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7 Best Mattresses With Adjustable Bases

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Article medically reviewed and fact-checked by Dr Mehrsa Jalalizadeh (M.D, Medical Researcher, Data Scientist)

The biggest problem when buying an adjustable bed and mattress separately is making sure that the mattress and the base are compatible.

Because even if you manage to size up the frame and the mattress perfectly, there may be subtle differences that may not be apparent until you’ve set everything up and started sleeping on the bed.

Such issues may include experiencing the mattress sliding about when adjusting the frame, sagging due to the frame not supporting the mattress correctly, or damage to the mattress because it’s not designed to be used with an adjustable frame in the first place (which will almost certainly void the warranty and sleep trial too).

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the 7 best mattresses with an adjustable base where both the frame and the mattress are sold by the same company and are specifically designed to work together.

This will help you avoid the potentially long-winded and expensive experience of trying to replace an incompatible frame and mattress bought from two different companies.

And if you buy through links and buttons on this page, you could save a tidy sum of money by buying both the mattress and the frame at the same time as a bundle (plus there are some limited-time discounts that could save you $100s extra too).

Adjustable Bed Q&A With D.r Mehrsa Jalalizadeh

There’s a lot of misleading claims, half-truths, and misinformation online when it comes to the health benefits of adjustable beds.

So I asked our resident M.D, medical researcher, and data scientist Dr Mehrsa Jalalizadeh to provide some medically correct answers to the following common questions related to adjustable beds:

Can an adjustable bed help with snoring?

‘An adjustable bed can help to decrease snoring slightly – although sleeping on your side may be more beneficial’.

Can an adjustable bed help with sleep apnea?

‘An adjustable bed can help with sleep apnea by elevating the head position; although other options are more helpful: sleeping on the side, weight loss, using CPAP and ultimately surgery’.

Can an adjustable bed help with back pain?

‘Depending on the etiology [cause] of back pain, an adjustable bed can either alleviate or worsen the pain. I recommend finding the best sleeping position customized for the individual back issue’.

Can an adjustable bed help with acid reflux/GERD?

‘An adjustable bed can help with acid reflux/GERD because elevating the head level is the number one recommendation in alleviating GERD’.

How else can an adjustable bed help with my sleep?

‘Adjustable beds are commonly used in hospital settings because they can be used to alternate pressure and gravity. They can reduce the possibility of bed sores by alternating maximum pressure points and they can be used to reduce gravity and reduce edema/blood clot formation in the legs. Adjusting the head elevation is also useful for people with heart and lung conditions especially in those with congestive heart failure.’

7 Best Mattresses With Adjustable Bases Reviewed

My number 1 pick for the best mattress and adjustable bed combination is the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress paired with the Puffy Adjustable Base because this combination is perfectly compatible in a way that will suit just about every sleeping position and style – from side, back, and front sleepers to couples, seniors, athletes, and those with back pain (and more).

However, I’ve also included some other options that you might like to consider given that they cater to specific needs such as shopping on a budget or ordering from Canada.

Click the red buttons below each review to learn more about each mattress/frame and buy it now.

1: Puffy Lux Hybrid + Adjustable Base – Best Overall

The Puffy Adjustable Base + Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress (
The Puffy Adjustable Base + Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress (

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress paired with the Puffy Adjustable Base is my number one selection for the best mattress that comes with an adjustable base because the two are designed to work perfectly together and are covered by the same 101-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty to avoid complications.

Furthermore, the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is suitable for just about every type of sleeper; whilst the adjustable base is highly customizable (zero gravity position and variable massage features), comes in a split king size for couples (with 2 wireless remotes for individual adjustments), and is very easy to set up.

Click any of the red buttons below my Puffy Lux Hybrid and Puffy Adjustable Base reviews to order either the frame, the mattress, or both now (and take advantage of some limited-time discounts).

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Review

Puffy Lux Hybrid Review (Bedroom Style Reviews)

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is a medium-plush memory foam topped hybrid spring mattress that’s 12 inches thick and is designed to work with the Puffy Adjustable Base.

Read my personal Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress review here.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is one of the most well-rounded mattresses that I’ve reviewed and is suitable for just about every sleeping position and requirement, including:

  • Side sleepers – as a side sleeper, you’ll be able to experience greater pressure relief on your hips and shoulders thanks to the adaptive memory foam top layer that’s designed to mold to the precise contours of your body for deeper comfort.
  • Front and back sleepers – as a front or back sleeper, you’ll find that the medium-plush feel combines with the individually wrapped coils to provide a balance of pressure relief and support that can keep you in good posture to guard against back pain and provide excellent lumbar support.
  • Combination sleepers – if you tend to switch positions often during the night then you’ll find that the bounce of the coils and the resiliency of the memory foam makes it easy to move around without getting stuck in the materials.
  • Sleepers with back pain – back pain can be tricky to combat, but the adaptive coils and foam of the mattress when paired with the zero gravity feature of the adjustable frame could be the perfect solution to your back pain because you’ll be supported in a way that’s more unique to your body type.
  • Restless sleepers – if you toss and turn at night then the pressure relief provided by the memory foam may help to stop this because it can soothe the pressure points that often lead to frequent waking, and if you do need to switch positions then the coils and foam make this a smooth process.
  • Couples – when sleeping as a couple, you can enjoy a quieter mattress that dampens cross mattress and vertical motion transfer thanks to the individually wrapped springs and the dampening effects of the foam; meaning that you’re less likely to disrupt each other as you move around or sit on the edge of the bed at night.
  • Seniors – if you need to get up frequently during the night then the motion isolation properties can help to stop you waking your partner up (and vice versa), whilst the foam and springs can help to soothe muscular aches and pains and provide individualized support – especially when used in conjunction with the Puffy Adjustable Base. You can also adjust the base to make it easier for you to get in and out of bed to aid with enhanced mobility.
  • Athletes – if you’re an active person then the pressure relief of the foam combined with the adaptiveness of the springs can help to soothe DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and help you to work around the pain of injuries when used in conjunction with the Puffy Adjustable Base by customizing the angle of your sleep surface to distribute the effects of gravity more favorably and make getting in and out of bed easier.
  • Lighter weighted sleepers – if you weigh less than 150 lbs then the Puffy Lux Hybrid is equally suitable for you because the upper memory foam top layer and ‘Plush Dual Cloud’ transition layer allows you to sink more into the materials of the mattress so that it doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on a sheet of stiff plywood.
  • Skinny sleepers – if you have a lower body fat percentage then you’ll already know that sleeping on a lumpy spring mattress can increase the pressure points on your body. However, you won’t have to worry about this with the Puffy Lux Hybrid because the adaptive foam works with your physique to soften the pressure on the more angular regions of your body like your hips, shoulders, elbows, and knees.
  • Allergy sufferers – if you are sensitive to pollen, dust mites, pet dander, or mold spores then the hypoallergenic cover of the Puffy Lux Hybrid could help to limit allergic reactions by blocking allergen penetration and mold growth. Plus, you can zip off the cover and wash it for easy cleaning to remove surface allergens.

The Puffy Adjustable Base Review

The Puffy Adjustable Base Zero G Position.
The Puffy Adjustable Base Zero G Position (

The Puffy Adjustable base is 16 inches in height (with variable depth settings) and is available in twin xl, full, queen, and split king sizes to go with your Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress.

Here are the main benefits of the Puffy Adjustable Base:

  • Compatible with the Puffy Lux Hybrid – if the Puffy Lux Hybrid fits your needs in terms of being the right mattress for your sleeping style then you can rest assured that the Puffy Adjustable Base will work perfectly with it (just be sure to select the correct size on the order page).
  • Wirelessly operated – the Puffy Adjustable Base comes with 2 wireless remotes so that each person can alter the settings as required (the LED, zero gravity, massage, and several other functions can be activated with the press of a single button).
  • Easy to set up – unlike some adjustable frames that take ages to set up, the Puffy Adjustable Base can be set up in a few minutes because the bulk of the parts are pre-assembled.
  • Works for couples – if you sleep as a couple and would like to have individual control over each half of the bed then you can order the Puffy Adjustable Base in a split king size (holds 2 twin xls or a single king mattress).
  • Sit up comfortably – if you like to read or watch TV in bed (or simply want some help in sitting up), then the upper portion of the base can be elevated up to 65 degrees as required.
  • Reduce pressure in your legs – if you have swelling in your legs (edema) or spend most of your day standing up, then you can raise the lower portion of the frame by up to 45 degrees to help alleviate the pressure and potentially reduce swelling in your legs and feet.
  • Reduce snoring – by elevating your head, you can potentially reduce snoring and assist with conditions like sleep apnea.
  • Zero gravity setting (reduce lower back pain) – the Puffy Adjustable Base allows you to assume the zero gravity position with a single touch – which can help to reduce lower back pain, combat swelling in the legs, improve circulation, reduce snoring, and help you to breath more easily.
  • Relaxing massage – the Puffy Adjustable Base has a range of massage settings that can allow you to vary the intensity and pulse to give you an all-over body massage that can help to improve circulation and relax your muscles.
  • Improve circulation – the massage setting and the elevation functions can be combined to potentially improve the circulation in your entire body.
  • Fit your own headboard – there’s a bracket that allows you to attach any headboard that you like.
  • Easy device charging – the dual USB ports allow you to charge your devices easily.
  • Adjustable leg height – whilst the bed itself can’t be lifted up or down remotely, you can change the profile by adjusting the leg heights to 6.5, 8.5, 9.5, or 11.5 inches to increase or decrease clearance below the bed.
  • Soft under bed lighting – there’s a button on the wireless remote that allows you to switch on a soft yellow light under the bed to help illuminate your room without having to put on the main bedroom light or any side lamps.

The Puffy Adjustable Base Video Review

Below is a video review of the Puffy Adjustable Base by ‘Rebecca Reviews’ so that you can see the Puffy Adjustable base in action and understand more fully how the bed works.

Best Adjustable Base – Puffy Adjustable Base Review (Rebecca Reviews)

More Benefits

Here are a few extra benefits to note:

  • Lifetime warranty – both the Puffy Lux Hybrid and the Puffy Adjustable Base come with a lifetime warranty to cover you against defects.
  • 101-night sleep trial – both the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress and the Puffy Adjustable Base come with the same 101-night sleep trial so that you can test them out for the same period of time to ensure that you’re happy with both the mattress and the frame – with a full refund available if not.
  • Save $600 – if you click the buttons below, you can get $300 OFF both the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress and the Puffy Adjustable Base for a combined saving of $600 (offer expires soon).

2: Idle Foam + Adjustable Base – Cheapest Option

The Idle Adjustable Base and Mattress.
The Idle Adjustable Base and Mattress (

If you’re looking for a low-cost adjustable frame and mattress then you can get the twin-sized Idle mattress AND basic adjustable frame for LESS than $900 (it’s even cheaper if you buy through the buttons below and take the limited time offer to get 20% off the mattress and frame).

There are two other options available for the frame if you need more features and a longer warranty (up to 10 years) as described below.

The mattress also has the longest sleep trial in the industry – lasting for 1.5 years and comes with a lifetime warranty too.

There’s also 0% APR financing for both the base and the mattress to increase affordability even more (click the buttons below and then apply at the checkout).

The Idle Mattress

The Idle mattress is a medium-firm, all-foam mattress, with a 12-inch profile that’s ideally suited to the following sleeping positions and needs:

  • Side sleepers – although not exactly the same as memory foam, the proprietary foam in the upper comfort layer is designed to respond to the shape of your body so that you can experience deeper comfort on your hips and shoulders as you lie down on your side in the Idle mattress.
  • Front and back sleepers – if you sleep on your front or back then the medium-firm level of firmness and the supportive transition foam layer can provide the surface tension and resilience required to keep you in good posture.
  • Couples – because this is an all-foam mattress, then you can expect it to buffer the feelings of movement very well so that you can both sleep undisturbed as you move around.
  • Combination sleepers – all-foam mattresses aren’t always the best choice for combination sleepers because there’s a tendency to end up getting swamped in the foam (especially if you weigh more than 230 lbs). However, the top layer of the Idle mattress has a specially formulated Buoyancy Foam with a higher rate of resilience than regular memory foam so that you can move around more easily.
  • Lighter weighted sleepers – although this mattress is a touch on the firmer side, the cushioning of the foam can allow for a little more sinkage if you are on the lighter side so that the pressure is dissipated away from your joints more readily for deeper comfort.
  • Skinny sleepers – if you have more prominent bones and joints then the softness of the foam can help to alleviate the pressure that you might be familiar with from sleeping on a regular spring mattress.

The Idle Adjustable Base Review (3 Options)

Feature Table For the 3 Idle Adjustable Base Options.
Feature Table For the 3 Idle Adjustable Base Options (

The Idle Adjustable base has 3 variations which are as follows:

  • Idle Adjustable Base – the cheapest and most affordable but has the fewest features; coming with the single option of being able to elevate the head portion by up to 60 degrees. Go for this option if you’re only after an adjustable bed for watching TV, more comfortable reading, clearer breathing, stopping snoring, or for help sitting up and do NOT need wireless control.
  • Idle Adjustable Base Premium – this option has everything that the basic base has, plus an adjustable leg section (up to 45 degrees), wireless control, and a 10-year warranty (rather than 2 years that comes with the basic base). Choose this option if you need help reducing swelling in your lower limbs and feet.
  • Adjustable Base Premium+ – the top of the line adjustable base from Idle has everything that the premium base has plus dual USB ports and independent massage settings. Choose this option if you need the massage function to help with improving circulation and relaxing your muscles.

3: Awara Hybrid + Adjustable Base – Best to Sleep Cool

The Awara Adjustable Base.
The Awara Adjustable Base (

The Awara hybrid mattress and the adjustable base is the best choice if you’re a warm sleeper and/or have back pain because the latex and coils can help to dissipate heat and keep you cool whilst also providing excellent support in conjunction with the variable frame.

The mattress comes with a 1-year sleep trial and a lifetime warranty – the adjustable frame has a 50-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

I also recommend this mattress if you’re looking for a durable bed that’s unlikely to sag prematurely and could last for more than 10 years with the right care because of the high quality and long-lasting materials that are used.

Buy through the buttons below to save $300 on the Awara mattress and $100 on the Awara adjustable frame (for a limited time only).

The Awara Mattress

The Awara hybrid mattress is medium-firm, has 4 inches of natural Dunlop latex in the upper comfort layer, and 9 inches of individually wrapped support coils to create a durable and long-lasting mattress that excels at keeping you cool.

Most sleeping requirements are met by the Awara, with the following sleeping styles being especially well catered for:

  • Hot sleepers – if you tend to sleep warm, have night sweats, and/or live in a warm climate then the Awara could be ideal for you because the natural latex foam is highly breathable (much more than memory foam) and the coil core allows the air to flow through easily to help dissipate heat and regulate your temperature. Pair with a cooling bed sheet set for maximum effect.
  • Pregnant women – when you pair the Awara with the adjustable frame, you’ve got a bouncy and responsive sleeping surface that can be elevated as required to help you get out of bed more easily.
  • Heavyweight sleepers – if you weigh more than 230 lbs then the combination of the robust coils and durable latex foam along with the medium-firm level of surface tension can help to stop you from sinking too far into the mattress and help maintain optimal posture.
  • Sleepers with back pain – the slightly firmer feel and the individually wrapped coils can help to provide adaptive support for your upper and lower back; a benefit that’s potentially enhanced even further when used in conjunction with the adjustable frame because you’ll be able to manipulate the sleeping surface to your ideal position.
  • Restless and combo sleepers – the softness of the latex foam can help to dissipate the subtle pressure points that can cause you to wake up and shuffle around; whilst the high response rate of the foam combined with the bounce of the springs can make switching positions smooth and effortless.
  • Sleepers with sensitive skin – if you have sensitive skin or eczema then you may benefit from the softness of the cover that’s made from New Zealand wool and the natural latex that’s devoid of synthetic chemicals, toxins, and irritants.

The Awara Adjustable Bed Frame Review

The Awara Adjustable Bed Frame is compatible with the Awara mattress and comes with a 50-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns in addition to the following benefits:

  • Zero gravity – a single touch enables you to enter the Zero-G position where your head is slightly elevated to help alleviate snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and improve breathing; whilst the raised leg position can help to reduce swelling and pressure.
  • 3-speed massage – the variable massage setting can help to improve circulation and promote muscular relaxation.
  • Lifestyle benefits – moving the head and foot positions can make it more comfortable to read a book, watch TV, and get in and out of bed (ideal if you have mobility issues).

4: Haven Lux + Power Base – Best Canadian Adjustable Bed

The Haven Lux on an Adjustable Power Base.
The Haven Lux on the Adjustable Power Base (

Trying to order a mattress online from Canada can be a frustrating experience because often you’ll find that it costs more to ship from the US (where most mattress-in-a-box companies are based) and you may not be able to return the mattress under the terms of the sleep trial without paying $100s in shipping costs.

That’s why I recommend going for the Haven Sleep Lux hybrid mattress and the compatible Reverie 400™ Adjustable Power Base because they offer free return shipping for Canadian customers.

The Haven Lux Mattress

The Haven Lux is a hybrid mattress that’s 14 inches thick and has a soft pillow top that comprises of a layer of latex foam over a section of microcoils and memory foam to provide a high degree of responsiveness for enhanced mobility and pressure relief.

The Haven Lux is available in two levels of firmness: the ‘classic plush’ that’s a ‘medium-firm’ and the ‘classic plush + softer zoned’ firmness that’s a medium level of firmness.

Here’s a summary of which firmness is likely best suited to which sleeping styles:

The Classic Plush – Best For Front and Back Sleepers

The ‘classic plush’ has a firmness rating of around 7/10 which makes it a ‘medium-firm’ and makes it most suitable for front sleepers, back sleepers, and/or sleepers over 230 lbs that need more surface tension to stop them sinking too far into the materials.

Combination and restless sleepers may also find it easier to move around because of the increased surface tension and consistent firmness that extends across the entire surface of the mattress area.

The Classic Plush + Softer Zoned Support – Best For Side Sleepers

The softer zoned support version has a firmness rating of around 5.5/10 and has softer foam in the middle section which makes it better for side sleepers because your hips and shoulders will sink further into the mattress whilst your head and legs remain well supported.

Haven Hybrid Lux Mattress Video Review

Below is a great video review of the Haven Lux from the Sleepopolis team that explains in more detail what sleeping on the Lux is likely to feel like.

Haven Hybrid LUX Mattress Review (Sleepopolis)

The Reverie 400™ Adjustable Power Base Review

Haven offers two adjustable bed bases – the Reverie 300™ Lifestyle Adjustable Power Base and the Reverie 400™ Adjustable Power Base with 3D-Wave Massage.

Both will work with the Haven Lux mattress, with the Reverie 300™ being the cheaper option and the Reverie 400™ offering the most amount of features.

The Reverie 400™ stands out because it offers 3D wave massage technology that may help to improve your circulation and relax your muscles via 3 wave settings with 10 intensity levels for a full body massage.

You also get head and foot adjustability to help you sit up comfortably and take the pressure off your legs, a power back-up so that you can remain operational if there’s a power cut, and preset anti-snore, zero gravity, and flat sleeping positions.

Click the button below to learn more about the Reverie 400™ Adjustable Power Base and get between $300 and $600 OFF your purchase for a limited time only.

5: Nectar Memory Foam + Adjustable Base – Best for Couples

Nectar Adjustable Base Features.
Nectar Adjustable Base Features (

If you sleep as a couple then you may find that you and your partner have different sleeping preferences and you’re probably sick of waking each other up as you shuffle around during the night.

In which case you should seriously consider buying the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame and two twin XL Nectar mattresses.

Because the two separate all-foam mattresses will almost certainly eliminate all motion transfer so that you can move around without disturbing your partner, whilst also allowing for independent control of each mattress position to cater for your individual sleeping preferences.

Buy through the buttons below now to save $100s and claim your free gifts (before the offer is removed).

The Nectar Mattress

The Nectar original mattress is 11 inches thick and is made entirely from foam and includes a gel memory foam top layer that offers excellent pressure relief in any sleeping position.

The medium-firm feel combined with the Nectar’s qualities makes it ideal for the following sleeping styles and requirements:

  • Couples – the all-foam design makes the Nectar a very quiet mattress that soaks up movements very well so that you and your partner can sleep undisturbed.
  • Side sleepers – even though the Nectar has a slightly firmer feel, the gel memory foam comfort layer helps to distribute your weight evenly across the mattress and contour to your exact body shape to make you feel more comfortable when sleeping on your side.
  • Front and back sleepers – the touch of extra firmness does wonders to help keep your hips correctly aligned and in good posture as you sleep on your front or back.
  • Lighter weighted sleepers – if you’re looking to sink more into the materials then the enveloping feel of the gel memory foam offset by the quick response transition layer can allow for more pressure relief without you feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand.

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame Review

If you sleep as a couple then adding the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame in the split-king size allows you and your partner to have individual control over each twin XL sized mattress and can help to almost completely eliminate motion transfer.

But regardless of the size that you choose, buying the Nectar Adjustable Frame can add the following benefits to your sleep experience:

  • Less neck strain – the ‘head-up’ elevation setting allows you to maintain better posture as you read, watch TV, or work on your laptop.
  • Better circulation – the 3 zoned massage setting may help to promote better blood flow and circulation in your body whilst also helping you to relax your muscles.
  • Reduced back pain – the zero-gravity setting can help to dissipate the pressure from your lower back and allow you to rest in a more comfortable posture.

6: Zoma Hybrid + Adjustable Base – Best for Athletes

The Zoma Adjustable Bed in Split King Size.
The Zoma Adjustable Bed in Split King Size (

If you’re a professional athlete or high-performance individual that needs to recover fully each night in order to be at your best every day, then you need a mattress and adjustable bed that’s able to maximize your recovery and adjust to your precise body shape and sleeping preferences.

And the Zoma Hybrid Mattress and Adjustable Base combination is capable of doing exactly that – for both single sleepers and couples alike.

The Zoma Hybrid Mattress

The Zoma hybrid mattress is 11 inches thick and comprises of proprietary foam and individually wrapped springs for adaptive comfort and support.

The Zoma hybrid mattress is ideal if you’re an athlete, gym-goer, runner, sporty or active person because the top layer consists of gel memory foam and Triangulex™ technology that provides supreme pressure relief and zoned support for your shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Whilst the ventilated cover combines with the cooling channels of the foam and the aerated coil core to help dissipate heat – which is ideal if you train in the evening or late at night and need to lower your core temperature before you sleep.

This means that the Zoma mattress is favored and endorsed by many professional athletes because the mattress may help to promote deeper recovery, faster muscle repair, and more restful sleep that can translate to better physical and mental performance.

But even if you’re not a pro sports player, you can still enjoy the better recovery that the Zoma may confer so that you can feel more energized and get more out of your day.

The Zoma Adjustable Bed Review

Having experienced more injuries over the years than I can count from wrestling, boxing, MMA, and lifting weights, I have often found that I’ve needed to adjust my sleeping position by stacking pillows – or even sleeping sat upright – to get around muscle tears and impact injuries (tearing my intercostals twice was the worst!).

However, the Zoma Adjustable Bed allows you to elevate the head and foot positions to help take away the pressure on sore (or injured) muscles and joints in a more stable way than trying to stack your bedding awkwardly.

There’s also a single click feature that allows you to assume the zero gravity position to simulate weightlessness to further reduce the pressure on your lower back and joints whilst also potentially boosting blood flow and circulation to help aid with recovery.

Click the button below to learn more and save $100s through the time sensitive discounts.

7: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid + Adjustable Base – Best for Seniors

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid on the Adjustable Bed+ Base (
The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid on the Adjustable Bed+ Base (

If you suffer from limited mobility, back pain, joint pain, muscular discomfort, poor circulation, leg swelling, snoring, sleep apnea, or acid reflux then the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress used in conjunction with the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ could help to provide significant relief.

Here’s how:

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress

The Amerisleep AS3 hybrid mattress has a medium level of firmness and a 12-inch profile with a proprietary Bio-Pur® foam comfort layer and zoned coil system that provides the perfect balance of pressure relief and support for the more mature sleeper.

More specifically, the Bio-Pur® foam is designed to be highly breathable to help regulate your temperature and combat night sweats, whilst its high rate of resiliency works with the coils to provide mobility and bounce that makes it easier to move around and sit up in the bed.

Whilst the zoned support can help to alleviate back pain by providing more support in the lower lumbar region as the softer regions around the hips and shoulders allow for deeper sinkage to help dissipate the pressure in your joints to potentially alleviate the discomfort associated with conditions like osteoporosis when lying down.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Review

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ could be ideal for you if you have mobility issues because the Wallhugger® technology allows you to sit up in bed whilst remaining in the same position relative to your nightstand so that you’re never out of arm’s reach of your nighttime essentials.

And the head elevation setting may be able to help alleviate the discomfort of acid reflux whilst also helping to reduce snoring and combat sleep apnea.

There’s also a full body massage setting that may help to increase blood circulation throughout your body, which could work well with the foot elevation setting to potentially reduce swelling in your lower limbs too.

Click the button below to learn more about the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ and to check for the current discounts now.

How to Buy a Mattress With an Adjustable Base

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is a hinged frame that can be manipulated by a remote or wired device to lift up the top and/or bottom of the mattress (typically between 40 and 70 degrees) into a custom position that’s best suited to your comfort preferences for sleeping, watching TV, reading, or simply being able to get in and out of bed more easily.

Usually, the term ‘adjustable bed’ refers to just the frame and can be used interchangeably to mean the same thing as an adjustable frame, adjustable base, or power base.

However, in rarer cases, you can buy both the mattress and the frame together – which would also qualify as an ‘adjustable bed’ in the truest sense because you get both the frame and the mattress (but typically not the headboard).

It’s very important that you make sure that both the frame and the mattress are compatible – therefore it’s advised that you buy them both at the same time from the same company to avoid comfort issues and voiding the sleep trial and warranty.

Beyond this, you should also decide if you actually need an adjustable base by weighing up the pros, the cons, and your specific sleep requirements.

If so, you should then consider the qualities of the mattress FIRST since this will have the greatest impact on your comfort levels.

You should then look at the features that you require from your adjustable bed and find a well-priced model that’s covered by a solid warranty and sleep trial so that you have recourse in the event of defects or if you don’t like the mattress.

And finally, you should decide if you need white glove delivery so that you don’t have to set up the adjustable bed yourself (which can be tedious and laborious in the case of some models/brands – but less so with others).

I’ve explained how to buy an adjustable bed in 3 steps below in more detail to help you find the best adjustable frame and compatible mattress for your needs.

Adjustable Base Bed Benefits (American Furniture Warehouse)

1: Do You Need an Adjustable Base?

The first step is to consider if you actually need an adjustable bed or not by weighing up the potential benefits and considerations.

Who Can Benefit From an Adjustable Bed?

Research and anecdotal reports suggest that an adjustable bed may be beneficial for you if you fit one of the following profiles or have an associated condition (but ALWAYS check with your doctor or a qualified medical professional BEFORE buying an adjustable bed or sleep product for your specific health requirements).

  • Seniors – as you age, it can become harder to fall asleep and stay asleep [1]. Therefore, an adjustable bed may be beneficial for you because it allows you to customize your sleep surface so that it’s optimized for comfort and thus reduce the chance of you waking up due to aches and pains associated with suboptimal posture, uncomfortable pressure points, and certain conditions like acid reflux.
  • Athletes – if you are an athlete, gym-goer, runner, cyclist, or otherwise active person then you may find that an adjustable bed can help you to change the angle of your sleeping surface to work around DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and injuries (when I tore my intercostal muscles twice from wrestling, I would have loved to have had an adjustable bed because sitting up was otherwise very painful and took ages!).
  • High-performance individuals – if you work in business, are a public speaker, actor, or anyone that needs to be able to perform at optimal levels in order to succeed in your profession, then an adjustable bed may allow you to optimize your sleeping position to minimize night time waking due to subtle postural/surface discomforts and thus allow you to rest more fully and awake more energized.
  • Pregnant women – Dr. Amelia Bailey, Ob/Gyn found that she enjoyed the customizable options that her adjustable bed gave her when she was pregnant in order to provide better support and comfort in the side sleeping position (which may help to increase blood flow to the baby) [2].
  • Mobility problems – if you have difficulty getting in and out of bed then raising the upper portion of the adjustable frame can help. Some adjustable beds also come with a setting that allows you to raise the entire bed as a unit to increase or decrease clearance.
  • Respiratory conditions – some people with COPD claim that using an adjustable bed helps them to get better sleep by allowing for clearer breathing when elevating their head by manipulating the upper portion of the frame [3]. (I personally find it easier to breathe when trying to sleep when my hayfever/dust allergies are causing problems at night if I elevate my head using pillows – an adjustable bed would provide a more stable solution).
  • Circulatory issues – adjustable beds that are able to vibrate may help to stimulate improved circulation according to Dr. Charles Cefalu (the spokesperson for the American Geriatrics Society) [4].
  • Sleep apnea and snoring – a study showed that by inclining the head of the bed by as little as 7.5° ‘significantly improved’ the symptoms (including loud snoring) of obstructive sleep apnea [5].
  • Acid reflux and GERD – there are many anecdotal reports suggesting that elevating the upper portion of an adjustable bed can help to alleviate the burning associated with acid reflux and GERD.


Some of the other benefits associated with adjustable beds can include:

  • Pain reduction – changing the angle of your sleep surface may help to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with musculoskeletal conditions, back pain, neck pain, shoulder discomfort, and muscle soreness/injuries associated with exercising and playing sports.
  • Relief from conditions that disrupt sleep – manipulating the surface of the bed may help to reduce the discomfort associated with certain conditions like COPD, sleep apnea, and acid reflux.
  • More specific comfort – even if the firmness and support of the mattress are ideal for you, being able to change the angle and positioning of the mattress may allow you to find the perfect sleeping position that allows for optimal comfort relative to your body type.
  • Increased mobility – being able to elevate the upper and low portions of the frame can make it easier to get in and out of bed (with some more advanced adjustable beds also allowing you to move the entire bed up and down for better access).
  • Lifestyle benefits – if you enjoy reading or watching TV just before you go to sleep, then elevating the upper portion of the bed can allow you to do this without straining your neck.
  • Variation – if you tend to require/favor different sleeping positions (such as if you’re pregnant) then being able to vary the exact positioning of the head and foot sections can allow for the variation that you require.
  • Relaxation – the wave massage and vibration settings available with some adjustable beds can help to promote deep relaxation to help you drift off to sleep more easily.


Before you buy an adjustable bed, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Medical clearance – before buying a bed, mattress, or any other sleep product to potentially help with your specific health concerns then you should first talk to your doctor or a qualified medical professional to check for any contraindications.
  • Medicare – medicare says on their website that they will not pay for an adjustable bed and coverage is ‘limited to a Semi-Electric Hospital Bed and all hospital beds are covered as a capped rental only’ (read more here).
  • Setting up the bed – whilst transporting and setting up a bed-in-a-box mattress is relatively easy these days, assembling an adjustable bed can be more challenging due to its weight and complexity. If you are frail, unable to lift heavy items alone, or simply don’t want the hassle, then you should look to buy an adjustable bed that comes with white glove delivery (either as standard or at an extra cost) so that a professional can set up your adjustable bed hassle-free).
  • Weight – an adjustable bed frame typically weighs between 100 lbs and 200 lbs but more heavy-duty models may weight up to 500 – 750 lbs or more depending on the size.
  • Noise – some adjustable beds may be noisy to operate; look for a ‘whisper quiet’ function and good feedback from existing customers via the reviews that many mattress and bed companies now feature on their website.
  • Compatibility – buying a mattress and frame from two separate manufacturers/companies increases the risk of incompatibility issues. Look to buy a compatible frame and mattress at the same time from the same company to avoid practical issues and avoid voiding the warranties.
  • Price – an adjustable bed frame typically costs between $1,000 and $3,500 depending on the size and the features that you choose. However, with discounts and shopping around, it’s possible to buy a good quality adjustable bed frame for under $1000.
  • Replacement parts – it’s worth checking who the manufacturer of the adjustable frame is (Leggett and Platt, and Reverie are popular) and then finding out how easy it is to get replacement parts should be part of your due diligence to protect you if something breaks and it needs fixing (defects should be covered under the warranty).
  • Warranty and sleep trial differences – a sleep trial allows you to test a mattress, bed frame, or sleeping accessory (pillows, toppers, protectors, etc) for a specified number of nights to ensure that you’re happy with them and return them for a refund or exchange if not. However, the mattress sleep trial is typically not the same in duration as the trial for the adjustable frame (or may not be available at all). Check the terms for clarification.
  • Fits your bedroom decor – most modern adjustable beds are nice to look at and should complement most decors. Although you may want to check the accent colors and the finish of the frame to ensure that they match your bedroom walls and bedding and the rest of your bedroom furniture.

2: Choose the Mattress First

Before you select your adjustable bed frame, you should first look at the design and specification of the mattress since this is the surface that you’ll be sleeping on directly and therefore the most influential in terms of overall comfort.

If you’re buying your mattress and frame from separate companies/manufacturers (not recommended) then you’ll also need to ensure that it clearly states that the mattress is compatible with adjustable frames (specifically ALL adjustable frames – since some only work with the adjustable bases provided by the same company).

Which Types of Mattresses Work Best With Adjustable Bed Frames?

High-quality memory foam (all-foam), latex foam (all-foam), and hybrid spring mattresses with a foam top layer work the best with adjustable frames because they can adapt to the stress placed on the materials without deforming.

The worst types of mattresses for adjustable bed frames are those not designed for such use, as well as mattresses that are too thick (they can scrunch up and/or damage the motors), mattresses that are too thin (creasing may occur), and cheap spring or foam mattresses that may rip or tear.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of each type of mattress and what the general characteristics can mean in terms of comfort relative to your sleeping position and style.

1: Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses consist of a spring support core and either memory foam, polyfoam, latex foam, or a blend of foams in the upper comfort layer.

Not all hybrid mattresses work with adjustable bases due to the spring component, but many of the best hybrid mattresses that you can buy online work with a form of adjustable base (either universally or just for specific models).

The durability of the materials is critical to ensure that the foam and springs can stand up to manipulation and repeated stress – look for individually wrapped pocket coils rather than fused coil cores.

Hybrid mattresses are some of the best and most versatile mattresses on the market, with memory foam in the upper comfort layer catering well to side sleepers and those needing extra pressure relief.

Whilst natural latex foam topped hybrid spring mattresses can help to provide good pressure relief but with a touch more bounce and breathability to make it easier to move around in the mattress and stay cool.

2: Memory Foam

Memory foam is a type of polyfoam that’s mixed with other chemicals to create a foam with a slower response time that can adapt more precisely to the contours of your body for a more personalized and adaptive sleeping experience.

Whilst not all memory foam mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, many memory foam mattresses comprised entirely of foam (typically with memory foam in the comfort layer and a high-density polyfoam support core) are ideal for use with an adjustable base because they adapt easily to the stress placed on them by the mechanical frame.

However, it’s important to look for high-density memory foam that’s at least 4-5 PCF and high-density polyfoam that’s at least 1.5 – 1.7 PCF to ensure that the foams are durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear they will be exposed to on an adjustable frame.

All-foam, memory foam mattresses are perfect for compatible couples because the movements that you both create during the night are better absorbed by the materials when compared to a regular spring mattress that typically conducts shock waves more readily.

Memory foam mattresses are also good for side sleepers, sleepers with a lower body fat percentage, and lighter weighted sleepers under 150 lbs because the adaptive nature of the foam allows for more pressure relief on the more angular regions of your body whilst also allowing you to sink more into the materials to disperse pressure away from your joints and for deeper internal comfort.

By virtue of such properties, heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs should be cautious of all-foam, memory foam mattresses because you may sink too far into the materials and find it harder to switch positions.

However, going for a firmer feel, an adjustable base, and selecting a model that’s specifically designed for heavier weighted sleepers is a viable option if you’re a heavier weighted sleeper and you’re specifically after an all-foam memory foam mattress.

3: Latex

Latex mattresses are made from latex foam that’s derived from the Hevea brasiliensis ‘rubber tree’, synthetic SBR rubber, or a mixture of the two.

Not all latex mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed frames, but many all-foam latex mattresses work well with adjustable frames due to their resiliency and durability.

Much like memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are excellent for soothing pressure points on your body whilst also having the additional benefit of being more cooling due to better breathability, whilst also being better for restless sleepers because the foam returns to its shape quickly which allows you to switch positions more fluidly.

4: Spring

Traditional spring mattresses are typically comprised of a Bonnell coil core and an upholstered top layer that’s quite thin.

Most traditional spring mattresses are NOT compatible with adjustable frames because the coils are laced together which means that they don’t bend very well and the top layer is made from thin material that may wear out and puncture faster.

If you want a spring mattress that’s compatible with an adjustable frame then you should go for one that contains individually wrapped coils for better flexibility and has a thicker, more durable, and more flexible top layer – all of which can typically be found in a high-quality hybrid mattress.

5: Airbeds

Airbeds are comprised of one or more air chambers that allow for variable support levels through adjustment of the internal air pressure.

Many air beds are not compatible with an adjustable frame unless the manufacturer specifically states that such use is permitted because the bending of the base can affect the support – single chamber beds typically feel stiff on an adjustable frame, whilst air beds with multiple chambers tend to work better.


If a mattress is designed to work with a compatible adjustable frame then you should ideally look for a mattress that around 10 – 12 inches thick because this profile depth allows for a better capacity for support.

And you may prefer to go for a thicker mattress if you’re heavier than 230 lbs so that you’ve got even more support potential.

However, thick mattresses that have not been designed for use with an adjustable bed may not bend correctly and could damage the motors of the adjustable frame, whilst incompatible mattresses that are too thin may crease and deform on an adjustable base.


It’s crucial that you ensure that the mattress size matches the size of the frame.

Buy as a bundle to avoid issues, or check the exact dimensions of the frame and mattress when buying separately.

Take extra care when buying split-king adjustable frames to ensure compatibility with the mattresses (which typically require two compatible twin xl mattresses).


Mattress firmness is a preference that describes how hard or soft the mattress is likely to feel when you lie down on it.

‘Medium’ firmness is suitable for most front, back, and side sleepers in the 130 – 230 lbs range.

Whilst soft and medium-soft mattresses can provide more pressure relief for side sleepers and greater material compression for lighter weighted sleepers in the 130 – 150 lbs range or below that would like to sink into the materials more.

Medium-firm and firm mattresses tend to favor front sleepers who need more surface tension to stop their hips falling out of a neutral posture and heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs that don’t want to sink too far into the materials.

However, personal preference can override these guidelines.

Sleep Trial

A sleep trial allows you to try the mattress and/or adjustable frame for a specified number of nights and return it for a refund or exchange if you don’t like it.

It’s important to note that the sleep trials for the mattress and the adjustable frame may have different lengths.

Most mattresses that you can buy online have sleep trials of at least 90 days, although some of the best mattresses with the longest sleep trials last for a year or more.

Sleep trials for adjustable bed frames tend to last between 30 and 60 nights.


Much like the sleep trials, the warranty lengths for the mattress and the adjustable base may differ – check the small print to find any discrepancies.

Some of the best mattresses come with a lifetime warranty (with 10 years being the industry average), whilst 5 – 20-year warranties typically apply to the adjustable bed frames.


It’s very important that you check that the return policy/sleep trial applies in your location and doesn’t incur excessive costs if a return is required.

For example, if you live in Canada and order a mattress and/or adjustable base from a US company then you may find that either the return policy is void, or that you have to pay $100s to cover shipping fees.

Again, read the small print of the sleep trial, return policy, and the warranty for BOTH the mattress AND the adjustable base to avoid future frustrations and expense.

3: Choose the Adjustable Base Type and Features

With your ideal mattress selected, you should now look for a compatible adjustable frame with the features that you require.

Below is a more detailed explanation of the different types of adjustable beds on the market and some of the features that they may have.

Types of Adjustable Beds

When shopping for an adjustable bed, you may encounter the following terms:

  • Lifestyle beds – a lifestyle bed typically refers to an adjustable bed that’s designed for home use and has basic head and foot tilt functions to assist with more comfortable reading, TV watching, and mobility.
  • Profiling beds – a profiling bed (often called a hospital bed) is typically used in a hospital or care home and in addition to having multiple adjustable sections, the bed may also allow for the Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg position (where the bed is tilted with your head below your feet or vice-versa), and may be able to assume the ‘cardiac chair’ position and CPR position with a single button press.
  • Zero gravity beds – a zero gravity bed is an adjustable bed that is able to assume the ‘zero gravity position’ where you’re angled with a slight lift in the upper and lower body in order to distribute your body weight more evenly, keep the spine neutrally aligned, open the airways, reduce back pain, and create a ‘floating’ feeling that many find to be highly relaxing.
  • Sleep to stand beds – a sleep-to-stand bed is an adjustable bed with a setting that allows you to go from a fully lying position to a fully standing position (and from standing to lying) with the touch of a button. Sleep to stand beds are ideal for those with mobility problems.
  • Hospital beds – hospital beds (also called a profiling bed, electric bed, or a care bed) are adjustable beds that are specifically designed to be used in a hospital or care home to help aid with mobility and postural manipulation.


Here are some of the most common features that you can expect to find when shopping for an adjustable bed:

  • Zero gravity – the zero gravity position can usually be assumed by a single click on the remote of your adjustable bed. The zero gravity position is where your legs are elevated slightly above the line of the heart with your body in a gentle ‘V’ position. The zero gravity position may be able to help reduce musculoskeletal discomfort, improve your circulation, reduce snoring, provide relief from acid reflux, combat edema (swelling), and provide better comfort if you’re pregnant.
  • 3D wave massage – adjustable beds with a 3D wave massage feature may help to increase circulation and relax your muscles to help promote a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Hand/bed rails – some adjustable beds may come with or have the option for handrails or bed rails to be attached for better mobility.
  • Storage – some adjustable beds may have spaces for storage such as drawers in a divan base.
  • Under-bed lighting – under-bed lighting that’s touch-button activated can be useful to help you see where you’re going at night without having to switch on the main light and wake you up; most under-bed lighting is a subtle blue or yellow color.
  • USB hubs – USB hubs can be useful for charging your devices.
  • Bluetooth® control – Bluetooth® functionality can allow you to control your adjustable bed wirelessly.
  • Wall hugging – the wall-hugging feature of an adjustable bed means that as you raise the upper section of the bed it also slides backwards to ensure that you don’t end up too far away from your nightstand (see the video below for a visualization).
What is a Wall hugger Adjustable Bed? (Rest Right Mattress)

Related Questions

With most of the main points covered, I’m going to round-off this adjustable bed buying guide with concise answers to some of the most common questions related to adjustable beds.

Do Adjustable Bases Ruin Mattresses?

An adjustable base won’t ruin a mattress if that mattress is specifically designed to be used with the frame. However, the mattress may be ruined if the mattress and frame are incompatible. For example, incompatible spring and foam mattresses may end up creased, torn, or deformed – potentially resulting in a shorter lifespan and a mattress that’s uncomfortable to sleep on.

Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Base?

Whilst you don’t need to buy a special type of mattress to work with an adjustable base, you do need to make sure that the mattress is compatible with the frame to avoid damaging the mattress and creating an uncomfortable sleep surface.

What Happens if There’s a Power Cut?

Many adjustable beds include back up power sources so that they will remain operational in the event of a power cut, or have a manual hex key override that allows you to lower the bed into a flat sleeping position if required. But this is not a given – check the specs of the bed before buying to ensure that they have protection against power outages.

Do Adjustable Beds Come With Sleep Trials?

Both the mattress and the adjustable frame may come with a sleep trial that allows you to test out each component and return either item if you’re not happy within a specified time period. However, the trials for the mattress and the base may be of different lengths (even when ordering from the same company) or may be void if you pair an incompatible frame and mattress (likely if ordering from separate companies).

Can You Put a Headboard on an Adjustable Bed?

Many adjustable frames don’t come with a headboard, but they often have attachments that allow you to affix a separate headboard if required.

Can You Use a Mattress Topper With an Adjustable Bed?

Many mattress toppers will work with adjustable beds but you should check the product description to make sure that this is the case for your topper.

Conclusion: Compatibility is Critical

The biggest issue you’ll likely face when buying an adjustable bed is getting the mattress and the frame to match up perfectly without causing comfort issues and/or voiding the warranty/sleep trial.

The best way to minimize this problem is to buy a compatible frame and the mattress at the same time from the same company because they are designed to work together and the warranty/sleep trial will still hold.

Based on my reviews of the adjustable beds above, I feel that the Puffy Lux Hybrid plus the Puffy Adjustable Base offers the best compatibility, sleep trials, and warranty for the money whilst also catering to the largest range of sleeping positions and needs.

Click the button below to learn more about the Puffy Adjustable Base and to get $300 off for a limited time only (you can add the mattress as you check out).

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Medical Disclaimer

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