Is a Hybrid Mattress Worth It? (Pros v Cons)

A hybrid mattress consists of a spring core and a memory foam or latex foam top layer.

But since many of the best high-quality hybrid mattresses are more expensive than regular spring mattresses, you might be wondering if a hybrid spring mattress is worth the extra money or not.

A high-quality hybrid spring mattress with individually wrapped coils and a high-density latex foam or memory foam top layer is worth it because the mattress is likely to last longer (more than 5 – 7 years) and provide exceptional comfort for front, back, and side sleepers – especially warmer and heavier weighted sleepers.

The rest of this article looks in depth at the pros, cons, and price points of hybrid mattresses so that you can better assess if a hybrid mattress is right for you or not.

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Should You Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

You should consider buying a hybrid mattress if your sleeping needs align significantly with the pros listed below in light of the cons:


Below are 9 potential benefits of buying a hybrid mattress:

1: Perfect for Warmer Sleepers

One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid mattress is that they are very breathable due to the spacious coil core that allows air to circulate through the mattress and for heat to dissipate so that warmer sleepers can stay cool.

The most breathable type of mattress is a hybrid spring mattress with a natural/organic latex foam comfort layer because the pinhole design of the latex foam allows for warmer air inside the mattress to be pumped out and replaced with cooler ambient air as you move to complement the breathability of the coil core.

If you’re a warmer sleeper then I recommend the Awara hybrid spring latex mattress due to its durable design and excellent capacity for temperature regulation.

2: Suitable For All Sleeping Positions

Hybrid mattresses with their differing firmness levels and various material choices collectively makes them suitable for all sleeping positions.

For example, a medium firmness hybrid mattress is likely going to be ideal for front, back, and side sleepers in the 150 – 200 lbs category.

Whilst side sleepers in the 130 – 150 lbs range may feel more comfortable in a medium-soft or a soft hybrid mattress because the reduced surface tension can allow you to sink more deeply into the materials and help to dissipate the pressure that you might otherwise feel in your joints on a firmer mattress.

Conversely, front and back sleepers in the 200 – 230 lbs weight category and above will likely feel more comfortable in a medium-firm or firm mattress because the increased surface tension can help to stop you from sinking too far into the materials and thus keep you in better posture so that you can avoid back pain.

3: Ideal For Heavier Weighted Sleepers

The robust coil core of a high-quality hybrid mattress can help to provide more support for heavier weighted sleepers over 200 lbs and stop you from sleeping in a bad position due to excessive material sinkage.

If you’re a heavier weighted sleeper, look for a coil depth of at least 6-9 inches or more, a lower coil gauge of less than 12.5, and a minimum coil count of 400 for a queen-sized hybrid mattress to maximize the amount of support.

You should also look for a hybrid mattress that has reinforced coils along the edges to guard against roll-off and material sinkage if you tend to sleep closer to the edge of the bed.

4: Soothing Pressure Relief for Restless Sleepers

Memory foam and latex foam topped hybrid spring mattresses offer excellent pressure relief that can soothe the pressure points that may be causing you to become restless at night and come out of deep sleep.

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5: Adaptive Support

What really sets top-quality hybrid mattresses apart from spring mattresses with a connected coil core is the presence of individually wrapped coils.

Because these singularly encased ‘pocket coils’ are able to change their height one-by-one in response to your body weight and body shape better than a connected coil core so that you can experience more adaptive support, reduce the risk of back pain, and sleep more comfortably.

To maximize the amount of support, look for hybrid mattresses with zoned support where the coils are firmer around the lower back and hips to help maintain good posture, whilst the coils around the shoulder region have more ‘give’ to reduce the pressure on these more prominent features of your body.

6: Good For Couples

Whilst all-foam mattresses generally hold the crown when it comes to reducing motion transfer, couples can also sleep relatively undisturbed on a hybrid spring mattress that’s topped with latex or memory foam and has individually encased coils in the support core.

This is because the individually wrapped coils don’t conduct movement as readily as a connected coil core does and the dense foam in the comfort layer (especially memory foam) also helps to soak up shock waves.

There’s also less chance that you’ll hear squeaking and groaning from pocket coils because they don’t move as a unit in response to you shifting your bodyweight around.

7: More Bounce For Better Mobility

Hybrid mattresses are great for combination sleepers that switch positions often during the night because the underlying buoyancy gives you some pushback.

This contrasts with all-foam mattresses that tend to sink in more and are often more challenging to move around in – although a firmer level of firmness may help to offset this somewhat thanks to the increased surface tension.

8: Long Lasting

High-quality hybrid mattresses make for some of the most durable and long-lasting mattresses due to the robustness of the coils and the greater foam density.

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9: May Help With Back Pain

Hybrid mattresses with individually wrapped coils topped with memory foam or latex foam may help to alleviate your back pain when selected in the most appropriate firmness relative to your body type, body weight, and sleeping position.

This is because the coils and foam can adapt more closely to provide a sleeping surface that’s better aligned with your physical characteristics to dissipate pressure and help keep you in good posture.

And pairing your new hybrid mattress with a compatible adjustable frame could be even more effective at combating back pain because you can alter the angle of your sleeping surface to help shift the pressure away from your lower back and other regions that may be more sensitive to gravity.


Here are 2 considerations to keep in mind before you buy a hybrid mattress:

1: Some Low Quality Impersonations

Many lower-quality innerspring mattresses are often sold under the guise of being a hybrid mattress.

A high-quality hybrid spring mattress differs from a regular spring mattress because it has individually wrapped pocket coils in the base as opposed to a connected coil core, and the upper comfort layers contain higher density memory foam or latex foam instead of lower quality polyfoam.

2: Can Be More Expensive

A high-quality hybrid mattress usually costs between $1,000 and $2,500 for a queen size, which is typically more than what you’d pay for a comparable traditional spring or all-foam memory foam/polyfoam mattress (as shown by the table below).

However, the enhanced durability can make a decent quality hybrid mattress a better investment over the long term because the extended lifespan can mean that you’re paying less per each night of sleep.

Who Should Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are suitable for all sleeper types when chosen in the correct firmness level.

However, the following people can benefit especially from the design and qualities of a high-quality hybrid mattress:

  • Warmer sleepers – if you sleep hot then the best hybrid mattress to get is one with a natural latex foam top layer to maximize breathability and heat dissipation.
  • Heavier weighted sleepers – if you weigh more than 200 lbs and you sleep on your front or your back then a medium-firm or firm mattress can give you the support you need to stay in good posture.
  • Combination sleepers – a latex foam (or even a memory foam) topped hybrid spring mattress can provide the bounce that you need to switch positions easily without getting trapped in the mattress materials.

Conclusion: One of the Best Types of Mattresses

High-quality hybrid mattresses are arguably the best types of mattresses because they can accommodate just about every sleeping position and style when selected in the right firmness level.

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