.

Can You Flip This Mattress?


Because if you flipped this mattress over you’d end up sleeping on the less comfortable base foam instead of the memory foam top layers.

Which Base Types Are Compatible With This Mattress?

You can use this mattress with box spring, metal, slatted, and adjustable bed bases.

Is There a Sleep Trial?

I don’t think that there’s a specific sleep trial available with the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress so you should check the return policy for the retailer that you’re ordering from to see what kind of protection you’re entitled to.

Is There a Warranty?


This mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.


  • The foam adjusts to your exact body shape to take away the pressure on angular areas of your body for increased comfort when compared to a regular innerspring mattress with just an upholstered top layer.
  • Cooling gel and ventilated foam wicks away heat and increases airflow to help temperate sleepers stay cool in warmer weather.
  • The CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® certified foams may help to minimise skin irritation due to the absence of certain harmful chemicals.
  • May help if you have allergies to dust and pollen because the foam naturally minimises the chance of these particles getting stuck in the materials.
  • The all-foam structure makes for a quiet mattress that also minimises the feelings of your bed partner moving around so you can both sleep undisturbed.


  • Hot sleepers may still find this mattress to be too warm – even with the cooling gel and ventilated foam.
  • Sleepers over 200 lbs and heavy couples may find this mattress too forgiving to move around and sit up in easily.
  • The edge support isn’t likely to be as good as that provided by a high quality hybrid mattress.

Final Ratings

Here are my final ratings out of 5 for the Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress.

My Score
Temperature Regulation3.5
Edge Support2
Weight Capacity3
Sleeping Positions3
Off Gassing3
Value vs Price3
Brand Reputation3
Sleep Trial1
Overall Score3.0

Who Should Buy This Mattress?

  • Front and back sleepers in the 130 lbs – 200 lbs range.

Who Should Avoid This Mattress?

  • Side sleepers of all weights may find this mattress to be too firm – especially if you weigh less than 130 lbs.

What Are The Alternatives?

I hope that my Icon Sleep Cool & Gel Memory Foam mattress review has helped you decide if this mattress is right for you or not.

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